It was shortly after six in the evening when she parked the car in the garage and stepped out of it. She made her way into the house, sliding her runners from her feet with a sigh of relief and leaving them next to the door. Following the sounds of the television, she found her Master ensconced in his arm chair watching what appeared to be the football game. Opting not to bug him quite yet, she made to turn away intending to go change her clothes before she greeted him only to be stopped by the sound of his voice in her direction.

"Don't you walk past your Master without greeting Me, girl."

She winced at the stern tone in his voice, moving quickly to his side and lowering herself to the floor on her knees. The feel of his hand sliding around the back of her neck and into her long chocolate locks brought a small sigh from her lips as she parted them to speak. He didn't permit it though, bending her head back and capturing her mouth with his own, his tongue pressing its way into her mouth as though laying claim to all it touched. She melted against his leg, her hands gripping at his knee as though it was the only thing left keeping her grounded and returned his kiss with as much fervor as she could pour into it. Her body shuddered with surprise when the feel of cool leather slid around her neck, replacing his hand, the lock clicking softly in her ear as the collar was secured in place. He seemed somewhat reluctant as he leaned away from her, breaking off their oral exchange, his hands encircling her wrists and drawing them into his lap to fasten cuffs to each. He then patted his knee, her figure sitting back on the ground to gently place first one foot then the other in his lap to allow him to fix cuffs there as well.

He slid her remaining foot from his lap, reaching out to catch her hair up in his fist as he rose to his feet and brought her up with him. She gasped as pain shot through her scalp from the tug, rising as swiftly as she could to alleviate it. She stood slightly hunched over next to him, her eyes squinting together as he insisted to hold her hair at an odd angle which didn't allow her to find much relief no matter which way she twisted. His free hand slid up under her work smock, smoothing over her breasts once then smacking at the underside of first one then the other, sending them to jiggling like Jell-O in her under wire bra. She shifted her weight as he motioned to smack each again, her body's response to avoid the discomfort despite the flood of warmth that was inching through her cunt. He merely pulled up on her hair, eliciting a small cry of pain as his fingertips clamped onto her nipple through the lacey fabric. He rolled his fingers forward, the edges of his nails biting into her flesh before he twisted the entire bud sharply a quarter turn.

"You know better then to flinch from Me, pet. Now strip yourself then go make My supper."

His hands abruptly left her personage, leaving her feeling oddly bereft despite the burning arousal blossoming inside her. She stood in a daze for a moment, and then a reminding swat across her behind brought her back to the present. She nodded her head to him in response that she understood his commands and slid her smock off over her head as he returned to his seat and football game. Unclasping her bra and sliding it from her shoulders, she let it fall to the ground atop her shirt, her palm sneaking its way up to rub over the aching nipple that he had tweaked earlier hoping to soothe the burn there.

"Don't touch My property, girl."

She shut her eyes and let her hand drop from her breast. How he always picked up on such things was beyond her, she had been discreet in the movement. She hurriedly slid her pants off, untying the laces at her waist then slipping them over the curve of her hips to let them pool on the floor at her feet. Stepping free of the pants, her underwear soon followed, baring her flesh to the cooler air of the room as she knelt to gather her clothes. She placed a kiss to her Master's hand then stood and left the living room, dropping her clothes in the laundry hamper and ending up in the kitchen. Her dark eyes scanned the cupboards in hopes of inspiration, sadly the fever he'd stoked in the living room left her somewhat distracted. She collected ingredients from the fridge and shelves, caught part way between wanting to hurry so she could return to him and taking her time in hopes of fanning out the smoldering heat in her. In the end she took her time, presenting the meal about an hour later which turned out somewhat favorable in her mind, as the game was just ending.

She set their places as he made himself comfortable at the table. His meal being offered to him first alongside his usual glass of ice water, the cubes bobbing merrily against the glass with a tinkling sound. He nodded his approval to her selection of supper, but as she set her own plate down he glanced up at her with a slight frown.

"Return your plate to the fridge, pet. You will spend this meal on your knees at My side begging for scraps like the bitch in heat I know you are."

Her eyes widened at his words, her body freezing in place with her plate part way to the table top. She retracted it and stepped back a couple of paces before pivoting to return her meal to the kitchen. He had never denied her a meal before and so with some trepidation she covered the plate and stuck it in the fridge. Returning to his side, she knelt down next to him, kissed the back of his fingers and bowed her head. His fingers slid into her hair at the base of her scalp, turning her so her back was to him and shoved her forward until her head lay on the ground with her ass in the air. He slid his hand along her back and over the swell of her rear, fingers sliding along the crack and pressing one tip against her hole. She trembled as the muscle contracted, her eyes squeezing closed when she felt the contrast of his spit against her warm skin and then the invading push of one finger into her ass as he lubricated the opening with slow strokes.

She held herself as relaxed as she could expecting his finger to continue its probing and was taken aback as he instead pushed a butt plug into her firmly. Her mouth parted on a surprised gasp, her thighs quivering as the stroke of the tail's fur brushed against her flesh and her ass clenched tightly around the invading object. He pulled her back up and turned her to face him once more, his mouth clamping over hers in a rough kiss as he kneaded the flesh of her bottom. She tensed as his fingers moved to probe over the folds of her cunt, splaying the tissue wide as he pressed an ice cube inside her. She shuddered at the cold, her eyes closing fleetingly as the first wash of icy liquid slid from her cunt, trickling out over her clit to soak her upper thighs in a mixture of her cum and the water. He pressed her thighs together firmly in ensure the liquid would coat her and not the floor, then rose to clean his hands.

