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Medicaid Fraud


Much thanks for volunteer editor rockhard4uc who took a rough beginning and guided me into writing a presentable story.


"Dr. Hawken? Miss Greene is ready for you in exam room 2." My nurse popped her blond head in my office door. I could see a light flush on her face and she was breathing more quickly than usual. Apparently she expected Miss Green to become one of our special patients.

"Roger that." I said without putting down my pen.

"Aren't you coming?" She asked.

"Geez, Kristy. Keep your panties on, I'll be right there." I chided her and tried to go back to my paperwork. Whatever bureaucrat invented the word "compliance" should spend eternity in Hell signing and dating forms--in triplicate. "On second thought," I said, throwing down my pen, "let's see you take 'em off."

"Oh, yeah?" She stepped inside my office and cocked her hips. "Trying to get an early start, huh?" Turning around, she bent over and thrust her butt out at me. In my job as a gynecologist I see a lot of fat chick's asses, and that makes the tight curves of Kristy's rear all the sweeter. When she lies on her tummy her butt cheeks bulge up from her legs in a perfect semi-circle, reminding me of a pregnant woman's belly. Maybe that's why I like looking at her so much.

She wore blue scrubs on top and a tight knee-length skirt in matching color—not a normal nurse uniform, but I wasn't complaining. As her hands slid under her skirt she swayed from side to side, flexing her butt cheeks to draw the fabric taut around each one in turn. Keeping that hypnotic motion going, her hands rose higher, pulling up the hem of her skirt until I could almost see her panties. Turning her head back to look at me she licked her lips.

"Wanna see more?" She taunted.

"You know I do, baby." I leaned back in my chair and adjusted my slacks.

"That's too bad, because you haven't earned it yet." She gave a low laugh.

Under the cover of her skirt she pulled down her panties, wriggling her ass as it slid over her cheeks. Spinning them around her finger, she flung them at my desk, spilling white lace and baby blue flowers across the Medicaid reimbursement form I had been trying to complete.

Without breaking eye contact I brought them to my face, breathing deeply and smelling her arousal.

"Ohhh...yeah. That's a good girl." I said through the lace.

"Now, can we go?" She straightened up with a smile, scooting out of reach as I approached.

On the way to Exam 2 I donned the lab coat I wear to reassure patients, especially older ladies. Even though I'm actually 34, I still look like I'm in my mid-twenties, with smooth skin and tousled blond hair. The job doesn't let me be as active as I used to be, but I find enough time to hit the pool and keep my body well toned. Sometimes I think my professional life would be easier if I got fat and bald—at least new patients would take me more seriously.

Kristy strutted down the hall ahead of me, wriggling that tight ass and staying just far in front of me that I couldn't grab it. When we arrived at Exam 2, she stopped and blocked the door with her outstretched arms and spread legs.

"What's the magic word?" She asked, turning her head back to look at me.

I stepped forward into her personal space, until the bulge in my pants was almost brushing her backside. Reaching around her body I put my hands on her thighs, feeling the fabric of her skirt tight on her flesh. Her hair was long enough to cover her ears, but short enough to leave a strip of skin exposed on her neck. Without answering her I bent and brushed it with my lips.

"That's not it." She moaned softly.

"What about this?" I found one earlobe with my lips and caressed it.


Then what about this?" I reached under her skirt and cupped her naked crotch. "Because you're about to get some pussy, aren't you."

"Ohhh...yessss" She sagged against me.

Showering her neck with little kisses, I brought my moist fingers to her lips.

"Mmmm..." Kristy hummed as she licked her own fluids off my fingertips.

"Look sharp, girl." I gave her a final kiss and straightened up. "Time to act normal."

"Aww..." She sighed.

I chuckled, giving her a minute to catch her breath, then we opened the door and went in.

"Hello. Jeanine? I'm Mitch Hawken. Nice to meet you." I said, shaking hands with the young black woman sitting on the exam table. She looked to be in her early twenties, with a round face and full lips. Gold studs in her ears matched the one in her nose, and I caught a glimpse a starry tattoo on her exposed calves. The yellow knit one-piece she wore stretched to fit her swollen belly and tits.

"Hey." She said neutrally. Her fingers were fidgeting with the paper covering the exam table and refused to meet my eyes. Something was obviously bothering her.

I sat and glanced at Kristy, leaning against the door in her nurse blues. She looked innocent, but I could see the way she was squeezing her thighs together as she stared at the black girl's cleavage.

