Luscious Lactating Lady

byTawny T©

Years ago I had read what is called the "Sex Pistol," the fingers are crossed and slid in and out. The two together, crossed, gives a unique feel as they slide in and out, much more stimulating than just two fingers moved in a straight line. I had also learned to rotate my wrist as I pumped them into a woman's body. It stimulates the whole vaginal entrance and makes the woman hotter, and gaves her more pleasure - a lot more pleasure. The knuckles of the ring and little fingers are pressed against the pussy slit and work their magic there too.

It seemed to be working well on Kris as her body was thrusting against my hand, and her hands were entwined in my hair, her fingernails biting deliciously into my scalp. I loved the slight pain she was giving me. I love a little pain also, and the knowledge that I was making her so passionate spurred me onward. I sucked harder, my fingers pumped faster into her pussy and I could feel her pussy sphincter muscles clamp around my fingers. With a cry of passion, her body went rigid and her hips thrust hard against me. I sucked her nipple as hard as I could and a veritable river of her sweet delicious milk flooded my mouth. Her pussy clamped down on my fingers as she climaxed. Her cries filled the room and I hoped she wouldn't wake the baby and spoil the mood of the moment.

She jerked and then pushed my hand away from her pussy rather roughly. I gentled my sucking of her sweet delicious breast and held her to me. Her hot milk flowed into my thirsty mouth. I felt her knees begin to buckle and I leaned back onto the bed pulling her on top of me. We fell into a delicious heap, her hot body atop mine, panting heavily. I held her and rocked her on top of me as she caught her breath. She wiggled up a little and we kissed slowly, in the afterglow of her passion.

"Ohhh, I had no idea that making love to a woman could be like this." She murmured, still trying to catch her breath. "If I had, I would have tried it years ago. God this is fabulous. You are a wonder woman, Jan, Darling. That was fantastic, you fingering me and sucking my breasts too. It was so much better then masturbating myself."

Her body wiggled against mine sensuously. I loved the feel of her body pressing down on mine. I spread my thighs apart and her body fitted between my thighs. I put my feet on her pert butt and pressed her down against me while I pushed my hips upward. Her pussy mound pressed down against my spread pussy. She felt delicious there.

"No regrets? I know it's a big step to decide to make love to another woman. I don't want you to ever regret it. We can still be friends, good friends if you want. No regrets?" I asked again, wanting to really know how she truly felt.

"Oh, Jan, how could there be? It was so wonderful. I don't care what anyone else says, it can't be wrong, or bad to make love like this. It sent me into orbit and I loved it. I don't think it can get any better than this, do you?" She said very seriously.

"Kris Darling, we have just reached the first stage. I finger fucked you while I sucked your delicious breasts. That makes you hot having them sucked, I know it got you off, but there are more wonderful ways to make love." I kissed her lips and played my tongue over her sweet lips from side to side, gently and softly. She kissed me back with great passion, sucking on my exploring tongue. Finally we pulled back to catch our breaths.

"You liked that, I take it, now think how that tongue will feel sliding along your sweet pussy lips, playing over your clit, slipping inside you. It gets more wonderful each time you try it." I murmured against her lips. She hugged me hard against her.

"I have heard of it of course, but my husband isn't into oral sex at all, your mentioning it a few minutes ago got me so hot just thinking about it. You actually want to kiss my pussy, lick it, put your tongue inside me? Really?" She asked incredulously. This lady was really naive where sex was concerned. I thought I could/should remedy that!

"Honey, you liked my kissing your lips didn't you, French kissing? Well, there is no comparison. Your pussy is a lot more sensitive than your mouth. Wait till I get my lips and tongue working on your clit. You know how sensitive that is, well, I absolutely love to make love to a woman's sweet pussy. Just relax and let Nurse Jan take care of this needy patient." I said kissing her and holding her close while I rolled us over on the bed.

I laid her back, positioned her in the middle of the bed and began my lovemaking. I kissed her sweet lips while I fondled her breasts and stroked her body. I purposefully avoided her pussy and it worked, as she was soon hunching her hips up toward my hand every time it got near her aroused sex.

