tagLoving WivesMontana Camping Ch. 02

Montana Camping Ch. 02

byDr. Bull©

I woke up feeling Karen's nude body lying next to mine, the night before was wild and erotic watching my bride of twenty seven years fuck two of my oldest friends. It had fulfilled her fantasy of having multiple partners and answered the question we both had, would I be jealous watching.

Like many late boomers, we had caught the end of the sexual revolution and felt we had missed something. We had done a little swinging since the kids moved out of the house, but always far away from home and never with our friends. She had had a schoolgirl lust for Lance since we were in college and Ed; well Ed had always lusted for Karen and was brass enough to say so. As we had snuggled into bed after that wild night, I told her this was her weekend, whatever she wanted; I would do my best to make it happen.

She mumbled something about being tired as I slipped out of the bed, pulled on my clothing, and stepped out into the brisk morning air. Even in August, the mountains of Montana get very chilly at daybreak and this morning it was down around fifty degrees. I lit a smoke then the camp stove, thought I would get the morning coffee going before the rest started getting up. Moving around the camp, I folded the blanket left on the picnic table the night before. Someone had built the table solid because it had gotten quite a workout last night and seemed none the worse for the wear.

"Mitchell" Lance spoke his greeting as he came out of the small pop-up tent he slept in, one of the few people who used my formal name, "coffee ready?

"Sir Lancelot," I looked over to see him stretch the kinks out of his back, having been friends for over forty years we were still very close even though we only got to see each other every year or two, "almost."

"How is our lady this morning?"


"So, are we ok... last night got pretty wild," Lance sat down in a chair waiting for my answer.

I poured us both a cup and handed him his, "There were time I felt like I should be jealous, but mostly it excited the hell out of me." He looked at me knowingly, not sure what to say. I took another sip and thought of the night before, "Wildest sex I ever was a part of," I remarked.

"Me too," Ed was crawling out of the camper shell on the back of his pickup, "but then I haven't had any real sex in ten years." Ed was divorced and almost celibate living alone and had a poor social life in general. He had admitted to me sometime back that he had pretty much given up on sex beyond his right hand and porno flicks. "Karen was amazing last night and she still has the best tits I've seen."

"Are you boys talking about me again?" Karen opened the door on the camper and stepped out; wearing sweat pants and jacket with her favorite nightshirt underneath it was a light see through number with spaghetti straps the jacket was open framing her breasts. Her hair still wet from the quick shower she had taken in the fifth wheel, the cool air hit her, and she started trying to zip up the jacket, then gave up and folded the two sides over closing the jacket.

Lance jumped up and handed her a cup of coffee, "You're our favorite subject," he laughed.

Karen took the coffee and gave him a friendly kiss on the cheek, "Thank You." Coming over to where we sat she bent over giving Ed the same sort of kiss on the cheek then she came to me and gave me a long loving kiss. "So what are everyone's plans for the day?" she acted as if the night before had not happened, kind of, she kept giving each of us a funny shy smile as if there was a secret unspoken, but shared.

"I've got to run to town for supplies for next week." Lance had come straight to our camp from the work site; he would head back to work without a trip home. "If you need anything just give me a list." Lance builds bridges for a living so he travels most of Montana during the summer months and only gets home on weekends, work like that makes a body hard as a rock.

"I was going to check out the fishing in the area," Ed chimed in; he is our angler and took Karen with him often because she enjoyed fishing and I did not, "if you want to come along?" he suggested.

"Mitch?" Karen questioned me with a look as much as a question.

"Honey, you do what you want, I'm going to do some carving, then go on a photo hike." I answered her unasked question. My two hobbies are woodcarving and photography; they were my way to relax.

We ate a quick breakfast as the sun came out from behind the mountain and warmed up the day very quickly, it was going to be another scorcher. Lance headed to town, a two-hour drive, Ed and Karen grabbed their fishing gear and headed towards the river, as I sat down with my knives. Our camp was well off the beaten path and we had never seen anyone else here this time of year, about two miles from the nearest camping area we were well isolated. Karen had changed into some jean shorts and a halter-top, I noticed she had not put on a bra, but thought nothing of it; she often dressed this way when it was just the two of us.

