tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLove Slave Ch. 02

Love Slave Ch. 02


"What the fuck happened here?" he demanded as his hot form stood in the doorway.

She could have died right then and there. She had urinated herself the night before bound in his scene playing his love slave when he left her alone for the night. Now it was judgment time.

"Who told you that you could piss on my floor?" he hollered. "That is fucking disgusting!"

She lost it and started to sob like she never had. Of all the people to do this in front of, the person she wants to look her best for. She still laid there like he had left her last night, bound, spread eagle in his walk-in closet, gagged, and alone, however now a huge wet spot was obvious between her legs.

He took the gag out of her mouth as she gasped for breath and the tears rolled down her cheeks. He undid her binds and watched her lay still, sobbing, instead of the usual stretching she would do after being freed.

He left the closet and left her to her humiliation.

Her soul was crushed. She wanted to pack her shit in her truck and leave so bad, but she had signed up for this and she was not one to quit.

He returned later with a scrub brush and can of carpet cleaner to find her in the same way he left her. He almost felt sorry for her, but that was not his job right now. She was very close to being broken and he was going to see this to the end. He had warned her if she came here she was all his to do with what he saw fit. He embraced his role.

"Clean it up. And don't look me in the eyes until I tell you to," he barked before walking out of the closet in disgust.

She got on her hands and knees and scrubbed up the pee she had let free on his carpet and cried her heart out.

"Why do I always have to screw up everything good in my life?" She questioned herself.

"How could I let this happen? He surely hates me now," she thought as her tears ran off her face onto the urine soaked carpet she was trying to clean up.

When it was all cleaned up she went to the living room with her head down to find him drinking his morning coffee and TV.

"I have cleaned up my mess and I am very sorry. Will you please forgive me?" she uncharacteristically begged, playing her role and also genuinely mortified at what she had done as she knelt in front of him with her head hung low.

"Go out to the back patio and wait for me," he said in a matter of fact tone without looking up.

If she were a dog her tail would have been between her legs as she walked the walk of shame to her punishment. She sat on the hard stone floor of the patio waiting for him and his commands. She waited for what seemed like forever. The noon sun was coming up and it was getting hot out. He was obviously making her sit there and think about what she did, and conversely think about what he was going to do in retribution.

She was not only scared at the thought of what he may come up with, she felt she deserved everything he gave to her because she felt like such a loser for not being able to control her own body.

Finally he walked out the door to her naked body that was anticipating her punishment, grabbed her hair close to the scalp and looked at her face that was directed not to look him in the eye.

"Open your mouth," he commanded.

She complied, she would have done anything at this point, and opened her mouth wide as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his giant cock.


His hard, huge cock met the back of her throat like a dager. He forcefully pulled her hair hard and began to violently face fuck her out on his patio. His dick being forced into her mouth and throat made her gag. At one point she even kind of threw up in her own mouth but quickly swallowed it along with his monster cock.

He looked down and watched his faithful tool impale her face with such force he was sure his cock might just poke out of the back of her skull. Her tear stained face accepted his abuse willfully. To him there was nothing sexier in the world than his love slave at this moment. There was nothing she would not do for him. Not only because she wanted to please him, but because she really liked this shit too and right now really felt like she deserved to be punished.

She took the repeated thrusts of his hard cock down her throat like a champ. She loved when he face fucked her. As usual, she could not explain it; she just loved his domination and making him feel so good. It turned her on so much to turn him on. Her clit started to tickle as she felt him tense up and get ready to spray his seed all over her tonsils. He grabbed the back of her head forcefully and shoved her face hard against his throbbing cock. Her forehead slammed against his stomach as her chin hit his balls. His rock hard, big member was suddenly violently raping her esophagus. In and out at lightening speed, she couldn't catch her breath fast enough. She was sure her face lips were going to be bruised at the force they were getting pounded.

"AAARRRGGG," he moaned loudly as her shamed pussy became instantly soaked at the sounds of his pleasure and his load shot down her throat. She started to grind the air. She was so turned on at turning him on she couldn't help it. It was almost better to her to make him feel good than for her to be made to feel good by him. Almost.