"Stay still and be quiet, My bitch, perhaps you will earn yourself something to eat."

He returned to the table a moment later, lifting his utensils to consume his meal in utter silence. She did her best to stay as he had put her, the cold liquid of the ice cube teasing her cunt each time more trickled out of her and over her thighs and the feel of the tailed plug in her ass giving her the reminder of her place. It seemed she was little more then an animal to him tonight, something to be seen and petted at his leisure. His ignoring of her brought that feeling home even more then the tail alone did, giving her the sense of wanton yearning a dog must have when sitting at its master's feet in hopes of getting some attention and often finding little unless it suited the human.

He finally finished eating, turning to face her yet saying nothing as he grasped her by the hair and brought her to kneeling up tall in front of him. He smacked her thighs apart with the flat of his hand, bringing soft mewling sounds from her as she clamped her lips closed as he had not given her permission to make any noise yet. He took his plate from the table and placed it on the ground between her knees, her eyes flicking from him, downwards then back to him in confusion as to what he intended. He still gripped her hair, leaving her little choice as to moving far without causing herself pain. He stroked his fingers of his other hand along her moistened thighs, and then placed them against her mouth until she parted her lips. He let her clean the mixture from his fingertips, removing his hands from both her mouth and hair a moment later to collect a roll of duct tape from a nearby drawer. He tore off a piece and slapped it firmly over her mouth, her whimpered protest making him laugh softly as he patted her cheek a little harder then normal.

"So you don't forget your place, bitch."

He sat back down, bending her arms behind her and securing the cuffs together. His one arm slid around her waist as he pulled her upper body against his chest, flattening her breasts almost painfully to him. His other hand returned to the heat between her legs as he scraped his nail along her clitoris offering her teasing discomfort. She squirmed as he repeated the scratching a few more times, her moans dampened by the tape over her lips preventing her from vocalizing anything else but the most animalistic of sounds. She shivered as he spread her cunt lips, his fingers delving into her slick passage, and his thumb pad toying with her clit in slow hard circles. She closed her eyes and leaned against him, letting the waves of pleasure he gave her slice through her body.

Her muffled cry sounded as he unceremoniously pressed his curled fist into her a moment later, her cunt forced to strain around his hand as he pumped it into her repeatedly. His grip around her waist tightened as she tried to jerk away from him, pinning her to his chest as he ravaged her cunt with hard thrusts of his fist. He couldn't help the tiny smirk that stole across his face as he felt her juices flow around his hand, sliding between his flexing fingers as he pushed deeply into her and spread them and her wide. She moaned, trying to twist in his grasp, but he held her firmly and continued with his previous motions, like a punching fuck of his property.

"Cum for your Master, little bitch. Show Me what a wanton dog you are."

She whimpered out her reply, the words lost behind the tape gag though he could hear her protestations in her tone. He always found it amusing how she would say no then promptly orgasm within a moment of two after doing so, this time little different as he felt her tense in his arms. He slid his fist from her then, leaving just two fingers inside her which he wriggled up against that tender spot inside her cunt that seemed to drive her wild. He pressed against the spot, his fingers stroking furiously over her sensitive flesh as she fought his grip on her and moaned as loudly as was possible for her to do. He grinned with satisfaction as her body caved in and she came, her fluids gushing from her like a waterfall. He slid his hand out of her to allow her cum to squirt out over the plate still between her knees, her body trembling violently against his chest from her orgasm.

He eased her back to sitting on her heels once she had finished cumming, allowing her to see plainly that he had made her coat the left over food on the plate with her own juices. She shivered slightly, her eyes flicking up to his face as she started to slowly put together what his intent was after all. He smiled gently to her, and tore the tape from her mouth. She parted her lips partially in pain and perhaps to say something, but as he had just freed his cock from his shorts he silenced any forth coming words by shoving his raging erection into her mouth. He thrust once, then clamping his hand over the back of her head and holding her steady he pushed his length all the way into her and down her throat. He closed his eyes on a pleasurable sigh, feeling her wet heat surround his cock and then the initial struggle of her as she started to choke. He knew she couldn't breathe with him lodged all the way into her throat and this gave him a particularly cruel thrill to control her in such a way. He slowly withdrew his cock, allowing her to gasp for air then slammed his cock back into her. He soon settled into a rhythm as he fucked her mouth, any protests and moans she made silenced each time he slid his hard cock fully into her throat. He had since grabbed up her hair, using it much like a handle in controlling her head, the tears that slid from the corners of her eyes giving him further pleasure as he used her.

He pulled her head away as he felt himself near his peak, letting her fall back on her heels as he aimed his cock towards the plate between her thighs. A couple of practiced strokes of his hand along his slickened length and he shot his load over the contents of the plate. Grabbibg her head and he wiped his cock clean over her tongue and mouth, leaving drops of his cum glistening on her skin. He patted her cheek then, and leaned back into his seat, gesturing to the plate between her knees. She glanced down; her hands tugging at the cuffs that held her arms bound behind her, her cunt hot, aching and still dripping like a slut as his husky voice reached her ears.

"Enjoy your meal, pet."

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