Lost and Found


Lost and Found

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2012 by Hubs In Hose

Edited by: mynameisben (thank you for being a great editor!)

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April awoke with her body cold and aching. Disoriented and her mind in a fog, she had no clue where she was or how she got there. The air was cool and damp with morning dew, the wind was calm, and the sunlight peeked through the idle trees. She lifted her head to look around, but unyielding pain cut short the effort. She closed her eyes to block out the light and to make the pain go away. Th-thump. Th-thump. Th-thump. Her pulse was the drumbeat of a marching band, booming within her skull with relentless brutality. April curled into a fetal ball, clutching her ears to make the pain go away until blackness swallowed her once more.

She opened her eyes again. The pain in her head had lessened but the aches and pains throughout her body were ever-present. She knew she had been passed out for quite a while. The morning sun was so much brighter now. Closing her eyes, she struggled to remember how she got where she was, but her memory was not responding. Tears welled in her eyes as the fear of not knowing where she was or how she had gotten there became her reality.

Reaching to wipe her eyes, April noticed her hands and arms were covered with dirt and dried mud. She made a motion to wipe her hands on her jeans, but the moment she touched her legs she felt only skin. She looked at her legs and gasped. Her pants were missing, and so was the rest of her clothing. Panic set in, April covered her breasts with her arms scanned the surrounding woods. She didn't see or hear and signs of another person. It was when she grew comfortable with knowing no one could see her that she felt the coolness of metal against the arm covering her naked breast.

There was a sharp pain in her chest. Tears came to her once more, dampening the green fire which, in fairer circumstances, made her eyes so distinctively attractive. Through the blur of her tears she discovered both of her nipples had been pierced. A gold hoop connected by a matching gold chain. The chain swayed as her chest rose and fell with each breath she took. April had fantasized about getting her nipples pierced, but she knew she was too scared of the pain to ever go through with it. The thought of having to expose her breasts to someone she did not know was equally frightening.

The shock over her new jewelry made April wonder what else may have been done to her. She felt her face and hair with her hands but found no wounds or bumps. She examined her naked arms and legs. Her limbs were unhurt but, like her hands, her feet were covered in dirt and drying mud. She turned her attention to her sex since it, too, felt different—almost cold. What she saw startled her. Her pubic hair was completely shaven, and on her naked mons was the word SLAVE was written in thick black letters. The marking didn't feel like a tattoo because her skin was not tender or irritated like it was when she had her butterfly tattoo added to her hip. April took her dirty hand and felt her labia, fearing they might be adorned with jewelry like her breasts. She sighed with relief when she found nothing new had been added to her most sensitive area and that she was otherwise unhurt.

April gathered her strength and will to stand, knowing an upright posture would expose her nakedness to anyone within line of sight. But she needed to determine where she was and how she could get out. The woods were very thick all around except for the little clearing she woke up in earlier. She spotted a small white box with an arrow drawn on it. The box looked new and somewhat out of place as the only man-made item in the woods, so she went to investigate it. The arrow turned out to be part of a note taped to the box, which read:

"Good morning, my pet. I am glad to see you up and about. You have a busy day ahead of you. Before you open this cooler you must make note of the arrow and the direction it is pointing. You must travel in that direction for my next gift to you. In this cooler you will find some food and drink, shoes, some extra water, and a towel for you to clean yourself. I can't have a pet of mine looking all dirty now, can I? You are safe here. I am watching you and I will not let any harm come to my possessions from outside forces. Finally, you are not to cover your nakedness unless I give you something to wear. Should you see anyone, you are to act as if being naked is completely normal.

-- M"

April sat on the ground trying to hide from this mysterious person, M. She had no idea who he was but it was clear she was not going to get out of here by herself. She decided she had no other choice but to follow his instructions until a more palatable solution presented itself.

