tagBDSMMaster of the Universe Ch. 08

Master of the Universe Ch. 08


Copyright 2000 by Kelli Maginnis. All rights reserved. This material maybe not be reprinted or posted on any other internet site without the expressed written consent of the author.


Hope rose within him even as he closed his eyes tightly to block the searing white light. Perhaps it was searchlights from a rescue team called in by his wife when he was overdue returning home, he thought. He strained to open his eyes just a crack in order to see what he hoped would be the blessed sight of badges, guns and police uniforms rushing to his rescue.

At first he could see nothing but the light, brilliant, blinding, lighting everything but obscuring all. Slowly, his irises closed down to adjust to it. He thought he could see a single dark silhouette moving through the entrance. As the back-lighted, dark form moved through the entrance, a set of bright ceiling floodlights came on illuminating the path from the entrance to his bondage table.

He watched the dark form step inside the entrance and stop. The mirrored wall behind it slowly slid back to its original position, blocking the brilliant white light coming from the opening. With the light behind the form now blocked and floodlights illuminating the form from above and in front, Harry could, for the first time, see what the form was and he was completely stunned by what he saw. It was not the police rushing to his rescue as he had hoped. Instead, it appeared to be a single female, dressed in a brilliant, glossy, white satin, full length dressing gown.

The clicking sound of her high-heeled shoes reverberated off the dungeon's stone walls, ceiling and floor as she approached the table.

Harry took a deep breath, holding it in stunned silence as the figure approached. Looking up at the ceiling mirror, he was able to make out more details as she came closer. She was blonde, platinum blonde, her white hair shining in the light, refracting some of the white light to create a halo of colors around her hair. Her hair was piled high on her head in a series of swirls, adding several inches to the lanky form already raised by the high-heeled shoes. He tried to focus on her face to make out its features but he could see little; she was wearing a white half-mask over her eyes and the top of her nose.

Even with the mask, he could make out that she was young, her cheeks and throat completely smooth and unblemished. She had the angular jaw and pointed chin of a classically beautiful woman and she walked with the confidence of a woman who knew just how attractive she was. As she got closer, he could make out the deep red color of her full lips; the only slash of color on the brilliant white figure except for the matching blood red fingernails.

Harry was breathing in fits and starts as he fought to keep his torso still to minimize the pain in his nipples and genitals. Even remaining perfectly still, they throbbed in constant pain and his ass cheeks burned mightily from the thrashing administered by Dr. Jansen and My Ling.

The reflected light from her satin gown sparkled as she approached the foot of the table and took a long look at Harry, eying him from head to toe as she stood erect and peered down at him. She leaned over and flicked his tightly bound balls with her forefinger to check his reaction and seemed satisfied when he flinched and gasped.

She smiled, brilliant white teeth showing for the first time, creasing her otherwise smooth skin. Dr. Jansen came up to greet her, taking her in her arms and hugging her tightly as she kissed her on the side of her neck, murmuring something in her ear before she straightened back up.

Shanella, Madison and My Ling, each, in their turn, greeted the brilliant white figure with a tight hug, a kiss and a few whispered words. Of the three, only My Ling followed up the kiss on the side of her neck with a long, passionate kiss on her lips, opening her mouth to let the white figure's long, pink tongue snake in and around her oral cavity.

My Ling cupped the woman's breasts through the rich satin cloth of the gown and slowly rubbed her nipples lightly with her thumbs in small, circular motions. The white figure cupped My Ling's jaw with her hands as she held her gently but firmly and kissed her.

Harry looked away as the two women embraced, not wanting to be caught "peeping" and suffer the same horrible consequences as the last time. He closed his eyes and hoped for the best, but was fairly certain that the appearance of this brilliant, white figure was not good news for him. He had the gnawing feeling that all that had gone on before was merely a prelude, a warm-up for what was to come next. He thought that in some fashion, he was being prepared for her.

His mind raced, searching for a way out of the trap. Perhaps the white figure would help. Perhaps she came in to stop the torture, he thought, as his mind grasped at any hope, any possibility of escape. But who was she?

