tagInterracial LoveMr. Right? Ch. 07

Mr. Right? Ch. 07


It had been a long day. Staci sighed as she rested her head against the soft pillows of the bed that Matt offered her. She had packed a bag the previous night, after deciding that she wanted to get to know Matt in his natural surroundings, and had put it in the back of Kathy's truck for safe keeping while she was at the party. She hadn't been sure about how she would get back to campus, but Matt offered rooms to all the girls and so, they were going to spend another relaxing day on the lake while Staci enjoyed her time with Matt. She still couldn't believe that she was dating him. He was some kind of crazy asshole, but that was what she liked about him the most. He had a really playful nature and he always kept her on her toes. Snuggling down into the pillow, she closed her eyes to reply the events of the day.

After Matt officially met all her friends, he took Staci to the dock near his house to show her his boat that he got for one of his birthdays and his luxury SeaDoo watercraft. He offered her a ride on the back, but she declined. Staci wasn't ready for that kind of fun. They walked around the shore of the lake, talking and joking, until Ted bum-rushed Matt and pushed him into the water. The water fight that ensued was vicious. The two of them were splashing like there was no tomorrow. It ended up being a draw and both boys trudged waterlogged to the porch where they flopped down to catch their breath.

A little while later, Matt started up the grill and began cooking the copious amounts of meat that he had purchased for the party. Staci became Matt's unofficial helper, flipping the meat while he got more out of the refrigerator and taking the full plates around to drunken party goers. Whenever Staci ended up standing next to Matt, he would lean over and whisper naughty things to her. She could feel her cheeks heat and she would just shake her head at him, holding back a number of downright bitchy things that she wanted to say in reply. It would only encourage him, she figured, since she noticed how worked up Matt got when she was fussing at him. The things that turned him on were bizarre...her chuckle, her anger. If she spit, he'd probably tackle her to the ground and rip off her clothes. Staci rolled her eyes. The boy was just weird.

Staci let out a small sigh of content as sleep began to overtake her. She was really looking forward to their date the next day. As Staci lay resting in the incredibly soft bed, a figure appeared at her door. Matt couldn't sleep. He kept thinking about the fact that Ana was in his house. He tried to get her to sleep in his bed, but she refused. Matt didn't really see the harm, seeing as she already saw him naked and he had feasted on her delicious pussy, but he would respect her wishes. He stood there and watched as his Ana smiled in her sleep. 'She must be having good dreams. Hopefully she's dreaming about me,' he thought to himself.

"Go to bed, Matt. This isn't a peep show." Matt drew in a sharp breath, surprised by the voice that broke the quiet atmosphere. So, she wasn't asleep. He should have waited a bit longer to make his way across the hall.

"Can I go to bed with you?"

Staci let out an exaggerated sigh. "Matt..."

"I know, I know. But, it was worth a shot. But I mean, really what's the harm in us just sleeping in the same bed?" Matt had the urge to orally assault her senses and the only way he was going to get to do that was if she let him join her in her bed.

"No means no, pervert." Staci bit back the giggle that threatened to give her mood away. She wasn't exactly opposed to Matt sleeping with her, but she knew that she couldn't trust herself, or him for that matter, to keep it purely platonic. She longed to bury her hands in his sandy brown hair while they made love. She didn't want to rush things, but that didn't mean that she didn't have the desire to ride him like a bucking bronco. No, it was safer this way. This way there were fewer chances of waking up in the morning with a million regrets.

"Well, how about I join you for a bit and then go back to my room?" Matt was beginning to feel the need to ravish her. From the dim light coming from the hallway, he could see that Staci had chosen to sleep in one of those flimsy tank tops and he was positive she wasn't wearing a bra. This only led him to begin thinking about whether she wore underwear to bed. It was all down hill from there.

"You really are incorrigible, you know that? Are you ever going to give up?" Staci hid her smile under the covers. It pleased her to no end that a guy like Matt desired her so much that he was incredibly persistent when it came to her. She wondered how long she could hold out before he lost interest. She didn't want to lose him, but she was wary of jumping into bed or a serious relationship with him. This was like their trial period. She wanted to get to know him before completely committing herself to him, like her heart was telling her to do. It was her mind that held her back, cautioning her that Matt might just be after her for the challenge and when she gave it up, he'd give her up. It was that thought that kept resurfacing and it was the one thing that stopped her from offering herself to Matt on a platter.

