tagErotic HorrorMad Juana's Lament Ch. 02

Mad Juana's Lament Ch. 02


Chapter II: The Lover's Tryst

We made love more often than we talked. I spent months learning his language, but the language of our bodies seemed to be the only one we needed to speak. Phillip's court was run with the utmost care and supervision. The beauty and splendor of his empire was ever present before me. I, being his wanton fool, was blind to just how much beauty he was inspired by. I had been under the impression that my dark eyes were the only eyes in which he gazed when he penetrated with lust.

Feasts are an ever-present function within royal society, serving to keep the nobles somewhat complacent. Their thirst for the thrown thus played out in the bedroom rather than in horrific bloodbaths ending with the bloodshed of kings. I was privy to this aspect of courtly life. I had seen it played out many a time within Castile and Aragon. Yet, I found myself utterly unaware of just how intricate these games of intrigue and lust could be within the very walls where I slept in my marriage bed. I was to beget a prince, a son of a king. And each night within Phillip's arms sufficed to provide a succor so sweet as to make every inch of my body tingle as though I were reaching the gates of heaven.

Drink flows...wine, port, and ale. The mind numbs and suddenly words whispered in the ear appear reasonable. This was so, that Midsummer's Eve, when I felt Phillip's lips brush past my ear, like the fires of hell licking at my skin.

"Juana, isn't Lady Anne fetching?"

My eyes wandered to the fair-haired daughter of a nobleman. Anne was an unmarried woman of Phillip's age, a tiny bit older than I. He pursed his lips together, wetting them with his tongue. His hand meandering over mine, toying with my skin, making a flush rise within my face. I could feel his eyes drinking in my reaction to her. She was truly fetching, her fair hair, green eyes, and ivory skin were worthy of angelic song.

"Yes sire, she is quite lovely."

The drink clouded my mind. I rested my head upon my hands, the room spinning about me. I watched as Anne tossed her head back, letting out a throaty laugh. The face of this flirtatious minx was swimming before me. She twirled around on the dance floor as she skirted around her partner.

"Would it not suite you, my love...to have her?" His lips, his breath, were setting my flesh afire.

I looked her over, my eyes lingering on the swell of her breasts, seemingly spilling forth from the bodice of her gown. What would it be like to touch a woman? To taste of her as Phillip tasted of me? Could I make whimpers escape those two perfect petals of her mouth? What would her skin feel like beneath my fingertips? Would her golden hair make a canopy about us as we tousled in bed?

Phillip stood and motioned for my hand. I placed my slender hand, palm face down, upon the back of his hand. I smiled at the way Phillip ordered a dance. My skirts brushed against my legs as I twirled around him. I followed the motions, watching the candlelight shimmer over Anne's golden hair. Each movement of her body, I mirrored with mine. Was I so captivating? Phillip and I bowed to one another when the song came to an end.

"Juana, what do you say?" His eyes searched mine, the boyish smirk across his lips as he led me away from the dance floor, "Shall we have her come to seek you out later?"

I acquiesced, nodding, fully understanding that he desired me to desire her. And so I desired her with the same lust and passion, which I reserved for him.

Phillip nodded towards each of our guests, inclining his royal head to bestow favor or withholding to show distaste. Rather than leading me back towards the table, he inclined that royal head towards a servant as if to say, "We are departing, give our regards to our guests." He grabbed both my hands, decorum no longer a concern. We giggled as we ran through the stone hallways to his bedchamber. His hands caught up within my hair, his mouth claiming mine with force and yet tenderness well beyond any I had ever known. His body pressed mine against the door.

"My dark haired beauty," he smiled and pushed the soft curves of my flesh into his. I fumbled to open the door, to enter in so our games of love could begin. His fingers began swiftly removing my bodice, my gown, tossing me upon the bed. He stood beside the bed, removing my stockings, kissing my legs as his hands slowly rolled them over my calves. My head swam from the drink, my heart beat wildly against my breast, and my mind wandered to the moments when Lady Anne would enter to lay her flesh naked before me. Would it be this night? Or another?

