tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLust: First Time

Lust: First Time


I had always been able to hold it in. Sure, the suppression of a young guy's hormones and his desire for sex was hard but I had always been able to contain myself. The wild beast that was inside me often wanted to burst out at the sight of a pretty girl. And even though I had a totally devoted girlfriend, I had always been tempted by other pretty sights. And one of those I lusted after was the girlfriend of a friend of mine, Sheryne.

I've known Sheryne ever since elementary school and I've watched her turn from a shy little kid to a gorgeous tempting girl now in Grade 12. Her soft lips and serene grace turned the heads of many guys. Her cute personality also appealed to the male population of our high school. The elder of identical twins, she and her twin, Shirley, were two major beauties. But it doesn't stop there. Their elder sister Sharon is jaw-dropping beautiful with a sophisticated air only a woman could have. The thought of having all three of them would be heaven. Shirley, Sharon, and Sheryne playing with themselves in front of me... but anyway, I digress. I had often masturbated to the thought of my best friend's girlfriend with her lips on my dick, sucking it like it was the sweetest lollipop on Earth. And when she made me cum, I'd ejaculate all over her soft 5' 5" body and perfect globes for breasts. Obviously, I kept these fantasies to myself as I knew that my friend would put me through nine different kinds of hell for fantasizing about his girlfriend.

Now, like I've said, I've always been able to control the urges I had to just rip off every single item of clothing on Sheryne but today was different. Now I knew Sheryne often stayed in the cafeteria after school after her boyfriend left and today was no exception. I watched silently from a farther table as she kissed her boyfriend goodbye and then settled down in her chair reading quietly. Shirley sat across from her, silently doing her homework. Staring at the two of them, I felt the fantasies begin to swirl around my mind again and the tightening of my pants indicated my desire for them. I longed to feel Sheryne's soft lips pressed against my own with my hands roaming up and down her perfect body.

My entire body trembled lightly as the beast again tried to come out again. However, try as I might, I couldn't push the indecent desires back in. I struggled with my thoughts for what seemed like eternity and then finally decided upon a course of action. I decided to go for it.

Composing myself and putting on a cheerful smile, I slowly stood up and walked over to where Sheryne was reading quietly. Although I had an air of calmness, inside I was trembling with anticipation at the deed I was about to do. I made my way behind her and watched her slowly reading, her face a beautiful mask of innocence.

"Hey Sheryne," I said, smiling, "You busy? I was wondering if you could help me with something... Err since you took bio, I was wondering if you could teach me something that I don't really get. You know, since I was sick yesterday."

"Sure, no problem! What don't you get?"

How trusting she was! So innocent and naive... my brained once again turned into mush as I imagined all the ways I would violate her this day.

"Err I forgot. The stuff's in my locker though. Can you come up with me to get it? I don't feel like going up alone. Pleaseeeee??."

"Sure!" Turning to her twin, Sheryne said, "Shirley, I'm going up for a sec. Be right back ok?" After hearing her sister's murmured reply, Sheryne followed me up the stairs to the third floor where my locker was. With each step up, my heart beat faster and faster in anticipation. After all those days masturbating, my fantasy would finally become real! Once we were on the third floor, I led her to a row of lockers in a desolated wing of the school. Knowing that no one would be coming near this wing until 6 pm when the janitors started to clean up, I had chosen this location to make Sheryne my own.

"Uh... you ok? You've been standing there staring at your locker for 10 seconds now... Are you ok?"

Snapping my mask of friendliness back on, I smiled back. "Yeah, I'm ok. Haha I guess I just daydreamed for a sec there. Can you help me open my locker? My arm is killing me today. The lock combo is 45 -- 28 -- 11," I lied.

"Yeah sure no problem."

The moment Sheryne turned her back on me, I made my move, lunging forward and grabbing her with my hand over her mouth to prevent her from crying out.

"Shh Sheryne. It's ok... it's just that... I've always felt something for you. Somewhere deep in my heart, I want you so much it's driving me insane."

To this, Sheryne struggled even further attempting to knock off my hand from her mouth and push me away. I refused to lessen my grip and after a few more minutes of useless struggling, Sheryne stopped, out of breath.

