tagNovels and NovellasMarrying for Money Ch. 05

Marrying for Money Ch. 05


Over the next few days, Trevor and Leanna settled into life on the plantation. Trevor usually awoke very early, leaving Leanna sound asleep, as he took an early breakfast with Steven and they went about the business of running the plantation. Steven was clearly relieved to have his brother back to help make some of the important decisions, and the two of them worked in perfect harmony together.

The household decisions were left to the women, and unfortunately, Amanda didn't seem at all happy about sharing those duties with Leanna. Amanda clearly felt that she didn't need any help from Leanna to run the household. Leanna didn't want to force the issue, so she was most often left with nothing but idle time on her hands.

Two days after their arrival, Leanna was sitting in the dining room with Amanda and Eliza, having just finished lunch, when Trevor came in from overseeing some work in the fields. He was dirty and sweaty, but he had been gone the whole morning, and Leanna thought he had never looked more appealing. She missed him, having gotten used to having him always nearby during their time on the ship, and she gave him a glorious smile.

Amanda rose and turned to Eliza. "Why don't we take a walk to get some fresh air? It's not too cold this afternoon. Let's just fetch our cloaks."

Eliza looked as if she would like to refuse, but she couldn't without sounding shrewish. "Alright, Amanda." She turned a brittle smile on Leanna, loathe to leave her alone with Trevor. "Leanna, dear, you will join us won't you?"

"No, thank you," Leanna murmured politely. She much preferred to spend the time with Trevor. "You two go ahead."

Eliza hesitated, wanting to change her mind, but seeing no way out, she turned and followed Amanda up the stairs. As soon as they were alone, Trevor pulled his wife against him and kissed her with devastating thoroughness. His hands wandered down to cup her bottom, and he pulled her firmly against him. She could feel the hard ridge of his growing erection cradled against her belly, and her pulse began to race.

"Good afternoon, my sweet," he murmured, giving her a tender smile.

Leanna could smell his sweat and his musky male essence, and she buried her face in the crook of his neck to breathe deeply of the heady scent. "Ummm," she whispered, "Good afternoon. I've missed you this morning." She looked up at him, and twin dimples appeared beside her lovely mouth as she smiled with delight. "Are you hungry? Shall I fetch you a plate?"

Trevor bent to capture her lips once more as he rocked his hips suggestively against hers. When he spoke, his voice was a low growl, elementally male.

"I'm definitely hungry my sweet, but more for you than for lunch. Why don't we go upstairs, and you can show me just how much you've missed me?"

He nibbled at her ear causing delicious shivers to race down her spine. Before Leanna could reply, there was a loud yelp from the foyer, and they ran to see what had happened. Eliza was sitting on the steps, clutching her leg and yowling in pain. Trevor frowned and went to kneel beside her.

"What happened, Eliza? Are you hurt?"

Eliza clutched at his arm and looked up at him with pitiful eyes. "It's my ankle," she whined. "I think it's broken! Can you check it?"

Eliza thrust her ankle under Trevor's nose, pulling her skirt up well past her knee to reveal a shapely calf encased in a sheer silk stocking. She twisted as if in pain, bending toward Trevor and providing him with an unhindered view into her bodice.

Trevor froze with her leg in his hands. He was rigid with anger at the woman's brazenness. He could tell from her pathetic performance that she wasn't really hurt, and he couldn't believe the depths she would sink to in her efforts to seduce him. His eyes raked her bosom dispassionately, as he wondered how she could possibly imagine that she could compete with his wife. Remembering that he held her leg, Trevor brusquely felt of her ankle to make sure there was no underlying injury. Satisfied that his intuition had been correct, he flipped her skirts down and frowned up at her.

"Your ankle is fine, Eliza. Why don't you stand up?"

Eliza gave him another pitiful look, her bottom lip quivering. "Alright," she sniffed, "can you help me?" Trevor stood and reached down to lift her by the arm. When she got on her feet, Eliza let out another loud yelp and threw herself against Trevor's side, clutching his arm against her breast. "Ouch, it hurts. Please, Trevor, could you carry me to my room?"