I had been carving for an hour or so when I decided to take my walk. I took a different path than Karen and Ed, both paths lead to the river, but this one was longer and I had had good luck finding wildlife along its less used path. As I neared the river I spotted Ed fishing off some rocks, I like photographing people when they do not realize I am there, I hate posed shots.

I slipped quietly off the trail and put on my telephoto lens, it zoom up to 300mm so I could stay back and take the shot. Ed was casting into the stream, looking to his right up stream and talking to Karen who was just out of sight from where I stood. He laughed at something she said, sort of blushed, shrugged his shoulders and kept fishing. I moved down stream and on to a rock just inside the tree line where I could see the whole river and get photos of both of them fishing. They were having a good time, laughing and fishing, Karen was laying on a flat topped bolder fishing pole in hand soaking up the sun, she bum fished for lack of a better term, casting her line into a hole and letting it sit there hoping for a strike. Ed on the other hand was active casting the line into faster water and working the shallows, both systems worked for them. I snapped a couple photos of the two of them and their different styles of fishing.

Karen said something to Ed and he lifted his arms in an "I don't care" sort of gesture then shifted his casting up stream more in her direction, I watched as Karen cast her line in the pool and then wedged her pole between a couple rocks to hold it. She sat back on her rock looked around and spoke to him again, he looked in her direction as she pulled her shirt off and lay back on the boulder, her pale white breasts glistening in the sun. Ed's fishing style went right out the window, he was catching snags and casting wildly as he watched her... Those were some great photos! I framed Ed struggling to fish with Karen's half-nude body in the background, classic photos of the poor bastard.

I did understand his dilemma, Karen would often decide to 'soak up sun' while I was working in the backyard, always seemed to happen when I was doing something that needed my full attention. It always ended the same way, the two of us fucking on the lawn or on the patio. Her being naked outside served two fold, she enjoyed the sun and it got her juices flowing, which was always good for me.

Ed's fishing efforts got better when Karen rolled over to sun her back, he caught and released a couple fish, then said something to her, her fishing pole was jerking, she had caught something. At this point, I wish I had a video camera; it was truly exciting to watch her fishing topless, working the fish across the stream her breasts jiggling in the sun. She landed the big fish and placed it in her creel. Then just set her pole to the side, done fishing for now, Karen sat on top of her boulder watching and talking to Ed.

Through the lens in my camera I could tell Ed had a hard on, he kept adjusting his pants trying to make it comfortable. As he fished, he tried to ignore Karen and her bare breasts. I thought he was doing well until Karen stood up, unbuttoned her shorts, and dropped them to her feet. Now she had Ed's full attention and mine, she stood posing for him; her full figure was classic 50's nude beauty. She is not one of the skinny girls on the covers of the magazines today, but a busty with wide hips and a narrow waist, she is all woman.

His fishing was over; Ed simply stopped casting and stared, frozen in place. Moving towards him, Karen worked her way across the rocks, he did not move until she reached him. Then his hands went to the breasts he loved, as her hands undid his pants dropping them around his ankles.

Suddenly I realized she had left her clothing on the rock twenty or so yards from where she was now. My evil mind went to work on playing a trick on these two. I was able to sneak back into the forest and around the two lovers; Karen was fucking Ed with her tits, the head of his dick sliding in and out and into her mouth as I snuck towards the pile of boulders where her clothing lay. As I reached the spot where her clothes were, I could see Ed ramming his penis into Karen from behind, doggy style, they were facing away from me so I grabbed her stuff and took a couple more photos snuck back away from the river the way I came in, and then headed for camp. Karen had said in the past "clothes are for wimps; I would prefer to walk around naked." She was about to get her chance.

It was just after noon when I got back to camp and Lance was already back from town, "Beer?" he asked as I walked up putting Karen's clothes on the table.


He handed me my beer and walked over to the table, "Aren't these Karen's?"

"She wasn't wearing them," I grinned, "so I brought them back to camp for her."

"You are an evil man Mitchell Williams," he chuckled.

