tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLinda's Big Day

Linda's Big Day


Linda sat nude at the edge of her bed and stared into her full-length mirror.

“I can’t believe this was my idea,” she muttered to herself.

“But was it my idea?” Linda lost herself in thought. She couldn’t remember whose idea it was. She felt like it was her idea but some doubt lingered inside of her.

A few moments passed before she pulled herself back, and slowly leaned onto the bed. She look at herself in the mirror, her legs spread to either side of it.

“It was a good idea putting the mirror at the foot of the bed,” she thought to herself as she pulled her legs even wider apart.

She looked at the clock.

“4:33,” she muttered.

She leaned forward and looked at the black leather cuffs on either side of her feet.

“When did he get these?” she thought to herself.

It was just three days ago that she said to her husband she was interested in being tied up and he went to the closet and pulled these out. Why would he have them? She thought maybe it was something from his bachelor party, but she hadn’t seen them before.

She felt her stomach twitch as she reached her hands down and slowly tightened one around her left ankle and then her right.

She looked into the mirror again, her legs pulled wide apart, her lips glistening in the light.

“I’m going to do this,” she thought to herself as she leaned her head back onto the stack of pillows.

She fumbled her hand across the nightstand until she felt the cold steel of the handcuffs.

She thought back to the previous night, how hard she practiced putting the handcuffs on while he watched, and how excited they both got.

“Tonight will be even hotter,” she whispered to herself, slowly placing the handcuff onto her left wrist.

“My ring,” she said so loud she almost startled herself. “I almost forgot.”

She slowly pulled the ring off her finger and reached over to the nightstand and put it there like her husband asked.

She said felt funny taking it off that she hadn’t had it off since they were married two years ago, but he assured her it would be more exciting. Like they weren’t married. Like she “belonged” to him. That was the word he used.

“Tonight I serve him like he owns me, not like his wife,” she muttered to reassure herself, slowly reaching her hands over her head and pull the free hand cuff around the slat in the headboard.

As the handcuff clicked tighter she looked at the clock again, “4:41”, before looking into the mirror at herself.

“He said he’d be home at five,” she looked at the ceiling. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

She couldn’t move. She thought about how scary this was. What if there was a fire? Or worse, her parents came over?

She giggled out loud at her last thought. Here she was, married, twenty-four years old and she was so worried about what her parents would think.

She remembered how it felt last night, after she had put the handcuffs on. How strong he felt and how heavy he was on top of her. How she felt so helpless as he slid deeper and deeper inside of her.

She drifted in thought for what felt like forever before suddenly snapping out of it.

“5:04,” she felt her body tense as she looked at the clock.

The click of the door echoed through the house.

“I’m home,” she heard her husband call out as he dropped his briefcase onto the table.

“In here,” Linda tried to call out, but her mouth swallowed the words.

She heard her husband coming down the hallway anyway.

The door opened slowly.

“You’re so beautiful,” Tom walked into he room.

“Thank you,” Linda blushed and turned her head. She felt uncomfortable being like this in front of him, but it made her feel sexy at the same time.

“You’re ready to go through with this then?” Tom looked down at her.

Linda nodded. She was so excited felt like purring as he rubbed the back of his hand over her body.

“Say it,” Tom looked down at her. “You need to say it.”

Linda slowly closed her eyes. She felt her body tensing as she tried to speak.

“Tonight you own me and I will do anything you want,” she finally blurted it out.

“Tonight?” she felt how wet she was as his finger gently reached between her legs and started caressing her.

“Please,” she moaned as her back arched, “please I will do anything you want from now on.”

Her body felt like it was going to explode as he slowly ran his finger across her lips and inside of her, his palm pressed tightly against her.

“Oh you like this don’t you?” he asked her, slowly backing away.

Linda nodded. Her body was shaking.

Tom turned away and walked back into the hallway.

“I have a surprise for you,” he called back to her.

Linda rubbed her hips back and forth as she felt uncomfortably excited.

“Here it comes,” she heard footsteps coming back towards the room.

“What is she doing here?” Linda let out a scream, struggling against her bonds. “Get out of here. Now!”

“Be quiet.” Tom walked into the room and stood next to her. “You said anything.”

“But not anyone,” Linda felt like she was going to cry. She looked at Karen, “Not her.”

Tom walked over to Karen, running his fingers through her blonde hair and looking down into her sparkling blue eyes.

“Come on, we’ve all known each other for a long time,” Tom gently rubbed his fingers along the back of her neck.

Linda hated her. They had all worked together, and Karen always made her feel uncomfortable, especially around her husband.

“Isn’t she sexy all tied up like this,” Tom looked at Karen.

“I don’t know what to say,” Karen looked at Linda, reaching her hand out and rubbing it against Linda’s thigh.

“Don’t touch me,” Linda’s eyes stared piercingly into Karen’s.

Tom walked up behind Karen, slowly reaching his hands up her skirt.

“Let me have these,” Tom said as Linda watched him pull Karen’s panties down to the floor.

