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MILFs At Home (And Away)


My girlfriend was doing exams at university and my cock was definitely feeling neglected ... although given the amount of sex I had been having with her and her younger sister (18 yrs old) + her sisters horny friend ... and her mother + female servants and several of her mother's friends ... I had little cause for complaint over the past few months.

In fact, ever since I met my girlfriend at a local gymkhana, I have been having great sex ... and lots of it ... every weekend. She and her family are complete sex addicts and stop at nothing for a good long hard fuck fest.

Meanwhile, this week I had taken a few days off work and decided to do some much-needed work around the apartment. My "lad pad" needed some updating, I thought. I drove down to the local town centre and began to do some window-shopping in my favourite high street. Shop windows filled with the very latest in TVs, hi-fi, computer accessories and other "state of the art" gadgets drew me inside. I contemplated making a purchase but decided to go into the nearby supermarket instead.

Grocery shopping at the local "upmarket" chain in the afternoon is such a leisurely affair. Everyone is relaxed ... unlike the evening shoppers hurrying home after a stressful day in the office, or young mothers doing a quick shop before picking up their demonic horde from school. By 3pm, the dreaded school run is in full swing and only the casual shoppers are left. This is prime time for sightings of the "oh so English" phenomenon of the "yummy mummy" with her tight jeans and tight t-shirts ... short skirts and skimpy tops on the younger ones ... and classy outfits with lots of cleavage on the older MILFs.

These are the one's I prefer ... more mature ... mid-30s to mid-40s ... experienced women with high sex drives or demure types with repressed sex drives that fuck like wild animals when someone finally helps them unlock the door to their carnal desires. Hot mature women ... well-dressed, in designer outfits ... with glimpses of stocking tops in the afternoon ... that imply fleeting notions of extra-marital sex and hot steamy casual affairs. I always have a "soft on" as I stroll though the aisles taking in the view ... and smelling their expensive but subtle perfumes as I glide past with my shopping trolley. My favourite section is the fruit & veg ... where they run their fingers over individual items, or pick up the produce and press it for firmness. I'm not sure ... but sometimes I swear they're comparing the cucumbers and carrots to imaginary cocks or a hard chiselled male thorso under their probing fingers. I often glimpse a wry smile in the corner of my eye as I stroll past.

They check out my trolley ... they like to see healthy foods, or at least something to say "this guy looks after himself" ... as opposed to cans of cheap deodorant and shower gel, 2 trays of lager, 6 frozen pizzas and 6 jars of "stir in" curry mix and 2-minute "boil in the bag" rice. They also check for feminine products that might say "he's got a wife or long-term girlfriend" ... or worse, any form of baby product. Being fertile is one thing ... but having a horde of crumb-snatching, ankle-biting Damians is another matter. Nope, whatever it is that I have (or, perhaps, don't have) in my trolley, seems to get them going.

Having finished my small grocery shop and waiting in the queue for the check-out, I spotted my girlfriend's mother Veronica in another queue. Our eyes met and Veronica winked at me. She had just finished paying for her groceries and seemed to be with a very hot-looking friend ... in fact, an extremely hot-looking forty-something female friend. She looked the same height as Veronica (5ft 8ins) and had the same dark hair colour and gentle tan. She wore a classy summer dress, flesh coloured stockings and 3-inch heels ... too small to be slutty but high enough to accentuate her sleek legs and sexy ass. The dress was not too low cut (once again, sexy in a sophisticated way but definitely not "over the top" slutty) and her deep cleavage was decorated with a single string of milky pearls. My thoughts wandered to thinking about adding another pearly string of white blobs to her collection. Veronica had a matching skirt and jacket in crimson, with a white blouse underneath. Veronica always liked to display her assets with a black push-up bra with the edges of the bra showing slightly ... and this occasion was no exception. Her bulging breasts were truly magnificent. She had a cleavage to die for.

They chatted while waiting for me to pay and come through. Veronica introduced me to Ulrika ... her friend from a skiing trip last winter. Despite her obvious foreign accent, Ulrika lived locally and was married to some boring Englishman that spent most of his time working. Given my track record with Veronica's sex-crazed family and friends I began to wonder if she'd been introduced to Veronica's lifestyle yet. My soft-on had definitely stiffened with these thoughts and I became very aware that Veronica was watching my crotch and smiling at my predicament. I reciprocated by catching glances of her cleavage and smiling knowingly when she caught me looking at it.

