tagBDSMMeet & Greet Ch. 01

Meet & Greet Ch. 01

byUnique Spirit©

Chapter 1: Meet n Greet - Their Beginning

As I sat on the swing bench at the park waiting for you to arrive, I could feel the butterflies in my stomach and my heart racing a bit too.

My pussy even tingled as my mind wandered over and over the many hours of online chat. The long phone conversations we had often lasted till the wee hours of the morning. Of course your pictures, your wonderful emails embedded in my mind.

I questioned of course why I was putting myself through this again. Even as the question came through my mind the answers followed. One cannot find that which they seek, if they don't keep their eyes open.

I didn't know how far I wanted this first meeting to go. We talked about a lot of possibilities I also know me, and I know that sometimes my submissive side gives in very easily when being directed by a firm and gentle hand and presence. Something I could see was very possible with someone like you.

I took a deep breath and pushed my shoe into the sand causing the bench swing to start swaying slowly. I leaned my head back on the bar and closed my eyes. The slight breeze felt nice on my skin.

The swing stopped suddenly and at the same time I felt a hand on my shoulder. My heart skipped a beat I was sure it was you but there was a thought that it could be someone I was not expecting. I started to turn around.

Then I felt a hand wrapped up in my hair and pulling it tightly down my back, causing my head to lean back and look up. "Shush close your eyes," I heard your voice as my head started to rest back my eyes closed.

I could feel my chest rise as I took in a deep breath of excitement. I could smell your cologne and feel you so close.

You leaned down and your lips softly kissed mine a couple times then down my jaw line and my neck on to my shoulder your tongue trailing back up slowly lingering around my ear.

I could feel the goose bumps crawl over my skin and caught myself let out of a gasp of excitement.

As your lips lightly touched mine and slowly parting mine with your tongue as the kiss became deeper more passionate, and your grip on my hair tightened a bit more.

I could feel my hips squirm and my pussy lips shudder in anticipation of such desire and need coming over her.

Your hand lightly till now had been caressing my face and slowly slid down over my shirt and cupping my breast.

I was wearing no bra as you had requested.

Squeezing firmly as you continued to kiss me deeply your tongue exploring my own.

Moaning softly into your mouth through the kiss responding to it as well as the sensation of my hair being pulled just tight enough and my breasts and nipples being squeezed and massaged, pinched first one then the other.

Moving slowly away from the kiss and down my neck your tongue tracing the contour of my soft breast exposed out of the top of my blouse. Your hand slid down between my legs, pressing to my thighs, just a little bit, urging me to spread them.

I did without hesitation.

As your hand slid down and cupped my mound. Gently pressing fingers wiggling lightly on my clit through my clothes.

I found myself pressing up to meet the pressure. My hips squirming, my breathing a bit rapid soft moans escaping my lips. I had no idea if anyone else was in the park, I didn't care.

Your soft kisses across my chest your hand on my mound, still holding my head back.

My eyes closed my senses becoming overwhelmed with heat.

As your mouth covered mine again in a deep aggressive passionate kiss so much so I almost didn't realize you had stepped over the back of the bench and were know sitting beside me as you moved closer to me, kissing me still both moaning sounds of pleasure with the delicious kisses we were sharing.

You released my hair and slipped your arm behind me and pushing me forward so you could scoop me up into your lap.

My head moving slowly back up and then opening my eyes to find you staring back at me.

Your hand moved around to caress my ass as you pulled me on to you more our eyes never leaving the others gaze, smiles moved across our faces.

You were just like your pictures. Very handsome, beautiful smile nicely trimmed goatee and mustache. And those eyes dark brown with such a deep sensually controlling gaze.

I was mesmerized.

"You are beautiful," you said softly, as your hand grazed along my face. Your fingers, lightly brushing my hair back down softly falling upon my shoulders. "Such beautiful hair in the sunlight, bring out the beautiful strawberry color, very pretty "you complimented. "It brings out the emerald sparkle in your green eyes." he added.

I felt my face warm as the blush overcame me from your words.

You leaned to kiss me softly.

"Shall we go" you asked.

I nodded a quick yes in reply.

Tilting my head to rest on your shoulder giggling like a school girl as you scooped me up to carry me to the parking lot.