Trevor gritted his teeth to keep from yelling at her. He was tempted to strangle her. He gave Leanna a grim look and without a word, Trevor scooped Eliza up and carried her up the stairs. Eliza wrapped her arms around his neck, and laid her head on his shoulder, moaning loudly. All the way up the stairs, Trevor could feel Leanna's steady gaze on his back, and his irritation mounted when he thought about the delicious interlude that Eliza had interrupted with her little charade. Reaching Eliza's room, he shouldered the door open and carried her to her bed. He dropped her unceremoniously in the middle of the feather mattress, somewhat mollified to hear her shocked gasp.

Eliza wasn't one to miss an opportunity, and she grasped his arm, entreating him with sultry eyes. "Oh, Trevor darling, please help me to adjust my pillows so I won't be in so much pain."

Trevor bent over and braced his hands on the edge of the bed to meet her gaze squarely. His eyes were brittle with anger, but his voice was deceptively low when he spoke.

"Eliza, knock it off." Her shocked gasp didn't sway him as he continued. "I only carried you up here to tell you that your little games won't work. You are fine and your ankle is fine, so stop pretending."

Eliza tried once more to convince him, "But Trevor, I'm not pretending. I really am injured."

Trevor rolled his eyes heavenward, no doubt praying for patience, before meeting her gaze once again. "Eliza, I'm not that big of a fool," he raised his brows in self-mockery, "at least, not anymore. Let me remind you that I am a married man. I have a wife, and I won't stand for your little shenanigans anymore. Do I make myself clear?"

Eliza's own temper began to flare, and she gave up trying to pretend. Hopping off the bed, she flounced past Trevor, sneering at him over her shoulder. "You can't seriously expect me to believe that you prefer that snobby little bitch to me!" she cried indignantly. She turned back to face him, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. "You know you've always wanted me, and you only married that little trollop when you thought I wasn't available. She's nothing but a cheap little fortune hunter."

Trevor's temper snapped, and he grabbed Eliza by the shoulders, glaring at her down the length of his flaring nose. "Shut up! I won't listen to any more of your slurs against my wife!" He released her so abruptly she had to grab the edge of a nearby chair to keep from falling as he stalked to the door. When he turned to look at her, his eyes were as cold as ice, and his voice was even more frigid. "Grow up, Eliza. The past is dead." He left without another backward glance.

Standing alone in her room, Eliza raised her chin to a haughty angle and narrowed her eyes as she seethed. "We'll just see about that, Trevor darling. I'm not finished with you yet. You will be mine again, just wait and see."


Leanna kept to herself as much as possible, often retiring to the music room to play the piano. She sat for long periods at the instrument, her fingers flowing effortlessly over the keys as her mind was busy trying to understand the complexities of her husband. Sometimes, she felt that he was starting to truly care for her, but then her fragile confidence would be shattered by some scene with Eliza.

Leanna's jaw clenched remembering two days before when Eliza had collapsed, claiming to have a sprained ankle. It had been obvious to Leanna that Eliza was faking, but Leanna had been shocked to see that Trevor had believed her theatrics. Worse, Leanna had stood helplessly by while he caressed the other woman's shapely leg and ogled her bosom. The crowning blow to Leanna's heart had come when Trevor had carried Eliza to her bedroom. Leanna had stood watching them, feeling very much excluded from their intimate exchange, as her throat had ached with unshed tears.

Thinking about it, Leanna pounded out an angry, strident crescendo on the piano. She stopped abruptly, realizing that she was behaving like a child. She took a deep steadying breath and began playing again. This time, without conscious effort, her fingers glided over the keys, and the haunting strains of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata floated through the room. Leanna poured her emotions into the music, and the resulting performance was poignantly bittersweet. As the last echoes faded, Leanna hung her head and cried softly into her hands, feeling helpless and alone.

That evening, Trevor sat down on the bench behind Leanna as she sat brushing her hair, straddling her thighs with his. He was wearing only his trousers, and his warm chest pressed intimately against her back. Leanna slid forward, breaking the contact between them.

"Trevor, I'm really quite tired," she said, trying to ignore his nearness as she went back to brushing her hair.

He took the brush from her hand and laid it on the table, then lifted the heavy mass of her hair and dropped it over her left shoulder, leaving the right side of her neck exposed. "That's alright, sweetheart," he murmured, running his fingers lightly down the side of her neck to where the fastening of her gown sat on her shoulder. He met her eyes in the mirror. "I can do all the work."

"Trevor, please, I'm not in the mood tonight," Leanna protested. "I just want to sleep." Her face flamed from giving the lie. She wanted him desperately, but she was tired of being just a plaything for her husband. She wanted him to love her.