I kissed her, taking my time. I laved her neck, kissed and licked behind her ears till I had her softly moaning. I slowly kissed my way down to her breasts again. I moved from breast to breast, kissing her soft skin gently, licking the warm soft skin while I caressed them at the same time. When I finally put my lips to her nipple and sucked she was so excited she almost came. I sucked first one nipple and then the other.

I almost climaxed it was so wonderful to suck a woman's breasts that I was making love to, and have her sweet rich milk flow into my mouth. It was unlike anything I had ever done with another woman. I pulled on her nipples with my lips, sucking hard on them, pulling back and letting the nipple slip out from between my lips from time to time with a little audible pop. I nipped the tip, making sure I was doing it very gently. She was moaning and her hands went to her pussy rubbing her wet slit till I made her quit. I wanted her to be in a state of frenzy when I finally got to that sweet indention.

I sucked her breasts for the longest time, revelling in the taste of her milk. Her nipples were elongated from my sucking and stood up firm and hard. I thought that later I would love to straddle her chest and put a hard nipple against my spread pussy and ride it till I exploded. I had never made love to a woman who had such long hard nipples before. I could imagine riding them and having that hard nipple against my clit, perhaps drops of milk oozing out as I fucked down on them. The thought was almost enough to make me cum.

I must have spent at least a half hour kissing and caressing her before I finally moved down to slip between her spread thighs. I kissed her stomach, thighs and legs while I caressed them with my hands and let my fingers stoke her soft skin.

I looked at her sparse reddish pussy hair and ran my fingers through it. She sighed and spread her thighs wider for me. Later I might bring up the idea of trimming her pussy hair and shaving it around her lower pussy. I love the feel of bare skin there; it seems so much more intimate. It also feels so much more sensitive to the touch when the skin is bare and lips and a tongue slides over the flesh next to the pussy.

I licked her thighs moving slowly closer to her red slit. She had a beautiful pussy. Her childbearing had not diminished the beauty of her sweet pussy. I put my fingers on each side and pulled outward opening her vagina up to my gaze and my tongue.

Kris put her fingers on my head and pressed it downward. I admonished her, "Easy sweet lady. Let me do this in my own time. Don't rush it. Let it happen. I promise you that you will have one of the most memorable climaxes of your life, a series of them, unless I miss my guess!"

She relaxed and moved her hands to her breasts and pulled and rolled her hard nipples. I grinned. She was ready. I leaned close and breathed my hot breath on her pussy and felt her body tense. I slowly slid my tongue out and moved it to the back of her pussy and slipped it between her wet lips. She cried out. I slid it along her pussy from bottom to top tasting her salty-sweet juices. She was very wet. I ran my tongue lightly up and down till she was begging me to put it into her. I just teased her, pulling her lips wider letting my tongue slide along the slick outer opening.

I nibbled on her pouting inner lips, and she almost went wild. I looked at the apex of her sex and saw her pink clit peeping out. I caught her engorged inner pussy lips and pulled them wide, firmly, letting her feel me stretching them, just a hint of hurt there. She cried out and her hips thrust upward telling me she loved it. I pulled upward and her pink wet clit slid out, firm and swollen. It was about the size and shape of a bean and I loved the look of it. So many women's clits are so small as to be very hard, if not impossible, to locate. Hers stood out waiting for my lips and tongue. It was a beautiful pale pink in color.

I slid my tongue into her tasty slit, sliding it as far in as I could, my nose hit her clit lightly and she pressed her hips forward trying to get more contact. I licked slowly upward letting my tongue slide along her delicious wet flesh. She tasted divine. God, I love to taste a woman's most intimate flesh. I sucked lightly on her urethra, her pee hole, and flicked my tongue against it. It is a sensitive spot and she groaned. I sucked it hard before I moved up to let my lips find and suck on her firm little knob. She screamed her ecstasy. I knew I was the first person to ever have my lips around her pink clit. It made my own clit harden and swell more. It burned for a touch, but I made myself concentrate on her swollen bud. I flicked it with my tongue and she cried out again. I sucked and licked it over and over, letting my tongue slide over it, flicking it from side to side, and top to bottom over and over.

Kris wailed out loud and her finger nails bit into my scalp as she climaxed. I slid one then two crossed fingers up inside her, pumping them in and out while rotating my wrist. She screamed out her passion over and over, her body bowed upward her hips thrusting up toward my mouth. I had a hard time keeping my lips on her clit she was thrashing so hard. I managed to stay with her and sucked and licked her clit while I finger fucked her. She came down for a moment, and then rode the next wave upward again when I was unrelenting in my sensual assault on her sweet pussy.