"How are you feeling? Any morning sickness?"

"Nah." She said with a shrug.

"Well, that's good. How long has it been since your last pre-natal checkup?"

"Um...around Valentine's Day, I guess."

"That's..." I counted backwards. "...almost three months."

"So?" She asked defensively. Her lips tightened.

"Is this your first pregnancy?" I asked, switching topics to help her get comfortable. "Any bleeding? Unusual discharge? Abdominal pain?"

She nodded to the first and shook her head at the rest.

"Do you know if the baby is a boy or girl yet?

"I hope it's a girl, but I don't know."

"Do you have a girl's name picked out?" Kristy gushed.

"Lakisha." She said shyly.

"Oh, cute!" Kristy has a gift for putting patients at ease, and Jeanine rewarded her with a tentative smile.

I went through the standard routine for a first-time visit, asking about her situation and medical history. She had been going regularly until three months ago, when she abruptly stopped.

"Was there a particular reason you stopped seeing your old doctor?"

"Um..." Her face scrunched up, like she was debating what to say. The paper on the exam table crinkled as she shifted nervously. Finally she reached a decision. "My friend Liza recommended you. She said that you have something so it doesn't hurt. You know...when you..."

Liza...Liza...I tried to remember. Ah, a chubby black girl with nipples like the Eiffel Tower that delivered last November. She was a moaner, I recalled with a smirk. I took gooood care of her.

"Don't worry, Ms. Greene. Dr. Hawken will make sure you're comfortable." Kristy put a hand on Jeanine's shoulder and smiled. She didn't miss the chance to look down the girl's top, I noticed.

"Well, I think we're ready for the exam. And don't you worry Jeanine, we'll make this as pleasant as possible." I said.

"Pleasant?" She sounded dubious. How little did she know.

"There is a gown on the counter and a paper sheet for your lap. Why don't you change and we'll be back in a jiffy with the ultrasound machine." I said as Kristy and I left.

Once the door was safely closed Kristy goosed me from behind. When I spun around she had both hands cupped under her breasts and the thin blue fabric of her nurse's uniform had tented over her nipples.

"She looks yummy." Kristy said.

"I saw the way you stared at her, you slut."

Kristy simpered and rubbed her crotch against my leg. She was one of my earliest patients, who had left her job in a pediatrics ward when she became pregnant. When she'd mentioned at an exam that she was bisexual but her husband didn't care for swinging or a three-way, I'd suggested she come work for me. When I mentioned what her job would entail, she'd jumped at the chance. And as for her husband, I rationalized that Kristy kept him well serviced enough that he had nothing to complain about.

"You haven't let me anesthetize a patient for two weeks. How do you expect me to feel?"

"What, Dennis hasn't been taking care of you?"

"Oh, he gets his, but you know how hungry I get for pussy." She whispered, putting one finger at the corner of my mouth, letting it trail lightly down my neck. "You want her too."

I could feel my cock fatten as she talked. Yeah, I did. I wanted the girl on her back with her legs in the air. I wanted to put my finger and my tongue in her wet slit and hear her moan, and most of all I wanted to put my hands on her belly and feel the baby kick as I fucked her mama.

"First the ultrasound. Then I'll let you anesthetize her." I promised.

"You'd better." She said, slapping my ass.

I chuckled and went to get the machine while Kristy finished up the day's reporting with Debbie, our receptionist. When I returned, Jeanine had changed. She had ripped the paper accidentally, revealing a slice of inner thigh. I could have bought thicker gowns, but I didn't mind the view. Soon enough she wouldn't either.

"Why don't you lay back on the table and pull up your gown. You can use the sheet to cover your lap." I told her. I wanted to see her crotch, but I forced myself to wait. There would be plenty of time for that once Kristy put her under.

Jeanine lay flat on her back with her belly in the air. She was naturally slim, so it was obvious where the bulge began, just above the tops of her thigh. It swelled to a crown at her bellybutton, then sloped gently down to the skin under her breasts. I could see how tightly the baby's size stretched her mocha colored skin, and it was marked by a thin black line descending the centerline of her body and disappearing under the sheet covering her thigh. My already thick cock pulsed as more blood flowed in and I had to adjust my slacks yet again.

