Living Large Pt. 01


Jenny looked at the clock and knew that she had to get to bed or risk being late for work tomorrow.

The following day was long and grueling. Everything went wrong... well with the exception of the looks she got all day from her boss. She tolerated them indulgently but secretly hoped that he might invite her in his office again. However, the day was far too busy.

When the day finally ended, Jenny went home exhausted. She found herself hurrying to get everything done so she could get back to her book. When she did, it didn't take her long to finish the relatively short read. She found the last few chapters very interesting. It included a "how-to" section about how large women should dress for success and to attract a lover's eye... the two weren't that different. It told about how flirting is an art form and that every woman should know how to do it. She read over the tips several times and made some notes in the margins.

With a look of determination she finally closed the book. Tomorrow was going to be a "new" day for her.

The following day was a little less hectic for everyone. Her boss had finally gotten a contract completed that had been on the drawing board for months and everyone was relieved. Jenny had spent countless hours working out the details... far more than would have been expected from just an "assistant". In fact, she had just done almost all of the work.

Tom was particularly delighted and invited Jenny into his office for a celebratory drink. "Close the door," he said as he walked over to the well-stocked bar in the corner of his large office.

Jenny hesitated but closed the door and quietly walked over to take a seat.

Tom came over with two glasses of champagne. He held one out to her. "A toast to the signing of the Dulaney contract," he said. "You did a great job."

Jenny smiled proudly and took a sip, the bubbles making her wrinkle her nose.

Tom leaned back against the desk and said, "Jenny, I wanted to thank you for all your help. I couldn't have gotten it done without you."

Jennie face flushed at the compliment and she said, "Thank you."

He said, "I've put you in for a $5,000 cash bonus and a promotion to senior marketing assistant. That includes a 10% raise and you get your own office."

Jenny almost choked on her champagne. Her face lit up and her heart was suddenly beating fast. She could always use the money but the recognition was just as important. "Th... thank you again," she said sincerely. Her head was spinning so much that she could hardly think and it wasn't from the champagne.

Tom got up and walked over and stood in front of Jenny. "Uh... I was wondering... uh... well, you would uh..." The normally confident man was suddenly tongue-tied.

Jenny looked up and saw lust in his eyes. She was pretty sure that she knew what he wanted and normally she would have been only too willing to comply. Inside her head she was saying, "Remain calm... don't let your libido control you... you are in control. Remember the lessons from the book." She took a deep breath and smiled up at the handsome man. "Uh... I would really like to but," she hesitated. Then she leaned forward and boldly reached out her hand and ran a finger down the front of his expensive slacks. He was already hard. She then sat back and said, "I was going to ask you for the rest of the afternoon off. I wanted to do some shopping." It was a total fabrication that she had just thought up in order to get out of the current situation. She needed time to think.

"Uh... yeah, sure," he said with clear disappointment in his voice.

While Jenny had the sudden urge to pull his pants down and suck him off, she controlled her impulses. As hard as it was for her to refuse, she had to be firm. With a smile still on her face she reached forward and squeezed his hard penis, running her hand up and down the shaft. "It's very tempting... maybe tomorrow."

"Uh... okay," Tom said in surprise. It was obvious that he wasn't used to being turned down.

Jenny stood up, her hand still on his penis. She leaned forward and kissed his lips quickly. She squeezed him one last time and said, "Gotta run. Thanks again." With that she turned and walked out of the office as fast as her trembling legs would carry her. At her desk, she quickly picked up her pocketbook and hurried out. It was with a new confidence that she walked out of her place of employment and onto the busy street. She felt like the world was hers.

As she headed down the crowded street she was oblivious to the people around her. Her head was in the clouds over her surprise promotion. She knew that she was doing a good job but never expected anything so soon. Suddenly, she wondered if the promotion had anything to do with the blowjob that she had given Tom a few days ago. But then she discounted it, realizing that the promotion and bonus would have had to be in the works for weeks and was apparently timed to correspond with the signing of the contract. She wasn't sure how she would have felt if it they had been related. On one hand she wanted to earn anything she got, on the other, who was she to judge how women got ahead in a "man's" world. "A woman has to use all of her God given talents... mind, body and soul," she thought, remembering a quote from the book.