"Couldn't get to Ed's, so it might be interesting to see who is wearing what when they get back." The words were no more than out of my mouth when we heard, and then saw an old Willys Jeep coming down the road to our camp. "Wonder who that could be?"

Meanwhile back at the river, Ed and Karen went swimming to clean up, (according to Karen); they soaked a bit then headed towards their respective clothes piles.

"What the... SHIT!" Karen yelled.

"You ok?" Ed turned to see what the fuss was about.

"My fucking clothes are gone!"


"MY FUCKING CLOTHES ARE GONE!" Karen was moving around the rock looking to see if the had fallen somewhere or were drug off. "All that's left are my shoes and my fishing gear, MITCHELL, I'M GONNA KILL YOU!"

Ed came over where she was standing bare assed looking towards the woods, "I can give you my shirt? Or pants or something," he was having a hard time not laughing. "But I like how your dressed now," he chuckled.

She threw him a look that would have killed a lesser man, "NO, by God if he thinks this is funny then I'll just show his ass." Karen grabbed her gear, slipped the crocs on her feet and headed for the trail. Ed scrambled back, grabbed his gear, and followed her up the trail, she was storming in the direction of camp and he was struggling to keep within twenty yards of her, far enough to avoid her wrath, yet still enjoy the view. The twenty-minute walk gave her time to cool down and start enjoying the freedom of hiking nude. The air across her breasts and her privates was exciting and by the time, she got near camp she was giggling to herself about the whole thing.

The jeep rolled to a stop just across from our camp and Lance and I went to meet them, two older gentlemen had the jeep loaded with plenty of fishing gear. They climbed out and greeted us, "Hope you fellers don't mind, we like to fish near here, we will be gone by dark." One of them said.

We talked with them as they unloaded the Jeep and found out they lived near by, Rick and Terry were retired and spent a lot of time fishing the area. This was also their hunting camp, "Got some big bucks up here over the years," Terry had commented.

"You fellows up here alone?" Rick asked. "My wife and our friend went fishing, but they should be back soon."

"We'll try not to crowd them, if we see them," Terry promised.

They headed towards the trail Ed and Karen had taken to the river; "You may have gone too far this time, Buddy," Lance was looking rather serious at me.

"Too late now" I replied, we watched as the two anglers neared the trees, then I saw Karen.

Karen's march to camp had slowed, as she got closer, no longer mad, she was letting Ed get closer enjoying the fact he was watching her dimpled ass on the trail. Near the clearing, she spotted Lance's truck and was a bit turned on, thinking of walking into camp buck-naked with Lance and me watching. Then she saw the two strangers talking with us and she quickly stepped behind a tree, Ed caught up with her and asked, "What is it now."

"We have company," she said and pointed toward camp where the men were just leaving us headed right for them.

"Take my shirt!" Ed dropped his equipment and was starting to take off his shirt.

"Too late," she said with out even looking at him, smiling she stepped out from behind the tree and walked up the trail where the two now dumb founded men stood with their mouths wide open. "Gentlemen," she spoke to them and walked right between them, head high and breasts out, Ed a few feet behind. They turned and watched her as she walked into camp, then they turned and walked on to their fishing hole.

Karen dropped her gear at the edge of camp and marched up to where Lance and I were sitting under the shade, hands on her hips, she look me in the eye, then over at her clothes on the table, then she looked at herself. "I got sun burned because of you!" trying to act pissed. She was a bit pink, not a bad burn but a bit on the pink side. Lance stifled a chuckle, "and your no help!" she glared at him.

"Sorry Honey," I tried to look contrite, but that is hard when you are grinning.

Huffing at me, she grabbed her clothing from the table and went in the trailer banging the door closed behind her. You could hear her going through the cabinets looking for something.

Ed put their gear away and put the day's catch in a cooler, "That was one mad woman Mitch." He looked concerned towards the trailer then back towards me. "I suppose you're going to kick my ass for fucking her back there," he said with his head bowed, "and I would deserve it."

"Didn't look like rape to me," I said smiling, "in fact she seemed to be instigating the whole thing my friend."

