tagNon-Erotic Poetrymoth to the Flame

moth to the Flame


She was nothing but a plain grey moth flying in the dark,
Lost alone and trapped within, with no way out in sight,
She thought she saw some points of light and flew towards each one,
But found each one a vague reflection not worth the effort spent.

She found that she was losing hope, was ready to give in,
But then she saw a brighter light she needed to go see,
When first she gazed upon its type she was filled with a stark fear,
The light she found an open flame, she feared would cause her pain.

She looked at it with hungry eyes, it chased away the dark,
But could she cope with getting burned, was it worth a chance,
Perhaps if she flew around it's edge, and was so very careful
She could stay there within its light and not get burned to deep.

She murmured softly to the the flame, pleaded out her case,
She wanted to stay there with it and begged it to be kind,
Asking it not to lash out, to curb it's need to burn,
To let her bathe within it's light to save her fragile mind.

The flame listened carefully to her plea, and promised it would try,
But in the end the risk was there, the chance that it would burn,
Not through malicious thought or deed,
But because it was its nature.

The little lost and lonely moth, chose to take the chance,
She trusted that the flame would try to calm it's need to burn,
And so she flew much closer still, to start the dangerous dance,
She had to know just what would come of being in it's light.

The flame tried hard to keep the deal, the moth tried hard to cope,
She found at first the things were hard, and pushed her to her limit,
But she discovered that she had strength inside, a way to deal with it,
A way to work around the flame that satisfied us both.

Inexorably, despite her plans the moth grew closer still,
And found that when her body flagged, when her mind and soul did break,
The flame gave her warmth she craved to help her keep in flight,
It would not let her crash and fall, to be lost in the dark.

The flame began protecting her, helping her to stay,
In it's light, it helped her see a way to fight and rail,
A way to chase the demons and fears,
The darkness where she dwelt.

And still she found herself draw closer, her desire outweighed her fear,
The flame offered her a gift, a deal something she long sought,
It promise something she thought she'd never find,
The reflections having failed her so many other times.

To take the gift she most fly close, to the flames very heart,
And her fear of finding hurt and pain made her loathe to want to start,
But then she remembered the things she learned, the things taught by the flame,
The hope that it had nurtured was finally in her heart.

The little moth knew what to do, her decision was quite clear,
And so she flew into the flame with hope, love and not one ounce of fear,
Inside the flame she found its love and warmth to comfort her needing soul,
It wrapped her up protectively, and then it added steel.

The bonds did not trap the moth, instead it set her free,
No longer in the dark alone but forever in the light,
And when her wings unfurled with joy, the grey was gone from them,
In place was every colour, things burned into her soul.

She found herself, she found the will to stand up and fight her pain,
She found her colours, she found her worth, she was no longer plain,
She found His love, His heart, His soul, the flame burned brighter too,
With love and hope, her destiny, the little moth drawn to her flame.

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