tagLoving WivesMorning Ch. 1

Morning Ch. 1

byAlex Finch©

“Mmmm... you taste really good today...”

Tom leaned further back into the pillow and stroked his wife’s curly blonde hair as he absorbed her words. Hot twinges of sensation drifted up his stomach as she slowly stuffed his dick back into her mouth. Linda was so very good at it, he could barely believe his luck. The inside of her mouth was still cool, as she had just brushed her teeth, and her tongue was sticky and rough. It was a wonderful change from the usual. She had this habit, of cramming it almost right down her throat, and just leaving it to soak, and then pulling it up and sucking on only the head, very hard. It was divine. He would sit back and relax (though he was never more tense than during these moments), and let her drool and his pre-cum become indistinguishable. She didn’t care about foolish things like making a mess, and he loved her more for that than anything else. She grew faster and faster in her sucking (more like sliding, really) and Tom gasped for sweet air as he steadily lost control.

There is a moment, directly before a man has an orgasm, when he becomes an idealist. He wishes the oncoming rush of fire to be the best and greatest he has ever felt. So he waits for just the right moment to release, but rarely hits that perfect pitch. No one but they know what passes through their minds in that crucial moment. Tom thought about what the day would be like. Better orgasms to come. For a second he was an idealist and a dreamer, which made sense to him.

“Shit, you came a lot. You dream of better girls than me last night?” Linda whispered as she wiped cum from her flushed pink lips.

“Come on, I call off work just for you and this is the first thing you say?”

“Ha. You’d have called off anyway. Your dick commands you to.”

She playfully stroked the wilting six inches before her. Tom grabbed his wife by the back and embraced her, kissing her deeply. He knew she loved it when he tasted himself inside her. Her soft flannel pajamas felt wonderful and inviting on Tom’s naked body. The boxers he had woken up in were sitting in the corner, having been yanked off him before he was fully awake.

“You know... I love how women hit their sexual prime in their early thirties,” he said, after finishing their kiss.

“Don’t remind me. I’ll be thirty-four in a month, and then I’ll be out of the ‘early’ thirties. So why do you like that?”

“It’s my second chance. I can make up for all the stuff I missed during my prime years.”

He kissed her again, and squeezed her tightly. She giggled as he kissed her, which made him move more fiercely. His hands crept up her pajama shirt, and teased her back with fingertips.

“Oh... that’s so nice... mm... time for my massage.”


“Yeah, we can’t waste time, everyone’ll be over in a couple hours.”

She backed up and turned around, sitting on the side of the bed. They both laughed as she unbuttoned the oversized shirt and tossed it on the floor. Her naked back was dotted with light brown freckles. Tom moved over and kissed her back. He felt her arms folded over her breasts.

“Nope. Can’t see ‘em yet,” she snickered.

She broke free and flopped down on the bed, face down. Tom once again stroked her hair, which barely fell to her nude back. He admired his wife’s body, though her pajama pants and floppy tan sweat-socks were still on. She was a waif, like a doll when they had married, eleven years ago. She had more meat on her now, enough to make her soft and endlessly inviting. Of course he would have thought she was endlessly inviting were she a skeleton, but he liked her so much this way. She was still pale as a ghost, and still short, her fluffy hair barely tickling his nose when they hugged standing up. He softly sat between her legs, which were spread, and laid down on her back, his hard penis pressing up against her clothed butt. He dotted her back with kisses, quickly moving up and down, from the nape of her neck to the tops of her ass cheeks. He rubbed his hands all over that long stretch of luscious flesh, massaging for a while in spots, and rubbing the rest, again, with his fingertips. That was when she began to moan and laugh. After the licking began, she also squirmed. Tom adored how she could not stay still at all when she was highly aroused and he threw his arms around her stomach and she yelped and wiggled. He wrestled her down as he kept licking and licking, all over her back, stopping every so often to kiss and breathe.

There is nothing in the world that could turn a man on more swiftly than the scent of a freshly licked woman. You bring the scent on a woman to the surface when you lick, and you could actually smell the sex on her. It is intoxicating.

And so he kept going, licking her over and over, till her thrashing died down, and she propped herself up on her hands and knees. Tom knew she was almost there. He focused his kissing on the back of her neck, her favorite spot.

“Alright... ok... that’s enough... oh wow...”

He instantly fell back. She sat down on the bed, and faced Tom. Her breasts were moist with sweat, and her nipples were dark and hard, pinpoints on two soft pillows of flesh. A b-cup is spectacular when on a woman you love.

“Hold me... hold me,” she huffed.

Tom welcomed her into his arms, and she laid back into him. He massaged her breasts as she nuzzled his chin with her nose.

“I can never believe you. Your pre-cum is all over my back.”

“You get me off better than everyone.”

“You massage better than anyone.”

“I’m not the best at everything.”

“No. No... Jack is better at eating me. Bill has a huge dick. Mark cums like nothing else.”

“He does not.”

“Yeah, he shoots off this... stream of jizz. It covers you.”

Tom laughed. “He coming over today?”

“Yeah,” Linda replied, easing Tom’s hand down to her pants. “He’s bringing his girlfriend.”

“She nice?”

“Sweet as anything. Only twenty-five.”

“Great. Who else is coming?”

“Bob, from work. He’s bringing two people.” “His wife, and?”

“Her mother. She’s interested too.”

“His mother-in-law?! Wow...”

“Don’t be too surprised. Bob and Jamie are pretty young. Her mom’s only forty-nine.”

“Jesus. That’s really exciting... I think she’ll be sleeping with me tonight instead of you.”

She elbowed him in the side. “Fuck off... although she’ll have to sleep somewhere...” she cooed as Tom began to tease her soaking pussy. She was always wet, it seemed.

“When are they coming over?”


“Then we have a few hours.”

“Don’t waste yourself now. You have lots of people to entertain.”

Tom kissed her forehead. She was obviously losing control. “Anything else?”

“Yeah... Lucy...”

“From last week?”

“She’s...she... fuck...”

Linda screamed silently as she came, right in her pajama bottom. Tom’s fingers rushed deep into her unshaven cunt, as her lips grew tight around them. Linda knew how to cum; she returned to earth after nearly a minute. She snuggled, now face down, in Tom’s chest.

“She’s coming over, to get her stuff.”

“Right from school?” Tom asked, suddenly excited.

Linda crawled up till they saw eye to eye. She smiled widely and whispered, “After the game. In her tennis uniform.”

“She’s fucking staying overnight!”

“She’s so cute.”

“Well... can she?”

“I told her to bring school clothes for the morning.”

Tom hugged her madly, and kissed her over and over. She kissed back, and the two joined into a crazy wet smooch. Linda bounced up and let her pants fall to the bed as she climbed off. Tom gazed at his gorgeous wife, her ass red with sweat, her soft blonde pubic hair moist with juice.

“We need a bath,” she said, pulling off her socks.

Tom rushed up and helped her out, tickling her feet as her did. The two headed for the tub, flush with the afterglow, and anticipation as well.

To Be Continued...

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