tagInterracial LoveMaking Her Mine Ch. 05

Making Her Mine Ch. 05


Missy was calling me from her cell. Her husband was back from his business trip and he wasn't leaving any time soon.

She was in her car. "Please, Sir. I can't stand not coming. Please."

"You wanna come with his little dick in you?"

"No," she said. "Of course not. I wanna come touching my pussy, thinking of you fucking me."

I laughed soft and low. "No."

"But - -"

"And next time I see you, I ain't letting you come 'til my black cock is buried deep in that little virgin ass I own."

That shut her up for a little while. All I heard was her soft breathing and background traffic.

"How come you got so quiet, baby?"

"Just thinking, Sir."

"Ain't nothing to think about, baby. I ain't gonna force you. But I'm not letting you come 'til you do it."

"But Sir, can I suck your cock first next time I see you?"

"We'll see, baby. You know I love fucking your throat."

She moaned a little, real low and soft, and I could hear her breathing get harder.

"You been thinking about being on your knees for me, all naked, your little hands behind you, my cock buried in your mouth up to my balls? That's what's making my girl sound like that?"

"Please, Sir," she said, sounding all desperate and pathetic. I felt sorry for my girl.

"Tell you what, baby. Why don't you make your own business trip?"

"How do you mean, Sir?"

"Pull your car over a minute and listen to me."

I talked to my girl for about five minutes, then I hung up. I had to get ready. It was gonna be a long Friday night with my girl.

I called the Paradise Gold on the other side of the city and made a reservation. Then I got in the shower, and hit the road. I had some driving to do if I was gonna meet Missy there tonight.


At the hotel, I was watching TV, wearing just my jeans, my cock hard as shit, thinking about what I was gonna do to my girl tonight, how I was gonna make her beg for it.

When she knocked on the door, I told her to come in. She walked in wearing just what I'd told her – something that would make me wanna grab her and shove her up against the wall and fuck her hard.

She was wearing this smoky grey dress that clung to every curve, didn't have no straps, and so short, I could all but see the slit in my girl's pussy. Her four inch black spike heels made her look even hotter, even more fuckable.

She closed the door and turned around real slow. "You like it, Sir?"

I got up and took her in my arms, running my hands over her tight little ass under the dress, grinding my hard cock into her, kissing her, sliding my tongue into her mouth. I kissed her throat, her neck, cupped her ass. "You did real good, baby."

A light came into her eyes, the way she looked when she knew she'd pleased me. It made my hard cock twitch.

"Pull your dress down. Show me the tits I own."

She pulled it down real fast, lifted her tits, showed me hard pink nipples. I licked and sucked her nipples, listened to her moan and whimper.

"Please, Sir," she begged, "please Master Nate, can your slut cum?"

I laughed, ran my tongue over her nipples, slid my hands down her ass, ran a finger up and up and down her crack real slow. She arched her back, lifted her ass, moved it in little circles.

Kissing my way up her tits, her throat, 'til I was kissing the side of her neck, I whispered, "What did Master tell you?"

One of my hands was sliding up and down the crack of her ass, the other one was teasing her hard nipple. "Come on, baby. What did I say you had to do if you wanna cum?"

"Your cock in my ass, Sir," she whispered, writhing at my touch.

'Yeah, baby." I pressed my finger to her asshole, and rubbed real lightly. "If you wanna cum tonight, you're gonna have to get on all fours and beg me to slide my black cock up this little virgin hole so I can make it mine."

Watching her face, the way her lips were parted, how she was breathing hard, I slid my other hand down between her legs and stroked her slit. Holding her smooth pussy lips together, I rubbed, teasing her clit.

Her hips jerked, and she let out a low moan, then she started grinding her pussy into me, hard, making soft little grunting noises. I don't think she could help herself.

My girl was desperate to cum. I'd made her wait five days, and I'd been on the phone every day teasing her, telling her I was gonna drill her hot tight little pussy, after I fucked her throat.

"You bring the lube, baby?"

She all but ran over to her purse and scrabbled around in there, then finally, she dumped it out, and came back with a little bottle.

"Good girl." I took her hand. "Come on. Let's relax a little. Tell me about your day."

"But - -"

I turned to her so fast, she fell back a step. "Remember what I told you baby? You get what I give you, not what you want?" I kissed her lips real soft. "Remember how you didn't get my cock down your throat?"

A look of panic came over her face. "I didn't say anything, Sir. You'll still come in my throat, right?"

I laughed, sat in the chair, pulled her down to her knees between my legs, and played with her hard nipples. "Be a good bitch baby, and you'll get what you like."

She squirmed and whimpered, hands resting on her thighs.

"Where should those pretty little hands be?"

Her hands disappeared behind her like a magic trick.

"Forgot, Sir." She glanced at my crotch. "I'll remember."

"I know you will, baby." I ran my fingers over her soft pink lips. "You're a good girl."

And she was too. Missy was the best fuck slave I ever had – obedient, hungry for my black cock, and real eager to please me. Watching her squirm while I teased her hard nipples, seeing her whole body tense with need, how she bit her lips, I knew it was real hard for her not to beg me to let her cum, and keep begging 'til I got pissed off. I felt sorry for my good little bitch.

I leaned closer, rolled her hard nipples slowly back and forth. "I'll make a deal with you, baby. You get up on my lap, and act like a real desperate slut, and tell me how you're gonna take my cock real good up your ass, I'll let you cum."

Her eyes were glued to me while I took out my fat cock. "I'm not gonna fuck you. You're just gonna rub on it 'til you come. You try and get my cock inside your pussy, I'll hold you down, and take your ass. Got me?"