The arrow pointed to what looked like a path in the trees. April noted the direction and opened the small cooler. Inside the box she found two bottles of water, an orange and a banana. The water would quench her thirst, and the fruit would give her much needed energy. There was also a hand towel and a pair of sandals. After she took all the items out of the cooler she discovered a small note telling her to put the towel and all her trash into the cooler when she finished her refreshments and to leave the cooler where she found it. That note was also signed by "M".

April was hungry and thirsty, so she took to the food and drink first. It was not much, but the food made her feel better to have eaten. The water was cool to drink and cold on her skin. She used it to wash the dirt from her body. She dried herself off with the towel and then used the last of the water to dampen the towel to wash her face. She knew her face must have been dirty from wiping away her tears with dirty hands. She felt much better after removing she was finally clean.

The sandals were nothing more than leather soles with gold colored straps to wrap around her ankles and feet. They were size six, which was exactly her size. April thought that in any other setting, the sandals would look cute. They were not the best thing for walking in the wilderness, but she was grateful not to have to walk in the woods in bare feet.

Mustering her courage, April stood again. She searched the surrounding woods to see if she could spot the mysterious M person. Finding no sign of human life, she made her way to the trail. The path was not far from her original location, maybe a hundred yards distant. Upon reaching the trailhead April looked ahead to locate a marker or a landmark. More importantly, she tried to find other people. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw nothing but rocks marking the edges of the trail, so she followed the path deeper into the woods.

The trail twisted and turned, and April worried that she was no longer on the correct path. The sun was arced higher in the sky and she was thirsty. In addition to her growing discomforts, there was the chain connecting her new piercings to contend with. It swayed back and forth, gently tugging and releasing her tender nipples, spreading a confusing but pleasurable warmth throughout her body with each step she took.

April's cognitive processes creaked slowly to life as she walked along the serpentine path. She vaguely remembered getting ready to do something with a friend, but the thought was still too hazy for her to recall any specifics. Meanwhile, the swaying jewelry kept invading her thoughts, constantly distracting her with more primitive urges.

When April was in the clearing, she could use the sun and shadows estimate the time of day. But now, deep in the woods, estimating the hour was impossible. The thick canopy of leaves overhead obliterated nearly all of the sunlight and everything was in shadow. Not knowing the distance she had travelled nor the time of day deepened her sense of loneliness. The path took a hairpin turn, and she smiled when she spied a second box with a note attached. It was the confirmation she desperately needed, telling her she had been on the correct path all along. She raced to her next gift and read the note attached.

You are making decent progress, my pet. You are to be rewarded for your obedience so far. Eat and drink your snack before continuing. We will receive a lot of sun today, so to further protect you I have provided some sun lotion and a visor. Put each of them on before you continue. Make sure to cover all your naked, exposed skin with the lotion and you may pull up your lovely golden-brown hair to wear the visor.

I am sure you are wondering who I am and where you are. Do not worry yourself with those things as all will be revealed in due time. For now all you need to know is that you are my pet and on my land. I have taken care of and protected you so far because you have been obedient. Remember, my pet, I am always able to see you. If you disobey me, your current pleasant situation will change.

Now for your instructions, you are to continue to follow this marked path until it intersects a dirt road. At the road, you will turn left and continue walking. I will provide further instructions later. Remember the instructions I gave to you earlier and you will be fine.

-- M

"What the hell?" April thought to herself. Although she was thankful for the snack, water, and sunscreen, this M person was creeping her out. Saying that he can always see her and that all will be revealed in due time made her concerned that M may be some sort of psychopath. Not knowing who M was or what he looked like added to her torture.

After finishing her trail mix and the cool drink, a feeling of pleasure flowed through her body. Stress and anxiety from being unable to remember how she arrived in the woods slipped from her mind.