The white figure continued her slow walk, moving along the left side of the table, left arm extended to touch and feel the tightly bound legs and torso of the prostrate man. She patted him a few times and smiled, shaking her head slightly in bemusement at the sight. She stopped when she was alongside his left ear and ran her fingertips along his jaw line and ear, circling back to trace the outline of his widely stretched lips.

Harry remained perfectly still, using all of his senses to try and solve the mystery of who she was and what her intentions might be. Something, the way she moved, the way she swung her arms as she walked seemed somehow familiar, as though he had seen it before.

Harry continued to breathe deeply through his nose, exhaling through his open mouth in great gusts. As she stood near him and lightly stroked his face, he caught the slightest whiff of her aroused scent, particularly when she turned to face him, satin covered groin just inches from his face. It also seemed oddly familiar.

Perhaps it was one of the many women he had bedded in his long and sexually busy life. In the bright light, he could not make out her eye color until she bent down to take a close look at him. The eyes were a deep, emerald green with small flecks of yellow around the irises.

No, . . . It's impossible, . . . . Couldn't be, he thought.

The white figure bent lower and put her lips to his left ear, brushing his ear lobe with her soft lips and tickling the small hairs in his ear canal with her warm breath. She waited, pausing for effect, before whispering.

"It's my time now Harry, dearest," the final term of endearment spoken with obvious sarcasm.

Oh God!!! Oh God!!!! No, . . . No, . . . Nooooooo!!!! his mind screamed.

The name practically burst within his feverish mind - BETTY!!!!

It was his long suffering wife, Betty. Harry's eyelids shot open in astonishment as he realized that his wife was not only not going to save him, but was there to torture him; that she was part of the conspiracy, perhaps was the ringleader. From the beginning of this nightmare, he had held out the hope that Dr. Jansen and the others were psychos acting independently, for their own reasons. That eventually, he would be reported missing by his wife and somehow rescued. The appearance and words of his wife utterly dashed that final hope.

The memory of their last few sexual encounters flashed through his mind in a few moments as Betty straightened up and smile down at him, a look of pure hatred and contempt in her clear, green eyes. After he had tied her up and ass fucked her that time when he was drunk and she was passively resisting, he had found that he really enjoyed exerting that kind of power over his wife and had repeated the assaults several times thereafter. He thought she was getting into it since she started lubricating her ass before their lovemaking sessions.

He realized now that she had only been trying to protect herself, reduce the pain that she had endured that first time when only spit and blood greased his way. She had been biding her time, planning and preparing her revenge. Revenge with the ultimate purpose of completely destroying him and taking everything he had.

My Ling helped Betty slowly remove her shiny, white satin dressing gown, lowering the zipper between Betty's shoulder blades and slipping the straps off her milky white shoulders. It droped to the floor in a heap to reveal Betty in a sheer, white, lacy silk camisole with matching panties, sheer, white nylon stockings, matching garter belt and shoes. She stepped out of her dress, slipped off the high-heeled shoes and removed her mask. She swung her stockinged leg over his upturned face to straddle him, backed up a half step and sat down on his upper chest, causing the weights stretching his nipples to sway and bounce, stretching and tearing him further.

Harry winced in pain as she slid back and raised both stockinged feet to his face where she rested them, right heel in his mouth, left ankle crossed over right. With one hand, she slid her sheer panties down to her ankles, letting them remain draped over his nose and mouth.

Harry took in a deep breath, absorbing the heavy, musky odor of her aroused juices. She slid the panties off her left ankle and then her right, tossing them aside and then planting the soles of her stockinged feet on his cheeks, rubbing and stroking them as she smiled and laughed.

"How does it feel Harry? How does it feel to be helpless and alone?"

Betty, it's me, Harry, Please, Please Help Me! Don't do this to me! Give me another chance. Please!!, he tried to scream through his gagged mouth but only an indistinct muffle came out. He tried to convey the message with his eyes but without success.

Betty saw Harry struggling to speak through his ball gag stuffed mouth and smiled again. Having his arrogant, silver tongue silenced was perhaps the best part of this. Betty knew that robbing him of his ability to try and talk his way out of this was inflicting a form of mental torture on somebody so accustomed to sweat talking his way out of every problem. She sighed, lifted her butt off of his chest and slid forward until her feet touched the platform below him. She stood up and spread her legs slightly to give the bastard a good view of her aroused, wet cunt and his imminent fate.

