Maria Ch. 02


Chapter 02: A bad weekend at home

With every squirming movement in the meeting room chair Maria was reminded of her bare bottom and how sore it was. She had been given a spanking in her executive office by a student and he added to the humiliation by keeping her panties as a souvenir.

If she hadn't been so shocked from the audacious act Maria would have tried to wrestle back some authority or at least demanded her panties back. Instead she scampered away without them, running late, to this departmental meeting.

The department managers gave their usual reports but she couldn't concentrate on what they said. All she could think about was how that young man had produced a damning report showing how she was siphoning off company funds. It started as just a game to prove how clever she was. It wasn't a large amount but theft was theft. It was enough to have her fired and face the dire prospect of prosecution.

"Thanks Bill, a thorough report as usual. I'm sure everyone will need time to digest the facts so, Monday morning sharp, emails with comments everyone," she commented tartly. "Any more urgent business," Maria said, emphasizing the word urgent, effectively winding up the meeting.

The sigh of relief by everyone else was missed by Maria who wanted to get back to her office. Bill was about to point out he hadn't completed the report but a kick under the table brought him round to the fact it was Friday and everyone wanted to get home.

With smiles all round they realized the office harridan wasn't going to keep them working late. The smiles turned to astonishment on seeing their boss scuttling off to her office without a scolding remark to anyone, without even a glare at the underachievers.

"I wonder what the tyrant is up to. She didn't even take notes," Bill commented with a sigh, while shoving his report into a briefcase. The others were already pushing toward the door, fortunate enough not to hear or they might have dwelt on an uncomfortable thought over the weekend.

Maria slowed down toward her office willing him not to be there. "This stupid game of his has got to stop," she said to the empty main office. Pushing the door open wide she stopped dead in the doorway.

"You still here?" she boldly stated.

"There's unfinished business," he said, right back at her. Peter didn't feel as confident as he sounded but had enough time to contemplate how easily she had capitulated earlier. He was enjoying playing with this office tyrant and wondered how far he could push her.

"Everyone's gone and security will be around soon. I'm locking my office, you can't stay here," she briskly stated. She wasn't prepared to call his bluff until there had been time to cover her tracks but had no intention of letting him manipulate her again.

The dilemma of wanting rid of him and keeping him from revealing the awful truth was gnawing at her. He had offered to hide the information better than she had so needed to keep him close. She was confident of gaining back the initiative yet was still undecided how to play this game.

Gathering a laptop under one arm she maneuvered him toward the door. She began talking to him, keeping him with her on the way to the elevator.

"You're a smart lad. There's always a job here for someone with exceptional ability with computers." She listened carefully letting him know she was taking an interest with an appropriate question along the way.

While trying to find out what he wanted she steered the conversation along as well as purposefully steering him out of the building.

In the underground parking lot she handed him the lap top to fish for keys in a black designer bag. It had been purchased from purloined company funds and it was usually swung around like a trophy.

He smiled at her, still holding the lap top. Maria realized he held the means to get back into the main company computer as well as having access to all her contacts, including the high and mighty bosses.

"You were away long enough for me to get those email addresses off your desktop," he said, with a self satisfied smile. "I could of course bury the fraud," he said.

Not liking the confident smile and wanting to get him away from the office she told him to get in.

"Wait! Remove the skirt first," he quietly told her.

Opening her mouth to berate him she hesitated when he turned around and strode off with the laptop. Security cameras were all over the place though where she was standing no one would ever know. She slipped the skirt off, flung it on the seat and slid in on top of it. In haste Maria caught up with him. The urge to run him down was strong but pulled alongside instead.

The window slid down silently, with the Mercedes engine quietly purring in the background echoing off concrete walls. "As you said, we have unfinished business," she stated, almost spitting the words at him.

He looked down at her with a look of pleasure on his face. It was more than just a victory smile and it sent a shiver down her spine.

He walked around to the passenger side and climbed in. Clicking in the seat belt he didn't even glance at her bare thighs. She kept them pressed tightly together from intense embarrassment at being naked from the waist down.

"You could at least give me my panties back," she shot at him. The slight edge of a pleading tone in her voice surprised her. 'Hell! How low will I sink to save my job?' The thought was cut off as suddenly as it had arisen. It was too frightening to dwell upon.

"Just drive," Peter told her.

Maria cringed as they came up to the security booth. Whoever was in there could look down into the car and see her bare legs. There was nothing she could do but hope he instead just glanced up to see it was the head of the Eastern Division.

Keeping a light foot on the gas was torturous when all she wanted was to crash through the barrier. Keeping her eyes to the front she watched the barrier jerking upward expecting any moment a head to pop out of the box.

Seeing Peter in the car would be bad enough but with bare thighs on view tongues would wag. The embarrassment would be bad enough but the dread of loosing authority in the office gave her palpitations.

Maria couldn't help taking a sideways glance. A security guard was there but he was studying a clipboard. In the fleeting moment she passed an impression of concentration bore out he had purposely ignored her. Not being popular at least had some advantages.

