tagNonHumanMore Than Just a Summer Hike

More Than Just a Summer Hike


This is just a fun summer fantasy -- enjoy! And maybe check out a new hiking area sometime -- you never know what you might find!


"Looks like it's going to be a perfect summer day," said the television meteorologist. "So get out and enjoy it! Fall is just around the corner!"

"I couldn't agree more," Sam said, talking to the screen. Sam, short for Samantha, had a day off, and was not going to waste it. There was a hiking trail about an hour out of town she wanted to check out, and that was her plan for today. Sam was in her early 30's. She considered herself to be sort of cute, but nothing sensational. She had short golden-brown hair that she tucked behind her ears, fair skin, and deep brown eyes. She kept herself in decent shape, and was a little on the curvy side, with womanly hips and breasts. Her boyfriends had certainly never complained, so she felt pretty good about herself.

She finished tying her sneakers, grabbed the backpack off the table that had a couple of granola bars, water, insect repellant, and few other things that might come in handy if she ended up out on the trail longer than she had planned. She headed out the door, locking it behind her, and found herself humming. A nice afternoon of hiking in peace and quiet was just what she needed.

A little over an hour later, Sam pulled over on the dirt road she was on, and checked her map. This should be it, but the area seemed deserted, and she didn't see a trailhead.

"Well," she said to herself, "I drove all the way here, so I might as well get out and see what's what!" She grabbed her bag off the passenger seat, and locked her car, adding her keys to the bag. She started walking up to the tree line. As she got closer, she saw a slight break in the trees she hadn't noticed from the road. This must be the start of a path. Strange, there didn't appear to be anything there but endless trees, and then there it was!

Sam felt a touch of nervousness in her stomach as she looked around. She was literally in the middle of nowhere, completely alone. She hadn't seen any other cars since she pulled off on the dirt road, and as she listened, she couldn't hear anything. She peered ahead, and ignoring the warning feeling in her stomach, started down the path. She was going in.

There was a definite dirt path on the ground, but is was extremely narrow, surrounded by huge trees crowding in on both sides. Sam walked only a few minutes, when she turned to look behind her. Odd, now she didn't see a break out on to the road at all. She figured the path must have bent slightly and she just hadn't noticed, although she felt like she was walking straight ahead. She pulled the pack up on her shoulders, and kept walking.

The sun beat down on her from overhead. There was no breeze with all the heavy trees blocking any movement, and she felt droplets of sweat drizzle down between her breasts and the back of her neck. Part of her wanted to just turn back, but her stubborn nature wouldn't allow it, and she kept going. For what seemed like twenty or thirty minutes, she kept walking, trees thick on either side of the path, nothing ahead but the narrow dirt track. Her feet were starting to ache.

Just when Sam started to feel a little claustrophobic, with a tickle of panic starting to rear up in the back of her mind, a small way ahead it looked like the path was finally opening up to something. It was all Sam could do to keep herself from running, instead keeping at her quick pace. She burst out of the narrow tree-lined path to a large open field, and stopped.

"My god," she sighed. If someone had a picture of Nirvana or Heaven, this would be it. Overhead was a perfect blue summer sky, with a few high wispy clouds. A slight breeze stirred up, and it drifted over her warm skin. The area in front of her was a grassy field, deep green blades of grass up to her mid-calf, with flowers of every color and shape. She breathed in the flowery perfume seeming to flow toward her. Over to the side, there was a large still pool of water, deep azure reflecting off the lighter blue sky.

As soon as she could breathe again, she ran over to the water. It looked amazing to her after the sweaty walk here. She bent over and reached in with her fingertips. She couldn't stop the shudder of pleasure that ran through her, feeling the cool, refreshing sensation on her skin. Normally she would never jump in a strange body of water, but she was too hot to think about anything else, except how incredible it would feel over her entire body.

Sam dropped her bag to the ground, and quickly pulled her tank top and sports bra over her head. Her shorts and panties followed after she untied her shoes and kicked them off, along with her socks. She stuck a toe in first, and jumped in, completely submerging herself. She sprang up out of the water with a moan. How could anything feel so incredible? The water covering her body felt like fingertips whispering cool touches over her entire body.