Her juices flowed over my thrusting hand; I licked downward from time to time to taste her sweet, flowing sex juices. Salty-sweet, delicious! First her hot milk, now her sex juices, both flowing from her sensual body, her juices, from deep within her sensuous young body. They seemed to flow over my tongue. The wonderful odor of her excited sex stimulated my olfactory nerves and I was about to explode I was so excited by her fantastic young body. My clit cried out for a touch. I willed myself not to cum. My body didn't want to obey.

Fortunately her thrashing body distracted me. I managed to stay with her, sucking her clit, pumping my fingers deep inside her velvet cave. I loved it. I could have made love to her soft sensual body all day, but finally she cried out, almost a cry of anguish for me to stop. I quit my sucking of her clit and slid my fingers out of her reddened pussy. As I pulled them out, I slid my tongue as far as I could into her closing depths, covering her passion-swollen opening with my lips. I sucked gently and was rewarded with her sweet salty pussy juices, so absolutely delicious.

When I could suck no more of her scrumptious juices out, I pulled back slightly. I licked her pussy slowly, gently, softly, avoiding her still sensitive clit. Her hands stroked my hair. I let her recover her breath before I moved up to hold her close and cradle her in my arms. We kissed gently for a while till her heart stopped racing and her breathing was back to normal. I caressed her body slowly and gently while we nuzzled each other till she had calmed down.

"You were right." She chuckled finally. "That was fantastic. Beyond anything I had ever experienced or imagined. Love with a man will never be the same again. I have had climaxes with my husband, but never one anywhere close to being this intense," she said shaking her head. "This one was earth shattering. The most soul-shaking climax I have ever had. Thank you; I don't know how I can express it. Words fail me. You are a sex Goddess. Thank you, Jan Darling. Think of what I have missed all these years. I had a girlfriend try to talk me into making love in high school but I wanted no part of it. She must have known something I didn't. If only I had known, I might have become a Lesbian."

"I am so glad I could introduce you to it. No, you probably wouldn't have become a lesbian. I'm bi, I love women, but I like men too. They are two sides of a coin, both have their good points." I laughed. "It's like comparing apples and oranges. I like both, and each is delicious in its own way. Men and women are like that."

"Delicious? I like that description. Would you let me make love to you? I think I'd love to repay you for opening my eyes – and my pussy too!" She giggled. "You seemed to delight in making love to my pussy. I want to see if I will like it. I have heard derogatory remarks about men doing it to women, but I have overheard some women who said it was absolutely fantastic. I'd like to try it and see if I like it. Would you mind?" She said seriously.

"I would love it, but instead of you simply making love to me, how would you like to try something really wicked, nasty, godawful sexy, and more fun even than me just making love to you?" I asked.

"Simply?" She cocked her head slightly head. Her eyes sparkled. "Something kinky?"

"No, not really kinky, just more fun than anything else I can think of." I said kissing her sweet lips softly and slipping my tongue along her lips, back and forth, teasing them.

Her tongue played with mine, softly, gently. Her kisses, and her cupping my breast, squeezing it, answered my question. Her hips thrust forward and she straddled my leg and rubbed her wet pussy against it. This little gal was getting into the swing of things.

"You've heard of a 69 haven't you?" She nodded. "You said your husband had never gone down on you, so you obviously haven't tried it yet?"

She shook her head, a naughty smile starting. Her eyes opened wide, showing off her expressive blue eyes. I could see the wheels spinning in her head. "You and I? Kissing each other's sex - pussies - at the same time?" It was my turn to nod and smile my naughty smile.

I kissed her lips again as I stroked her hot breast. "It's one of the most wonderful, fantastic, most sensual, sexual thing two people can do together. It's even better than good sex between men and women. Two woman together, making love in the most intimate kiss there is, kissing, licking, sucking each other's sweet dripping wide-spread pussies at the same time." I said watching her excitement rise still further, thinking of the possibilities.