Trevor released the clasp on her shoulder with a flick of his fingers, and Leanna's gown slithered down with a soft whoosh, leaving her bared to the waist. Her nipples stood stiffly erect, and a delicate shiver went up Leanna's spine. Trevor could see the pulse beating in the hollow of her neck. He placed one hot, open-mouthed kiss behind her ear and heard her groan. His eyes met hers in the mirror again, and he raised a mocking brow.

"It looks to me like you are definitely in the mood. Let me just check to be sure."

When Leanna would have risen from the bench, Trevor looped an arm around her waist and held her still in front of him. He slid the other hand up Leanna's inner thigh beneath her gown, and his fingers coaxed their way between her clenched thighs. He stroked her throbbing folds that were growing wetter by the moment as he grinned at her in the mirror.

Leanna held her breath as he pressed two fingers deep inside her, and she dropped her head back against his shoulder in frustrated surrender. He stroked her swollen clit with his thumb and heard her moan as she opened her thighs wide to give him free access. Leanna wanted to deny him until she was sure that Trevor truly cared for her, but she simply lacked the will to resist him.

When Trevor had stroked her into a lustful frenzy, he abruptly stood up and turned her around on the stool until she sat facing him. He met and held her gaze as he unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them. His magnificent erection was jutting out from his groin, directly at Leanna's eye level. Her eyes dropped to his penis, and she unconsciously licked her lips.

"Are you saying you don't want this tonight?" Trevor asked, his deep voice rumbling in his chest as he slowly stroked his penis just inches from her face.

Leanna's eyes were transfixed on his hard length. "No...I mean yes...I...I want it," Leanna whispered.

"You said you weren't in the mood. Why should I give you what you want now?" he taunted.

"Please...I didn't mean it. I was just tired. Please Trevor, I do want you." Leanna bit her lip, hating herself for begging. Still, some part of her was thrilled when Trevor became so domineering. She never felt more wanted than when he controlled her like this. His demands always excited her, and she thought he somehow knew it too.

"Kneel on the bench," Trevor ordered harshly. He watched as Leanna scrambled to comply, her gown in a discarded heap beside the stool. "Spread your knees apart so I can see you in the mirror."

Leanna moved her knees to the very edges of the bench. She knew the multitude of candles that were sitting on the dressing table bathed her body in golden light, and she shivered from being so exposed. Trevor made her stay like that for several minutes while he admired the view of her lovely pink lips peeking out through fiery red hair. Finally, he met her gaze once again, and his eyes were smoldering with desire.

"Since you've been so naughty and refused me, I'm afraid you'll have to convince me that you really want me." When Leanna reached out eagerly, he stopped her with a stern voice. "No! You aren't allowed to touch with your hands. You can only used your hot little mouth to show me what you want."

Leanna opened her mouth with a whimpered plea. Trevor waited until she met his eye, then he grasped her head on both sides and held her still as he slid the head of his cock into her greedy mouth. He sighed at the feeling of her tongue massaging the underside of his penis, and he rocked his hips, feeding himself further and further into her throat until she had taken in his entire length. Then he released a satisfied groan and stood still as Leanna settled into a steady rhythm. She moaned as she bobbed up and down, taking him down her throat on every stroke until her nose was buried in his dark springy hairs.

"That's it," he coaxed, loving the feel of her mouth as he enjoyed the sight of her splayed pussy in the mirror. He could see the moisture oozing down the inside of her thighs, and he knew Leanna was enjoying what she was doing. He loved to watch her flower for him like a rose as she became more and more aroused. "Use that nasty little tongue darling...ummm, that's a good little whore. You really know what I like, sweetheart."

Leanna loved hearing his praise, and she doubled her efforts to please him. She licked and sucked, smiling to herself as she heard Trevor's moans and sighs of appreciation. She massaged his balls in one hand and Trevor allowed it, groaning again. His head dropped back in ecstasy. Leanna took her time, worshipping his body and drawing out his pleasure. Her face was wet with saliva and sweat by the time Trevor climaxed, shooting ropes of hot cum down her throat. She was eager to swallow every drop, and she licked the last drops off the head of his erection as she felt her own orgasm hitting her hard.