Suddenly he ripped her face off his cock and barked, "Get down the steps and lie, spread eagle again, ten feet from the garden."

She walked down the stairs onto the grass, naked, and noticed the tent stakes in the ground.

She lay down on the grass as instructed and waited.

The grass felt very weird against her naked body. Prickly, but yet soft. Cool to the touch despite the rising temperature outside.

"Perfect. Stay still or else," he growled.

She felt her wrists being roped and secured to two opposite stakes. It didn't matter how much she felt bad about herself, she loved seeing him tie her up. There was just something very sexy about it. Her legs were quickly bound to stakes as well, leaving her spread eagle in his back yard, naked on the grass. She was stretched as far as her limbs would allow, and then a little more. Almost instantly her muscles began to ache.

"Open your mouth again," he commanded.

She did and knew what was coming as he placed the very familiar ball gag back into her mouth.

"I would blindfold you, except I want you to see what is happening for your punishment," he confidently said as he stood over her lawn bound body.

Her big, pink nipples, punctuated by stainless, pointed up to the sky, her arms pulled so tight her muscles were defined, her legs pulled so far apart she was almost doing the splits, the sun beating down on her wide open gash. Her face was red and swollen from crying earlier, but with her long hair spilled around her on his lawn she still looked beautiful to him. He smiled at the sight of her with a mischievous grin.

"Oh and by the way, DON'T EVER PISS ON MY FLOOR AGAIN!" He yelled at her as he unzipped his pants again, grabbed his cock, pulled it out and pissed all over her tits and stomach.

She was shocked! What she did, she could not help. Why would he do this to her?

His body temperature piss hit her tits and she bucked in protest. As it came into contact with her body small bits splashed up and hit her in the chin narrowly missing her mouth. His piss ran over her pierced tits, down her stomach, to the sides of her body. She felt filthy and degraded like never before.

"Enjoy! You're out here for a while. I have a couple of buddies coming over that I need to entertain. I'll be out to check out on you when I feel like it," he stated without emotion.

With that he gave it a few shakes, zipped up, turned and walked away.

She felt so little and unimportant at that point. How could he do this to her? She knew it was all part of the game, but WOW. It stung. Maybe her decision to come here wasn't the right one. Maybe he really didn't care about her after all. She knew she was going to be tested, but this was far beyond her expectations. This was a bit extreme.

She lay there contemplating her feelings for him and her current predicament as the sun came to its high noon position and shone directly over her. She wished he had blindfolded her to protect her eyes. The sun beat down on her and she started to sweat profusely. Her mouth was becoming very parched. His piss dried on her skin, its pungent odor wafting up to her nose. She felt like throwing up.

Suddenly she heard the sound of two motorcycles coming up the long drive in the front of his house in the country.

"He wasn't kidding. He really was having friends over while I am like this!" She thought to herself as tears welled up in her eyes. Was she wrong to trust him with everything she had?

By this time she was not sure what he was planning, it was as if she didn't know him at all. Terror gripped her as many scenarios came into her head involving the things he may do to her in front of them, or worse yet, let them do to her. She tried to pull her arms out of their demonic binds. They would not budge. She couldn't really move her legs. They were stretched so far that her muscles had pretty much given out at this point. Her heart pounded and her mind raced while she tried, unsuccessfully, to gain her freedom. She knew better that to try to scream. Even if she could manage a muffled scream it would bring their attention to her for sure.

She could hear the sounds of their laughter and voices through the open windows. They sounded like they were having a lot of fun doing whatever guys do. She imagined they were probably having a few beers and telling exaggerated man stories.

She had a view of his guest bathroom window, and all of a sudden she caught a glimpse of a tall, blonde haired, scruffy looking guy in the window. She heard the tell tale splashing sound and knew he was standing at the commode peeing. She became still and scared, if she could see them they could see her!