We chatted for a while without saying much about anything in particular. However, my cock stiffened a bit more when Veronica asked me if I'd mind helping her to pack her groceries into her car ... which was parked in the nearby multi-storey car park.

"There wasn't many free spaces when I arrived and I had to park the car in a rather dark corner. I know I should have waited but I didn't want to be late for Ulrika, so I took a chance. Would you mind accompanying us there?" she added.

She also very kindly offered to drive me home with my shopping, rather than having to take my usual taxi. Car parking charges are exorbitant so when I doing a bit of aimless browsing and don't know how long I am going to be, its usually much less expensive to take a taxi. With two trolleys of shopping, we waited for an empty lift to appear. No point in having a load of total strangers in there when I try to finger Veronica in the lift, I thought to myself. It was a little bit cramped and I stood slightly to the side and behind of Veronica. Ulrika stood in front facing us both ... the shadows making her ample cleavage seem even deeper in the faint light of the lift and when Veronica let her hand slide behind her to feel my cock, I felt confident I was going to see Ulrika's big tits in their full splendour very soon.

I casually slid my hand down between Veronica's ass cheeks, up her shirt and slid into her moist cunt without any signs of reluctance on her part ... no panties (as usual) but she was wearing stockings and a suspender belt ... which just turns me on sooooo much. I let my finger slide up and down beneath one of her suspenders ... gently rubbing her ass and upper thighs as I did so. Ulrika was smiling ... obviously noticing Veronica's arm behind her back and her movements. I grew bolder and slid my hands around Veronica's waist and slowly moved them upwards until I was cupping her heavy breasts. Veronica let out an involuntary sigh as I tweaked her now hard nipples. Ulrika was staring at my wandering hands ... and her smile dropped to an open-mouthed look of lust.

I moved my hands back behind Veronica ... draped one over her shoulder and down into her cleavage so I could feel her heaving breasts beneath the tight confines of her bra ... and slid the other hand back under her dress and resumed stroking her pussy slit from behind.

Without uttering a word, Veronica slowly leaned forward and pulled Ulrika towards her for a long passionate kiss. Her other hand never left my cock. She stroked its full length through my trousers as my fingers explored her ass and moist cunt. As they kissed, Ulrika kept her eyes open and maintained eye contact with me as I removed my other hand from Veronica's cleavage and dropped it down on to Ulrika's left tit. She breathed in sharply when I tweaked her rapidly hardening nipple and continued to kiss Veronica passionately.

When the two women broke from their long, passionate kiss, Veronica breathily announced "This is the horny fucker that's dating my eldest daughter."

Ulrika looked me straight in the eye and said "ooooohhhhh, I've heard LOTS of good things about you." She moved closer and we kissed ... as Veronica slid her hand up the front of Ulrika's dress and began to finger her. Ulrika responded by pushing her tongue into my mouth and breathing heavily through her nose. She was very, very turned on.

That was it. I knew I was going to fuck them both. It was just a matter of when and where ... but there in the lift wasn't an option given that it could be called back down to the foyer at any moment. However, for the moment, the sexual tension in that lift was simply intoxicating. I was tempted to slide into Veronica from behind right there and then.

Ulrika pulled back ... smiled knowingly at me ... and then slowly squatted down and lifted Veronica's skirt. Veronica held on to the trolleys for support. She knew Ulrika was about to lick her wet pussy and parted her legs slightly to allow her better access. She sighed as Ulrika parted her pussy lips and took one long lick. Ulrika moaned as she ate Veronica. I glanced downwards and noticed she had her hand up her skirt and was stroking her own pussy ... making no attempt to hide the fact from either of us.

Veronica panted loudly as Ulrika ate her pussy and told Ulrika that she had wanted her to do that since the first day they'd met.

"I have fantasised about you on many occasions" added Veronica. "I wasn't sure if you'd do it ... but I've always wanted you to go down on me."

"Really darling" replied Ulrika. "What made you think that? I haven't ate a woman since I was in boarding school and that was really just the frustration of boarding in the middle of nowhere with no suitable boys within a 20-mile radius. I haven't dabbled since. My husband's not very adventurous and I've been afraid even to mention the idea of swinging to him. I've been toying with the idea of an affair but the so-called gentlemen I know are soooooooooo indiscrete and I don't really fancy any of them anyway."