There was a wide smile on her face as she walked into a fancy clothing store. It was impulsive but she wanted to reward herself.

"May I help you?" an attractive woman asked.

"Yes, I'm looking for some new clothes. Actually, lots of new clothes."

The woman smiled. She was quite pretty and in her thirties with long brown hair and horn-rimmed glasses. She was trim and was well dressed.

"Are you looking for business or casual?"


The woman smiled again when she realized that she might have a big sale coming. "Okay, we'll start with business attire. Right this way," she said and directed Jenny to the business suit section.

"Let's get some measurements first." The woman directed Jenny into a changing room and waited outside. "Take off everything but your bra and panties and I'll get your measurements."

Jenny stripped off her clothes, feeling somewhat like she was waiting for a doctor's visit. "Okay," she said when she was down to her panties and bra.

The sales woman stepped into the dressing room carrying a measuring tape. She stopped and stared at Jenny as if appraising her. "No offense Ms...?"

"Jenny Thompson."

"Jenny... I'm Michael Duran, the owner of the store," the woman said and shook Jenny's hand. "No offense Jenny but we have a great sale on bras and panties if you're interested."

"Uh, sure," Jenny said and her face flushed. She realized that the woman noticed that her undergarments were not exactly new.

The woman could tell that Jenny was a little embarrassed. "It's just that with some of the styles today, you need to have a little better support... especially if you are larger in the areas that count... if you know what I mean?" The woman smiled as she looked at Jenny's well-developed chest.

Jennie blushed again when she saw the woman's eyes on her breasts.

"The good news is that we have some new styles for... uh... larger women." It was the woman's turn to blush. "Wait one minute." The woman said and left the dressing room. A minute later she was back with several undergarments in her hand.

"We don't normally do this, but for special customers, we make exceptions. Let's try these on first and that way we will know how everything looks when you have the proper support."

"Uh... okay," Jenny said and waited for the woman to give her the underwear and leave.

"Turn around, I'll help you," she said, pushing Jenny around until her back was to her. "These larger foundation garments can be hard to get off sometimes." With that the woman proceeded to unsnap the back of Jenny's bra. Then she reached up and pushed the straps down her arm.

Suddenly Jennie felt very odd. The hands of the woman on her shoulder brought unwanted goose bumps.

"Turn around," Michael said. The older woman almost gasped when Jennie turned around and let the bra fall from her chest. "My but you are well developed," she said with a broad smile as her eyes stared at Jenny's chest. "I've always wished I had larger breasts," she said wistfully.

Jenny found her voice and said, "It not all it's cracked up to be." She glanced at the woman and saw that she wasn't very well endowed. "Sometimes I wish that I was flat chested." Suddenly Jenny blushed when she realized the insult.

Michael didn't seem to take offense because she wasn't exactly flat chested. However, compared to Jenny she was. She said with a smile, "Too bad we can't switch for a while."

"I'd do it if I could." They both laughed and the tension seemed to ease... at least for the moment.

"Okay, let's try on a couple of styles and sizes. Did you know that 80% of women wear the wrong style or size bra for their shape?"

"Uh... no, I never thought about it."

"It's true and the right bra can make a world of difference." The sales woman proceeded to help Jenny try on several different bras. Each one had a specific purpose. Some lifted her breasts and were to be worn with low cut tops while others were made of thinner, more shear material, and were for sweaters and tighter clothes.

Michael was very attentive and helped Jenny try on each one.

While Michael acted very professional, Jenny nonetheless thought that she was very touchy. Several times her hand or arm brushed Jenny's naked nipple or casually ran across her skin. It could have accidental but it was a little disquieting to her... actually more than a little disquieting. Jenny had never had any inclination toward women, although she had had friends over the years that were lesbians. However, none of them had ever come on to her. Now, in spite of the fact that she was uncomfortable in this situation, there was a strange level of excitement. She chalked it up to her promotion and bonus.