"Here we go." I slathered lubricant onto the side of her belly. I wanted to rub it in with my fingers, but she wasn't ready for that yet, so I settled for running the transducer up and down her bulge, caressing her with the machine. Forcing myself to be professional, I flipped on the imager and did my job.

"See that? That's the baby's heart, and lungs." I said pointing out the baby's bodily features.

Kristy slipped back into room while I talked. She stayed by the door, out of Jeanine's field of view, and palmed her own tits. I smiled when I saw one hand slip inside her waistband and turned back to Jeanine.

"Would you like to know the baby's sex?"

She nodded eagerly, so focused on the screen that she didn't realize Kristy was in the room.

"We can tell by looking for a penis. I'm sure I don't have to tell you what one of those looks like." I said, taking a risk that she wouldn't be offended. It wasn't much a risk, though: no single mother with an address in Over-the-Rhine and piercings was a stranger to cock.

"Oh, yeah, I seen lots." She replied. "But not lately. Not since..." She frowned.

Kristy winked at me. I knew what she was thinking—this girl was ready for action--but I was curious what Jeanine wasn't telling us.

"Well, let's take a look." I said, aiming the transducer. My other hand rested on the opposite side of her abdomen, pretending to hold it steady. I didn't really need it there, but I couldn't wait any longer to touch that bulge. Her skin was soft and smooth, and I could feel the baby's mass within. I ran my palm along the slope of her belly towards her breast, trying to keep my voice even.

"There's one leg...there's the other...nope, nothing in between!" I said, with an unforced smile. "Mom, meet your daughter Lakisha."

The pregnant girl smiled back and I could see the earlier tension fading from her shoulders. That was lucky, I thought to myself, because I needed her relaxed for the next part of the exam.

"So far everything looks good, Jeanine." I said as I pushed the ultrasound machine into the corner. My fingers trailed along her skin when I picked up my hand, as if they were reluctant to lose contact. "Why don't we finish up your physical so you can go baby shopping for your little girl."

"Okay." She wore a tight little smile, like she was trying not to look happy and failing.

"Why don't you lay back and put your feet up." I gestured to the stirrups. Jeanine raised her legs without complaint and her gown rode up her thighs. My cock jerked in my slacks as I caught a quick flash of her inner thigh. There's nothing better than a woman on her back with her legs in the air...except to be standing between those legs with your hands on her tummy and your cock in her pussy.

Kristy stepped forward and reached under the table to draw out a breathing mask. Clear tubes connected it to a pair of cylinders on the floor.

"Here you go." She said, holding it over Jeanine's face.

"Wh--what's that?" The girl asked.

"Just the laughing gas you get at a dentist." I reassured her. "That way you won't feel any discomfort during the exam."

"Oh, okay." She let Kristy place the mask over her mouth and nose.

I hadn't lied outright, but I hadn't told the whole truth either. The hospital where I completed my residency was hosting a stage I drug study for GlaxoSmithKline, testing a new mix of anesthetic gases. Those were the initial tests on human volunteers, designed to check for adverse reactions before moving to a larger stage II study. What we found astonished everyone.

Subjects dosed with the new mix proved amazingly compliant. Follow-up studies found near-perfect adherence to physician instructions. They took their meds as directed, and even more surprisingly, patients reported obeying special dietary restrictions after leaving the hospital. Normally that never happens: patients forget their meds, they feel better and stop taking them early, and hardly anyone obeys dietary restrictions the first time they're told. Disturbed by the implications, GlaxoSmithKline canceled the mix's development and buried the project. Only those doctors like myself who had been involved in the test knew of the mix's existence and effects.

Once my residency ended and I established a private clinic in Cincinnati, I restarted the project on my own. Reproducing the mix from the original GlaxoSmithKline mixture, I added a small amount of MBDB--a milder version of the street drug Ecstasy that is available legally--and found that treated subjects became highly susceptible to suggestion, especially if the treatment was combined with sexual stimuli.

"How's that?" I asked once Kristy had fastened the mask to Jeanine's face and opened the valve on both cylinders.

"Like cherries." She giggled. Her head lolled and she let go of the paper she'd been fidgeting with earlier. I nodded to Kristy and she closed the MBDB valve. The initial dose would be enough.

"Then we'll get started." I put my hand on her calf, where she had three stars tattooed. Watching her face for any reaction, I slowly slid it up her leg towards her thigh. When her expression didn't change I continued to caress her inner thigh, slipping my fingertips into the hollow next to her crotch.