I crawled up on my knees, thrusting my breasts into his face. Laughing at the way he nuzzled between them. His tongue encircled each nipple, and flicked each as pert as on a cold night. I raked my hands over his back, the cool fabric of his shirt rustling against my fingers. My fingers trailed to the front of his breeches, rubbing against him. I beseeched him with my dark eyes, my hands unfastening his clothing. He pulled his shirt from his taut form, my legs quivered at the thought of him entering within me; I was so moist from the lingering touches in the banquet hall. He stepped from the cumbersome clothes and trappings of royalty, tossing me onto my back. Crawling on the bed, he pounced upon me.

My body rose to meet his, a gasp escaping my lips as he entered me. I closed my eyes, biting my bottom lip as he thrust slowly in and out within me. In and out, slowly building the fire within me. His hands wandered over my skin, gently rubbing my bottom, the backs of my thighs as he slowly pushed within me. The rhythm of our bodies was well matched. Each thrust, his pushes, became deeper and more forceful. I began to tighten around him, to pant in the anticipation of release.

"Yes," he brought his lips to my throat, sucking at the soft flesh as his hands entangled in my hair. "Yes, mi amor, yes." My hips rocked to meet him, to encompass every stroke within me. Ever tightening around him, I at last shuddered against him, a mini release, a precursor to what would soon come.

He looked down upon me; his eyes conveyed the purest love. "My love," he whispered, wrapping his arms about me, as he thrust slowly within me. He slowly withdrew from me, and then proceeded to enter me with an equally slow descent. "My dark haired angel," he whispered.

Phillip withdrew when we heard a gentle scraping noise at the door. "Lay back, my love. Relax." I reclined on the bed, and then thought better of it, grappling for a piece of clothing with which to cover my naked form. He sauntered to the door, his sinewy form unfurled for the entire world to see.

Lady Anne gasped and a blush came to her cheeks when her eyes drank in the nude form before her, me stretched out upon the bed with only Phillip's shirt covering my breasts.

"Your highness," she moved to cover her eyes. Phillip grabbed her lithe hand and pulled her into the room. "Your attendant," she stammered, " He said you requested an audience with me."

"The audience isn't with me, Lady Anne, but rather with your Queen." Phillip led her to the bed, where I lay. I began to tremble, nervous, unsure of what was to come.

"Your highness," Anne addressed me. The flush had left her cheeks and a look of determination had replaced the shock she portrayed only moments before. "Your highness, you want an audience with me?"

"Yes." I lay prostrate on the bed, the thin fabric of Phillip's shirt so strategically placed as to cover my body from her eyes. So this was the game played by men, requesting audiences with young ladies of the court. I was seeking pleasure as a man would seek it from a girl who was no angel, despite the appearance of her fair eyes, hair, and skin.

That word, that word of permission, released Anne from the confines of station. She reached one ivory hand over and dragged her silken flesh against the skin of my face. I reveled in the softness. Her hands trailed over my flesh, the pressure no more than a tickle. She left the shirt there upon my skin, that barrier somehow acknowledged and accepted. Her fingers danced over my thighs and over my legs, resting briefly over the thin white cotton.

Phillip began to remove Anne's garments, but his eyes remained upon me, following Anne's hands as they played upon my skin. Her garments fell to the floor; she stepped from them, and crawled towards me on the bed.

She looked like a tigress as she crawled towards me, her breasts swaying gently with each movement. Her hands played with my hair as her lips sought mine. Her kisses were tender, her lips lingering on mine. Each tender kiss made me bolder. If I was seeking pleasure, as a man would go about it, then should I not have the authority to claim my pleasure?

