tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLove in the Workplace Ch. 03

Love in the Workplace Ch. 03


Karlen and I had the opportunity to express our love and desires for one another while everyone in the office watched.

Our supervisor Barbara experienced the joy and pleasure of Karlen's and my sexual energy behind closed doors in a human resources office.

Now, two more lovely co-workers discover Brad's sexual appetite extends beyond Karlen's charms...and the confines of the office.

Part 3: The Lunchtime Matinee

Days have passed since the very public 'incident' with Karlen and the very private 'incident' with Karlen and Barbara. Now whenever I walk into the office and make my way across the floor to my desk, I draw the attention of everyone in the room. Everyone stares and whispers, girls look, smile and giggle. The unspoken question on everyone's lips: How did Brad not get fired, or worse, get arrested for such a public display like that? If they only knew how Karlen and I turned Barbara's perception.

Whenever I go to the kitchen in the break room for coffee, two women are almost always there at the same time, either together or separately: Amy, a stunning Chinese girl, and Raina, an Indian goddess. Both will always engage in small talk when we're in the break room, but the girls always seem a little shy about what's on their mind or what they want to talk about.

This particular morning, Amy is the one in the break room, and oh my, she looks fantastic. She's wearing a dark red blouse, a tight fitting dark grey skirt, and these sexy knee high black boots with stiletto heels. Amy engages in small talk, but then asks me a question: "What are you doing for lunch?"

I'm surprised. Is Amy asking me to have lunch with her. I tell her the truth, or at least a half truth, not knowing how she'd react to the truth.

"I'm going home for lunch. I live a couple blocks down the street, it's only a 10 minute walk from here." I tell her.

"I notice that you go home for lunch a lot." Amy says. Then she asks another question, this one a little more brazen.

"Are you and Karlen having an affair?"

Understandable that she might be curious since we made love in front of everyone, but the truth is different. I go home to masturbate. At home, I can get comfortable, strip down naked, and take my time without anyone interrupting. It also gives me a chance to look at pictures of Karlen, Raina, and Amy herself from their Facebook page or to use images from the spank bank. Amy's outfit today is definitely going into the spank bank and she'll be my masturbatory fantasy this afternoon.

A few hours later, I make my way home for lunch, enter my apartment, and strip down while I boot up my computer. I sit at my desk, launch Facebook and go to Amy's Facebook account and start going through her pictures. I notice a new one has been uploaded. It's a picture of her in that outfit she's wearing today and the picture was taken less than an hour ago.

"Oh, fuck yeah!" I say as I right click and download the photo to my hard drive.

I keep the picture on screen, lube up my right hand and start slowly stroking. I'm not even stroking for a couple minutes when I hear something to my right. I peek over without being obvious and notice two shadows in the shades in front of the sliding door to my apartment.

It seems that Amy's curiousity got the better of her and she and Raina both followed me home and are outside peeking through the cracks of the shades in the patio door and see me nude, erect, and in all my glory looking at Amy's picture with my right hand wrapped around my rock hard penis.

I'm not embarrassed or ashamed at all. These two lovely ladies where present and watched me with my pants down and shirt unbuttoned as I made love to Karlen. There's nothing they haven't already seen, except for my masturbatory techniques.

I stand up and walk over to the patio door and unlock it.

"Amy....Raina, you might as well come in. The door's open." I call out as I walk back to my desk.

The door slides open slowly and Amy and Raina both very slowly and pensively walk in.

"How did you know we were there?" asked Raina.

"The two of you cast shadows" I reply as I point to the shades.

Both girls are blushing.

"What's wrong ladies? You're both blushing." I ask.

They're both silent.

"It's OK, there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm not ashamed about what I do or what you saw."

"Of course not" says Amy "you had sex in public in front of everyone and didn't care who saw it."

I tell Amy and Raina "Oh I cared who saw. Having the ladies of the office watch was a huge turn on for me."

I offer Amy and Raina something to drink and bring them a couple bottle of water as I invite them to sit down on the couch and make themselves comfortable. I sit down on the coffee table in front of the two of them and ask why they followed me.

"Curiousity" said Raina. "We were wondering if you were really having an affair with Karlen or someone else."

"If I was, were you going to stay and watch me have sex?"

The girls blushed again.

I smile. "That's OK. I don't mind at all, actually, I'm glad you're both here."

With that, I take my right hand and wrap it around my still hard penis and start stroking. I look at Amy and Raina and tell them "This...is what I do, do you like what you see?"

The girls both silently nod yes.

"Amy, you must have known that I liked what you were wearing today. I saw you posted a picture on Facebook. Were you teasing me?"

Amy smiles and nods yes.

I let out a moan as my hand starts to go a little quicker and my arousal increases.

"Do you masturbate to me?" asks Raina.

I nod, smiling. "Yes Raina. Mostly about re-enacting every sexual position in the Kama Sutra."

"Oh my" says Raina.

Amy asks "Who else in the office do you fantasize about when you masturbate?"

I run down a list as my mind brings an image of every woman "Karlen, Barbara, June, Christine, Erin, the two of you"

Amy and Raina both gasp "oh my"

"I love masturbating. I love how it feels when I touch it and I love how it feels when I blow my load." Then I make the girls and offer.

"Would you like to touch it? It's ok if you don't."

I reach out and take Amy's right hand. At first she pulls her hand away but then puts it forward as I take it and wrap her fingers around my shaft. Amy starts to slowly stroke me on her own.

Raina doesn't need any prompting. She reaches out with both hands and starts caressing my thighs then my scrotum.

"Mmmmmm, Raina....Amy, that feels so good."

Raina makes a confession to me. "Brad, after watching you and Karlen having sex, I went to the bathroom and masturbated thinking about the two of you. I was so turned on and so wet. I've been wanting to do this ever since."

"It's OK Raina, you have me now. Girls, can I get a kiss from each of you?"

Amy leans forward and gives me two kisses, one soft tender kiss followed by a longer more passionate kiss with tongue.

I look over at Raina and ask her...."Raina?"

Just as Amy slides her hand down the shaft, exposing my head, Raina kisses me.....on the head of my penis. Raina follows it with a second longer kiss, this time placing the entire head between her lips. I feel Raina's tongue playing with that the "D" spot.

That pushes me over the edge immediately and I moan out "OH GOD I'M GONNA CUM!"

Raina keeps her head down and her lips over the head of my penis as I shoot my load in her mouth.


Amy continues to pump the shaft until I complete my ejaculation and Raina takes every drop into her mouth.

"Do you feel better?" asks Raina as she lifts her head up to face me.

"Yes girls, I feel much better. I loved every minute of it. You girls both knew exactly what to do to bring me to orgasm. How did you know?

Both girls giggle and answer in unison "Karlen"

Apparently, Karlen has been telling all the girls in the office what my tweaks are.

"I hope June, Christine and Erin all know" I tell the girls.

Amy assures me "Oh they do Brad, they do"

I give Amy and Raina kisses and thank them for coming out and for bringing me to orgasm. I also promise them something special the next time they want to come over for a "Matinee"

"I can't wait" the girls say.

I get dressed, the girls and I have a quick bite to eat and walk back to the office, together, Raina on my right arm, Amy on my left.

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