When they had found the perfect bra styles of bras for almost every occasion, Michael picked up several pair of panties.

"Michael... uh... I can get panties later."

"Nonsense," the older woman said, looking over the top of her glasses at Jennie like she was a young girl. "Just like bras, the proper panties are very important. There are panty lines to consider, comfort and how they shape you. Now slip those off."

Jenny felt trapped. She didn't want to take off her panties in front of this woman but yet she found herself pulling her panties down. As she bent over and looked down, she almost gasped. The crotch of her panties was soaked. It must have happened while she was in Tom's office, she thought, denying to herself that her current situation had anything to do with it.

"Here," Michael said "Let me have those," snatching the panties from Jenny's hand before she could stop her.

Jenny saw the woman look down at her hairless crotch and she thought she saw her eyebrow's rise.

"I see that you're clean shaven. Have you had it permanently removed?"

"Uh... no."

"Well, if you ever want to, I know a place where they do laser treatment... it works wonderfully." She winked at Jenny.

"Thanks... I'll keep that in mind."

"I also see that you're... uh... you're inner lips are... uh... quite large." Michael's face seemed to flush.

Jenny felt her face turn red in embarrassment as well. She had the sudden urge to place her hands over her private parts to block the woman's prying eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you. It's just that I don't think I've ever seen lips so large. It's really quite attractive. It means that you may need a fuller gusset to cover everything," she said and added, "I'll bet they're very sensitive?"

"Uh... yes... can I try on the panties now," Jenny said, wanting desperately to move on.

The older woman got the message and proceeded to help Jennie try on several styles of panties, from thongs to high waisted support styles. Some barely had any material and others covered everything. All the while, Michael continued to be very attentive, touching Jenny here and there, slipping her fingers under the elastic of the leg to insure they were not too tight and generally taking liberties beyond anything Jenny had experienced from a saleswoman.

However, in the end, and after all the stress of the dressing room, when Jenny looked at herself in the mirror, she liked what she saw. There was really something to the right underwear, she thought. Not only did she look better, but she also felt sexier. The bras uplifted her breasts and the lacy material made for smooth lines. Most of the bras were thin enough that she could see her nipples. The panties also complimented her figure. She liked the full cut panties and wasn't a big fan of thongs but she was surprised at how comfortable they felt. They had a strange name... 4811's. Michael said they had been around since 1976 but had only recently become very popular for their comfort and the desire of women today to avoid panty lines.

In the end, Jenny bought all the styles in different colors and fabrics... some cotton, some nylon, some opened leg and some brief style and lots of 4811's. She also bought ten pair of thigh-high nylons of every color they had.

Then they moved on to business suits. It took quite some time but Jenny finally selected enough outfits to last for weeks. She bought matching skirts and blazers, slacks and sweaters, blouses and scarves. All of the styles were modern, professional and yet sexy and, most importantly, they fit her figure perfectly. The sweaters were low cut and many of the blouses were thin enough to see her new lacy bras. The slacks and sweaters were tight but not too tight. The blazers were subdued colors with contrasting scarves.

Next they moved on to casual clothes where she purchased several outfits. Then they went to the shoe department. That was probably the hardest part of all. It took her forever to select six pair. Most had very high heels, which the sales lady told her were essential for a smooth line to her legs.

Jennie had lost track of time in her whirlwind of buying. But eventually she realized that she was tired and told Michael that she was done.

The woman smiled and told Jenny she would package everything up and meet her at the checkout counter.

A few minutes later she met Jenny at the counter and had her bill ready. When Jenny saw the final bill, she almost choked. It almost equaled her bonus.

Michael saw Jenny's look and said, "Don't worry, these clothes will pay you back ten times over."

"I hope so," Jenny said with a worried look. She hadn't spent that much on clothes in ten years, let alone one shopping trip.

When Jenny had all the clothes packed Michael stacked everything in a corner and told her to get her car. Then before she drove away, she handed her a business card and said, "If you want to get a drink some time, give me a call. I'd like that very much."