You cradled me close as you carried me towards your motorcycle. Still no other words had passed. You gently set me on the back and straddled the bike in front of me taking my hands off my legs and pulling them around your waist to hold you tightly.

As you started the motor my grip around your waist tightened and I pressed my face into your back god you smelled so good and felt so good too. The rumble between my legs was nice too.

The Inn

We pulled into the Inn parking lot and parked. You got off the bike and helped me off taking my hand to assist me. We headed through the side entrance you had been here earlier. As you unlocked the door you looked back at me smiled pulling me close to you and kissing my forehead as you guided me into the door.

There was little light I started to move more into the room but you stopped me.

"Close your eyes and wait right here." you said softly both your hands resting on my shoulders.

I put my purse on the counter I was facing the mirror and sink. I closed my eyes. I could hear you moving around the room.

You turned on the radio to some soft rock music station.

I felt the breeze as you walked by me into the bathroom. I heard the bath water running and the scent of roses filled the air for a moment. As I took a deep breath and sighed eyes still closed. I felt you against me from behind.

You removed my glasses and set them on the counter softly kissing my shoulder as you did. Your warm breath on my neck sent goosebumps down my arms.

I then felt the silk of the blindfold against my eyes and elastic band rest comfortably around my head and on my ears. I could relax my eyes now and not see anything but the fireworks of colored stars in the darkness of my vision as my eyes adjusted to their cover.

You guided my arms up over my head and slowly lifted my top off of me. Your hands slowly lightly traced down my outstretched arms and down my side sending chills all over my body.

I took in a quick breath and a soft moan passed through my moistened lips.

"Just the beginning of the chills to come," you whispered softly in my ear as your hands cupped my now exposed breasts.

My breathing causing them even as small as I feel they are to rise, like they were mounds of clay trying to press into your hands.

My body leaned against the firmness of your chest my head slowly laid back to rest against you feeling your breathing in my ear as I know you were watching my body's response to your touches in the mirror.

Your hands ever so slowly running softly across my tummy my sides and back up to my breasts squeezing them full and sliding your hands around them over them lightly touching my nipples as you did the circular motion.

I could feel my pussy tingle, my nipples getting hard from the stimulation.

You pinched them both gently and pulling them out away from my body pinching a bit tighter.

I gasped and jerked a bit in response.

You laughed a light laugh and let them go and walked into the bathroom to stop the bath water.

When you came back to me you turned me around and undid my jeans. Slowly slipping them down my legs you pressed inside my thighs outwardly urging me to once again open them more to you.

I again followed your silent direction. As I stepped out of them, I felt your hands sliding up my legs and to my hips.

"Very nice!" you said smiling. Your hands slowly moving over and across then down lightly touching my smooth shaved mound...you firmly pressing your hand against my mound pressing your fingers against my skin and sliding up you could feel very little growth.

You teased my clit a bit with a soft kiss. Then stood and kissed me firmly. "I will have to shave you a bit though," you said sternly taking my hand and leading me into the bathroom.

"Step in," you commanded.

I could feel the cool tub against my leg and lifted it slowly and inward then the other, you held my hand the whole time. I started to sit down in the tub.

"SMACK!" the sting spread across my ass cheek catching me off guard.

"Awwh!" I gasped biting my lower lip.

"Did I tell you to sit down lil one?" You asked sternly, one hand holding forearm and one resting now above my ass on my hip.

"No Sir." I responded softly.

You took both your hands and gently placing them on my shoulders turned my body to face you. I heard the toilet seat lid shut and figured you were now sitting on it in front of me.

"Spread them" you commanded. At which time I moved my feet apart in the warm fragrant water. "MORE" you voice a bit louder this time. "Very good" you commented. "Now raise your arms above your head" was your next request.

I did this straight up like when you removed my top.

You grasped my hand and pulled it to the left I felt the leather bands being buckled around my wrists.

I started to wiggle my arm and moan a bit being somewhat uncooperative.

Your fingers quickly found my nipple and pinched it hard. "That is enough!" you demanded.

I quickly resolved to not push it at that point. My pussy was throbbing now.

