tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMadamefifi's Ch. 02

Madamefifi's Ch. 02


Now I know I’ve mentioned some of my more unusual rooms, and so I’ll share a story of how I took my first customer to room four.

The number 4 has always been my lucky number, and so I made this room especially for me. I don’t normally take clients either, but when Mr Jones walked through my door I couldn’t refuse. He was solid looking – not fat – and dark. He looked foreign and he looked like he could show a woman a good time. He was in Blackpool on a business trip and fancied some ‘fun’ away from the crowds. He ended up at mine.

“What are you after?” I ask “Whatever you can supply. I’m not afraid” was his reply Now room four isn’t that different, but it can intimidate some men. I didn’t think that would be the case with Jones.

The room is on the ground floor with a massive plate glass window looking onto the promenade. The walls are painted in a deep red and the four poster bed dominates the room. There are no curtains.

“Isn’t this exhibition or something?” he says smiling as he turns to me. “Well it would be but this is a two way mirror – we can see them, but they can’t see us. Unless I want them to”

By this point Jones had removed his shirt and was stood with his hands on the mirror looking out at the sea. Moving behind him I start to unbuckle his pants. I can feel him getting hard and stroke him through his tight boxer shorts. “mmmmmm” he says without moving an inch. I can see that I’m going to have to work for this.

Pushing his boxers down I held his penis; it was large, in every way and was twitching with the excitement. Starting to rub both of my hands up and down the shaft I whisper in his ear “Do you like that? Want me to rub some more?” he grunts in the affirmative. All the while he stares out of the window. People walk past and one girl even comes up to check her lipstick. She looks a bit too close and just sees his face. It gives her a shock and she moves on.

“I thought no-one could see in?” He says turning around quickly. “They can’t unless they get that close…and they don’t – normally” but I can see that it has really turned him on and he resumes his position. Pushing one hand between his legs I tickle the base of his cock, and as he spreads his legs a bit more I just touch his anus. “What the hell are you doing?” he yells although I can see that he liked what I was doing. I move my hands away and turn him around.

In my Basque and suspenders I make quite a site. I’m not the slimmest in the world, but my breasts more than make up for it. They are virtually spilling over, with just a hint of nipple showing. I can see that he likes what he sees and he pushes me onto the bed. Resting one leg next to me on the bed he stands in front of me a pushes his huge cock in my face. I can see some pre-cum on the tip and tentatively lick it off. “oh yeah baby” he moans as I continue to lick the tip and shaft. It’s hard to fit it all in my mouth in one go, but I manage – just.

After a few minutes of pumping his cock with my mouth and hand he pulls away and returns to the window. Something has caught his eye. Across the promenade on a bench sits one of my girls, Katalina. It’s late by this point and the prom is deserted. It’s a good job really. She is sat on a bench facing the room with no underwear on with her legs spread. “Holy Fuck” Jones almost whispers “She’s for you and me baby” I reply.

“Can she see us?” he asks. You see this is where the fun starts. When the building was build I had this window put in and the only way you could see in from outside was by wearing special glasses. She had the glasses on and I told him so. “Christ!” was his only reply.

“You wanna play…” I asked as I moved back to the bed. Knickerless myself, I could be sure that Katalina was as wet as I. The bed is positioned so Jones could make the most of his night. As Jones goes down on me I can see Katalina move her hand between her legs. “oh yeah, mmmmmmmmmmmm” is about all I can manage. I can see Jones eyes on Katalina and suggest an idea.

“Why don’t we see how quick we can make her come…it usually works best if she can copy our actions” Jones is all for it and moves me to the window. Facing away from him he pulls be Basque down to fully expose my breasts. Katalina opens her coat to reveal small and pert breasts. As the wind catches on her nipples they tighten. As John squeezes mine they do the same. I can see Katalina’s lips open slightly as she copies Jones. He is gently squeezing my breasts and pulling at the nipples. As I cry out (in pain or pleasure I can’t quite tell) he roughly kisses me. Thrusting his tongue in my mouth I am helpless.

He suddenly lets me go, and as I turn to find him I see his has found the handcuffs. Taking each of my hands and ankles he puts me into an akimbo position, totally exposed to Katalina. She is still playing with her tits but I can see she is itching for more. And more she will get. As Jones kneels behind me I can tell what is coming. Moving me slightly I can feel his tongue on the inside of my thighs, roughly licking and nipping. Katalina’s legs are spread a bit more and I can see her shaven pussy. She’s stroking her thighs and writhing on the bench.

Just as I was watching her get even hotter, Jones tongue darts to my pussy “Oh fuck” I cry out, and can see the same words on Katalina’s lips as she moves her fingers to her pussy. Jones moves around now, oblivious of Katalina and starts to probe my pussy with his tongue, occasionally catching my clit. I want to collapse in pleasure, but can’t. As he pushes on I get closer to cumming and I can see Katalina is too. As Jones pushes me over the edge Katalina pushes two fingers into her wet pussy and cums seconds after I do.

Limp from the exertion I manage to shake my head as Katalina moves to go. I want her to keep watching. I doubt she’ll mind. “Are you going to let me go now” I manage to croak, still shaking from the orgasm. “Oh no, I’m not done with you too yet”

Moving behind me he begins to tweak my nipples again, and despite them being a bit sore I let him carry on. Sore can be good! His hands move down my body to my pussy and begin to stroke my slit. His fingers are now soaked in my juices and as he offers me the wet fingers I take them greedily into my mouth. I’ve always loved the taste of pussy. He moves his hands back down to my pussy and pushes two fingers deep into my pussy. I can see that Katalina is getting hot again and decide to let myself go.

As he plays with my pussy I lean back onto him and he begins to nibble my neck “mmmmmmmmm” I moan “you’ve got such bit hands….I love it when you touch me there…ah!” At that point he had pushed a third finger in to my pussy and was using his other hand on my clit. I look over to Katalina and see that a friend had joined her. Paul was Bi and sometimes helped out. He also had a soft spot for Katalina. As he pushed her down on the bench Jones pulled his fingers out and pulled my arse towards him. As Paul and Katalina get down to some frantic one on one sex on the bench Jones pushes his cock into my pussy. I wasn’t prepared for the size, and it took me a few seconds to become accustomed to it.

Paul and Jones were now pumping at virtually the same speed and both myself and Katalina came in seconds, but Jones wasn’t so satisfied. Pulling out he spread my juices from my pussy to my arse. I knew what was coming but wasn’t sure I was ready for such a big cock “Use your hand first” I begged, not expecting him to comply, but the next thing I know I felt a finger probing my anus. With all the juice it slipped in quite easily and soon he had added another and another.

After pumping my arse with his hand he suddenly drew his hand away and rammed his cock all the way into my arse. I don’t think I have ever felt so full. He gave me a second to get used to his size and then began to pump slowly but firmly. It was exquisite. “oh yeah baby, that’s it…fuck my ass as hard as you can…I wanna feel you fire you cum right inside me” The words had the desired affect and he came quickly. With a little help from his hand I soon climaxed again.

Looking out the window we could see Paul and Katalina laughing and applauding us, and after unlocking the handcuffs, Jones said his goodbyes. That’s one customer I wouldn’t mind seeing again.

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