tagNovels and NovellasMisery Rides Again Ch. 11

Misery Rides Again Ch. 11

byBill Smith©

Part 11: Life Is Simple

I walk necked into my bedroom drying off what little hair I have left and hear the now familiar chatter coming from Justine's bathroom. Girls, what do they find to chat about in the bathroom and then decide I don't want to know. Pulling on my shorts and polo shirt I head downstairs to the library and the Jack Daniels Black. As I sip on the JD I think to myself just how could life be any better..., then I remember my life is changing at a pace I never dreamed of as a young man. It was not that long ago when I had life figured out, and now each day is a challenge. After a long sip I think is this change worth it? After a couple of more sips my answer is yes. My life has new meaning; I have questioned previously held beliefs and found them wanting; I have found things about those I hold dear and after learning that I hold them dearer still; I will continue to learn as I grow older. From Aristotle to Augustus and now to me, I guess that wisdom does begin at 40 or older, strange that I have never noticed this before.

The doorbell rings. Like Pavlov's dogs I respond to the stimulus and head to the front door. I open the front door and there stands the mystery guest. She smiles at me, and my heart melts. I know her, and yet I can't think of her name. She is dressed in short, shorts, and a halter top that would have you wonder if it was a top at all.

"Come in," I tell this person I know, yet don't know.

She does. As she enters she glances around the interior and tells me, "Nice."

"It is a place to hang a hat."

At this she laughs, and her laughter is like music on the wind; light and feathery. Yet seductive.

"You don't remember me do you," my guest asks me.

"Yes I do. You were amid things sexual and mysterious. If my memory serves me right you made me wish I was 30 years younger, but we were never introduced."

"I would not want you 30 years younger, and my name is Gayle."

I put forth my hand to Gayle and tell her, "It is a pleasure to know your name, and my name is George."

She takes my hand into both of hers and tells me, "I know you name and before the night is out you will know me better."

"Yes, well...," I flounder as I have never encountered anyone like Gayle, so young, so confident, so fucking cute.

"Hello," rings forth from the stairs. I look up and see Justine and Mira. My jaw drops down and I having great difficulty focusing my eyes. Both Justine and Mira are wearing short, shorts and a halter top. Looking at both of them and Gayle their dress would almost be a uniform except their colors do not match, but if we had a sexuality scale all of their outfits it would be off that scale! So much skin and so little clothes, I Love IT!

"Hi," Gayle says back to Justine.

Once on the ground floor Justine tells Gayle, "This is Mira. Mira this is Gayle." Both shake hands.

"George close your mouth and get us some wine," Justine commands me.

"What are we eating" I ask.

"Mexican for dinner and other exotic things for dessert."

Well, Mexican Food is spicy and a sweet wine would help to offset that, and the only thing that I can think of is a sangria. Off to the bar I go as the girls talk together in that special girl chatter. I'm in luck as I find fresh fruit, and then I think it is not luck at all as Justine has prepared for the evening. Wine glasses filled with wine and fruit I head towards the kitchen where the women are.

As I enter the kitchen, talk stops as all heads turn towards me. I look at each one in turn and then say, "Was all this taking about me?"

"Yes," Justine tells me.

As I pass out the wine, I ask, "What was the topic."

"Who gets to fuck you first," Justine tell me.

As I sip my wine, I ask, "Who won."

"Gayle," Mira tells me.

"Cool," I reply.

Dinner is a brief affair, and the conversation light and uneventful. We retire to the library.

I sit on the couch and Gayle ask me, "Can I sit on you lap Daddy?"

I start to answer with my high school English instructor's pat answer and tell her if she able to, but I look at her dress and answer that question my self. "Yes baby. You may sit on Daddy's lap." And she does.

"Daddy, I have been thinking about you all day and it has made me so wet. Do you understand Daddy?"


With that answer she slips a hand down into her shorts. After a few short tremors she removes her hand and presents to me two fingers covered in wetness. She places the two fingers under my nose and I inhale. What I inhale is the musk of women across the centuries who have held their lovers captive with a perfume that can never be captured and placed in a bottle. Then the fingers are at my lips and I suck them in with a swiftness that causes Gayle alarm but soon she realizes my intentions are not menacing, and I taste the nectar first hand. Bees would be envious of me as the nectar I taste is beyond the sweetness they could ever create, and I suck her fingers dry.

Removing her fingers Gayle tells me, "Kissing is more then lips touching: it is truly the joining of souls where simple taste becomes a feast." As I kiss her I try and suck her soul into mine at the same time she is trying to do the same to me.

Breaking the kiss she tells me, "In kissing breath is given and taken." And she kisses me again, I can hear her breath as it increase in tempo and as it escapes from her lungs it dances across her vocal cords and sings in little whimpers and moans.

Breaking the kiss she tells me, "Kissing is more the kissing because it allows you to get close and ignites your sense of smell." I can smell her passion building as clearly as when her fingers were under my nose and I am in heaven.

Again breaking the kiss she tells me, "Kissing is more then kissing but not for the lips alone; no part of a lover's body should ever go without kissing, for to restrict where kisses go leaves a journey half-done and leaving things half-done is not a way to live or to fully enjoy the journey." With that said she removes her halter top and allows her pert little breasts to dance before my eyes. Not to leave things half undone I bend my head and I am able to fully suck an entire breast into my mouth, and as I do so I flick my tongue across her nipple.