Dr. Jansen appeared behind Harry's pinned head and handed Betty a white leather harness. Betty took it, turned it right side up and put it on, buckling it snugly around her waist. She reached down between her legs and drew up a double center strap with a leather crotch plate.

Harry watched as Dr. Jansen handed Betty a large, flesh colored object which she took and inserted through a hole in the leather crotch plate. Harry didn't get it until he saw her spread her cunt lips with two fingers and insert one end of the object into her own hot tunnel, press the crotch plate tightly against her groin and then cinch the plate tightly to the belt.

Harry looked up and saw, dangling over his face, the largest dildo he had ever seen. His raised eyebrows and bulging eyeballs signaled his final realization of what Betty had in store for him.

"What do you think Harry? Kind of pretty, isn't it?" Betty said, looking down at him.

Harry struggled against his bonds, succeeding only in disturbing the weights tugging on his nipples and balls, sending sharp, stinging pain through the tortured, sensitive tissue.

"It's twelve inches long and two and a half inches wide. Impressive, eh?"

Betty smiled and shook the semi-flexible dong over his face as Harry pleaded with his eyes, casting his gaze down and then back up at the pink monster above him.

"The exact specifications of this lovely tool was not an accident, you know," she said.

Harry looked up at Betty, trying to make eye contact with her, but his gaze was constantly drawn away by the fleshy looking pole being waved in front of him. He was mesmerized by its pinkish, red head with fierce looking slanted glans, the pale white shaft and bluish raised veins. Betty continued:

"Since your blubbery body is twice my size at two hundred and twenty pounds, I figured you were entitled to a dick that was twice your dick's size, you know, . . . to make the ass-fucking experience comparable."

Harry winced when she said the words "ass-fucking;" Shocked that his Betty would even know that term let alone use it and use it in reference to him. Although he guessed that was probably Betty's intention, the words drove home the reality and it shook him to the core.

"Bet this is the first time that you are happy about being, mmm . . . shall we say, . . . so modestly endowed. Just think what you'd be in for if you have a manly dick thateight inches long and two inches wide! It would be sayonara Harry, wouldn't it?!"

Betty doubled over in laughter, holding her mid-section with her right hand as the tip of the giant dong tapped Harry on the nose as she shook with glee. Dr. Jansen, My Ling, Madison and Shanella all joined in, laughing and taunting the prostrate man, comparing his undersized member with Betty's proud new appendage.

Harry couldn't get over the shock of his previously modest, demure wife saying those things. This must be some sort of a bad dream he thought. He remembered that he could often tell when he was dreaming when something crazy or physically impossible seemed to be happening or somebody was acting completely out of character. This whole situation had the surreal feel of a dream Harry thought. He held onto this hope and tried mightily to figure out a way to wake himself up from it.

Harry watched as Dr. Jansen handed Betty a tube of KY jelly with the cap removed. Betty squeezed out a long column of the jelly into her palm, gripped the huge shaft and slowly coated it with the slippery gel, sliding her hand up and down, twisting it left and right to coat the entire shaft. She squeezed a little more into her palm, brought the head of the dick down to the tip of his nose and then moved her palm over it, rubbing the head in small circles as she greased up the giant glans.

Harry watched the preparations cross-eyed as he couldn't take his eyes off the realistic dick. It was like the condemned watching his executioner sharpening the axe that was about to severe his head.

"Okay Betty, let's give the sonuvabitch a taste of some good old fashioned ass-fucking, . . girl style!" Dr. Jansen said.

Betty swung her leg over his face, "dismounting" him, turned on her heels and walked back down towards the foot of the table, sliding her fingertips alongside Harry's slick, wet torso as she went. Gracefully, she hoisted herself up on the table, stood up, turned and took a few steps, stopping short of his upraised ass. She knelt down, grasped him firmly behind his upraised knees, looked up and nodded in the direction of Madison and Shanella standing near the winches, saying only:

"Open him up."

