tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 04

Mommy I Feel Like A Girl Ch. 04


"Honey," she says, "Let's go to your room for a moment, ok?"

"Ok mommy," I said and I got up from the couch to follow her to my room.

As we entered, she reached under my bed and pulled out my collection of magazines. We sat on the bed as she showed me the ones I had collected and asked me which to keep and which to throw away.

"This one?" she would ask as she held up a Penthouse or Playboy, I would say no and see her smile.

One by one I witnessed a growing pile of magazines full of women appear on my floor, ready to be thrown out. Then, the last magazine was the one mommy had been holding when I walked in this morning. It was the Inches magazine.

I saw mommy smile as she showed it to me and asked, "Should I should throw this out too?"

"No mommy." I said.

She giggled and said, "I didn't think so. Tell me sweetheart," as she flipped through it, "Which one do you like the most?"

I turned to a page with an amazingly well built man, so big and strong, with a massive cock. I looked up at her as I came to his page.

"Oh," she said emphatically, "Yes, he is quite amazing. So, it appears that you have an attraction to a very special type of man honey. It's good to know this."

I squirmed on the bed, still feeling more than awkward that I was being so open and honest about the one thing that shamed and terrified me the most.

"It makes sense," she said. "You are so very different from all the men here. They are big men, very strong and powerful looking. They're also very, gifted there," Now pointing to my briefs. "You're so petite and timid and so...tiny. You really are a little girl, aren't you?"

My head lowered at her words. She lifted my chin once again and said, "It's ok honey, remember, it pleases mommy," as she smiled at me. "Tell me honey, you feel like a girl don't you?" And I nodded yes. "Say it!"

My lip quivered as the words came out, "Yes mommy, I do feel like a little girl." Her smile broadened.

"So, we have the day to ourselves Mandy. Why don't we do a little shopping and have a girl's day out honey. Sound good?" mommy asked.

I was still trying to get used to her knowing and being so ok with my feelings, so I just nodded yes.

"I'll get dressed. You put on some jeans and a t-shirt and meet me downstairs and we will go."

As I dressed I could feel myself letting go. Allowing all the feelings that I had kept hidden for so long, even from me, come out. I wondered what it would be like to be wearing something else, something more in line with my true self. I found the tightest jeans I could find and the shortest t-shirt that I had. I giggled as I noticed the bottom of my shirt, didn't even meet the top of my jeans! But, I wore it anyway. I went downstairs and mommy was on the phone, whispering to someone when she noticed me coming down the stairs.

As she saw me, I heard her say, "Ok I have to go, 'Mandy's' coming down the stairs!" I couldn't even begin to wonder who she may have been speaking to or what about, but mommy was clearly in charge. As always, I didn't even think to question her about it.

When we got into the car, I put the radio on and tuned it to my usual station. It was a rock station. Mommy immediately changed it. She tuned to a station that all the girls I knew listened to with techno, dance, and emo music.

"This is what you have to listen to honey. Not hard rock, men don't like that."

I looked at mommy and just leaned back, listening for the first time. I could even feel the music affecting me differently. We drove to the mall and parked the car. The first store she said we should go into was the GAP. I walked in and out of habit I walked to where the men's jeans were. I felt a tug at my hand, as mommy took me over to the girl's section. She started to look through the jeans, occasionally holding up a pair to my waist. After she had a few pairs, she told me to go to the dressing room and try them on. I was so embarrassed, but with the tone mommy had and the look on her face, I knew better than to argue. One at a time I came out to show her. By her smile I knew which ones I was to keep and which ones she didn't like.

We left there and she took my hand as we walked on. She stopped near a shoe store and I noticed that it was only girl's shoes. She looked down at me with such a sly smile and pulled me inside. We left the store with a few pairs of shoes, most were high heeled and I had a difficult time trying to walk in them. She told me not to worry, in time, it would be very easy.

We went from store to store, repeating that process, my mind swirling. I felt like I was in another world. It seemed so strange and yet so wonderful, erotic. The last store we entered was Victoria's Secret. My eyes widened as we walked in. The sales girls were clearly amused as mommy took me from counter to counter holding various items up against my body and then telling me to try them on.