"It wasn't rape!" Karen came back out of the camper carrying the blanket from the night before, still naked, "I wanted that monster meat to pound my aching pussy!" She was a bit pissed, but I sensed something more was going on. She draped the blanket over the table and set a bottle of lotion on it. "YOU!" she pointed her finger at me, "don't move." "YOU," she pointed at Ed, "did you enjoy the view on the walk back?"

"Well I uh, had..."


"Yes, very much."

"Then your guilty of complicity, your punishment... clean the fish."

Lance was looking back and forth wondering what was next.

"And you," Karen's voice much softer as she pointed at Lance, "are rewarded for not being a part of the conspiracy. I don't want this burn to hurt later, so it is your job to make sure every inch of me is covered with this lotion." She crawled up on the table on her hands and knees, breasts hanging down, swinging back and forth for my benefit since I was the only one with this view. She lay on her front as Lance came around the table picking up the lotion.

"You sure?" Lance was looking at his hands; years of working steel had left them callused and a bit rough.

"Just don't miss anywhere," Karen smiled in my direction.

Lance started at her shoulders making sure to coat them well, working his way down her back and along her sides; he reached her ass and hesitated, then smoothed the lotion over her cheeks. He then moved to her feet spending a little time with each one massaging them, then slowly up her calves coating all around the leg to her knee. Starting up her thighs as he neared the top she opened her legs allowing his rough fingers to work her inner thighs clear to the crack of her ass. Karen moaned as his fingers touched her pussy, moving her legs to give him better access. Gently his hands moved between her lips and her ass massaging and stimulating her.

"Mmmm," she moaned then rose up on her arms, "time to roll over." Lance stepped back as she turned over and lay back down, "OK." Lance started again working the lotion into her face down her neck and on to her shoulders. Karen, her eyes closed seemed so relaxed, serene and calm. Lance moved to her chest, carefully coating each breast spending extra time on each nipple, his rough hands causing them to stiffen, then on down her waist, over her hips, skipping her mound he went to her knees and started migrating his hands up her thighs. As he neared the top of her thighs, she parted her legs allowing him access once again to her vagina.

Karen was biting her lip, an act I had seen her do hundreds of times when she was excited yet trying to not to show it. The closer he got to her midline the farther she opened legs; he started to rub the top of her mound working the lotion across her pussy lips as she climaxed squeezing his hand with her thighs.

"Mitch?" Karen's voice was soft.

"Yes Hon," I stood by her looking into her flushed face.

"You said what ever I want?"

"I want all three of you in me at the same time..."

"Big Guy on the bottom!" Ed had finished cleaning the fish some time before and was watching from the sidelines, he was stripping his shirt off, he was the largest of us it would make sense.

"Are you sure?" I asked her.

"Absolutely sure," her voice was full of lust.

I went to the fifth wheel after some Vasoline I had seen earlier. I returned to find the three of them all naked now, with Ed on the table Karen already grinding his cock deep inside of her and Lance was skull fucking her. A few times in the past she had allowed me to enter her ass, but this was a first with someone else already inside of her. I smeared the grease on her asshole and fingered it loosening it up, much to her moaning pleasure. I greased my stiffened rod and inserted the head slowly into her puckering orifice, "OH MY GOD! Karen screamed around Lance's dick. I slid all the way in, feeling Ed's dick through the thin membrane walls separating us, our balls banged together. Karen was shaking, "Oh-h-h-h M m-m-y-y Y-y-ye-e-s-s," She slowly rocked her hips through her climax, while Ed and I barely moved. She returned to sucking Lance's cock moving her hips and rocking on Ed and I. Time seemed to stand still and I am not sure how long we were in this position. Suddenly Lance started cumming in Karen's mouth; she was doing her best to swallow but chocked then coughing her ass clamped down on me, her pussy on Ed causing us both to ejaculate at the same time. Lance had sat back on the tabletop looking bewildered; I slid out of her ass, cum dripping from it. Slowly Karen moved letting the final cock slip from her, cum dripping from her hair, pussy and ass.

Clapping? Did I hear clapping? We all turned towards the noise.

"You folks really know how to camp!" Rick & Terry had returned from the river and had been watching. The look on our faces, or perhaps on Karen's face told them something. They grabbed their stuff, got in the jeep and pulled out in a hurry.

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