tagBDSMMolly's New Life Ch. 4

Molly's New Life Ch. 4


Molly crawled precariously down the steps to the dungeon. He was already there when she arrived, seeming slightly impatient that he had had to wait for her. She caught the scent of the room, remembering what had happened the last time she had been there, and felt her body respond in a mixture of apprehension and anticipation. She had no idea what things he would do to her whenever they entered this room, some of them may be tremendously painful or degrading to her, but she did know that never would he risk her life or her well being. She trusted him completely, and would submit to any of his commands or anything he desired to do to her, without question. Should she find herself truly unable to endure any more, there was always the safe word. She knew he meant her no permanent harm.

She did know, however, that she had to get over her instinctive tendency to hesitate in embarrassment when he asked her to do things, especially in public. But then, she wondered, if she was not embarrassed by the task, perhaps it would hold no appeal to him anymore.

His cough brought her to her senses, and she flushed, hoping she had not kept him waiting too long. She lifted her eyes to him questioningly, awaiting her instructions.

"What are you here for slut?" He asked.

"I am here to be punished Sir."

"Why do you wish to be punished?"

"Because..." her mind reeled, trying to think what reply would please him. "Because I deserve to be punished, Sir."

"What things did you do that deserver punishment?" he asked her, and she grunted under her breath. She had hoped he would stop with the questions, for she always feared giving the wrong reply.

"I... umm... I walked on my feet Sir, when I am only worthy of crawling."

"Yes. That is true. What else?"

She blushed as she tried to think back over the evening. All she could think about was cocks, stuffed in her mouth, cum oozing down her throat, one after the other, over and over until she had lost count, and still she... the thought clicked in her brain and she lifted her eyes to him.

"I... I lied to you Sir, my Master. I said I had had enough to eat, when you knew I had not swallowed enough cum, Sir."

"Yes, indeed." He said to her. "And I should have punished you right then and there, next time I will. So, it is your crawling and your sucking that displeased me, then you shall be punished appropriately. Crawl up here, slave."

She did as she was told, and crawled up onto the small wooden platform he pointed at. Once there, he told her to lay down where there were two holes in the wood, her tits hanging easily through them. As she lay there, he moved underneath, and tugged at them a little, then she felt things moving, and soon her tits were held snug in the wooden traps.

"The stocks." He announced. "Befitting punishment in the old days, put to new use here. Do they feel quite tight yet slave?"

"Yes Sir." she said, her breathing laboured by the tightness of the stocks.

"Hmm. I see." He said, then with a turn of a crank her tits were squeezed even tighter, causing her to gasp. "That is better, although I may tighten them more once you get used to it. Now, lift your ass, slut, so you are on your knees. Do it NOW!"

Molly struggled up onto her knees, a task that was made very awkward by having her tits trapped in the stocks. Her back arched and strained, and her knees pressed hard down into the wood. When she thought she was in place she stopped, but he seemed displeased with her.

"Spread!" He commanded, and took her knees and spread them wider. She felt them pressed against something so they could go no farther, then clamps snapped closed around them, holding her in place. " Once you stay like this for a while, you will remember your place is on your knees!" He said. "Your body will be trained to know you stay on your knees, and like this, I can have whatever fun I please with you." She almost sensed his grin, for he was behind her and she could not see him. She knew he was right. Her ass, cunt and tits were held in place for him to do as he wished with them.

He moved to her head and lifted it by her hair, making some adjustments to the platform, then letting her down again. She found that her forehead rested on something but her face was free. This relieved the stress on her neck, which she was glad for, and she tried to take a deep breath.

"Look at your tits, slut." He said, and she looked at the underside of the platform. There, she saw two round, hard looking, bulging purple balls. They looked as if they were just sitting there, not attached to her at all, the flesh of the tit almost the same colour as her dark nipples now. He reached out a stick and gently brushed it over those mounds, and she let out a moan as a wave of desire rushed through her. They were so sensitive! Then before she had time to realize what he was doing, he swiftly swung the stick and landed it with a slap across the flesh and nipple of one tit. She let out a scream as the pain burned through her.