I whispered in her ear, "Ok Sheryne... I'm going to let you go right now but you must promise not to run away ok?" Sheryne nodded quickly in reply and I let her go. The moment I released my grip on her, she attempted to make a dash for it. However, anticipating such a move, I once again reclaimed my hold on her and pushed her forcefully against the row of lockers. "Now, now Sheryne. You promised not to run away, "my voice hissed with undisguised intent. "You know that no matter what you do, I'm going to rape you today right?"

Her eyes widened in horror and she tried to push my hands away from her. Her words were muffled underneath my hand and so I relaxed my hand slightly, allowing her to draw breath.

"I'm going to yell, I swear I will. I'll tell Jacky! Please don't do this. Let's just go back down and I swear I'll pretend this never happened!"

Ahh, my sweet innocent Sheryne. Putting my hand under her, I deftly lifted her up and carried her into a nearby classroom. Closing and locking the door behind me, I let her go. "Scream all you want. You know no one comes here at this time. Everyone's gone home Sheryne. You're mine!" Lunging forward, I pushed her down onto the teacher's desk. Pinning her arms to her side with my legs, I sat on top of her and ran my hand over her soft breasts.

"Please," she begged, "Don't do this! I can't do this, I'm not ready for this yet."

"Don't worry Sheryne, it'll hurt only for a second. And then I'll really make you feel good."

Ignoring her cries of help, I felt the soft globes that I had fantasized for so long before. Closing my eyes, I felt the tip of her nipple pushing out against the cloth as I played with her breasts. Her irritating cries grinded against my nerves until finally, I slapped her soft cheek. Shocked and hurt, Sheryne stopped yelling.

"If you don't shut up Sheryne, I'm really going to have to hurt you. And I don't want to. I'd rather be gentle with your delicious body but if I have to, I will hit you again to quiet you down. Understand?"

Nodding dumbly, Sheryne closed her eyes and tears started pouring out from under her lids. Sighing softly, I helped her up and pressed her lightly against the wall. With her mouth slightly open, I gave her a kiss than yearned of something more. Pushing my tongue inside her mouth, I felt her tense up. I felt her hands clench tightly by her sides as she allowed me to explore her mouth. My tongue met with hers and they intertwined, dancing together, tasting each other. My hand slowly moved down her body to touch her softly between her clenched legs.

Breaking apart from our kiss, Sheryne looked into my eyes and cried softly, "No... don't touch me there... please..." Ignoring her cries, I once again melded our lips together with my fingers probing her, pushing deep into her jeans. I manipulated my fingers deftly and Sheryne gave a quiet gasp tinged with fear. Using my remaining hand to pull Sheryne closer to myself I left her lips and began leaving a trail of kisses across her tear-stained cheeks. Making my way to her ear, I nibbled it lightly and continued on my journey downward. Sheryne's trembling body and the way she issused soft moans as I probed her between her legs and kissed her beautiful face gave me a painful hard-on. Vowing to take it slowly, I fought down the urge to just take her then and there. I continued kissing her face and neck until I made a round trip back to her lips where I once again touched tongues with her passionately.

The hunger I had for her body manifested itself as both of my hands dropped down to her jeans as I continued kissing her. Blindly undoing the button and pulling down the zipper, I felt Sheryne trembling more and more.

"Sheryne, I promise I won't hurt you. As long as you listen to me, I swear I'll make it as pleasurable for you as possible. Ok?"

Her face now a mask of sadness stained with tears, she nodded. Smiling slightly, I looked down as her jeans came undone.

"Will you take off your jeans for me Sheryne? I don't want to risk hurting you with these rough hands of mine."

With trembling lips, she gave a slight nod again. I stepped back, allowing her room to strip for my viewing pleasure. Slowly, and if I didn't know better, almost seductively, Sheryne slid her jeans down her perfect legs. Creamy smooth skin came into view and my hard-on gave a very noticeable twitch in my pants. She shyly kicked off her shoes and pulled her legs out of the denim. She stood in front of me with only a t-shirt, her silver silky underwear, her cute ankle socks and with her eyes gazing at the very obvious bulge in my pants; I don't think I've even seen such a beautiful sight in my life.

"Now the shirt please. You look so beautiful Sheryne..."

Slowly, Sheryne's hands made their way to the base of her t-shirt. She closed her eyes and appeared to be struggling with herself when she finally said, with eyes closed, "No. I can't do this anymore. Please don't force me to show myself in front of you like this. I'm so humiliated." Bursting into tears again, her hands clenched into fists and shook violently. Stepping forward again, I pressed Sheryne up against the wall as my hand made its way up the inside of her shirt.

