tagInterracial LoveMr. Mandingo Ch. 01

Mr. Mandingo Ch. 01


Chapter 1: How it Began

I guess I should start at the beginning.

My name is Marcus and I'm 26 years young black man. I currently work for a cable company that will remain nameless. I was in college but had to drop out once my mother became ill. I lost my father during my teen years to a car accident and she was all I had left. It's funny how life is. During high school and had dreams of playing in college basketball and making it to the NBA and now I'm struggling just to make ends meet.

Let me stop. I don't want to depress you too much. It was a hot summer day. Well in Houston, Texas hot is understatement in August. I received my orders on the houses that I was to visit for the day. I figure today would be another 8 hour shift. Little did I know that this day would change my life.

As the day passed by I arrive at my last house. The work order said that I was to bury a cable line and drop off a new HD DVR box. I rang the doorbell and couldn't help but admire the home from the outside. The door open and a very attractive white woman greeted me.

"Mrs. Waller?" I asked.

"Yes, you must be here to bury the cable." she said. I notice she examine me up and down before inviting me in. As I followed her through her home to the back yard I couldn't help but admire her. She was wearing an aerobics outfit and had a little sweat on her back. She was obliviously working out before I arrived. She looked to be at least 5'4, blond hair and very curvy. I have to admit I love a woman with curves and a little meat on them as well. Mrs. Waller also had a nice ass also. We made it to the backyard and she showed me where the cable was.

"If you need anything I will be in the kitchen. Wait you never told me your name." she said.

I answered "Marcus. My name is Marcus, Mrs. Waller."

"Oh don't call me that. You make me feel like an old woman. My name is Janet."

"Oh believe me Janet no one is going to confuse you with an old woman." I told her while smiling.

My remark made her blush. She looked as if she wanted to say something but she smiled and went back inside. My eyes were locked unto her as she walked back inside. I notice her walk had a little more twist to it than before. Was she teasing me or just playful flirting?

I started to get to work as I ponder this. Instead of burying this cable I was day dreaming about burying my dick inside of Janet. As I said I live in Houston and during the summer we go over 100 degrees. This is why I always wear a wife-beater/muscle shirt under my work shirt. I took off my work shirt hoping to cool off a little bit.

Not to brag but I stay in top shape. My mother tells me that I'm trying to hold on to my glory days. As I mention before. I played basketball and my body was like a GI Joe. I stood about 6'6 and 185. My skin tone is medium brown.

While I was burying the cable I notice out the corner of my eye Janet was looking at me through the window. I pretended that I didn't see her. I took off my muscle shirt to reveal my bear chest. If she wanted to look I will give her the full view. I tried not to smile.

After about a hour I was finished. I walked back into the house sweating from the heat. I went in the kitchen to see Janet.

"Wow you are really sweating. Let me get you a drink and a towel." She said as she got a water bottle out of the fridge.

"I will take you up on that drink but I don't need a towel." I said as I used my under shirt to wipe the sweat off my chest.

I could see that Janet was gazing at my upper body.

"Are you sure, Marcus?"

"I'm sure. I like a good work to get me sweating. How about you Janet do you like a good work?"

She smiles. "Yea I do. I been trying to lose a couple pounds." she answered while leaning against the table.

"No you don't. Your body looks perfect to me." I said while surveying her body.

She giggled. "Please don't lie to me Marcus."

"Not to you. But you know how we black men are. We like a meat on our women." I told her while smiling devilish.

"That's not all I heard about black men." she flirted.

I walked closer to her and look deep in her eyes.

I whisper to her, "What else have you heard?"

I grabbed her hand and didn't feel any resistance.

"Janet hearing and witnessing is too different things." I placed her hand on the bulge that was growing in my pants.

She gave it a squeeze and we begin to kiss passionately and aggressively.

"When does your husband come home?" I asked between our kissing.

"In two hours." was her answer. She dropped to her knees and tried to rip my pants off. She undid my belt and unzipped my pants. She could see the bulge that was hiding in my boxers.

"What do we have here?" she asked while rubbing it. She pulled my boxers off and I step out of the rest of my clothes. The shock on her face was priceless. If you are no stranger to porn movies you have heard of Mandingo. Mandingo is a porn star with a 14 inch cock. I was also blessed with a 14 inch black dick.

Janet held my dick in both of her hands. She was at a loss for words. I was beginning to wonder is she having second thoughts.

She erase any doubts I had when she suck on the head of my while stroking me. My hands rubbed the back of her neck as she tried her best to fit what she could in her mouth. Janet drooled on my cock to get it nice and slick. I love how my huge black dick made her white hands seem small.