April pulled up her hair to put on the visor. She took out the sunscreen rubbed the lotion into her naked flesh. The bottle had been in the cooler with the other items, and its contents felt cold when she squirted it onto her warm skin. Each application raised goose bumps. Applying the milky white liquid to her breasts set her already-excited nipples throbbing. Waves of pleasure rippled through her body as she leisurely massaged each tingling spurt into the pebbled pink flesh of her areolas. She painted long ribbons of cream onto her legs, and when she rubbed it into her inner thighs she was reminded she was totally bare and needed to apply the lotion to areas that never needed it before.

She squeezed more lotion into her hand and spread it across her shaven mound. The cold felt so good and intensified the pleasure waves already coursing through her body. She rubbed the lotion between her legs and over her sex. She dipped a finger inside her wet opening and her palm grazed her button. Her eyes went shut and she let out a long, shuddering sigh. A tension was rapidly building insider her that she desperately needed release. But instead, she moved her hand away from her pussy and allowed the other to slip down from her breast.

"Not now, I can't do that here," she said aloud. She rubbed the excess lotion from her hands onto her shoulders, put the bottle back into the cooler along with the rest of her trash, and continued her journey along the trail.

The songbirds were singing, wildflowers were in bloom, and the woods were a lush with green. The kiss of an occasional cool breezes helped to make her walk seem not so oppressive. April maintained a leisurely pace, not wanting to fall or miss any additional gifts.

Being naked and alone in the woods made April feel as if she were some sort of woodland fairy frolicking about in her native domain. Her mind floated in and out of her fantasy world, while the apprehension she felt about being naked before slipped away. Totally at peace, she had a strong sense of being part of the nature that surrounded her. The fantasy came to an abrupt end when she caught a glimpse of the road ahead. Reaching the road, she noticed the woods had thinned, and she was more visible than she was just moments ago. Reminded of her nakedness, apprehension came rushing back.

The sun, now directly overhead, made shadows small and hunger loom. April remembered her instruction to turn left at the road and continued her journey. She hoped another gift would not be too far ahead. She was hungry and thirsty and curious to know what else she had to do.

She travelled the road for a little while, until she heard the sound of a vehicle. The steady drone of an engine grew louder and closer, but she couldn't see anything yet. Her breath and pulse quickened as she feared the truck--it had to be a truck on this road--was just around the bend.

"Could it be M or was it a total stranger?" she asked herself as she stood alongside the lonely dirt road. It seemed like forever while April watched and waited for the truck to appear. Finally, a white jeep materialized from the bend. Acting on instinct, April moved quickly to cover her nakedness. But the moment as she raised her arm to cover her breasts a bolt of electricity exploded from somewhere inside her chest.

"Oh, shit!" April cried out, clutching her chest. Another zap tore through her like touching an electrified fence. The second jolt stood her hair on end and rattled her memory. She was to act as if being naked was natural and was not to cover herself. The shocks she received must have been intended as some sort of reminder, which seemingly came from her new jewelry.

The jeep slowed as it approached. April recognized the design on the hood of the jeep. It matched the design on her visor. A flicker of recognition sparked her memory as she knew she saw that design before today. She understood that whoever it was behind the wheel, he couldn't be a random stranger. Panic stiffened her body, turning her to into a statue on the side of the road. A part of her hoped it would be M in the vehicle. At least it would end the torture of not knowing who her captor was.

The door opened and a young man emerged from the jeep. He was holding another cooler with a note attached. The one he was holding was different. It was red, whereas the others were mostly white. The young man placed the cooler on the ground. April remained motionless. She couldn't even look at the man's face.

"M told me to give this to you." There was no emotion in his words. He seemed unaffected by April's nakedness. He simply turned, reentered the jeep, and drove away. Once the jeep was out of sight, the fear that paralyzed April's body was released her from its grip.

She chastised herself, Why didn't I ask him where I am and what is going on? Then she tried to rationalize her inaction, He didn't look open to talking. He was moving with a purpose, moving too quick for me to interrupt him.

The new box seemed to be calling her, and April withdrew from her thoughts. She quickly moved to it and removed the note.