"No... what... what are you doing? Don't touch me there I'm-"

Pulling her lacy bra down slightly, I circled her nipple, teasing it with my flicking fingers. I took both of Sheryne's hands in my left and held them above her head, denying her access to use her hands to stop me. With my right, I continued teasing her nipple until it shot out stiffly at attention. Lifting her shirt up, I saw the beautiful breast that I had fantasized about for so many years. She gasped as she saw me lower my head and gently lick her nipple. My free hand now played with her other nipple as my mouth bit, licked, and teased her. I heard a soft moan escape Sheryne and I stopped to glance up at her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open, every look about her indicated that her body had betrayed her. Returning to the task, my tongue lapped at her virgin nipple and sucked on it like there was nothing sweeter in the world. I felt her hands clench and unclench and another moan, this time more audible, escaped her beautiful lips. Believing I could trust her not to push me away, I released her hands and put both of my hands at the base of her shirt. Obediently, Sheryne lifted her arms straight up and I took off her t-shirt so that she stood before me only in her matching underwear and her socks.

I reached behind her as my mouth continued pleasuring her nipple and I undid her bra. Sheryne must have taken her arms out of the straps herself because I felt the soft material brush my face as it fell to the floor. Lowering myself onto my knees, I left a trail of wet kisses from her breasts down to her navel. My tongues delved inside her belly button for a split second and then continued leaving a wet path down to her panties. Upon reaching the waistband of her silky underwear, I clenched it with my teeth and started to draw the soft material down her smooth legs. As I lowered her underwear, she moved her hands shyly, blocking my view of her virgin pussy. I released her underwear from my mouth and let it slide down to Sheryne's ankles, where she then lifted her feet one at a time to let her underwear reach the floor. Reaching up, I pushed her hands away and stared in awe at the beautiful pussy in front of me.

My eyes were magnetized to the soft raven black fluff of down between her legs. Holding her arms back, I moved my face in and sharply inhaled her scent. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her eagerly, like a thirsty man with water. My tongue wet her clitoris and Sheryne gasped loudly, bucking her hips. Repeating my steady movements, I licked her virgin pussy until her own fluids began to wet her thighs. Through all this, I didn't release her hands and she bucked wildly, flinging her hips into my face, her body begging for more.

"Oh god... what is this feeling?"

Increasing my pace, I stuck my tongue inside her, lapping it wildly and Sheryne gave a loud moan. Fucking her pussy with my tongue insistently Sheryne gave a huge shudder and suddenly, my entire face was warm with her fluids. She squirmed through her first orgasm and I continued sucking her taste into my mouth. After she stopped moving, I released her and she sank to the floor gasping for breath.

"How was it? Did you like it?" She nodded and said, "That... my body felt like it was riding a wave... and where your tongue touched me, I could feel my heartbeat between my legs better than I could in my chest."

"Well, It's your turn to make me feel good now."

Heart beating faster in anticipation, I undid my jeans and lowered it down. My boxers had a huge tent as my hard on stuck out like a massive pole. I pulled down my boxers and my erection sprang out. Taking hold of Sheryne's hand, I guided it to the base of my cock. She stared dumbly as I made her masturbate me with her hand. I groaned as her soft hand stroked my hard cock. It took every inch of willpower not to cum right then and there. Breathing heavily, I took Sheryne's face and pulled it closer to my dick.

"What, what do you want me to do?"

"What I've always wanted you to do. Suck my cock."

Seeing her hesitation, I pulled her head roughly towards me and I shoved my boner to her lips. Forcing her lips open with my cock, I enjoyed the warmth her mouth brought. Grabbing her hair I face fucked her forcefully while hands attempted to push me away. Thrusting in, she choked as my cock touched the back of her throat.

"Sheryne, I've dreamt about you giving me a blowjob for years. And today it's going to happen. It's up to you how we make that happen" I said.

Her shoulders slumped and the fight left her body. Closing my eyes and thrusting in and out of her mouth, I whispered, "Use your tongue more. C'mon use your hands to jerk me off too."