My cock was now throbbing like hell and I wanted it inside one of them as soon as possible. Veronica eased my fly down and unbelted my trousers. They slid down my legs and she held my cock behind her back. She rubbed my cock between her butt cheeks and asshole. My pre-cum lubbed it slightly and she turned around to silently mouth her approval. I pushed forward and my cock slid past her creamy pussy lips.

Veronica then turned back to Ulrika and asked "Remember our conversation in the coffee shop this morning, Ukrika?"

"Yes, Veronica ... you said your daughter's boyfriend had a VERY thick cock" replied Ulrika in a very hopeful but almost innocent tone.

What a fucking tease, I thought.

"Well, here it is" as she slid my cock between her legs towards Ulrika's open mouth. I could feel Veronica's wet pussy slide along the top side of my cock. She was very wet. Slick with juices and ready to fuck.

Ulrika said nothing ... she just swallowed my bulbous cock head as it emerged on her side of Veronica's body and swirled her tongue around my glans. She slid a hand between my legs and gently squeezed my balls as she sucked my bulbous cock head into her hungry mouth. She continued to massage my balls and casually scratch my sac as her tongue rasped against the underside of my cock. This woman really knew how to suck cock. Veronica eased forward and my cock slipped from Ulrika's eager mouth.

I noticed the lift was nearing our car park level and suggested we adjourn to the car. I pulled up my trousers as the two horny women locked together for another passionate kiss.

"Mmmmmmm, I love the taste of my pussy from another woman's tongue" said Veronicas they broke from the kiss and the door opened. We were in a multi-level car park basement. The sunlight shone in from the outside as I followed Veronica's swinging hips back to her car. She was driving the SUV and had parked it in the corner farthest from the lift. I think she was bullshitting about being in a hurry and there being no parking spaces. I think she had planned to seduce Ulrika there and my appearance was just icing on the cake. Why else would she have mentioned her daughter's horny boyfriend's big, thick cock???? Hardly the typical coffee morning conversation in the stock broker belt of Surrey, I thought to myself.

They didn't wait for me to offer to assist ... so I groped both of them from behind as they loaded their groceries into the back of the SUV. Since they didn't object, I took maximum advantage of the twin opportunity. As suspected, Ulrika didn't wear panties either and, like Veronica, she too parted her legs to give me access to her sopping wet cunt. When the groceries were safely inside, they both leaned forward into the trunk ... holding on to the back of the car and wiggling their sexy butts as I fingered them. They resumed kissing as I slid two fingers into each pussy and a thumb into each asshole. I knew Veronica loved this and hoped that Ulrika thought likewise. Her raised moans of lust and widened stance confirmed this. Veronica was first to break way and she opened the back door of the SUV.

"I need to be fucked NOW" she demanded. "But, you're first Ulrika. I want to see him fuck the living daylights out of you. You said your husband doesn't give you enough. Well, this guy is a jackhammer on legs and believe me, there's plenty for BOTH of us."

Ulrika didn't need a second invitation. She kissed me briefly ... another passionate tongue twister as she ground her pubis into my crotch. I clamped my hands on her ass and rubbed against her heat. She broke away ... pulled her dress up and tucked it into the back of her suspender belt, then climbed on all fours into the SUV and began to wiggle her naked ass at me. She was wearing flesh-coloured stockings with darker stocking tops. I could see her wet slot and labia. My cock throbbed again. I just loooove hot 40-somethings wearing sexy underwear!!!

"Do you like stockings" she asked and continued to wiggle her tasty ass at me. "I am sooooo in need of a nice hard cock right now. C'mon big boy ... let's see if you know how to use that big club."

However, before I could react, Veronica dived in between her buttocks and licked her long crack. Ulrika moaned with lust as Veronica slobbered over her cunt and ass like a woman possessed. I was beside myself with lust. My cock was throbbing. Ulrika was on all fours being licked doggy style and wiggling her ass on veronica's face like a bitch on heat. I dropped my trousers and underpants once more and whipped out my pulsing meat. Pulling Veronica out of the way, I aimed my cock at Ulrika's pussy and eased it into her. She was slick with her own juices and Veronica's saliva.

"Oh my God" she exclaimed "this IS SOOOOOOO MUCH BIGGER THAN MY HUSBANDS."

