tagSci-Fi & FantasyMilk Factory Ch. 03

Milk Factory Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Arrival

Kelly was awake several hours later, getting ready for the day, if you could call it that. When there's no actual time zone or orbit, you rely pretty much on intuition and instruments. According to said instruments, the "time" was around 8 A.M. There was much to do, most importantly, make her report to her superiors back at the farm. She grabbed a quick breakfast, dressed in the top of her uniform (Being that she would be sitting at a desk, there was no point putting bottoms on), and pushed the sequence of keys on her desks computer to initiate the video chat. "Sheesh," she thought "You'd think there would be something more advanced than Skype, or whatever it's called on Earth. Hell, we're only two thousand years more advance than them technologically."

The screen lit up then to an office that obviously belonged to someone in power. Spacious, with a massive wooden desk in the center, sofa to the side, and the rest of the room wrapped in full bookcases and thick carpet on the floor, it belonged to the Chief of Acquisitions, Chief Linda A. Porter. Kelly could see that her boss was in her usual work attire: Blue overalls with a white undershirt stretched thin over her impressive rack, jet black hair pulled back into a loose pony tail, her usual not-quite-mean-but-not-quite-friendly smile on her neon pink lips.

"You know, for someone as high up as you are, you really know how to dress down, boss."

"For as long as you've known me, Kelly, how many shits have I given about appearance? Everyone from top of the top, to lowest of low, knows I'm hands down the best at what I do, and if anybody wants to say something, I daresay I welcome the challenge. Now, how's our newest little package?"

Kelly had to choke back laughter, thinking of the rookie assistant who challenged her boss' position last time. The poor girl was taken right afterwards to the R&D department to undergo experimental treatment for increased milk production. The results were impressive, for lack of a better word. The girl, whose name had been Sarah, became a cowgirl like no other; her breasts grew to immeasurable size, closely resembling beanbag chairs, while her nipples elongated into small udders, forever needing to be milked. At the same time, her cock had grown to cartoonish proportions, now the size of the average persons' leg from the knee up, while her balls inflated to look like two cantaloupes stuffed in a skin colored grocery bag. Custom equipment was made for her; due to her massive new endowments, the biggest extractors were puny in comparison. She was set up in her own booth, to have her assets sucked and milked until it was decided she had learned her lesson. Of course, that was ten years ago, and since then, she had grown to completely enjoy her new life as a cowgirl and fucktoy.

The chief was looking at her subordinate with a knowing grin, finally saying "Well?"

"Right," Kelly said, getting back on subject, "the newest cowgirl is developing perfectly, Chief. Since acquisition, everything has been going like clockwork. Her body is developing perfectly, leaving me to work on her behavior and mental conditioning for the next session or two. By the time we arrive, she'll be just right for her new life."

"Good, Lieutenant Kelly, I knew I could count on you. You're ETA is three days from now, at which point the new cowgirl will be placed in her new quarters. Until then, take care of our new moneymaker and continue with her training."

"Thank you ma'am, I will follow my orders with pleasure and joy. Lieutenant Kelly Bancroft, out."

With that, the screen went blank, and Kelly was left alone once again to her duties. She backed away from her desk, cock now fully erect from thinking about the cowgirl formerly known as Sarah, and decided to indulge a little bit. She stripped out of her work shirt, completely naked once again, and made her way past the sleeping Karla to the milking parlor. She grabbed the extractor off of its holding place, removed the collection tube, turned it on, and went through the settings to find what she was looking for: Timed run.

"Hmm, let's see, half an hour should be a fine amount of time...eh, maybe 45 minutes instead, I have been a good girl after all?" she muttered to herself taking a seat. She promptly slid her mechanical little helper into position on her turgid cock and hit the start button, sinking into the chair as her cock was expertly manipulated. "Ooh yeah, that's nice! Ahh, omigod...ffffuck...AAHH!"

Her legs shook nonstop, back arching, as her cock let loose its first load of the day. Because the end had been opened, the hot cum that would have been collected and stored instead shot out of the open end to cover her upper body and legs. This played right into her cum fetish. Her hands reached out to twist her erect nipples, sucking her lower lip in to stifle a shriek of pleasure. Meanwhile, the extractor hummed along at a leisurely pace, and over the next 40 minutes, brought 3 more orgasms to the beautiful dickgirl. At 44 minutes, though, the machine kicked into high gear, programmed to end every timed session with orgasm. Kelly was running her hands up and down her body, mouth gaping open as her eyes squinted shut. She could see the machines display had pulled up a timer that was counting down from 5...4...3...2...1...

"NGH...AAAAHHHH!!!!" Kelly's entire body was lurching and jumping around in the chair, mind numbed by the feeling of her balls being drained dry by the wonderful technology she was currently humping. For the next five minutes, all she could do was lie there, gasping for breath, and enjoy the afterglow. Eventually, her strength returned enough for her to remove her toy with one last shudder of pleasure and make her way to the showers.

