tagLoving WivesLosing My Wife Ch. 02

Losing My Wife Ch. 02


My wife ran off giggling and returned with the phone and handed it to Kurt with an impish smile. Kurt dialed a number and handed the phone to Sonia and instructed her to tell whoever it was on the other end that she wanted him to meet her at the southern end of the city park so he could fuck her. Sonia hesitated and Kurt smirked and told her she was no slut. My wife rose to the challenge and arranged to meet this stranger but before she could hang up Kurt grabbed the phone and added that this was a major slut and that the guy could do whatever he wanted to her.

My wife moaned as she slipped her hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit while us guys quickly got dressed. I grabbed a long coat and told my wife to put it over her naked body as we left to walk the short distance to the park.

As we got nearer to the park I noticed a large figure standing in the shadows beneath a few trees. My wife saw him too and began walking toward him as Kurt, Tony and I stopped and waited. Sonia got to where the stranger was standing and introduced herself and told him we were there to watch him fuck her and that we wouldn't interfere with how he wanted to screw her. The guy glanced at us before telling my wife to take the coat off and then to get on her knees and suck his cock.

We moved closer as Sonia knelt down to do as she was told. I recognised the stranger as Kurt's basketball coach, a big black guy in his late 40's. I heard my wife gasp as she saw the size of the cock she was about to allow into her holes. It was gigantic, well over 12 inches in length and easily 1.5 times thicker than the candle that we'd just finished fucking my wife with.

Sonia tried to take the head of this huge black monster in her mouth but there was no way that it was going to fit between her lips. Coach tried to push his hard rod into my wife's mouth but he couldn't even get half of his huge mushroom head in and I could tell he was getting pissed. He swore and told my wife to stand and lean forward against the tree trunk in front of her. Sonia leaned into the tree and spread her legs like a well trained whore.

Coach spat into his open hand and smeared his spit all over my wife's swollen entrance before covering his enormous cock in the same manner. He then guided the head of his tool until it pressed against Sonia's pouting cunt lips and began to force his manhood into her. My wife cried out as the huge black cock began to inch its way into her aching fuck tunnel. Coach pulled his cock back out and then pushed it in again, this time lifting my wife right off her feet as he forced at least half of his tool into her.

My wife was gripping the tree for dear life as the black man behind her continued to assault her tortured cunt with his horse-sized cock. Suddenly he started fucking his cock in and out of my wife, ignoring her sobs as he worked his meat deeper and deeper. I saw him dig his fingers into my wife's ass cheeks as he pushed down on her ass and drove his cock upwards with a huge thrust. Sonia screamed as she was rammed into the tree trunk with the force of the thrust, her body thrown around like a rag doll as Coach savagely attacked her pussy.

"Stand still and beg me to push my entire cock into your slut-hole you bitch or I'll fuck your ass instead!" Coach yelled at my wife. Sonia whimpered and begged him to fuck her harder and to ram his cock in as far as he could. She tried to stabilise herself against the tree as Coach drove into her over and over again like a huge unrelenting piston. The sight was amazing! Coach's cock looked grossly out of proportion compared to my wife's small figure.

Gradually my wife's sobbing turned to moans of ecstasy as her cunt loosened around the cock invading her insides. Coach no longer had to hold Sonia down as he rammed his black rod into her. He was grunting loudly as he fucked my wife and he laughed out loud as she started to cum on his throbbing cock. He said he knew he would find a slut who'd finally be able to take his entire cock one day and he promised to reward my wife with a womb full of African Seed!

Sonia began thrusting her ass back to meet the driving motion of the black cock behind her and telling Coach to fill her belly with hot cum. Coach pulled his cock out of my wife's incredibly stretched hole and told her to turn around and face him. He then bent down and reaching between Sonia's legs, lifted her into the air spreading her legs around his waist. Slowly he lowered her well-fucked pussy back onto his gigantic cock and started raising her up and down on his rock hard tool.

My wife threw her arms around the big black man that was fucking her with such long strokes. She was telling him to fuck her and that she loved his huge cock and would open her cunt for him whenever he wanted to take her. Coach told her he was about to cum and that he wanted her to tell him that she'd do whatever he wanted or he would stop fucking her right then and there.

Sonia kissed him passionately as she wriggled on his cock and told him she would do whatever he told her, anything at all. Coach wrapped his arms around her and asked even if he wanted her to fuck other men? Sonia again said "Anything!" Coach told her he was going to sell her cunt to anyone who could afford the price he was going to charge. My wife just giggled and said her cunt was his to do with as he pleased. Just as she said this Coach started thrusting like mad into her pussy and then with a low growl he emptied his balls into my wife. I swear I could hear the sloppy splashing as he slowly carried on fucking my wife's dripping hole.

Coach finally lifted my wife off of his semi-hard cock and we all saw a huge amount of sperm flow out of Sonia's gaping cunt and down her thighs. My wife's legs were trembling as she stood in front of the black man who had just ravaged her pussy so roughly.

Coach French kissed Sonia as he reached between her open legs and cupped her pussy in his large hand. He stopped kissing her and asked with a grin,

"So babe, like all da ho's I fuck, your insides feel like dey about to fall out your cunt right?" My wife nodded and leaned into him for support.

Coach turned and looked at the 3 of us and smirkingly told us that even if all 3 of us put our cocks into this ho at the same time, she wouldn't feel a thing after his cock had stretched her. He then asked which one of us was her boy? I raised my hand and he winked at me and told me he was taking her back to his pad and that he'd send her home if and when he got tired of fucking her and selling her cunt.

I stood there as my wife was led off by the black guy that had pleasured her cunt so much that she was now his by choice. Kurt and Tony looked at me apologetically as we turned and walked back home.

The end

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