Trevor watched as her body tensed and twitched, then he lifted her by the waist and turned her back toward the mirror, setting her down on her knees on the stool again. Leanna was panting, her skin shining with a dewy layer of sweat. He pulled her back against his chest as he caressed her heaving breasts then traced her waist, hips and thighs. She was the most beautiful woman Trevor had ever seen, and he enjoyed the sight of his darkly tanned hands skimming over her ivory flesh, making sure she knew she belonged to him.

"Are you tired now, my sweet Leanna, or does my little whore want more?" he asked softly, nuzzling her neck.

"More," Leanna whispered, fascinated by the sight of his strong hands exploring her body.

"Ask nicely," he admonished with a boyish grin.

"Please, Trevor, may I have more?" Leanna asked, wiggling her bottom enticingly against his groin. She felt his erection, already hard again as it pressed against her.

Trevor continued to fondle her, watching her becoming increasingly breathless as his touches became increasingly intimate. He touched every inch of her body, his fingers gradually becoming more demanding as he kneaded her tender flesh. By the time he finished tormenting her breasts, both her nipples and his erection were swollen and throbbing.

"Lean forward and put your hands on the edge of the table," Trevor instructed in a gravelly whisper.

Trevor gripped her hips and pressed himself into her tight sheath with one slow, steady stroke. They groaned in unison when he was buried inside her. Trevor paused to savor Leanna's tight-fitting sheath, loving how she could barely accommodate his size. He began to move, thrusting into her with increasing force until the dressing table was jarring and the candles were wavering. He was ramming against the entrance to her womb with every stroke, and he grinned as he watched her.

"I love you," Leanna gasped, meeting his eyes in the mirror. She hadn't meant to say the words aloud, but she watched for his reaction.

Trevor's grin vanished and he hesitated for a moment as he returned her stare before resuming his hard thrusts, letting his eyes drop to the reflection of her breasts. The sight of Leanna's breasts violently bobbing from the force of Trevor's thrusts held them both enthralled. He cupped her breasts and squeezed them firmly as he plunged into her with even greater force.

Picking up the pace, Trevor lifted her upright on her knees with her back against his chest. With every hard thrust, he lifted her slightly off the bench. He slid his left arm across to twist her right nipple, and with his right hand, he fondled her swollen outer lips. Leanna moaned and caressed the back of his hand at her breast while she reached her other arm back around his head. The sight of her so wantonly submitting to him made him groan with pleasure. When he could feel her getting close, he squeezed her swollen clit between his thumb and fingers.

"Come for me, my little whore. Come now!"

As if she had been waiting for his command, Leanna fractured in his arms. Trevor could feel the muscles of her pussy contracting around him, and his moans mixed with her screams as he found his own release. He unleashed another load of his seed deep inside her, and Leanna collapsed back against him, limp in his arms.

It took several minutes for Trevor to catch his breath and steady his legs. He hugged her against him, breathing deeply of her heavenly scent as he enjoyed the feeling of their combined fluids seeping out around his balls and her soft curvy body cleaving to him.

When he had regained his strength, he lifted Leanna in his arms and carried her to the bed. As he laid her down, he smiled at the sight of his wife looking exhausted and spent. He placed a kiss on her forehead as he lay down beside her.

"Now you can sleep, my little whore. You've earned your rest," he murmured, snuggling against her back and pulling the covers over both of them.

Leanna was too tired to even answer. Her body was glowing inside and out from Trevor's lovemaking, and her satisfaction was bone deep. She squirmed back against him, loving the feeling of his muscular body wrapped around hers, and she quickly fell asleep.

Christmas rolled around less than two weeks after Trevor and Leanna's arrival at The Meadows. The servants polished the house from top to bottom before decorating every nook and cranny of the great house with Christmas cheer. Boughs of holly and fir were hung above every door, huge velvet bows of gold and red adorned the mantles, and candles and pinecones were scented with vanilla, cinnamon and spices making the rooms smell divine. Leanna tried to get into the spirit, but it was impossible when she was feeling so unhappy.

Despite her physical satisfaction with her relationship, Leanna was deeply saddened by the emotional state of her marriage. She desperately needed reassurance that Trevor cared for her. Trevor was unfailingly kind and considerate, and he made no secret of the fact that he desired her physically, taking her to great heights of pleasure every night. However, he never gave her any indication that he loved her. She remembered telling him that she loved him in the heat of passion. She was certain that if Trevor loved her in return, he would have said the words.

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