Just when she thought she was almost free and clear, she saw him glance out the window and then do a double take as he saw her. Their eyes met and horror washed over her. She had no idea who this person was and now he had a view of every inch of her private-ness in her most humiliating moment.

He couldn't take his eyes off her. He had never seen anything like this in his life. Hell, his wife wouldn't even get undressed in front of him

"Hey man, do you know there is a naked chick tied out in your backyard?" He yelled over his shoulder out to the living room while he pissed and took sneak peeks of her.

"Yeah. Ignore her. She is being punished," she heard her Dom reply matter-of-factly.

"You perverted, lucky bastard!" The blonde guy exclaimed as she heard the toilet flush and saw him move away from the window and exit the bathroom.

She could have sworn she heard "You da Man," and a high-five slap come from the house.

A flood of relief came over her as she realized that he was not going to let anyone else touch her. His only intention was punishment, humiliation and, well, probably a little not-so-subtle boasting in front of his buddies. She could handle it. She was not going to give in. A little trust in him returned to her. He would keep her safe. She knew his friends would behave. He was the kind of guy that demanded and got respect. She was just glad she would probably never see these people again.

Several times she saw the blonde or another biker at the bathroom window doing their business and of course gawking at her naked, lawn bound body. She couldn't even be ashamed anymore. She was numb emotionally. Something was happening to her. She calmed and time seemed to escape her. She was officially broken.

She had no idea how long she had been out there, but the heat and sun were really taking a toll on her. She wasn't sure how much longer she was going to be able to last. She needed to cool off, get some fluids in her, relax her muscles, and be able to close her mouth. Her body was being pushed beyond its limits.

Just as she thought she was not going to be able to maintain much longer she heard the bikes start up and ride away.

"Thank God," she thought. "Now he will come rescue me!"

She listened intently for clues as to what he was doing and waited, and waited, and waited. It was silent. His bike was pretty quiet. Did he leave with them? He couldn't just leave her here to stroke out it the heat! Sheer will to survive brought out a little fight in her. Why the hell had she come here? One thing was for sure, she was never coming back!

She heard a noise along the side of the house and turned her head to see what it was. It was him. Beer and cigarette in one hand as he picked up the garden hose with the other and squeezed the trigger, spraying her with cool water. It felt so good on her overheated body. She wished she could take some in her mouth.

"You were looking pretty hot out here, in more ways than one. Thought you may need to cool off a bit," he giggled as he soaked her.

"You doing ok?" He asked.

She closed her eyes and shook her head no.

"Good. Are you ever going to piss on my floor again?" He questioned.

She shook her head again.

"Well you can stay out here for another hour and think about what you did," he said with amusement in his voice as he sprayed her from head to toe to cool her off. She relished in the feeling of the cooling liquid hitting her overheated body. It felt so good to finally get some relief. It almost brought her back to her normal self. She needed more. She was not doing so well but she was not about to call out her safe word. She had only used it once and regretted it. That was not happening again. It was a battle of the wills with herself now. She wasn't going to show weakness and give in.

Abruptly the spraying stopped and he crushed his empty beer can and threw it up on the patio, more for effect than anything else, and disappeared around the house.

She didn't know if she could make it another hour! If she did, she was out of here. However, she was cooled off a bit though and grateful for the consideration. Shit, there she went again thinking like a love slave!

"Is that my destiny?" She thought. "Am I nothing more than a cheap thrill?"

Smart, independent, professional, pretty women such as herself did not get caught up in this lifestyle. Did they? Why did she? Was this who she really was? What was wrong with her? Why did she crave this from him? Did she feel that she didn't deserve a real relationship? Or did she love their play and him so much and this was their real relationship? It felt real; it felt better than any she had ever been in. Why did she question everything? She didn't know. Her brains were baked and she was having a hard time putting her thoughts together.

The sun was starting to fall to the side of the sky and out of her face but it was still burning her skin and eyes. She couldn't hold on much longer. She was so thirsty she could almost not breathe. She felt faint, she hadn't eaten all day. She could feel herself start to slip. She was going down any second. She saw spots. Her vision went. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she passed out on his lawn, bound and helpless.

