tagErotic HorrorLord of the Damned Ch. 01

Lord of the Damned Ch. 01


Chapter One: Samantha is Visited

Something had woken Samantha up. She looked around. Her room was illuminated by the pale white moonlight that shone through the window. The clock said 3:40 AM and she felt incredibly groggy. The door was open a crack and she could just see a sliver of blackness of the hallway beyond. She sat upright, clutching the blanket against her bare breasts in case any of her family were in the hall. Even though she slept naked she didn't want to be indecent. Her long silky brown hair fell down around her shoulders. But she didn't hear anything at all. She looked once more out the window, and then plopped back down and fell instantly to sleep.

She woke up a second time feeling very cold, and she soon realized that it was because her blanket was around her ankles. The moonlight illuminated the pale, slightly tan skin of her nude 18 year old body; the swell of her breasts, her taut belly, and her long, smooth legs. She thought it was strange because she never kicked the blankets off. She always kept them wrapped around her body. She realized that the window was open a crack too; and it was so cold she could see her breath in the air. She quickly got up and shut the window, very conscious of her nude body temporarily on display to the neighborhood in front of the door, and she hopped back into bed as quickly as she possibly could and wrapped the blankets tightly around her for warmth.

The third time she woke up, she woke up on her stomach. The window was still closed, but her body was once again completely exposed. There was not an inch of blanket covering her. Even more strangely, she felt like she couldn't move at all. Were her arms pinned behind her back? She felt a weight on her head, but in her sleepy disorientation she could not figure out what was happening. It just felt like she couldn't move.

And then suddenly she realized that it was an icy cold hand on her head, and she twisted her head around and was about to scream but the hand icy hand instantly clamped down over her full lips, silencing her. Then she realized that the reason she couldn't move was because this person, who could it be? was sitting on her back, on her hands and her arms, with such strength that she couldn't budge at all. She realized that there was one icy cold hand on her right butt cheek and it was slowly squeezing the full swell of her bare buttock, just inches away from her anus... and even worse, her pussy...

She did not for a second think it was one of her family members, and in a delirious haze she realized that it was probably someone who had broken into the house. But she was completely powerless to stop the slow agonizing relentless fondling of her right ass. She kicked her legs wildly, desperate to do anything to free herself, desperately afraid of being raped. She suddenly felt the hand leave her buttock and clasp her bare ankle as it was kicking up. She moaned and her eyes began to well up with tears as she felt a rough wet tongue slowly, excruciatingly lick the full length of the arch of her foot, from her heels to her toes; then she felt the intruder begin to slowly suck her toes. His mouth was icy cold and the touch of it made goose bumps run right up her thighs and straight to her groin.

Finally she managed to jerk her foot free, and slip her arms out at the same time; and she managed to twist herself completely away. She was so frightened she couldn't even make a sound. Then she suddenly could see what had been holding her down.

It did not look human. It was a short, bony, black figure; but it was not normal black skin. It looked like some sort of hide that had been thoughtlessly bound over the figure of a skeleton. The thing had sunken yellow eyes, long wispy gray hair, and a mouth with wicked looking teeth. It grinned widely, and before she had escaped it had grabbed her by the waist and pinned her with her back against the closet door. It was incredibly strong, seemingly stronger than a human. She stood there helpless as one hand went to her mouth and the other came once again to her butt cheek, the icy fingertips nestled halfway into her crack. And then he suddenly began lapping away at one of her nipples, sucking at it greedily with his grotesque tongue. She mewed in panic as he squeezed her buttocks tighter and she could feel a misshapen lump, concealed by some cloth, pressing directly on her pussy lips. She felt so afraid and utterly helpless because her family was less than 20 feet away and yet completely oblivious, and she could not make a sound. She was all alone. After what must have been several minutes he left one nipple and began sucking away at the other, and after several minutes of this his tongue slowly dragged away from the nipple, slowly following the curve of her upper breast and the shallow of her neck... and then it came to her chin, and then he was slowly licking her cheek, which felt as though it were on fire. She was so incredibly afraid, and she could not stop mewling because that was the only sound the hand covering her mouth permitted her to make. She was too afraid to move.

Then she felt the fingertips on her ass slowly begin to creep farther inward, until they just touched her anus. The cold invasive sensation was so intense that she suddenly began to spasm uncontrollably, and finally in a desperate effort was able to wrench herself free from the thing's grasp for a second time. She raced for the window because he was blocking the doorway...she quickly wrenched it open and the late autumn air blasted against her and almost instantly her nipples were rock hard. Suddenly she felt one hand on each of her breasts; the thing was pulling her back into the room. She struggled to free her breasts from the freezing grasp of the monster, and suddenly twisted around and pushed him right onto the windowsill. But he would not let go of her breasts, and suddenly she felt herself tumbling out of the window along with him.

In the split second that he let go of her breasts she managed to land somewhat steadily so that she was not seriously hurt; but the ground was freezing and covered in frost. She was in the side of the front yard, and in front of them was the suburb street and she could see at least a dozen houses all around. She prayed that someone would see what was going on, even though her body was completely bare. Her feet burned as she ran through the frost.