My fingers entangled in her hair, I darted my tongue within her warm mouth. A moan escaped her lips. I sucked upon her bottom lip. Gripping her arms, I flipped her on her back. I pressed my lips to hers, her skin so soft beneath me. Her fingers dug into my flesh. Her nipples were pink and pert. I rolled each one within my fingers; she bucked beneath me. My fingers trailed over her flesh, color spread across her chest and into her cheeks. I felt the soft curve of her belly and brushed my fingers over the curls between her thighs. She seemed to quiver beneath me. I simply trailed my fingers over her ivory thighs. The taught flesh was speckled with goose bumps. I bit at her neck, and she moaned and writhed beneath me. I parted her with my fingers and felt how moist she was.

She surely wanted me. She threw her head back when I began to rub her clit gently back and forth. I climbed between her thighs. I felt Phillip behind me. He mounted me as I began to minister to Anne. I wanted her to scream for more, to cry out my name or to thank a higher power for the pleasure she found in my touch. I lost my head for only a moment as Phillip thrust slowly in and out of me, a rhythm I decided to mimic with my fingers. I thrust two fingers within her tight walls. I wanted to taste of her, to see if she would taste as I did.

I brought my tongue to her pink slit, and lapped at the moistness beneath her curls. She tasted sweet and salty at the same time. Her smell aroused me as Phillip began to thrust deeper within me. I wiggled my fingers within her, her slender hands rose to play in my hair. I lapped at her clit, my tongue ever increasing its speed as Phillip increased his thrusting within me. I felt myself tightening, the warmth spreading over my thighs, my stomach, my breasts, my backside...until at last, I screamed out with the ultimate release.

Anne began to tighten her grip on my hair, when I stopped my ministrations, she began to moan and beg, "Please, my lord...please don't stop." I wiggled my fingers harder, thrusting them in and out within her. My tongue planted firmly against her, she took one hand away from my hair and twisted one pert nipple between her fingers. Phillip could no longer hold out, his thrusts grew harder and his breathing grew more labored. At last, he pushed hard within me, holding himself within me, his body convulsing against mine, his seed spilling forth within me.

He withdrew slowly, his seed seeping down my leg. Anne moaned beneath me, at long last, I slid one more finger within her and she bucked wildly under me, her body quivering, a loud gasp escaping her lips.

Phillip sat in a chair by the roaring fire, watching the two of us. Anne motioned for me to come closer, for my lips to press once more against hers. I lay beside her, one hand gently flicking at her pert nipples. She began to kiss me, to run her hands over my skin.

"Clean my lady up." He ordered Anne, pointing at the seed that had spilled forth from within me.

Anne complied; a moan welled up from her throat. Her tongue licked my thighs. I felt myself stirring again. I giggled when she reached the tenderest parts of my legs. My nipples stood fully erect. Anne came up to kiss me and nibbled at my breasts, sending my head spinning more than the drink ever had. As I had done to her, she parted me with her fingers and gently rocked her fingers against my clit. She took one finger out of me and put it in her mouth, licking my dampness from her finger. She slammed her finger within me.

Then I gasped when I felt her toying with my backside. Her finger rubbed my moistness against this other opening. She probed me with her finger, and then pushed against me. Gently her finger slid within me. She wriggled it from side to side. It felt so strange. Warmth spread throughout my body. She stuck two fingers of her other hand inside me. Her one finger still wriggling within my backside. She brought her mouth down to my clit and sucked it in and out of her mouth. Within moments I was rocking into her hands, into her mouth, crying out for more. At long last, I felt myself released from the ministrations of her hands and her mouth. She ground her thigh into me as she brought her fingers to her mouth and cleaned all traces of my juices from her fingertips. Her hair made a canopy around us as she bent down to kiss my lips.

We made love all night. Phillip would join in and kiss me and enter my flesh. He would direct us and watch from the safety of his chair by the fire as we made love all night. At long last, I passed out from pleasure. The last thing I heard was Phillip saying, "You two belong within the ranks of the succubi." If only he had known.

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