You should now have proof that I can see everything that you do. I am disappointed that you needed me to demonstrate that fact. Even worse, I had to show you TWICE!

April gasped as she read that line, "How the—?"

I will deal with your disobedience in a moment. I want you to focus on your next instructions. You are to continue on this road, in the direction that my jeep came from, until you see the old stables. They are not far from here, I expect you inside them shortly.

In the next gift, you will find lunch. I want you to understand that even though you disappointed me with your actions, I am not one to hurt you. Don't make your disobedience a habit or I can change. Eat your lunch then open the smaller box that is in the cooler. Do Not open that box until you are finished eating and ready to resume your journey. You will find further instructions with that box. Remember your instructions and you will be fine. I am watching.

-- M

Continued exertion in the heat of the day made April thirsty and hungry. She never considered refusing the gifts of food and drink provided for her. Opening the cooler, she found a pear, a small sandwich, and a bottle of water. All of food items surrounded a red, wooden box that she was not yet to open. She thought about opening the little box while it was inside the cooler but stopped herself. She rubbed her right breast, remembering the shock from the last time she did something she was told not to do. She did not want that to happen again.

The food offered in her third gift was like what she found in the others—just enough to satisfy her immediate need, but never enough to fill her up. At least the provisions gave her what she needed and left her feeling more relaxed about her situation. April quickly ate and drank all she was given, grateful to receive the gifts and the relaxed feeling they always left her with. She put her trash into the cooler, removed the other box inside, and read the note attached.

"This is your burden for disappointing me. Open the box now," is all it said.

She did as she was told. The box was hinged and the lid lifted up from the base. It squeaked as it opened. April gasped when she saw the two metal spheres inside.

These are Ben Wa balls. You are to carry them for the remainder of your journey. You will not take the box with you nor will you carry the balls in your hands. Both are to be inserted into your pussy--and kept there. You will give them back to me when your journey ends. You will undoubtedly find the need to pleasure yourself sometime today. You will not do this without my permission. You are my pet and you must obey.

-- M

April examined the balls she was holding in one hand and cupped her pussy with the other. She had heard of Ben Wa balls before, but she had never seen them -- let alone used them. Plucking the balls from the box, she held them in her hand and she felt a slight vibration when the two spheres touched. She took the first ball and slipped it past her lips and into her dampening pussy. The ball went in easily, with scarcely any discomfort. When she pushed the second ball into herself the two balls met, and the ensuing vibrations nearly brought April to her knees.

As pleasure swept through her, April's mind reeled back to the fun she had had applying sunscreen to her body. She had stopped herself, she recalled, at the first blush of an approaching orgasm. "I should never have stopped!" April cursed herself. For what had once been a need had now grown to obsession. Like a whitened charcoal that hasn't yet gone out, the urge to come smoldered hot inside her pussy. "How am I ever going to walk with these things in me?"

Focusing on what she was instructed to do, April gathered her strength and willpower to continue on to her next stop. With her first few steps, she felt every motion the diabolical spheres made. Most of the time, the balls were rubbing against each other, driving her mad with desire. She battled the constant urge to reach down and bring herself to orgasm. At first, she needed only to remind herself of the shocks she had received before to quell the fire burning within her. As she continued to walk, the idea to take care of her carnal needs and suffer the consequences began to dominate her thoughts. When, at last, the old stable came into her sight, she was able to focus her mind on reaching her destination and ignore, for the moment, the sensations vibrating inside her.

The old stable looked much like those in the movies. It was a wooden structure with big doors and straw on the ground. The smell of animals permeated the air but fell short of being offensive. April stepped into the building and came upon three horses in their stalls. A chestnut colt was in the first stall, a palomino stood proudly in the second, and a white horse was in the third. It was the third horse that captured her attention. A radiant, pure white coat and contrasting dark eyes gave the horse a look that was otherworldly.

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