More irritated then anything by my trying to get out of my restraints you grabbed my other hand and quickly turned me towards you my face resting on your shoulder. And delivered two very deliberate firm smacks to my ass cheeks one a piece.

I groaned a soft "ooohh and awwh, "with each.

You put me back in my stance and took my face into your hand. "Behave or there is much more where that came from do you understand?" you asked firmly.

"Yes Sir." I replied, and as you let go of my chin I put my head down ashamed of having acted up already though a smile crept upon my face hidden I hoped by my effort to look down.

You strapped my other wrists up to the bar as the other one.

"Awe very, very nice toy I have here," you said laughing, a very wild and naughty laugh.

There go the goose bumps again. You were standing right in front of me I could feel your presence. Your lips touched mine I started to kiss you back but you put a finger to my lips.

"No do not move!" you said as you licked my lips and then sucked my bottom lip in hard and as it slid out bit it just a bit I gasped as you then softly kissed it after. Your hands were rolling my nipples around and around pinching and pulling.

My legs were twitching a bit and my breathing was short gasps in between pinches, sucks and nibbles from your hot mouth on them.

Your fingers slid down over my clit now and between the folds of my lips feeling my wetness. "Oh my what a wet little slut I have!" you said laughing proudly as you slid two fingers in deep against my pubic bone almost bringing me to my tip toes in the water.

Brought forth a moan loud enough I was sure the room next to us would have heard it, "Aww ohhh mm!" the moan along with my breathing calmed as you squeezed my open pussy with your fingers inside me and pressing my clit to my pubic bone "Oww ohhh mm!" I moaned my legs shaking a bit.

Your fingers slid out, and you slapped my mound so your fingers hit my clit as you did. "Slap,slap,slap!"

With each I moaned, "OHH-OHH-OHH!" my breasts rising and falling with my breathing.

I heard the shaving cream and then felt it's coolness on my skin.

What a pretty site. "My naked wet slut, just hanging around for me to play with," you said laughing and slapping lightly my breasts and nipples. You started to shave me slowly and gently teasing my clit with circular swirls with your finger tip fast then slow, causing my legs to trembling. "Do not cum slut." you directed.

I shuddered my breathing trying to calm it down and not think about the tingling and building orgasm deep within me.

When you were done shaving me, you rinsed me well and then released my wrists.

"Down on your knees," you demanded helping me down into the tub as my legs were very shaky. "Put your hands on the edge of the tub," you continued with your directions and I followed them closely.

I felt your hand on my chin pulling my face towards you and lifting me up off my calves. I then felt it your cock. I took a deep breath "Oh my!" the words slipped out of my mouth.

You rubbed the head of your cock against my lips. Then slapped each side of my face with it.

I started to stick my tongue out to lick him. With this move you leaned down and very firmly pinched my nipple.

"Did I tell you to lick my cock slut?" You asked not releasing my nipple.

"No Sir." I responded squealing somewhat from the punishment.

You continued to slap my cheeks and lips with your hard cock. "Open your mouth, do not lick just open your mouth." you ordered.

My mouth opened kneeling there before you hands on tub nipples very hard pussy just trembling and so very ready to suck your cock.

You placed just the tip inside my mouth.

I waited to see if I would be allowed to start sucking on him. I was good I waited.

I felt your hand take my head and slowly press my mouth on to your cock and slowly making me take him all the way.

I was moaning into your pelvis my mouth full of your cock and your balls against my chin. My tongue swirling around the head in my mouth..

You then pulled my hair guiding me back off of him then back down again to the base

"Ohh ummmm!" my moans of pleasure and slightly gagging but so wanting to please you I sucked and licked as you continued to guide my mouth up and down your cocks length.

I could hear your breathing and moans barely above my own. You pulled out of my mouth. I stuck out my bottom lip saddened by the loss of your delicious cock.

"Don't pout!" you said sternly.

Taking my hands, you turned me "sit," you said quickly and you proceeded to take a wash cloth and run it all over my tits and back and then running some warm water took a cup and kept filling it with warm water on my body to rinse the bubble bath off me. You helped me up and wrapped me up in a towel and guided me out to the bed.

"Lay back," you said so sweetly.

God I wanted you to fuck me so bad right then.

"Sir but," I started to ask for just that.