"Nope. I'm afraid you're stuck with me." Matt nodded as if to verify his statement. 'I won't give up until you give in to me, my sweet Ana...and then I won't have a reason to give you up. You'll be mine.' A smile spread across Matt's face as the thought entered his mind. Ana was his, whether she knew it or not. She was his future. She was all he could see. But, at the moment, he was wishing he could see more of his sweet Ana's tasty chocolate body. Matt suppressed the moan that threatened to escape as his mind began to flash images of Staci in her bathing suit. He had to have her.

Staci sat up in the bed and noticed that another visitor had arrived. She licked her lips, thinking about how beautiful his cock was and how delicious he tasted when they had their earlier rendezvous. She shook her head wondering what he thought of her. She didn't even know what to think about herself. One minute she was telling him no, the next minute she was licking her lips and thinking about his cum splashing down her throat. If she hadn't already realized that she was in trouble, it was definitely confirmed now. No one in her past had inspired such a burning, all-consuming desire within her. She could feel her resolve wavering and Matt could see her brow furrowing as she struggled to come to a decision.

"Alright, alright. You win. But, keep you hands and other body parts to yourself. And don't think that you'll be making a habit of this."

Matt chuckled. "I don't think..."

Staci held up a hand. "If you say you know, I will get out of this bed and beat you with my shoe Matthew Rosenbloom. You don't know diddly, so don't give me that."

Matt wisely shut his mouth and climbed into the bed, gathering Staci up in his arms. As an afterthought, he got back up and closed the door. Matt returned to the bed and held Staci in his arms. Her face rested softly against his chest and her full bosom pressed against his stomach. Matt felt his cock getting even harder. How was he supposed to control himself when she did things like that? Matt whispered his apologies softly and nuzzled his face into her hair. He didn't want Staci to feel uncomfortable with his hard on pressed against the soft flesh of her stomach. He really couldn't help it. She was just so sexy and so soft in his arms. Staci relaxed into his arms and she couldn't seem to want him to let go. It just felt so right to be cuddled against his side. "I'm sorry too. I'm being such a prude. I just don't want to spoil whatever we have before I even figure out...how I feel about you. You're something else. You know that, Matthew Rosenbloom?"

"Am I?" Matt's mouth curved up into a cocky half-smile.

"You are. And you have the most ridiculous last name." Staci giggled into Matt's chest.

Matt squeezed her tightly and then placed a kiss on her forehead. "You know, you're right. I'll take your last name when we get hitched."

Staci punched him lightly in the stomach and looked up into his eyes. Matt gave her a lopsided grin and leaned his head down. He stopped an inch from her lips. "I promise to be good...," and with that he pressed his lips against hers. Their lips seemed to fuse together, neither of them wanting to come up for air until they absolutely had to. When they broke apart, Staci only had one thing to say. "As long as you promise."

Their lips joined again and again in the darkness of her room. Their tongues battled for position as their hands explored. Matt ran his hand over her back and then rested it on her round behind. Staci moaned softly as he squeezed it. Staci's hands ran over his chest, softly caressing his nipples before they made their way to his hardened cock. Matt sucked in a quick breath and rolled over on top of Staci. It was so hard to stop himself from ripping off her pajama pants and plunging into her depths, but he reigned in the impulse and set his mind on pleasuring Staci orally. He began planting kisses on her neck, making his way down to her sizable breasts. He worked her tank top off, tossing it to the floor.

Matt popped one of Staci's nipples into his mouth, eliciting even more moans from his sweet Ana. She brought a hand up to hold his head in place while her other hand slipped inside her underwear. Staci's fingers played with her clit while Matt's tongue flicked back and forth over her nipple. They had become so hard that she was sure that they could break glass, if she tried. Matt's hand replaced hers on her clit. He began to run his fingers in the shape of a figure eight around her sensitive nub. First one and then two of his nimble fingers made their way into Staci's hot snatch while his thumb continued to wreak havoc on Staci's clit. She was so wet. Matt closed his eyes for a moment to savor the feeling of his fingers buried in her tight pussy. If only he could replace them with his cock. It would be paradise.

Continuing to stroke into Staci faster and faster, Matt moved his fingers in search of her G-spot. He wanted to hear his sweet Ana scream. She was bucking her hips in an attempt to help him find the place that would quickly grant her a sweet release. Staci's moans began to increase in volume as his fingers found their final destination. "Ohhhh....Matt....more." Since, he considered himself a gentleman, he felt compelled to oblige, tapping her spot faster and softly biting down on her Hershey kiss colored nipple. He soon brought her to orgasm, reveling in the feeling of Staci's pussy contracting around his fingers. Staci's body writhed underneath his as she called out his name at the peak of her pleasure. That's what he wanted...but now he wanted to hear her do it again and he wanted to be able to see her face as she screamed out her passion. He reached over and turned on the bedside lamp that sat on the end table next to the bed.