As she held herself up by the bank, only her neck and head were above the water. Her legs leisurely moved back and forth, her nipples hardened to points in the water, and she felt wetness between her legs coming from inside her, and not from the water surrounding her. She pushed off, and lay on her back, eyes closed, gently kicking her feet, floating. She had completely given in to the strange sensations overwhelming her.

After a short while, she opened her eyes, and swam over to the bank. She pulled herself out, feeling an unusual tingling over the entire surface of her body. She lay back in the soft grass, the now gentle sun radiated over her bare skin. Her hands seemed to move on their own, to her breasts, caressing the flesh, fingers pulling at the already sensitive nubs. One hand moved between her legs, slowly rubbing up and down, spreading the lips open. Her pussy was so wet, and her swollen clit seemed to throb as she flicked it with a finger.

Suddenly she sat up, as she thought she saw something pop up from the surface of the water. She waited, breathless. Nothing. She crawled over to look more closely, but nothing happened. It must just have been a reflection or she imagined it. She shook her head, laughing at herself, and she dangled her legs back in the water. She didn't know how this water could feel so wonderful, like silk floating around her. The sun was shining down on her body while her legs dangled in the coolness of the water.

A few minutes later, after she lay back in the grass, legs still in the water, peaceful warmth flowing over her, she sat up again, looking into the pool. Had something brushed against her legs? She was just being silly -- there must be fish that's all. Her mind was playing tricks.

Just then, as she was about to pull her legs up, something pulled her by her legs into the water. Her head plunged under the water, and she felt a moment of pure panic, before breaking the surface, breathing heavily. Had something pulled her or had she just fallen? She held onto the bank for a minute to get her bearings, her entire body submerged from the shoulders down. She didn't feel anything else, and was about to pull herself up, when she felt something brush across her pussy. She gasped as overwhelming desire speared through her body.

Her head was telling her to get out of the water now, but her body didn't want to listen, as she felt another, firmer touch. It felt like a soft hand was pressing against her pussy, and then something slipped inside her. She was frozen as she felt that unknown force press up firmly into her. He legs unconsciously spread open under the water, and she closed her eyes as whatever it was, filled her completely. It must have been at least 9" long and several inches around.

As it started sliding in and out, Sam was bobbing up and down in the water, her pussy full and pulsing. She was holding onto the edge of the bank with one arm, while her other hand slid down to her tingling clit. As she was being fucked hard by some mysterious entity, her fingers worked furiously over her clit, and soon Sam felt her body clench, and she couldn't hold back a scream as she felt the strongest, deepest orgasm of her life rip through her, body shaking.

She started to catch her breath, and she realized she was still being fucked, and it felt even bigger. She had never felt so filled; she didn't understand how something so big could fit inside her. Now she held onto the bank with both arms, helpless, as it continued to pound her, until finally she felt it move so deep in her, and then a warm liquid seemed to explode inside, sending her into another hard climax.

The thing inside her pulled out, and she felt empty. With shaking arms, she pulled herself out of the water, and collapsed into the warm grass, falling into a deep sleep.

Sometime later she woke, sitting up and stretching, feeling relaxed and satisfied. Then she stopped, hands in the air, remembering what had happened, or what she thought happened. She peered cautiously into the glasslike pool. The water was still and peaceful. She hesitantly reached between her legs, and felt the fluid that had run down her inside thighs. It really had happened.

Sam grabbed a handful of grass, trying to wipe off the liquid as well as she could. Her pussy was still sensitive and sore, and she couldn't help the shudder that passed through her, and she tried to clean herself up. She slowly pulled on her clothes, grabbed her bag, and headed to the spot where the trees broke open for the path. She almost panicked when she didn't see the opening, but then sighed. There is was. She started down the path, looking back once over her shoulder. The walk from the open field to where her car sat on the dirt road seemed much shorter, than the walk here had been.

Once safely in her car, she looked over at the line of trees. Now she couldn't see where the path started. Confused and shaken, she pulled her car out and turned around on the road. The drive home was a blur.

Back at home, Sam unpacked her bag, and looked down at the map she used to find the secret path. She thought about tossing it in the recycling, but as she held the paper in her hands, she smiled. She may as well keep it. Tomorrow would be another nice day for a hike.

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