"You like French kissing with me, a 69 is so much more intimate." I continued. "It feels so much better than anything you have ever tried. In it, the more you give, the more you receive. You try to make the other person feel as wonderful as you are feeling. It's a fantastic tailspin. The most erotically wonderful feeling in the world, giving ecstasy at the same time you are receiving it." I kissed her and we moved our bodies against each other slowly. I knew she was going to find this the most fantastic sexual experience of her life. I know my first time with my girlfriend was, and now I was going to initiate her into the unbelievable joys of a 69.

We took our times kissing and caressing. I moved back a little and turned in the bed. We kissed and moved downward. I pulled her on top of me and she got on her hands and knees and began to kiss and lick my breasts. That put her magnificent breasts over my eager lips. I took a nipple between my lips and sucked on it. Her rich milk flowed into my mouth. I put my hands on either side of her breast and kneaded it while I sucked on it. It seemed to make her milk flow faster into my mouth.

I changed sides when she moved to kiss my other breast. Her teeth nipped lightly on my nipples while she sucked and licked my nipple. She knew how she liked her own breast made love to and was doing the same to mine. I nipped hers very gently as I knew her nipples were sensitive from the baby sucking on them. I sucked on the long hard tip and it flowed its sweet milk into my eager mouth. Damn, I could get addicted to this.

I had a thought; I sucked till I had a lot of milk in my mouth then pulled away. I took her head and pulled it back to mine. She kissed me again and her tongue slid into my mouth. When she did she tasted her own milk there. She gave a little squeal of delight and sucked on my mouth. I fed her her own milk from my mouth. It was one of the most sensual things I have ever done with another woman except letting a wonderful female lover taste her own pussy juices from my mouth. Kris's tongue probed my mouth and she sucked my tongue into her mouth, getting the last of her milk from me.

"God, I almost climaxed then." She gasped. "That was fantastic, Darling. Thank you!"

'Darling!' I liked hearing that from my brand new lover!

She moved back down and wiggled her breasts a little settling one over my lips. I sucked it, drinking from her fantastic fountain again. I cupped her breasts and stroked them. She seemed to enjoy this. Later I took one hand off of her breast and slid it down to the juncture of her thighs and slid it through her soft pussy hair. She mashed her breast down against my mouth. I sucked harder till her breast was empty of its hot mother's milk. God, it was delicious. Before I could move to the other breast, she slid downward. She kissed downward over my stomach. I licked and kissed her softly rounded belly. Her skin tasted wonderful. I had to almost pinch myself to remind myself that I had just drained her sweet breast and we both were headed downward to feast on each other's pussies.

She kissed my stomach and nuzzled my pubic hair. I heard her sigh softly. I imagined she could smell my excitement. I could certainly smell hers, the wonderful odor of a woman's sexual excitement filled my nostrils. I strained my head upward reaching for her wide spread, open, wet sex, almost dripping, waiting, yearning for my touch, my tongue. I wanted to hurry, but this was her initiation, her time to go at her own pace, to try a 69 for the very first time. I knew her feelings, her yearnings, as I had been there too, years ago when I first slid down my girl friend's body to taste her eager pussy as her lips kissed near my center of need. Now Kris was going to taste her first pussy while I feasted on her sweet pussy again.

Kris's hand moved to spread my pussy wide. Her fingers pulled my pussy lips open for her eyes to gaze on my pink, moist intimate opening for the first time. "It's beautiful!" She murmured softly as she looked down at my wet open pussy. I moved my hands from her body and spread my pussy wider for her, freeing up her hand. I slid a finger inside my dripping hole and slid it up and down the length, wetting it still more. I used one hand to push my lips apart, and the other to pull upward at the top letting my throbbing, aching clit slip out of it's sheath. I heard her catch her breath. I knew my clit was pink, hard and swollen. It throbbed almost painfully, needing her touch, her lips.

"Oh, I never knew a pussy could be so beautiful, so pink. It's lovely. God, I never knew! It looks delicious too. I wonder why my husband never wants to kiss me there. It's so ---", her voice faded out. She took a finger and slid it up and down my pussy gently, softly, once, twice, then it probed and found my center. She pushed it inside me, deeper and deeper. I thrust my hips upward wanting her whole hand inside me, if possible. Her finger pulled back and I groaned, I wanted it there, two, three fingers deep in me, thrusting.

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