"Ahhh..." I saw her chest fall in a sigh and her head tilt to one side.

"Feeling happy?" I asked her.

"Uh-huh." She mumbled vaguely.

I had one hand on her belly while the other fingered the skin around her labia. The sheet still hid her pussy from my view, but I was content to let my fingers explore first. Her pussy lips were thick and swollen, first from pregnancy and now from drug-induced arousal. I spread them with my fingers and felt the dampness inside.

"Uh..." Jeanine's hips swayed as my fingers kneaded her lips. Her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling and her hands hung limply off the edges of the table.

"Ah-hem." Kristy cleared her throat to remind me that she wanted in too. Her nipples looked ready to poke through her uniform and her thighs were pressed together.

"Jeanine? We'll begin with a breast exam. Do you check your own breasts regularly?" I asked as I pulled my hand away from her crotch and rolled her gown up over her tits. They must have been at least F-cups, and they sagged to either side as she lay on her back. She didn't have skyscraper nipples like her friend Liza, but her puffy black aureole covered them like skullcaps.

"Ah..." She sighed.

"I'll take that as a 'yes.'" I said.

With a nod to Kristy, I put both hands on one breast, probing the soft skin with my fingers. I slowly lifted and caressed her flesh while Kristy did the same to the other. Her breast felt heavy and I cradled it with one hand while stroking it with the other.

"Mmmm." A low moan escaped Jeanine's mask.

My nurse licked her lips and and I knew she wanted to suckle on the girl's nipples.

My fingernails made small circles around her aureole, drawing a gasp from the patient. Kristy and I exchanged grins as the black nubs filled with blood.

"Jeanine?" I bent over her face.

"Mm?" She struggled to focus on me.

"Breast exams are very important for pregnant women, and my nurse will continue yours while I begin your pelvic exam."

Jeanine nodded happily and closed her eyes as Kristy began to knead both breasts. She moved slowly and gently at first, then more roughly as she watched the blissful expression on the girl's face.

"I love your boobies. They're so soft." She whispered into Jeanine's ear.

The girl's only response was to arch her back, offering herself to Kristy.

After a quick glance at me for approval my nurse lowered her face to Jeanine's chest, nuzzling her cheek into the side of the girl's breasts.

"Ahhh..." Kristy moaned as her skin slid over Jeanine's erect nipple. Pursing he lips she took the nub into her mouth and sucked tenderly.

"Uh--" The girl gasped and her chest bowed, searching for deeper contact.

Tearing my eyes away from the steamy scene, I shifted my stool and sat between her legs. Without hurrying I peeled back the paper sheet, exposing an inch of creamy mocha skin at a time. My first discovery was Greek letters tattooed on the inside of her thigh; damn, I wish I could have watched that sorority initiation. The skin inside her thighs was smooth and hairless. When I could stand the wait no longer I pulled the sheet completely off, leaving her nude below the neck.

Her mound was black, much darker than the rest of her body, but I could see the crinkly pink folds of her inner lips. I ran my fingers around the outside of her lips, starting from the bump at her clit and curving down to her butt crack. They were full and meaty, almost as thick as my pinky.


Gripping her outer lips delicately I spread them apart, watching as the crinkled inner lips pulled apart. Her wetness sparkled under the bright light of my exam lamp.

"Ms. Greene?" I asked. "Did your previous doctor tell you that you have an unusually large clitoris?"

"Unh--" She grunted as I took it between my fingertips.

"Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to see clitoral enlargement in pregnant women" I said.

"Unnh." She groaned harder as I rubbed it.

"I'm going to examine your vaginal canal now, Jeanine." Releasing her clit, I smeared lubricant across her crotch, working it into each fold and cranny in her pussy, coating her sex in the slippery goo.

Placing my hand at the entrance to her slit, I eased my middle finger inside of her. My other hand massaged her abdomen, probing for her organs, feeling the wall of her womb, swollen to contain the baby within. Once my finger was completely inserted, I methodically circled her vaginal canal, feeling for signs of trouble. Finding none, I let my finger curl up to the soft spot behind her clit. While the other hand caressed the base of her bulge, my finger gently tapped her G-spot, squeezing the flesh against my hand.

"Ohhh..." Her hips rocked under my touch.

I looked up from her crotch to see Kristy twist the girl's nipples, jerking her tits left and right. Her nipples stretched and her black mounds jiggled.

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