I whispered, "Mommy, could you please come with me, so I don't have to come out in this?"

"No I want you to come out and start to feel comfortable with who you are baby girl."

As the words came out, a wave went through me. Being called baby girl had such a profound effect on me. I walked to the changing room and did as she instructed. We left with several pairs of thongs and panties as well as baby dolls and teddies. I was truly excited that I was going to get the chance to wear them at home.

On the way home from shopping I was so tired from all that had happened today. When we got home from shopping I left my new things with mommy to wash. I headed up to my room to take a small nap. I climbed in bed in my usual boy briefs and fell right to sleep. I hadn't fallen asleep that fast in a long while. Normally all the thoughts I tried to ignore kept me awake. I slept right on through the night.

"Wake up Mandy," I hear mommy say. "Wake up."

I open my eyes to see mommy standing over me, she is wearing jeans and no top. I am so shocked, even confused. She sits on the edge of my bed rubbing my head, as I look up at her.

"Good morning mommy" I say.

"Hello sweetie, I hope you enjoyed your sleep. I can't believe you slept all night long." she replies.

I stretch and ask mommy if I may go pee. She says of course darling, and moves over so that I can get out of bed.

As I stand, she says in a very stern voice, "Mandy! What are you wearing?"

I look down and see that I am in my briefs and I realize what she means.

"Why did I go to all the trouble of taking you to the mall, if you are going to wear that nonsense?"

"I'm so sorry mommy." I say.

"Mandy, go pee and brush your teeth. I guess you will have to stay home again today. You still have a lot to learn."

As she shakes her head, I go to the bathroom, lower my briefs and begin to pee. As I begin to pee, the door opens slowly.

It's mommy and she sees me and yells, "Mandy, what are you doing?"

"What mommy I ask?" in a shaky nervous voice, not sure what I've done to make her upset.

"Girls sit to go potty." she says.

I immediately lower the seat and sit down, looking up at mommy.

She walks towards me and says, "Mandy, undo mommy's pants." I look up, her huge breasts hanging over my face. I take my hand and gently reach for mommy's zipper, lowering it as I continue to look up at her. I can feel something under her zipper that puzzles me. After I've lowered it all the way she tells me to pull her pants down and of course I do. She steps out of her pants. She is standing before me with a huge bulge in her panties. "Oh mommy what is this?" I say, gently rubbing my hand along the outside of her panties.

She lowers her underwear and pulls my head close, pushing her huge fake cock between my lips.

My moan is ignored as she says, "Mandy, from now on, you will think of this every time you have to pee, do you understand?"

I nod, unable to speak with the head of mommy's huge cock filling my mouth. Her hips gently rock back and forth as I hold mommies hips, my hands on her ass. She pulls my hair gently, causing my mouth to let go. I look up at her, my eyes tearing from choking on her cock.

"Good girl, now wipe yourself like a good girl and go into your bedroom. I have some things lain out for you to wear."

I walk into my room and on the bed are the pretty pink thong, black baby doll with mesh top and a pair of high heels. I stand before the mirror as I slowly put on the clothes and shoes, admiring myself in the mirror. I can hear mommy call from her room.

"Mandy? Are you dressed?"

"Yes mommy" I reply.

"Come here then baby girl."

I open mommy's door and she is on her bed lying on her back, holding the huge toy in her hand as if she were rubbing it like a man would do. The sight of that huge cock standing up like that forces a moan from me.

"Come here." she says in a serious voice.

I walk towards her slowly. "Mommy is going to be your first! Would you like that?"

"Oh my goodness yes mommy." My eyes can't stop staring at her erection.

"Tell me Mandy. Say the words then. Ask mommy to."

"Mommy, please, could you please be my first?" "You know what I want to hear honey, say it." "Mommy, please, will you please fuck me?" Mommy smiles and moans gently as she says, "Yes baby, I will, mommy will fuck you honey. Now, come here."

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by lingerie6505/15/18

My first time spreading my legs and being fucked

Oh I can't wait, as this story builds I want to be Mandy as I'm finally fucked as a female

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