Her hand hesitantly reached up and strokes my thick dick. I felt her tongue swirling around my shaft and its feel caused me to groan in appreciation. I wasn't sure how long I continued face fucking her but eventually I felt my cock twitch and stiffen, indicating my orgasm. Rocking her head faster and faster with my hands, I finally blew my thick load into her mouth as she closed her eyes and tried to take it all. Holding her head tightly I only let go when my orgasm subsided. What a sight there was when I opened my eyes. Her small mouth hadn't been able to hold all of my cum and it leaked out of the sides of her mouth, dripping down her slender neck onto her breasts. She looked like she was about to vomit and she spit up my juice onto the floor next to her. She gasped for breath as I stared at her beautiful body.

Looking at my masterpiece of cum dripping down her, lewd thoughts began to swirl through my mind again. My cock gave a slight shudder and began to swell again. Sheryne's eyes were on my balls as it grew in length until it stood at full mast, as solid as iron. Knowing I couldn't resist anymore, I picked up Sheryne and laid her down on her back on top of the teacher's desk once again. She moaned as the cold wood touched her bare back.

"Here's where we take your virginity. Are you ready?"

She shook her head violently, indicating a no, but I knew I couldn't be refused. I picked up her legs and laid them on my shoulders and she covered her face in shame as I looked once again towards the soft piece of black velvet at the arch between her legs. Putting the tip of my iron shaft to her pink lips, Sheryne shuddered again. Slowly, gently, I pushed in until I felt a barrier, her hymen, stop me from gaining entry.

"Ok, this might hurt a bit Sheryne but it'll be ok soon."

I heard her soft whimpers under her hands so I delicately touched her legs that were on my shoulders. I pulled off her tiny white ankle socks and kissed the pretty feet that were hidden within. Feeling the softness of her feet made my cock twitch inside her and Sheryne jumped visibly. I bent over, pressing her own knees to her shoulders and pulled apart her hands. I kissed her closed teary eyelids and her lips. As I hugged her close, I pushed instantly, feeling the barrier give way to my thick cock. Sheryne screamed and her ankles locked around my neck. Her fingers dug into my arms as I just waited, feeling her warm blood engulf my dick and slowly seep out of her pussy. When her scream subsided, I began to move again, pulling out a bit and pushing back in.

The tightness of her pussy was incredible, like a small soft hand pulling me farther and farther inside her. I quickened my pace, pulling out farther and thrusting in more, enjoying my dominance over this girl whose virginity I had stolen. I was so mesmerized by the soft feel of her pussy that I almost didn't notice the pussy juices seeping out of Sheryne, or her loud moans of pleasure. Faster and faster I went and Sheryne began to involuntarily buck her hips to match my rhythm.

"Oh... It feels... so... good." Sheryne panted with her eyes closed.

Taking that as my cue, I quickened the pace again, fucking her with an insane speed and vigour. My cock twitched, indicating that my orgasm was building up to its climax point. Seeming to sense that I was about to cum, Sheryne rocked faster and faster, squeezing my juice from my dick. The build up was so intense that when I came, it was the longest orgasm I had in my life. Great spurts blew into her pussy and dripped out of the sides of her hole. As she felt my sperm enter her, Sheryne's eyes snapped open and gazed at me in horror.

"You.. you ejaculated in me? Oh no, oh no, oh no..... no no no no no...... I'm not... I'm only 18! I can't be pregnant yet!"

I slowly pulled out and shrugged, "You seemed to enjoy it. In fact, I think you DID enjoy it. How do you feel, knowing you betrayed Jacky just for me to cum inside you Sheryne?" My dick hang limp, having spent its cum. I pulled my pants back on and gazed at the huge drops of semen that gave oozing out of Sheryne's tight hole.

Hearing my words, Sheryne covered her face and wept silently. Quickly, I whipped out my cell phone and took a couple of pictures of Sheryne in all her naked glory as insurance.

"If you tell ANYBODY, about what happened today, these pictures are going on the Net. And everyone will just call you a slut then. So remember, not a word." I told her.

I turned away from her and walked a couple of steps to the door. Unlocking it, I turned back and said, "Oh by the way, I'm taking these." I picked up Sheryne's discarded panties from the floor and put it to my face, remembering the muskiness of her scent. I inhaled deeply and placed the panties in my pocket. Ignoring her crying figure still on the desk, I walked out, feeling a power I had never felt before. Now, who would be next?

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