Meanwhile, Karla was waking up to her full melons aching for release. Without thinking, her hands went to pinch and pull her sensitive nipples, gasping at the sensation. In turn, this triggered a rush of pleasure to her now hard cock and soaking pussy. Her hand reached down to slowly start jacking off, already knowing the trouble she was getting herself in, but not caring because it just felt so good! Due to the drugged butt plug from the previous day, her perfectly curved ass felt empty. She needed something to fill it, something to fill both her holes!

As if on cue, she looked to the small nightstand that was built it to the side of the bed. Sitting there were two sizable vibrators. Without thinking, she grabbed the smaller one and pressed it slowly into her bum, moaning in raw lust as inch after inch was inserted, then turned it on. Her eyes shot open as the uncrossable edge that seemed so far away a minute ago was now seconds away. Karla's body was bucking uncontrollably, but her hand was reaching for the bigger vibrator against her own volition. It's like her body was on autopilot. Her rouge hand turned the vibrator on to its highest setting and shoved the whole thing into Karla's dripping snatch in one thrust.

"OOOoohhh FUCK ME! *gasp* Gotta cum! MMmmm so full, feels so good! Unh...take me, fill me, fuck me, use me!" She babbled, turning over so that she could present her ass to her fantasy lovers. Her legs and ass were shaking sporadically from the amazing pleasure in her crotch, she buried her face in the sweat soaked pillow and screamed from the most painful pleasure.

Kelly had been standing outside her door the entire time, listening in. She chose then to walk in, cock harder than stone, to say: "Looks like someone got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Remember the rules?" Kelly grabbed the writhing girl and pulled her up to a kneeling position, which put her cock at mouth level. "Suck." And Karla did just that, swallowing down as much as she could, her hands wrapping around the rest. They were soon both moaning in ecstasy, and after a couple of minutes of one of the best blowjobs Kelly could remember getting, she filled her cowgirls mouth up with delicious cum, who gulped down as much of it as she could, only letting a small amount leak out to land on her luscious jugs, which was rapidly rubbed in to the soft flesh.

"Oh master, that was delicious! I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself, it felt soooo good!"

"Did it now, slut? Well then, looks like we should do something, huh? Stand up."

Karla did as she was told, and waited patiently for her master to leash her up and take her down the hall. She was led past the milking parlor and mess hall, all the way to a yellow door with a red X on it. Across the middle was a sign reading Re-Adjustment. They walked into the room slowly, waiting for the lights to activate. In the center of the room was what might have resembled a workout bench, if it didn't have so many straps around it. Karla was led to this monstrosity, naturally, and unleashed by Kelly.

"Lie down on your belly and place your arms and legs on the pads."

Karla did as she was told, getting herself into position quickly. No sooner had she gotten her limbs in the appropriate space, thick straps wrapped themselves around them, locking her in tight. Kelly walked over to a small holographic terminal in the corner and began typing.

"Obviously, you need help remembering the rules. This is going to fix that." She said, finishing her work with a smile. With that, the machine kicked on, repositioning the scared Karla into a reclined position, a small headset descending from the ceiling. It settled on her, covering her eyes and ears, while at the same time down below, an extractor was sliding over her rod as the suckers were placed on her stiff nipples. The extractor synced up to the computer, turned on the monitor inside the headset, and began the readjustment procedure that had been chosen.

Kelly leaned back against a wall, watching in joy as the cowgirl went through the experience. Karla was being assaulted with a barrage of hypnotic suggestions while small probes were sending tiny electric shocks to different parts of her brain, which triggered hypno-induced orgasms once a minute. Her tits were flooding the small suckers with milk, while her lower half sprayed in every direction. Kelly watched all of this, both hands stroking her massive dong, every now and then letting loose a rope of cum on the cowgirls sexy ass or back.

After two hours, it was time for the procedure to end.

Karla slid out of the machine to the ground in an exhausted pile. Her body was still squirting various fluids until the amazing orgasm finally faded, leaving her a soaking mess from head to toe. Her jaw was completely slack as her eyes wandered around in their sockets, a lazy smile beaming on her face as her brain caught up with the mental and physical punishment. Slowly, she came back to reality, each mental trigger locking in to her subconscious, one after the other. At that moment, fireworks exploded behind her eyes, sending her body shaking and slipping all over the floor as it was washed away in sensational pleasure. Her body was once again locked from cumming, so it all just built up inside of her, driving her mad.

Kelly stood over her, arms crossed under her breasts, a stern look on her face. "I told you there would be consequences to misbehaving. Having your mind dimmed down a bit will help prevent future rule breaking, I think. Now, get up and follow me."

"Yes, Mistress." Karla responded, standing on wobbly legs from the ongoing pleasure, walking behind her beautiful master obediently. She was led back through the ship to her quarters, where she was told to lie on her bed as several straps wrapped themselves across her body, roping her to the bed leaving her privates exposed.