"You like that, slut?" He asked her, and she muttered a silent 'yes'. Again the stick moved, and cracked down hard across the other tit and nipple, eliciting another scream from her, before it dropped to the ground. She gasped for breath, her mind trying to decipher the feelings in side her.. the burning pain raging through her tits and the screaming need building in her loins because of it. She thought her whipping was over, she wanted him to plunge his cock into her cunt and fuck her as hard as he could, but never had she been so wrong.

"Open your mouth, whore!" He said, his voice now husky and deep, mixed with urgency and need. She opened wide, and a cock shaped gag was forced into her mouth, deep to her throat. He checked that she could breath, then strapped the gag around her head so it could not move, then lifted a soft piece of black velvet that was attached to it, and covered her eyes, taking her to a place of darkness where she would have nothing but her pain and desire, and her trust for him.

"This will teach you that your mouth is truly meant to hold cock at all times. It will also not allow you the impertinence of telling me lies when I ask you if you have endured enough! Your body is MINE, understand?"

She nodded as best she could in her position, and he went on. "Mine! I will do ANYTHING I want to it, for as long as I want. It is for MY pleasure, and as long as I am getting pleasure from my tasks, I shall continue them. You cannot see, therefore, you cannot anticipate my actions, and all will be a surprise to your senses. You will not know if I am in the room, or not, or even if I am alone! I may fuck you, if it pleases me to, but you will not be certain it is me. You will NEVER say you have had enough!"

She nodded, and felt a warmth run through her. She knew his pleasure was his aim, but not at the expense of her health or her life. Then, she felt the first sting of a whip across her tormented tits. Her punishment had begun.

Again and again the whip lashed at her tits. Her screams were stifled by the gag, but still rang in her ears and made her throat raspy. Yet the more he tortured them, the wetter she knew her cunt was getting, the more urgent the churning need in her belly became.

Silence. Not a sound, not a lash. She strained her ears to hear, but not even a footstep of a breath could she identify over her own pounding heartbeat and husky breathing. She winced, her tits now like balls of fire in their burning pain. Was it over? Was he finished with her yet?

Then suddenly the whip cracked again, but this time across her untouched ass. She screamed and flinched, but was held still in her bindings. Soon her ass burned as much as her tits, a few lashes even landing on her open cunt and clit. She panted hard for her breath now, drooling around the gag, trying to suck on it as if it were a cock, her pain raising her level of desire to a fever pitch. Oh how she wished she could get some cum out of this damn thing!

Coming back to her senses she realized that the whip had not landed in quite some time. She as left floating in her pain and need, in silence. Silence that went on for what seemed like forever. She drifted, in and out of her mind, not knowing how long this respite lasted, then finally her cunt was assaulted.

His raging hard rod was slammed hard into her, straining her strapped knees and trapped tits with a wild jerk. At least she thought it was him, but she had no way of knowing. In and out, relentlessly he pounded her, using her for his pleasure and nothing more. She moaned around the gag, trying to push back against him as he pounded into her.

Suddenly the whip lashed once more against her tits, and her mind whirled in confusion. Obviously there was more than one person in the room, for he could not be fucking her and whipping from that direction at the same time. Who was inside her she had no way of knowing. Her body lurched in it's need, knowing her torture was not only being witnessed by another, but that the other was taking part in it. Again the whip struck, and her cunt convulsed around the pounding cock.

"Don't you DARE cum, you slut!" came a hiss from her Master, close to her ear. "I, or any other cock, may cum as we please, but YOU only cum when I tell you to, or if you beg permission and I feel kind enough to let you. Since you cannot speak right now, I don't think you can beg very well either. Cumming without permission brings severe punishment!"

Another crack of the whip across her tits as the cock continued to slam into her, and she whimpered wildly. She had almost cum, the tit pain setting her teetering on the edge. One more lash and she was sure she would cum, especially the way that cock was hammering into her. She tried to beg, but the gag would not allow her. Her head reeled. She was sure he wanted her to cum without permission so he would be able to punish her more for it, and she moaned in her need.

Instantly the cock exploded it's cum inside her, slamming to the depth of her cunt. At the same time the whip cracked across her chest once more, striking squarely on both nipples, as her master bellowed out to her...

"Cum NOW!!"

She came, wildly, entirely numbed of any pain as the orgasm wracked her entire body. Over and over, while the cock continued to use her, her ears ringing, mind spinning, until there was nothing, for she had passed out completely from her amazing ordeal.

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