Suddenly she noticed there was a dark blue van near the sidewalk in front of her house, and it came to a screeching halt as it saw them. A man in what looked like some sort of black SWAT team suit raced out of the driver's seat, holding an enormous gun larger than a sniper rifle. Samantha was running as fast as she could toward the van, and she screamed as she heard a growl behind her; she could feel the thing's hand on her back. And then there was a loud thud from the gun and the man was yelling at her to run to the van; he had stepped inside and the passenger side door slid open, and she raced in.

"Close the door!" he cried. She quickly did so; and then the snarling beast rammed himself against the closed window, its face contorted in a vicious sneer, and she screamed. The man hit the acceleration, and the van sped off away from the property.

They were driving down the quiet street, and Sam could not see the beast behind them but she felt utterly traumatized.

"Are you all right?" asked the man, forcefully and sternly.

She began to cry. "What was that?" she asked, sobbing.

"He was sent to kidnap you," said the man. "I am here to save you. I will take you to a safe house. Your family are completely safe because he was only after you. You are in grave danger but I have been sent to protect you. Do you understand me?"

Sam barely nodded. She was in a daze.

After a few minutes of silence, he was amazed at the clarity in her voice when she said, "It wasn't human. It looked like a monster. I don't know what it was, but...it was so awful..."

"Listen, Samantha," said the man, glancing at her sternly. He noticed how incredibly breathtaking her nude body was. He turned up the heater because he wanted to avoid giving her clothes for as long as possible. "I'm about to tell you what may sound like a fairy tale, but it's true, believe me. This monster that was after you was a ghost, known by some as the Lord of the Damned. And he needs you."

"Why me?" she asked, confused.

"You must be a queen," said the man. "Of course you don't think so; but you must be descended from a queen. For it to continue to survive it must deflower a queen from a certain royal bloodline... I may explain it to you later. But he is desperate. He must do it by tomorrow night. I'm afraid that he needs you, and nobody else."

"Do it?" she gasped, suddenly very self conscious and fully aware of her nudity in front of this man. She had had her hands on her lap but instantly one arm went to her breasts. But then she gasped in pain and dropped her arm.

"What is the matter?" he asked suddenly. He looked at her breasts and noticed how swollen and hard her nipples were.

"Did it touch your breasts?" he asked sternly. She nodded, and then began to sob.

"He...sucked on them... and he would not stop, and I had to just stand there..."

"You are very, very brave," he said warmly, placing a hand on her bare shoulder. "You had better not touch them. He wanted to taste you before he penetrated you... you are lucky that he only sucked your nipples. But you had better leave them bare for now." Suddenly he frowned. "He did not penetrate you, did he?" She shook her head no, weakly. Suddenly she looked around.

"Could I have some clothes please?" she begged. She could not cover her breasts because of the pain. Looking at them he realized how spectacular they were; they were perfect round orbs and did not sag in any way.

He sighed. "I'm afraid not. I have absolutely no clothing back there. Just a lot of equipment. Just hang in there, and we'll be at the safe house soon. Don't worry."

She sat there demurely, with her hands at her pussy and the rest of her body completely naked. He could not help but glance at her from time to time, following upwards from her luscious bare feet to her taut, lightly tanned, flawless legs, ending at perfect hips, and to the smoothest, most perfect belly he had ever seen; then to her full breasts, and an incredibly cute and appealingly innocent face. He had an incredible hard on almost instantly, to see the young woman sitting there nude and defenseless in the seat. He also felt incredibly sorry for what she had been through, and what she would have to go through still, and he knew he would protect her at all costs.

"You have incredible courage," he said. "Very few women could be sitting there as you are now with so much composure. But don't worry. We are almost at the safe house." He paused. "I should tell you that my name is Brian Gambol and I am a security guard with very high clearance hired by a private firm, and due to a very complicated situation which I am not allowed to reveal to a soul, I have been assigned to hunt down this ghost, and to protect you." He nodded at the gun, which he had placed behind them on the van floor. "That there is a special weapon like none other; each bullet contains a taser charge, a tranquilizing needle, a silver alloy, and an ultraviolet capsule. Just about every damn thing that could possibly incapacitate someone...or something."

Sam did not think to ask how the last two pieces could incapacitate someone. She just wanted to be safe. She could not stop thinking about the glowing yellow eyes. She closed her eyes to block out the pain of her memories. She had not been physically hurt by the ghost, but it had still been so awful, so unreal. And she felt so exposed now, sitting nude in the van with no way to cover her hard nipples. She was a virgin, and she was so shy about her body that she became incredibly self conscious even when she wore a bikini on the beach. The warm air was so comfortable though, and she was so tired, that she began to drift off to sleep...

In her dream the yellow eyes were staring at her, just feet away from her face, and behind them was a dark void.

She woke with a start, and then saw them; the yellow eyes, and behind them a dark void. For a second, she looked at them uncomprehendingly. Then she realized she was looking at the right hand rear-view mirror. The thing, the beast that had attacked her, was right there, and he was attached to the side of the van like some sort of reptile. He was staring right at her reflection and licking his lips with a huge grin. She screamed. Brian suddenly saw him too. "Oh fuck," he muttered. The thing had some sort of javelin in his hand and he cackled wildly as he jammed the javelin into the back tire. There was a loud screeching noise and the van swerved around and headed straight toward the guardrail on the right side of the highway. And beyond the guardrail was a steep drop, about 20 feet, and they both felt the van collide straight into the railing and somehow the front of the chassis flipped up and over the railing. For a second it seemed to be teetering right at the edge, but then it plunged down the other side, into the darkness.

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