"Uh... sure," Jenny said quickly, wanting to get home.


Chapter 3

Jenny decided that she would wait to break out her new clothes until next week when her promotion was effective. However, she tried everything on again and, despite her concern about the money, she liked what she saw. The clothes still looked great and fit her perfectly and she loved the underwear. The bra's uplifted her large breasts and made them look even sexier in her various outfits. Additionally, when she put a pair of her new panties on, she felt very sexy indeed.

That weekend she went to the beauty salon and got her hair cut and styled, had a manicure with her finger and toenails painted a pretty red. Then she got a massage and a facial. She felt like a new woman.

On Monday when she walked into the office she was a "new" person. She was wearing a blue skirt that was modestly short and hugged her hips. On top she was wearing a frilly white blouse with a multi-colored scarf around her neck. She had on a matching blue blazer.

Several of her co-workers didn't even recognize her.

When Tom came out of his office and saw her packing up her desk he paused.

"Jenny?" he said with a surprised look on his face.

"That's me," she answered with a smile.

"Wow... I... uh... almost didn't recognize you. You look great. What happened?" Tom blushed and added, "I just meant that... you... uh..."

"Just a few new clothes to celebrate my promotion," she said in a gross understatement.

"Well, you look great," Tom said again. "Uh... I guess I said that. Can I help you move?"

"Sure. Thanks."

Tom carried her box of supplies to her new office down the hall.

"Thank you," she said again as she followed him into her new office.

Tom sat the box on the desk and walked over to the door and closed it.

Jenny felt her heart begin to beat faster. She turned away and bent over as if to arrange her desk. She could almost feel Tom's eyes on her ass. A second later she felt his presents behind her... standing very close. "Tom," she gasped when she felt his hands wrap around her and grab her breasts. However, instead of pushing him away, she moaned, stood up and leaned back into him.

"God, you've been driving me crazy ever since the other day in my office," he whispered as his hands squeezed her now heaving breasts. "And now you come in looking like this."

Jenny knew it was wrong but she had no power to stop him as she felt him press his now hard penis to her ass. With great will power, she spun around in his arms, intent on pushing him away. However, before she could say anything, his lips were on her and his tongue in her mouth. His hands slipped quickly down to her ass and he pulled her to him.

Thinking quickly of her lessons, Jenny broke the kiss. She knew that she needed to get control of the situation. "Uh... Tom... let me get my office organized. Maybe you can stop in before lunch."

Tom sighed and said, "Promise?"

"Promise." Jenny leaned forward and gently kissed his lips. She found that she was tingling down to her toes.

Tom accepted the kiss and with reluctance left her office.

It was Jenny's turn to sigh as she watched him leave. She took a deep breath before starting to organize her desk again. Now that she had a little time to think, she knew that she had done the right thing in sending him away. It wasn't because she wanted to deny him or herself pleasure. It was about insuring that any relationship that developed between them was on her terms. She needed to control when, where, or if anything happened. She was pretty sure that something was going to happen but not what he thought. A naughty smile came to her face as she thought about the possibilities. A strange feeling of power came over her. Things were going to get very interesting.

For the rest of the morning, there was a steady stream of people stopping into Jenny's new office offering her their congratulations. In fact, some of the people rarely, if ever spoke to her. The women were green with envy and the men all seemed to be flirting. In fact, several of them asked her out for "drinks". That made her feel incredibly sexy and while she didn't outright refuse their advances, she deferred. She didn't want to rush things... she needed to be in control.

It was after 11 A.M. when Tom appeared at her door again.

Jenny was sitting behind her desk with her blazer off. She looked up and smiled in welcome.

"Are you too busy still?" he asked.

"No, I've finally gotten everything arranged. Come in and have a seat."

Tom turned and closed the door before he walked over and sat down. He was staring at her.

"What?" she asked.

"I'm amazed at the transformation in you. I mean... I mean you always looked good but now... wow."

"Thank you. I just thought that with the promotion, I needed to change my style. I seemed to have caused quite a stir in the office."

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