My friend Shauna calls you over and tells you that she told one of her friends, Alice, about her friend and his wonderful massages. You hide your smile, knowing that if they had any idea how much you enjoyed this, you'd never get to touch them, because they still think of you as a friend, nothing more. You walk back to your dorm room, grinning all the time as you pick up your bottle of baby oil, your towel, and walk out.

You open the door, and, lying on a bed, with this tiny little thing that looks like a facecloth covering her ass, is this red-headed girl, who looks to be just 18. You cough politely, and introduce yourself. Then, after you make sure that she was waiting for you after all, you put some baby oil on your hands, and start on her back, gently brushing the hair from her back off to the sides. Alice's muscles are TENSE, you think as you start on her shoulders. Must be because she's just worried because a strange guy's touching her. As you finish off relaxing her back, you move along her side, you glance down at her breasts pressing into the bed. You smile, licking your lips. As you start to knead Alice's calf, you sneak a glance up her legs. Your eyes fly open, and you stop massaging as you stare at her pussy. The lips are slightly open, and, judging by the amount of wetness soaking the bed, she's quite turned on. Alice mutters something about having her legs touched turning her on. You grin and start kneading harder, moving up her legs quickly, pushing the cloth off of her ass, and, touching her ass cheeks, ask her what having her ass touched does. She flips over, sits up, and grabs you around the waist.

"Makes me hornier." She says, unbuttoning your shirt as you stare at her, questioning your luck.

"That makes two of us." You respond, kissing her on her lips, flicking your tongue across her lips, then, when she opens them, sucking lightly on her tongue.

A "Mmmmmmm " erupts from her lips as your fingers start running around her pussy lips. As you gently push a oil-encased finger across her clitoris, she gasps.

You grin, and, pulling back from her soft, tender lips, slowly slide down her body, nibbling lightly on her nipples as you pass, then, kneeling on her bed, you smile as you look close at her pussy, dripping. You stick out your tongue and taste her. She tastes salty, but there's a tang to it you love. As you flick your tongue over her clit, you grin as she moans loudly. You quickly flick your tongue over her, and, as she comes, screaming into a pillow, you stand up and, smiling, run a towel over her sweat-soaked body. She looks at you curiously.

"Well, that's that. One full body massage." You grin misceviously.

She stands up, presses her body into you and says, low and huskily.

"What do I owe you for it?"

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