tagIncest/TabooLoving Family Ch. 02

Loving Family Ch. 02


After my birthday present from my family I just could not get enough sex. I don’t consider my self gay, I just love fucking. I will fuck men or woman, although both together is my favourite. Having such a good looking family helps a lot.

After that day Don and Jane would sneak into my room a couple of nights a week. They loved doing each other, but it is always more fun with more people. At weekends mom and dad would join us in one room.

One boiling Saturday afternoon, we were all at home. Jane was only wearing her smallest bikini, as she wanted to get a tan, and the boys were only in shorts. I was in the kitchen looking at Jane by the pool, and getting very turned on. I put my hand in my shorts and began rubbing my self.

“We can’t have you keeping that to your self.” Mom’s voice jerked me back to reality, she unbuttoned my shorts and pushed aside my black g-string and began lapping my already wet cunt. Her tongue felt light and flitted over my lips and clit, getting my wetter and wetter.

As I was just getting in to it the doorbell rang. “Never mind honey, I will finish you later.” With that she got up and answered the door. I had forgotten Sarah was coming over to go to the mall. I pulled my shorts up and ran out to meet her.

“You look a bit flustered.”

“Yer, it’s this heat.”

As we walked around the mall I kept looking at Sarah and thinking how good it would be to get my tongue in her. She was my height, but a little curvier and softer. With bigger tits. We chatted about boys and clothes, but the heat drove us back to my house.

“Good, your brother has the best body. Your dad is not bad for an old guy. I would do either of them in a second.”

“Well be careful what you wish for.”

“Hi, honey. Does Sarah want to stay for dinner?” I saw the look in moms eye. She had heard what Sarah had said, and had a plan.

“That would be great Mrs. Moore. Our AC is broken. Its like an oven at home.”

“Well you can stay over if you wish, we are going out. You can have a girls night”

“Great idea.”

That evening, Don and Jane went out and mom and dad got dressed up for dinner.

“There is some wine in the ‘fridge, if you feel like it.”

“Thanks, dad.” I called.

After our first bottle of wine went talk turned to sex and the porno we watch at her house.

“That got me really turned on you know.” Sarah confessed, with a slight slur.

“I can get on of Don’s if you like.”

“Oh, yes please.”

The film started with two young girls liking and fucking each other with lots of different dildos and toys. With the wine and heat Sarah and I were down to our smallest tops and shorts. Her tanned skin was getting me hotter than the film. As I looked over at her, she had a hand down her shorts, frigging her self, and the other in her top playing with her nipples. I gently helped her ease her top over her head as she undid her bra. Her large, heavy breasts looked very inviting, so I slowly lowered my head and took one nipple in my mouth. The feeling made her jump, but her moan made me carry on. She began to shrug out of her shorts so I sat up to get a good look. As she sat there in just a white satin thong, her eyes glazed over with lust, she looked good enough to eat.

I slowly slid down between her legs and looked up at her.

“If you really want to cum, I can help.”

“Oh yes. Eat my pussy, please. Brad tried last month but he was bad at it. I have needed some good relief for ages.”

I gently combed through her pubic hair with my fingers, flicking them over her clit. She was wet any way, so I slid one finger in to her twat and began to lick her lips and clit. As she got wetter I pushed a second finger in to her. She was moaning and slamming her cunt on to my fingers. Just before she came I pulled back and sat up.

“Oh god, don’t stop.”

“I have a little surprise.” Slowly, in time with the music on screen I peeled my cut off top over my head, swaying my hips at the same time. I turned round and started to roll my tiny shorts down my legs. Sarah was whimpering and as I turned back round saw she had stuffed four fingers in to her soaking twat. Standing in just my sexiest Victoria’s Secret underwear I began to finger my self, Sarah stood up and gave me a very passionate kiss, before pulling me on to the rug. She played with my tits and kissed me all over before turning a round and with the heavy scent of her hanging over me began to nibble my swollen lips and clit through my silk thong. With that I reached up and rammed my tongue back into her juicy cunt. She came straight away, as she ground her lips in to my face she screamed in to my twat. As she started to come down she rolled my panties down my legs and buried her face in to me. Her tongue was long and her fingers explored every part of me. As I got closer to orgasm she stuck two fingers up my cunt, got them nice and wet and rammed them up my ass. This was two much for me and I grabbed her ass and screamed with my orgasm.

We lay next to each other a little while getting our breath back.

“That was so good. It is not the same as a big thick cock though.”

“We can fix that. Can’t we, dad.” Don’s voice sang out. Looking over we saw the two naked men with huge erections, they had just enjoyed the floor show. Sarah looked a bit startled but the sight of my dads ten inch cock had her sobbing with delight.

“Well, dad. I think Sarah would like to go first.”

“Are you wet enough for me yet?”

“Yes, yes. Just put that huge thing in me. Please.” With that Sarah got on to her back and opened her legs wide.

“Wait, if he fucks you doggy style we can watch.” With that she flipped over on to her hands and knees and poked her gorgeous ass in the air.

As my dad began to guide his beautiful cock in to her tight cunt I felt a little left out. I throw Don on the ground and quickly bent over and impaled my self on his dick. As it slid in to my sopping wet twat I felt him shift a little so he could suck Sarah’s tits. She put her hands on his stomach. With a look of joy on her face, daddy thrust his whole meat in to her. As he began pounding her twat her breasts rocked back and forth.

I was sliding up and down Don’s cock so I leant over and started kissing Sarah, this was to much for daddy who, with one last, huge thrust shot a load of his thick, hot spunk into Sarah’s womb. That set off her orgasm, and she cried in to my mouth as we kissed. I pulled her off my dad and turned her around. Before his cum could leak out I clamped my mouth over her quivering cunt and sucked out all of my daddy’s wonderful sperm. Mixed with her juice it tasted fantastic.

This show set off Don, he held my hips and rammed his dick deep in to my pussy and flooded it with hot spunk, again and again. As I rolled of his dick Sarah started to suck his cum out of my cunt. I loved that feeling the first time I still do.

The four of us lay on the rug in a sweaty heap. That is how mom and Jane found us an hour later, but that is for later.

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