"Yes, Sir." She got up, straddled me, pressing her pussy into my hard cock.

"Damn baby, my girl's pussy's fucking soaked. You want my black cock inside you, fucking you, filling that hot tight pussy?"

"Yes, Sir." She ran her small hands all over my hard chest. "Please."

"Hands behind you, baby," I said. "Don't make me change my mind about letting you cum."

She snatched her hands away, held them behind her, looking into my eyes. "Please, Sir. I wanna cum. Real bad."

I leaned in and kissed her, my tongue all over her fresh tasting mouth, my hands massaging her tits. "Then don't be forgetting your place, baby. What are you? Say it."

"Your fuck slave, Sir."

"Good girl." I grabbed her hips, and started her going in a nice rhythm, rubbing up against me. "Come on baby, I don't hear you. Tell me what you're gonna do. Play with those hard nipples."

She touched her nipples, rubbing her pussy against my hard cock. "I'll take your cock up my ass. I want you to be the first in my ass, to come up my ass, and make me your total little slut bitch."

I pushed her hands off her tits, put them behind her, and licked and sucked at her nipples, lifting my hips up and down. "You gonna beg for black cock up your bitch ass?"

Missy moaned as my tongue slid over her hard nipples. She ground her swollen clit into me harder and faster. "Yes, I'll beg to be your little fuck toy."

I pulled her nipple between my teeth, and licked the sensitive tip, while my other hand twisted her nipple lightly. "Gonna be my ass bitch?"

Missy bit her lips, not just grinding her pussy into me, but humping me, rising up and down, bumping her clit into my hard cock, like she was fucking herself. "Yes, Sir. Please, Sir, can your bitch come?"

She didn't say it right, but I knew she was desperate, so I let it go. I twisted her hard nipples, and she moaned. "Yeah baby. Come for me. Come like my horny, desperate little slut."

She came hard, rocking back and forth, her tits shaking, biting her lips, her face turning deep pink. "Your bitch, Sir." She kept saying, while she came.

Afterward, I pulled her close, let her lean her head against me, stroked her ass, her back, her shoulders, kissed her neck softly. "Better, baby?"

"Yes, Sir," she said softly. "Thank you."

"Crawl over to the bed. I wanna see you crawl before I fuck that virgin ass and make it mine."

She got down my from lap, crawled over to bed. She looked so hot, her dress pulled down to show her tits, the bottom half up over her ass. I wanted her little slut ass real bad.

When she was kneeling beside the bed, I grabbed her hair, rubbed her face into my crotch. "See what a mess you made?"

She giggled softly.

"Clean it up. Lick my cock."

The second I felt her warm tongue on me, it was almost over. After her coming all over me like that, I was swollen and hard and throbbing. I almost grabbed her up from the floor, threw her on the bed, and ploughed into her virgin ass.

I wound my fingers deeper into her hair, and forced my throbbing cock into her mouth, down her throat. She felt so fucking good and tight and hot. I hit the back of her throat a couple times, then pulled out.

"Tell me what you want, baby." I rubbed my swollen cock head across her soft lips. "Tell Master Nate what his little bitch needs."

"Please Sir. Your cock up my ass. I need your cock fucking my ass. Please, Sir."

"Good bitch." I stroked her face softly. "Get up on the bed. Head down, ass up, legs spread."

While I watched her get her little body ready for me, I lubed my fat cock. When she was all ready, with that pretty round ass lifted real high and her legs spread so I could see her rose bud ass hole, I got behind her.

When I grabbed her hips, I felt her whole body trembling. "What is it baby? How come you're scared?" I pressed my cock head to her little ass hole.

"Nothing, Sir," she said, in a low shaky voice. "Sorry."

I wasn't gonna take her. Not like this. I wanted my girl's first time to be special, a good time for her. I slapped her ass lightly. "Turn over, on your back."

Laying down on top of her, I trailed my fingers over her flushed face, saw the tears in her eyes. I kissed her cheek real soft. "What is it, baby? Talk to your Master."

"I'm so afraid. I want to, but it's scary."

I kissed her, rubbing my hard cock against her pussy, feeling her body relax. I kept touching her all over, licking her tits, teasing her clit, kissing her, 'til she stopped shaking.

Her body stopped resisting me and she wrapped her legs around me, opening that sweet pussy to my cock. I reached between us and guided myself into her, sliding in real slow.

I fucked her like that, slow and easy, letting her ride my cock while I sucked on her nipples, kissed her, ran my fingers through her hair.

I loved the look of surprise that came over her face when she felt herself coming, thrusting her hips hard into me, her pussy clenching my cock again and again.

I let go, and flooded into her, groaning. Then I grabbed her, rolled over, and let her lay on top of me, her face nestled into my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Sir," she whispered into my ear.

"Ain't nothing to be sorry about, baby," I said, playing with her hair. "Clean me up."

Her soft tongue felt real nice, so did her hands, rubbing my legs, stroking my flat belly. One thing I learned a long time ago about having a fuck slave. Better to have them grateful to you than scared of you. After today, Nikki was gonna be real grateful I didn't take her ass by force.

I held my arms out. "Come up here, good girl."

She made her way up my body, and lay next me, her face buried in my shoulder.

"I got scared," she whispered in my ear.

A girl like Nikki was worth waiting for. I told her that. "There's gonna be a time when you beg for it, and you'll mean it. You're not gonna want nothing else but my fat black cock filling your little virgin hole. I'll wait on you, baby."

We both had to check out of the hotel the next day. We call each other every day, and now she's not so scared to talk to me.

Nikki thought she could be by fuck slave and just give me her body. Now she's learning different. She's gonna be giving me a whole lot more than she ever gave any other man.

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