"Yes" added Veronica "and when he's finished, you can come back to my place and I'll introduce you to MY husband. He's got a big, fat cock too. And like John, he's always UP for some fun. In fact, we chatted about you to a lot and he always tells me he'd love to TRY you. In fact, when I mentioned to him that I was meeting you this morning, he shot his load all over my tits."

Ulrika's pussy had opened up like a ripe fruit and my cock slid all the way in with ease. I wrapped my right hand around the back of her suspender belt, grabbed the lip on the roof with the other hand and started to fuck her. Veronica stood beside me. She smiled and began to finger herself.

"Kiss me" I hissed "I want to taste her on your tongue."

Veronica leaned into me and I Iicked her wet wanton lips ... all the way around her open mouth and down on to her lightly perfumed neck. I kissed her neck. I kissed her ear lobes and thrust my tongue into her left ear. Then we kissed again. The aroma and taste of Ulrika's hot cunt was all over her face. I slowly began to fuck Ulrika ... with one hand hanging on to the back of her garter belt as I did so and fingering Veronica's cunt my free hand.

"Save some for me, big boy" she whispered into my ear, as she slapped my ass before slowly sliding around the other side of the car. She opened the door on the far side, pulled her dress up and slid on to the seat in front of Ulrika. I could hear them chatting to each other.

"Lick my pussy while I wait for my turn" hissed Veronica. "Make me cum and I'll eat his cum out of your sloppy cunt when he's fucking me. Mmmmmm, I just love a nice cream pie for lunch".

"Oh my God" Ulrika answered "I'd love to do that. I've fantasised about that for sooooooo long, you dirty bitch. Uhhhh, ooohhhhh ... he's stretching me ... I've never had a cock this thick inside me. He's even bigger than my vibrator."

"Ohhhh, that's it. Just there" Veronica added "Lick me. Slip your tongue inside me and lick my pussy walls. Ohhhhh, yesssssss .... Just there .... That's it .... Ohhhhh, I just love the way women eat my pussy. Ohhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, my clit's on fire."

All I could see was Ulrika's cunt opening and closing around my cock. Her big pussy lips seemed to cling to my cock on the backward stroke and we made wet squishing and slapping noises as I pummelled her. I could also hear Veronica uttering obscenities and beginning to orgasm. Ulrika began to shake and her pussy went limp as she too began to cum. She must have stopped licking Veronica because she too began to howl obscenities as my cock pistoned in and out of her now dripping cunt.

"Let me see your tits" I hissed at her "I want to cum all over your big tits but I don't want to ruin that pretty dress". Yeah, right ... to be truthful, I didn't care what I ruined right then ... just so long as her big, heavy titties were in full view when I began to squirt.

I pulled back and my cock slipped out of her with an audible plop. Ulrika backed out of the SUV and I unzipped the back of her dress. She stood up, allowed her dress to drop down, removed it in one graceful movement and hung it over the front seat head rest. She was magnificent in matching stockings, suspender belt and bra. Her big, heavy breasts heaved within the confines of her bra as she breathed through the remainder of her last orgasm.

"You want to see these?" she asked, as she cupped them between folded arms. "Veronica, would you be a darling and unclip my bra. This very naughty young man has requested I display my plump titties to him ... and we've only just been introduced. Naughty boy!!! So you want to cum all over them, huh???"

"Just wait 'til you see him SQUIRT" Veronica interrupted, "He has a reserve tank of the stuff in there somewhere. I've never seen anything like the amount of cum he produces. I get wet just thinking of his jet hose gushing all over me ... or deep inside me."

Veronica unclipped Ulrika's bra and gently moved her bra straps down over her shoulders. Ulrika kept her nipples hidden as Veronica slipped a hand underneath her ass and fingered her pussy. Ulrika squirmed as Veronica slid two wet fingers in and out of her (by now) very dilated pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm, that's soooooooooo nice" moaned Ulrika, as Veronica stuck a finger on her other hand into her tight asshole. Ulrika was past the point of no return as she dropped her arms and revealed her big brown aureolae and thick nipples. Her breasts swayed from side to side as she wriggled on Veronica's insistent fingers. She then lay back and Veronica supported her as she spread her long stockinged legs in front of me and held her pussy flaps open. I wasted no time as I slid into the SUV on top of her. I eased myself slowly into the missionary position and slammed my cock into her and pumped her now sloppy cunt mercilessly. I arched my back and sucked on her thick 'cigar-butt' nipples as Veronica guided them into my mouth.

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