You interrupted, by taking my hand and abruptly pulling me up and then sitting down on the bed your self you pulled me across your knee.

I grabbed the edge of the bed and started to push off you. "No Sir please I will be good please I m! "I started to plead as I tried my move off your lap.

You firmly grabbed my hands and put them under me and between your thighs.

"Aww," I groaned in the uncomfortable position

With one of your strong arms across my back and shoulders holding me in place, your other hand delivered very direct smacks to each cheek one at a time, "SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!"

Each smack made my body jerk and I cried out "aww ohh aww!" from the sting they left behind.

After the third one you stopped. Grabbed my hair up in your hand pulling my head back, you leaned down by my ear. "Are you forgetting something?" you asked. Pulling back on my hair a bit more waiting for my answer.

My mind was whirling my ass was stinging my pussy was throbbing and my nipples aching pressed against your leg. Biting my lip

"Thank you for my punishment Sir, I will try to be better" I answered praying it was the right one.

With a quick jerk on my hair "well good enough for a first time can't ask a lot of one who has been on the wild side and so untamed for so long, soon you will understand what I expect from you," You continued your hand rubbing softly on my tender ass.

You will be rewarded so much you will know you are wanted for all the pleasures you can bring your Master both here (and a firm smack given when you said this part) and outside the bedroom" you grabbed me tight again," Say it right now make me proud your reward will be my cum would you like that my slut? You asked

"Yes Sir Please Sir and thank you for my punishment I will do better Sir" I said just as proud to have answered correctly and so eager to taste your sweet reward and to have my own release.

Again one hand down "Thank you for that 1 swat Sir I deserve 3 more I will do better Sir." taking a deep breath, "Thank you for that 2nd swat Sir I deserve 2 more I will do better Sir!" I said betweens gasps and swats till I got them all right.

My ass ached so, as your hands swirled on my very pink cheeks, heat radiating from each tender mound.

You pressed my thighs apart and slid two fingers in my very wet pussy. My ass arched up again this time to push my pussy against your fingers diligently delving into my wetness and rubbing my clit each time you pulled them out of my dripping pussy.

My hips grinding up and down as I lay across your lap, I could feel your cock pressing against me.

You moved me on to the floor kneeling in front of you my pussy aching to cum and you knew it. You thrust your cock in my mouth.

I started sucking and licking your rock hard cock up and down my hands cupping your balls as I sucked you deep in my throat.

You enjoyed me doing this for a minute then stopped me.

Pulling me up on the bed next to you wrapped up in your arms you grabbed my wrists behind my back as you kissed me hard and deep releasing your hold there you pulled them up and tied them to silk ties on each corner of the bed, you slid down and spread my legs and tied my ankles spread eagle to the bottom corners you then slid up and slowly began licking my clit and sucking my lips into your mouth.

You lifted my ass, so you could better fuck my pussy with your tongue.

My breathing was so rapid my heart was racing my head rolling from side to side you were driving me crazy.

Your fingers started fucking my pussy and teasing my tight ass just pressing one finger in slightly I gasped. As your mouth sucked and licked my clit as almost your whole hand was fingering around inside me and then out then thrusting back in.

I was screaming "OH! OH! Master please oh god please!" my legs were getting tense.

You sucked and fucked my pussy with your fingers.

My body was starting to tremble.

I felt the ties slip off my ankles as you slid up and lifted my ass and then as you leaned over me my legs up on your shoulders I felt your cock slid in my throbbing aching pussy.

You moved your cock in and out slowly and your hand found my nipples and started pinching and pulling on them my body from the waist up twisting in my restraints. My pussy met your every thrust.

"Oh god please, please Master!" I pleaded, my pussy grabbing your cock I was going to explode any minute.

Your thrust became deeper, harder, faster you moved on top of me more.

My legs wrapped around you meeting each of your thrust fully feeling your cock swelling inside me.

You pulled off the blind fold and kissed me deeply passionately as your cock continued to pound deeper and harder our pubic bones hitting.

My clit was throbbed my pussy starting to twitch. "Please ohhh Master may I cum?" I begged and pleaded.

"Please Master I beg you please may I cum, oh god!" my legs grabbing you around the waist taking all you were giving me.

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