Linda turned her head. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She went from being on the verge of the best orgasm of her life to watching her husband remove another woman’s underwear.

Tom reached his hand and pulled Linda’s face towards him.

“I asked you to be quiet,” he said, bunching Karen’s panties into a ball. “Now at least you’ll have no choice.”

Tom pulled her mouth apart and stuffed the panties deep inside.

“Maybe when you’re ready to be quiet I can take them out.” Tom looked down at her.

She felt a wave of anger building inside of her. Her body thrashed against the bed, trying to pull free.

“Stop struggling,” her husband looked down at her. “You promised I could do anything I wanted.”

Linda felt her body tense in anger. She wanted to lash out at him, she didn’t agree to this. She tried to spit the panties out of her mouth but she couldn’t.

Tom turned his body towards Karen and pulled her up to him.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Karen looked up at him as Linda watched, unable to turn her head.

Tom lowered his face to Karen’s lips, kissing her passionately.

“Yes,” he answered, “Isn’t in Linda?”

Linda nodded her head yes and turned away as she felt a tear inch out of her eye.

Tom looked down at Karen.

“I love your blonde hair. Your beautiful blue eyes.” Tom pushed her hair back out of her face.

Linda felt humiliated as she looked down at her open legs in the mirror. She could see her husbands face just over her hip, looking into Karen’s eyes.

Linda felt sick as she watched her husband reaching his hands into Karen’s shirt. His lips pressed tightly against hers.

“You’re breasts are so firm and small,” Tom shot a look at Linda’s breasts, before turning back to Karen. “Linda’s are so big, I like yours so much more.”

Linda felt the tears streaming down her face. It was bad enough that she felt like this, but with her. She always felt like Karen was trying to steal him. Trying to take him away and now this. She felt her body break down into sobbing.

“She’s crying,” Karen pulled back looking at Linda.

“It’s okay,” Tom took the opportunity to pull Karen’s shirt over her head. “She just has to get used to this.”

Linda looked at Karen’s small breasts, her pink nipples hardening to little dots in the cool air and wondered what her husband could see in her.

Tom pulled his shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor.

“I love the feel of our skin touching like this,” Karen pulled her body tight against his as she tilted her head back for another kiss.

Linda stirred uncomfortably as she watched Karen’s hand grip onto her husband’s cock, caressing it.

“Oh that feels so good,” Tom looked down at Linda as Karen’s hands slowly worked his zipper down, his cock springing out of his underwear.

“I’ve been wanting to do this again since your bachelor party,” Karen slowly knelt down in front of Tom.

Linda gasped at Karen’s comment, her sobs returning. She looked up at her husband as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Karen slowly parted her lips, pulling him into her mouth.

“You feel so incredible,” Tom moaned. “I wish Linda would do this once in a while.”

Linda sobbed watching Karen slowly pull her husband’s cock deep into her mouth, her hands gently rubbing his hips and buttocks.

“Oh god you feel so good,” Tom moaned.

Linda felt like she was in a dream as she watched, her sobs finally dying down.

“We shouldn’t forget about her,” Karen looked up into Tom’s eyes and nodded towards Linda.

Linda felt her heart drop as her husband looked down at her sprawling body. She wanted to cover herself from him but could only look away.

She shivered as her husband reached out and gently rubbed a finger across her nipple.

“What do you have in mind?” Tom help Karen to her feet and onto the bed.

Karen rubbed her hands across Linda’s body, gently caressing her breasts before sliding her hand against Linda’s cheek.

“I like her like this,” Karen leaned over and kissed Linda’s face. “She’s so quiet.”

Linda felt her body shaking as Karen violated her private space.

Tom slid himself onto the bed next to Karen and rubbed his hands through her hair.

“Have you ever…” Tom’s words trailed off , “You know.”

Linda felt her legs twitch, not sure exactly what was coming.

Karen looked up at Tom and nodded her head “No”. Without a word she slipped her body between Linda’s thighs.

Linda looked at her husband pleadingly and then down at Karen.

Karen looked into Linda’s eyes with excitement, her tongue slowly sliding between Linda’s legs.

Linda’s body tensed, she felt Karen’s tongue sliding up and down her lips, moistening her. She let out a soft moan before biting her lip.

“Looks like she likes it,” Tom pulled Linda’s breast to his mouth, sucking her nipple deep inside and twirling it around his tongue.

Linda felt like she was ready to explode again. How could this be exiting her? She felt her body shaking uncontrollably.

Karen savored the taste. She felt her tongue exploring deeper and deeper into Linda, her nose pressed tightly against her soft brown pubic hair.

“You are so hot,” Tom reached his hand down and rubbed his fingers through Karen’s hair. “When I asked Linda to have a threesome she told me she would never touch another woman, and another woman would never touch her.”

“Isn’t that right dear?” Tom looked up at his wife, his hand still caressing Karen’s hair.

Linda nodded “Yes” and looked away afraid of what was happening. She felt her body, tense with excitement, quivering on the bed. She let out a moan as her lips twitched Karen’s tongue.