"Shit!" she heard as she could hear his footsteps running towards her.

He had been watching and protecting her the whole time.

She was floating in another world. It felt like she was swimming. She could hear his voice and understand him but it was like she was at the bottom of the pool trying to make her way to the top.

She could feel him cut her out of her binds, pick her lifeless body up and rush her inside. It felt like she was just waking up groggy, but couldn't quite wake up all the way. She was close to the surface, but still couldn't make it to the top of the water. It was like she was in a parallel universe.

"Wake up, NOW, PLEASE," she heard him say. Desperation and panic filled his voice. She could do nothing about it; she was trying to go to his voice but just couldn't make it there yet. She wasn't sure what was going on yet. She thought she fell asleep on him.

Slowly she started to surface to the top. She opened her eyes and saw him on top of her in his bed rubbing ice all over her nakedness, trying to cool her off. Concern and urgency were in his eyes. He was usually very even keeled. She new she had been in trouble when saw seen the look in his eyes.

"You were just getting ready for 911," he said as he took a deep breath for the first time in a few minutes.

"Are you ok?" He asked. It seemed like he was ready to cry. She was pretty sure he thought he had killed her.

"Honey I am fine now, what happened?" she weakly asked.

"You passed out," he said shaking. "What was it like?"

"I could hear everything but was somewhere else. I knew you were there trying to help me and I was trying to get to you, I just couldn't right away." She said breathlessly as she tried to come to terms with what just happened and the memory of being bound outside returned to her.

"Are you sure you are ok?" He asked, his voice dripping with concern.

"Yeah baby I am just fine. Really. I am here with you. I wasn't scared at all. I knew you were helping me and that I would be ok." She said trying to make him understand.

"Kiss me," she said as she tried to get it together.

"Gladly," He said as he cupped her beautiful face in his hands and planted his lips on hers, their tongues meeting, twisting and rolling over each other.

Relief washed over him as his mind raced. That was the closest he had ever come to losing her forever. It scared the hell out of him. They shared so much that no one in the world but them were aware of. How would he explain her dying here with him? How would he go on without her in his corner? How would he fill her shoes with their shared responsibilities? He relaxed as he felt her alive and well, close to him.

She melted against him as he kissed her ever so passionately. Every ounce of apprehension about them left her mind, as she felt safe in his arms. He would never let any harm come to her. As part of the game he just made her believe that he would.

His rough, hard working hands slid down her cheeks, over her throat to her chest. He caressed her breasts so sweetly, tenderly squeezing them and rolling her nipples between his fingers gently. Her nipples stood at full attention and goose bumps formed on her skin.

"oohhhh," she softly moaned as her toes curled from the bliss. His hands moved down her sides, curving in at her waist then out again to her hips. She felt so at peace as his hands softly explored her sunburned skin, touching her lightly all over, outlining her body that belonged to him now.

She reached down and rubbed her hand over the crotch of his jeans.

"Aahhhhh," he groaned at her touch. He was rock hard and about to burst out of his pants from exploring her hot body.

She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans causing his huge dick to lunge forward, begging for her undivided attention. She tugged at the sides of his jeans to indicate she wanted him to take them off. He stopped kissing her and touching her only long enough to hurriedly take off his t-shirt and jeans before moving back against her warm body, plunging his tongue deeply back into her mouth and caressing her ass.

Her hand moved to touch his bare, steel hard cock for the first time since she came to see him. Just touching it made her instantly get wetter.

"Oh, yeah," he growled in a low quite voice as his hips began to pump as she started to firmly stroke his fuck stick. The sounds and motions of his pleasure made her clit start to thump.

His calloused hands lightly made their way from her ass around to her pussy before he stuck two fingers in her hot, soaking wet fuck hole and enthusiastically finger fucked her G-spot to perfection. Her legs fell wide open and she immediately started grinding his hand.

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