She stops sucking on my cock to get undressed. Boy, Janet body was a work of art. As I said before she was curvy and had great tits. She placed my cock between her breasts as lick and sucked my mushroom head. I loved what she was doing but I wanted her pussy. I picked her up to her feet and bent her over the dining table.

"Anxious are we?" she said in a sexy voice. I gave her white ass a smack.

"You ready for this black cock?" I asked her in demanding voice. I rubbed the tip of my dick across her pink wet pussy to tease her.

"Yes, Marcus.", was her answer.

I slapped her as again but this time with my cock.

"Tell me you want to feel my black dick in your white pussy!" I demanded.

"Please fuck my white pussy with huge black cock." she screamed.

I first made sure that she was wet enough. One thing about having a 14 inch dick you have to make sure your woman is properly lubricated. Janet pussy was soaked.

I eased my cock inside her white pussy. I couldn't get all of it in her pussy. I started off at a medium pace fucking her doggy style. My hands gripped her hips as I fucked her.

I lean over to lick the back of her neck as I kept fucking her. I picked up the pace a little. Janet pussy was tight as hell. I knew by the time we finish she would be an addicted for black cock.

Her moans grew loud as I fucked her faster and harder. My hands moved from her hips to her back to her shoulders. With one thrust I went as deep as I could. This caused Janet to let out a loud howl. I'm sure her neighbors and anyone outside heard.

"Baby that's too deep." she said trying to catch her breath.

"Janet, if you want someone to make love to you, then you are with the wrong nigga." I told her. I grabbed her hair and begin to fuck her harder and deeper.

As I fucked her while pulling her hair I could see that my dick wasn't going as deep as I know it could go.

I slid my cock out of Janet's wet pussy. My dick was now cover with her natural juices. I pulled out one of her chairs and sat down. I motion for Janet to come over.

Janet already knew what time it was. She climb on top of me and slid my dick right inside her. My 14 inch black cock was now fully inside Janet's wet white pussy. It seems just from her getting the whole dick inside of her she climax.

Janet let out a groan and started to shake as she squeezes me tightly.

"Baby I'm about to make that pussy mine." is what I told her. I kissed her and start to move my dick in and out of her pussy.

I was giving Janet's pussy long and deep strokes. Every time my cock went deep Janet would jerk her head back. Each stroke I went faster than the last. My hands were holding her hips with a tight grip.

I stop fucking her and told her I wanted her to do the work.

"I wanna see you work that white pussy,bitch." I told her. I know many women are into dirty talk during sex. Janet was no different. She started to work her hips and bounce on my dick slowly.

I gave her white ass a slap and told her to go faster.

Janet squeeze me tight as she was going to work on my dick. Janet had potential. She got off my cock for a second to position herself to ride my dick sideways.

I love this position because it gave me a great view of Janet's perfect ass bouncing on my dick. I use my hands and rubbed her clit as I fucked her with my dick.

Janet's body went stiff again as she took a long pause on my dick. I know she was cumming again and this time she was cherishing it. It looks like this was a long time coming. I doubt she was being fucked the way she needed to be.

Janet's eyes remain closed as her body went limp.

"You still with me baby?" I asked playfully.

She smiled and nodded yes. Still keeping her eyes closed. I lay Janet on her back on the kitchen floor. I got on top of her and started to fuck her missionary.

I was not going slow or medium this time. I was fucking hard and fast. While I nibble on her earlobe Janet's nails dug into my back. Her legs wrap around my waist.

"Fuck me Marcus. Fuck me Marcus." was the only thing escaping her mouth beside the moans. I knew I was getting close to a much need release. I was trying to pull my dick out of Janet but she just squeezes her legs tighter around me.

"No, Marcus I want you to fill me up with your black seed." is what she said.

She locked me in between her legs. Now I know I'm strong enough to break free but why would I. I started to fuck her faster and faster.

"I'm cumming. I'm cumming.", she screamed.

I was cumming too. I buried my dick as deep as I could and release my seed inside of her white womb. I know I gave her about four good loads. I lay on top of her for a minute as her hands rubbed my back.

"I hope you are on the pill.", is what I said. I pulled my dick from out of her pussy now soaked with both of juices.

Janet was still rubbing her clit as my cum slowly dripped out of her pussy.

"Marcus, that was great. "She said out of breath.

She stood up right next to me.

"You gave me just what I was missing. Marcus, I have a proposition to offer you.", she said.

I figure that she was going to ask me to be her man on the side. Little did I know what Janet really had planned for me. My life would never be the same again.

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