Then we are separated. Clothes disappear and we are reunited. Where there was just one mouth enjoying the pleasure of Gayle there are now three, and Gayle moans out her pleasure. I find my way to the junction between her legs and drink directly from the free flowing river of nectar. With eyes closed I suck in her clitoris between my teeth, gently bite while I let my tongue flick across the head and Gayle cums. I open my eyes and see Justine kissing her while Mira is sucking on her breast. I remove my head from between her thighs and crawling upwards on my knees I place my dick between the lips of her cunt and gently push forward till I am buried up to the hilt. Then I slowly pull outwards till there is nothing but the head of my dick buried in this hot wet wonderland, and then I push forward once again.

I look up and see Mira gone. As my mind processes this information I feel hands on my ass as something wet and thin invades my ass. Justine repositions herself until she sits on Gayle's face allowing Gayle to lick her cunt. Resting on my elbows I pull Justine's ass checks apart and assault her ass hole with the same vigor as Mira is assaulting mine. Three out of 4 of us cum at the same time, and it is truly a mind boggling experience! After a life time we all pull apart. I rest on my back and look at the ceiling, then I feel my legs being lifted up in the air. I look down between my legs, see Mira there without her shorts on and then I feel his hardness as it knocks at my ass requesting permission to enter. Since his tongue has paved the way his dick quickly enters where no dick has ever gone before. As his dick slides into my ass my mouth makes the strange little "O"s I saw on all the dolls from Gayle's shop, and as he removes his dick I feel a sense of emptiness, but not for long as he slides forward once again. In and out he moves in my ass, and I find a tempo to meet his thrust and we are in sync. Justine moves around till she is in a position to suck my dick. Gayle does a partial cartwheel till she straddles my face looking at Mira and places her sex on my mouth. I drink freely from her sex, all that I put there as well as her offering fall towards my mouth and I drink like a man dying of thirst. Then there is more wetness and I release that she is peeing. I drink as fast as I can, but I now know how Mira felt with Ann, but it is not an unpleasant experience and I do my best not to miss a drop. I feel Mira getting harder and then I actually feel her cumming in my ass, which triggers me to explode into Justine's mouth. It is an exciting experience for us all.

After a brief rest we are at it again. As Justine fucks Gayle with the Nexus two headed dildo Mira is licking Gayle's clitoris, while I am sucking her dick, and then there are all of the different variations we try throughout the night. Finally we all fall into a heap in pure exhaustion, and we sleep.

I awake first and see that it is light outside. I pull Mira from the tangled arms and legs that encircle him. Gently shaking him till he is awake I tell him, "Lets go ride, before the girls wake up."

After a moment of confusion he understands my request, and then on shaky legs he stands. We quietly dress, then out the door with out bikes and then down the street we ride. It is a quite morning, with little or no wind, and the traffic is light. As we head out toward the lake a nondescript pickup truck passes us on the service road and then it slams on its brakes sending up smoke in the air as the tires burn in protest and it's engine dies. We ride past and I look inside the cab. There is Billy Bob behind that wheel, one arm in a sling, looking back at me. He knows who I am too. Amir and I ride past. Thoughts fly by in my mind as I hear Billy Bob trying to get his truck started. I never thought I would see him again.

We keep riding, and then I hear it long before I see it. Billy Bob is riding in his chariot of death and he wants a victim, not just any victim but me. I look back and see his truck bearing down on us. As the truck gets nearer I get close to Amir and with a sharp left turn of my handlebars I slam my body into him which drives him off the road into the bar ditch. Even with his skill and agility Amir crashes. I look behind me to see Billy Bob with a death grin on his face as he draws down on me. There is no time to do anything but bring my hand up in a one finger salute. I see the smile leave his face and then there is contact. The wind is driven out of me, the world turns in circles and then there is nothing.

My eyes open. I'm looking down at a group of people. This is not right. But as I think about getting closer I do. I see Amir who is holding someone in his arms while he is rocking back and forth, and crying. I look closer and recognize the cycling clothes of the person he is holding on to. Oh shit, I think, this does not look good.

I look around and see another group of people in a circle. Before I can think I am there. There are three men holding Billy Bob down. I get close to Billy Bob and look into his eyes. All I see in his eyes is insanity, and I shake my head at the futility of it all.

Then I think of Justine, and I am there. She and Gayle are still asleep. I reach down and stroke Justine's face, and her eye snap open. She sits upright and looks around the room in fear. The phone rings. I can tell she does not want to answer it but she does. I know that it is Amir on the other end and Justine screams, "NO!"

Gayle jumps up in terror, and Justine throws the phone at her. Justine places one of her hands in her mouth, and with tears in her eyes she looks around the room. Some part of her knows I am there with her. I move forward and stroke her face again. She feels my presence, "Don't go George," she whispers.

The world is getting dark around me and it is getting difficult to see Justine. I bend my head and kiss her one last time. "George," she screams. And then she is gone. It is dark, there is no light. There is nothing but the memory of Justine screaming my name. Nothing, absolutely nothing. But I think... therefore I am, hmmm that doesn't seem to work here. In nothing there is no reference point, nothing. I do not feel anything, nothing. 2*2=4, 4*4=16, 16*16=256, 256*256=65536, 65536*65536= who gives a shit! Then I see it, a little pin point of light. I have no references to judge movement by but I know I am getting closer. I start to feel warmth and just a wonderful feeling of goodness as I get closer to the light.

As I get closer to the light I start to understand life. The why of life, and it is so simple. We were so stupid, we had the answer all along. The answer to life is ...

To Be Continued...

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