Harry had no idea what that meant until he heard the low hum of the winches as they were energized. He heard two barely audible clicks as the brakes were released, followed by an insistent tug on his lower thighs, as his legs were slowly drawn back, out and down as his knees were pulled inexorably towards the upper corners of the table.

Having been stretched nearly to the tearing point before, an hour or so in that position had allowed his tight muscles enough time to accommodate somewhat. That all changed as his knees were slowly drawn back, opening him up as never before.

"Never saw you look better Harry," Betty laughed as his fleshy white cheeks were spread further and further apart, thrusting his pinkish, plug stuffed anal ring up. "Your butt always was your best feature!"

Harry was grunting and sweating heavily now as his knees passed the point of his stretched nipples and continued back, spreading him inch by inch. Betty crawled up further until her smooth, stocking covered thighs touched his upturned ass, causing Harry to jerk in surprise.

She raised her knees until she was in a squat and then leaned forward, placing her knees and shins against the back of his upraised thighs. She leaned forward more, shifting her weight to her knees and shins, pressing his thighs back even further as the winch turned, taking up the slack to make the loss of slack permanent.

Harry was shaking uncontrollably now in excruciating pain as his hips joins were being torn from their sockets. Betty leaned forward with all of her weight, pressing his spreading thighs nearly flat alongside his torso as the muffled screams of pain escaped around his gag. The winches took up all of the remaining slack and then stopped, the lines running to the pad eyes in the table corners bow string taut and vibrating.

Harry was breathing heavily, trying to force oxygen into his lungs as the pain in his hips and thighs ripped through him, dwarfing the tearing pain in his stretched balls and nipples. He was coated in a thin sheet of sweat as the salty fluid poured off of him.

Betty sat back on her haunches, heels up to stay balanced. She reached down to his ass crack and felt along the sweaty inner cheeks until she found the base of the small plug protruding from his ass. She dug her fingers under and around it, gripped it tightly, turned it a quarter turn to break the suction and then slowly drew it out. Harry barely felt it until the inch and a half wide thickest part of the plug passed through his tight anal ring, stretching it.

He grunted as the bulge passed through, the remainder sliding out easily from his heavily greased rectum, a flood of lubricant behind it. She quickly stopped the flood by pressing the tip of her huge dick into his anal ring.

Harry's eyes opened wide once again as he was surprised by the press of the giant dong against his sensitive anus. Betty saw the pink ring automatically contract, squeezing itself closed like a camera shutter, at the first touch of the huge silicon head.

She looked up at Harry, making eye contact as she said, "Better figure out a way to relax old boy or you'll end up with two assholes. I'm going in even if I need to tear you a new one," she said, speaking slowly to emphasize the threat.

Betty's words frightened him as he realized she would show him no mercy. Harry held out one last hope - that this was all an elaborate hoax, one meant to teach him lesson, but that they would stop short of tearing him apart with a giant dildo.

This final hope lasted only a few seconds as he felt the pressure on his anus. Betty was thrusting forward, steadily pushing the giant head into his ass. Harry couldn't even flail about in protest, he was so tightly drawn and spread. At last the light came on for Harry. She was going to penetrate, jam that giant cock up his ass and he couldn't do the slightest thing to prevent it. His only choice was to either to resist it by clenching down on his anal sphincter and have Betty rip him apart, or try to relax it completely and surrender. He realized that either way, she was going in. The latter course of action seemed to be the best bet to avoid permanent damage or even death.

For a moment, Harry thought back to when Betty prepared herself before their lovemaking sessions by lubricating her rectum. For the first time, he understood the real reason for her action. He tried to relax his nether hole, remembering the plug seemed to go in a little easier when he pushed out, like he was trying to make a bowel movement. Somehow, the pushing relaxed and opened his inner sphincter in what seemed an illogical method for accepting a penetrating shaft.

He tried it and it worked, as the tip of the giant dick buried itself in his ass, stretching him as it went. Betty smiled as she saw his little rosette open up a bit.

"Good boy Harry. Now you've learned the secret.", she said, smiling knowingly.

Betty held and straightened the thick shaft with her left hand, fingers unable to encircle the huge cylinder. She slowly thrust her hips forward, applying intense pressure for the first time to his nearly virginal ass.

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