Kelly strode out of the room, heading for the medical bay to mix up a couple IV bags worth of happy juice, the milking parlor for some equipment, then headed back to Karla's room. Without a moment wasted, Kelly had perfectly inserted both IVs, one in each arm set for a two day drip, containing powerful mixes of fertility hormones and aphrodisiacs, and the other was a life giving cocktail of vitamins and food. The two cones were slipped back on to her tits, as the extractor slid home on her twitching cock and two vibrators slammed into place in her twat and ass, humming away endlessly.

"Now, as punishment for breaking the simple rules I've given you, you will spend the next 72 hours in here. For the next three days, you will be kept on the absolute edge of release, only given relief at random times no more than ten minutes apart. Even when you pass out from the pleasure, your body will still be helpless to resist." At that, a timer appeared in front of Karla, 10:00 blinking in white. Kelly's hand was resting on the top of the display as she knelt down to whisper "Have fun..." before hitting the start button and walking out the door.

The next three days passed by relatively uneventfully. Kelly made one last report to the home office, confirming arrival times and other micromanagement. Karla was completely lost to the world eighty percent of the day, either from repeated orgasms or fitful sleep. Each orgasm reset the clock to zero, which kept Karla's complete attention when she could keep her eyes open. When the last wonderful shock finally faded, and her overused dick finally shot its last load, she passed out to a state of sleep so deep, that she didn't even know that they were finally arriving at their destination.

Kelly observed the entirely automated process of taking the ship into orbit, through her planets' atmosphere and down to the landing paddock located near the right building. If felt great to be back, even though it had only been about two weeks away, and she couldn't wait to sleep in her own bed again and get some real food in her. She walked back to her room to put on her uniform, looking forward to seeing her friends and getting back into the regular grind of things around the facility.

As she was walking off the ship, she was greeted by her boss and occasional lover, Linda, with a hug and nonprofessional kiss. They held each other close, making out passionately while around them, maintenance crews were getting started working on the ship, and a couple farmhands went aboard to collect the sleeping Karla.

She was still strapped to the bed as it was wheeled off and into the 3 story building with CATTLE RANCH stenciled onto the side in five foot tall letters. This building was now her new home, even though she was too far gone to care at the moment. Inside, with the now 239 other cowgirls, the 70 or so farmhand girls, and the various higher-ups, scientists, and medics, Karla was led to the processing center, where a microchip laden bellybutton ring was pierced into place on her now flat stomach.

While Karla was being taken to her new residence, Kelly and Linda were riding a lift up to the office of the CEO and founder of the Happy Hills Dairy Farm, Mary Griffon. When they arrived, they said hello to Nancy the secretary, who buzzed them in. Sitting behind the massive wood desk was the embodiment of exotic beauty. Being seven feet tall, with raven black hair tied up in a loose bun, a perfect face, and a body to kill for, it was obvious to most people how this woman got to where she was today. She was known for being one hundred percent business when she needed to be, and it showed in her stance and facial expression. However, when she saw Kelly and Linda stride into her office, she couldn't help but smile.

"Ah, welcome back, Kelly. Glad to see everything went according to plan. Smooth trip?"

"Yes ma'am, only the slightest hitch in the new girls' behavior training, which has been fixed, to an otherwise routine acquisition. On the way up, we were informed that she is now in her new home and still asleep if you'd like to see her."

"That sounds like a great idea, actually. I've been cooped up in this office all day figuring out the scrambled mess of a contract the lawyers are telling me is a foolproof idea. Can't make heads or tails of the damn thing right now, but if everything goes right, it could mean great things are coming in the near future...no pun intended. Let's go."

The three of them rode the lift back down to the ground floor, they chatted away about this, that, and the other, walking to the stables across the expertly kept lawn, catching up the way women do. As soon as the doors opened to the stable building, they were immediately hit with the sounds of dozens of cowgirls being milked. Cries of pleasure echoed through the building constantly which kept everyone somewhat aroused. Several farmhands, dressed in only a blue bra and panties, went about their business of scheduled extractions, health check-ups, sample analysis, and keeping the cowgirls happy.

They made their way up to the third floor, following a farmhand through the building to the sleeping Karla's room. Once they were all inside, Mary and Linda took a good inspection of the newest cowgirl. Kelly was leaning back smiling, when Mary spoke up.

"Kelly, I want you to come here for a moment."

When Kelly reached her boss, she saw a device that would have resembled an iPad if Apple was a thousand years ahead. On it was a picture of a girl who in no way resembled the sleeping girl, the name Karla Mason written across the top. Kelly took a close look at the ID stud in her belly button and read Karla Maxwell.

"You do realize you got the wrong person, right?"


Don't know when the next chapter will be ready, but it will contain a lot more plot development than previous chapters, and a few things will be explained. Till then, thanks so much for reading and supporting my stories, and as always, feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.

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