The fuel-gauge was high so a quick dash home was possible without stopping for gas, which was a nightmare of a prospect. Just the thought of pumping gas half naked was humiliating enough to make her nervous. She would have to keep a light foot on the gas for it would be an agony of humiliation being stopped by the police.

He had won the first round by keeping her off balance, unable to think straight. Not far now, and at last she was regaining some composure, allowing her to think more clearly. Once on home territory she would work on him, flattering him to get the dreadful mistake buried.

On the off-ramp a van pulled up beside them. A guy glanced in and exclaimed something to his friends. They leaned out of the windows shouting, laughing and jeering at her with lewd gestures. The lights changed and the black sleek Mercedes sped off only to be caught by another set on red.

They caught up and the instinct to ride the lights, with a dash for the safety of home, nearly won. The thought of them following her home was just as mortifying as their constant requests to open her legs and worse.

"Show us your beaver honey, how much do you charge, get those tits out," they recited with excited shouts.

The lights changed and she shot up the on-ramp intending to out run them on the freeway then double back. Unluckily the Friday evening traffic was backed up and the Mercedes ground to a halt inches from another car. Hearing them shout abuse from behind she shrank down in the seat grinding her teeth in anger.

People started to look at her, just staring, wondering why she was a target. Wondering why those young guys were asking how much she charged. Was she a whore? She must be an expensive whore to be driving a set of wheels like that. Imagination rattled her nerves to pieces.

On the hard shoulder a police car rolled up and the guys went quiet. The sudden quietness drew her attention and in the mirror she saw an officer speaking to the driver. When he glanced her way she cringed.

"Please Peter! Give me my panties back! I'll do whatever you say, whatever you want, please!" she urgently pleaded.

"They're mine, a trophy. I'll loan them to you but you'll give them back when I ask," he said.

"Sure, whatever you say just let me cover up before the cops get here," she whispered, as though they might overhear.

He leaned over the gear shift and lifted a leg. "Damn! You don't have to put them on," she scolded him.

"You just sit there otherwise they'll see you struggling," he warned her.

She kicked off the shoes knowing he was right, it would be difficult to maneuver in the driver's seat. She felt his breath on her thighs as he struggled to pull them over a foot. Reaching for the other he had to bury his face in her lap. Torn between pushing him away and needing to cover up was upsetting.

In the mirror the officer was looking their way. "Hurry up!" she whispered. In desperation she lifted a leg, parting her thighs. To reach the foot he pushed closer with his head burrowing between her legs. She felt his lips on hers and wanted to scream.

It would be better to be caught half-naked rather than be charged with performing a lewd act on the highway. His tongue tasted her and she whimpered. Her eyes were on the cop talking to those brazen young men while her tormentor explored her pussy.

She watched the cop saunter toward her. Peters' tongue found her swollen bud and she gasped. She stared out ahead gripping the wheel tight, unable to stand watching her nemesis approaching. The car in front moved and she put her foot down.

The Mercedes jerked forward a few feet. The cop hesitated then started forward again. Maria breathed heavily from the physical stimulation and the humiliation of being caught. The arousal was tremendous, overtaking her, swamping her mind, washing away a lifetime of inhibitions.

She wanted to be caught, wanted to be humiliated before the crowd of commuters. She imagined being torn from the car to be sprawled on the road, for all to see, aroused like a wild animal.

The car in front moved slowly forward and she followed with a foot wobbling the gas as though she were peddling the car. The traffic was thinning and when she looked in the mirror the cop had given up stalking her and was waving the van on.

Suddenly the road was clear and she managed to glide down the off ramp. They weren't following! Peter was working on her harder than ever with a skill learnt while on the job. She pressed her thighs on his head momentarily thinking to stop him. She couldn't, didn't want to. She desperately needed an orgasm.

"That's it, just there, please don't stop," she cried, when he came up for air. The car found its way home. They pulled into her street and outside her house, before neighbors, an orgasm overcame her. She wailed out an animal sound and squeezed his head between her legs. No-one heard or noticed but it felt as though every neighbor had witnessed the deplorable exhibition.

Somehow she managed to flick the garage switch and drove in breaking sharply before hitting the back wall. Maria sat there a moment wondering how this had happened. A young man had led her by the nose through one agonizingly embarrassing moment after another. Yet she had the most deeply satisfying orgasms ever. Not one but two!

This would have to stop! The trembling of her legs, as he continued to work on her, made the thought a lie. "Please Peter, enough," she sighed.

He peeled the panties off her feet and pushed the shoes back on. She struggled out of the car and led the way into the house only just remembering to switch off the alarm.

Peter followed her into the house feeling elated knowing he had this office bully under his control. He hadn't planned on going this far. He simply wanted to show her the damning report with the idea of forcing her to go easy on the staff in the computer room.

It was no longer for the guys in the office it was an exciting game just for him. He had a mature woman at his mercy and couldn't resist getting his own back on this adult and bully, representing those who had pushed him around at college.

After embarrassing her in the office he just couldn't resist pushing her further. He guessed she had an orgasm in the office and was certain she had again just now. So what could he get her to do next?

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