Tom pulled her face towards him and looked down in her eyes. Slowly he removed the panties from her mouth.

“You’re going to be good and quiet right?” he looked down at her.

Linda felt her body tense, Karen’s tongue had slid deeper and deeper down and was now gently twisting around her anus. She moaned.

“I’ll be quiet,” she barely managed to squeak out between a series of moans.

Karen pulled herself up on Linda’s other side.

Linda looked down at the mirror, her legs glimmering with her juices. She felt her body tensing and releasing like she was having an orgasm that would never end.

“Suck my nipple,” Karen looked down at Linda as she slid her hand around Linda’s head and pulled it to her chest.

Linda gasped, she looked up at Karen, her eyes filled with fear and slowly opened her mouth, Karen’s small breast filling her mouth. She felt her husband’s thick cock hot against her side.

Tom pushed sat up and straddled his legs across Linda’s waist and moved his cock between her breasts.

“I’ve always wanted to do this,” he moaned, watching Linda suckling Karen’s breast.

Linda felt a deep swallow well up inside of her. She felt Tom’s hot cock sliding between her breasts, poking her chin.

“She makes me feel really good when I get to do what I want for a change,” Tom pressed her breasts tighter around his cock and looked down at Karen.

“What else doesn’t she like you to do?” Karen reached her hand out and gently caressed his chest, her other hand still cradling Linda’s head to her breast. “Maybe I can help?”

Linda felt Tom’s cock stiffen as Karen touched him.

“Oh god, you’re such a turn on,” Tom looked down at Karen. “I don’t know, so many things.”

Karen moved her body down next to Linda’s, and pressed their lips together.

“Would you like to come in both of our mouths?” Karen turned her blue eyes up to Tom’s.

Linda closed her eyes and felt her body tense as Karen’s tongue pressed her lips apart. She smelled her juices on Karen’s face as Karen pressed her tongue exploringly into her mouth.

“Oh god,” Tom let out a moan and stopped fucking Linda’s breasts. “It’s too soon.”

Karen’s hand roamed down and caressed Tom’s throbbing shaft.

“She’s tied up, you could leave her like this all night and do it again if you want,” Karen smiled and looked into Linda’s eyes.

Linda watched as her husband looked ran his eyes up and down Karen’s slender build. She wanted to beg them to stop but she couldn’t, her mouth wouldn’t respond. She felt trapped.

“How about you?” Tom looked at Karen’s hips, “she can watch, up close.”

Karen slid a finger between her legs and parted her lips, revealing the soft pink skin underneath.

Tom reached down and pulled her over Linda, her legs straddling his wife’s face.

“Linda, we’ve been ignoring our guests needs,” Tom looked down at his wife. “Use your tongue honey.”

Linda felt her body pulse like she was going to throw up as she looked up at Karen’s clean shaven lips. How many times had her husband hinted that he wanted her to shave? Is that what he wants?

Linda felt her stomach turn again as she worked her tongue hesitantly into Karen’s pink lips. The taste was overwhelming at first but slowly got better.

Karen moaned, her thighs squeezing Linda’s head, pushing it to the places that she wanted it.

“Oh she’s so good at eating my pussy,” Karen moaned, her hips gently rocking.

Linda felt her sobs returning as she watched her husband work his way behind Karen and press his cock against her opening.

“Lick it as it goes in honey,” Tom moaned as his head pressed inside of Karen’s hot lips.

Linda held out her tongue, the tears dripping down each eye, as her husband slid his cock all the way inside of her, his balls pressed against her chin. She tried to move but there was nowhere to go.

She watched has his hand grabbed her hips and pulled her back and forth on his cock, his balls pressed into her mouth with each thrust.

“You have such a wonderful body,” Tom moaned into Karen’s ear. “You are so hot, so sexy.”

Karen felt the hot breath in her ear and wasn’t able to hold back. Her body dropped onto Linda’s face.

“Oh god, I’m coming,” she moaned, her body gasping repeatedly.

Linda felt Karen’s juice dripping on to her face.

“I’m coming too,” Tom felt his body tense as he pulled his cock out of Karen.

“Open wide honey,” Tom pressed his shaft deep into Linda’s mouth.

Linda gagged. She tried to hold back but she couldn’t help it. She looked up, all she saw was Karen’s pink lips spread over her eyes. Her mouth was filling with her husband’s come. She tried to swallow it all down but some dripped down her cheeks.

Karen slid off of Linda first, then Tom to the other side.

“You are such a turn on,” Tom rubbed his hands up and down Karen’s side. “I’ve never felt so hot before.”

Karen looked down at Linda.

“Thank you,” Karen turned around and kissed Tom.

“I have something for you,” Tom reached over to the nightstand and handed Karen Linda’s wedding ring. “I don’t think she’ll need this anymore.”

Linda let out a gasp and turned her head, the taste of her husbands come mixed with Karen's juices still filling her mouth.

Tom leaned over and scooped Karen into his arms, kissing her.

"Let's leave her here for a while, we can come back later." Tom turned to look at his wife as he started walking away.

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