Matt's devilish smile greeted Staci when she opened her eyes. He was really good and it seemed as if it would only get better. She could barely move to help him as he pulled off her pajama pants and now soaking wet panties. Staci heard the low growl that Matt let out before plunging his tongue into her pussy. He went to town, running his tongue around her folds, making sure that every inch of her pussy felt appreciated and worshiped. He dipped his tongue into her pussy and used it to demonstrate what his cock would do when she finally let him make love to her.

Matt's face was covered in Staci's juices, but he couldn't seem to care. All her knew was that he wanted to taste more of his Ana and was rewarded when she came again. She was so loud, but he didn't mind. Her juices flowed freely from her pussy and Matt set to lapping them up. He felt her weakly tug on his hair, signaling that she couldn't handle anymore. But, he didn't let that stop him. He began sucking and nibbling on her clit, making her hips jump up and momentarily depriving him of his feast. He wrapped his arms around her legs to hold her down and began another round of oral loving.

Staci lost count of how many times she came. The only thing that she could manage to do when Matt's tongue was attacking her pussy was moaning. That, and screaming out his name. The whole house must have heard her by now, but she couldn't stop. She had always been a vocal lover and this was no exception. She eventually put her fingers in her mouth to silence her raucous responses. She was exhausted when he finally let her go. Matt moved up and bought Staci's limp body to his. His jaw was tired from all the pussy eating that he just partook in, but he was happy with the results. Staci was slowly drifting off to sleep in her post-orgasmic haze. The only problem was that Matt was still as hard as a rock. He gently nudged his Ana. There wasn't really a reason not to involve her in his pleasure since she was there.

Staci opened one eye. "Hmm?"

Matt gestured to his stiff member. Staci lifted her head and sighed. She was just too worn out to have the energy to suck him off. She raised an eyebrow. "What did you have in mind? I can't..."

"I know...Can I fuck your tits? They're so round....I want to feel my cock slide in between them," his moan signaled the weakening of his control. He brought his hand up to caress her breast. "Please?"

Staci chuckled softly. With the most sensual voice she could muster she said, "Sure, hun. Go ahead. I've always wanted a pearl necklace."

Matt growled and covered her lips with his own. He couldn't get enough of Staci's lips and the way she stroked his bottom lip before sucking into her mouth drove him crazy. After breaking away, Matt got up and rushed into the bathroom that was attached to the guest room. Once he found what he was looking for, he stripped off his boxers and rejoined Staci on the bed.

She was still in the same place and she looked completely ravished. Her lips were swollen from his kisses, her eyes were heavy-lidded, and her hair was all over the place from her thrashing around while his tongue worked its magic. Matt decided that he absolutely loved that look and he would do his best to make her look that way often. He began squirting lotion onto Staci's ample bosom and slowly rubbing it in. Stroking his cock, he straddled Staci's torso. "Are you sure, angel?"

Staci took a hold of his cock and brought it closer to her chest, "Don't make me wait for it....I might fall asleep."

With that, Matt squeezed Staci's breasts together and began stroking his cock in and out of the crevasse they created, gradually picking up speed. Staci's neck strained as she lifted her head to see Matt's eyes closed, his head thrown back, his cock peeking from in between her boobs. It was an arousing sight. She parted her lips and her tongue snaked out to meet Matt's dick as it was thrust towards her.

Matt's eyes popped open and he looked down at her. Their eyes met and Staci noticed that his eyes were once again more blue than grey. She really loved his eyes. In fact, she had a feeling that she could love every inch and almost everything about the man hovering above her. She suppressed a loud moan by biting her bottom lip.

Matt drew in a breath when he felt the tip of her tongue touch the head of his cock. It was unexpected, but it felt so nice. Matt opened his eyes to take in the sight of his Ana. She was so beautiful, especially when her eyes were clouded by passion. They weren't fiery like he expected, but they did invite him to get lost in their depths. When she bit her lip, he lost it. Matt heard himself call out, "I'm coming!" before his balls emptied their contents.

Staci loved the little breathless pants that signaled Matt's coming. He made the cutest noises when he came. Staci felt his cum running down the sides of her neck. It was an interesting feeling. Matt moved from over her and after a brief rest by her side, he got up and made his way into the bathroom. Staci waited until he reappeared with a towel in his hand to wipe up some of his cum with her fingers and lick it off. "Mmmm....you're still so tasty. Hopefully next time I'll be able to take a more active role in helping you cum."

Staci watched with wide eyes as Matt's cock rose to attention again. Matt looked downward and then looked up to give Staci a smug smile. "Is it next time yet?"

Staci hadn't expected him to get hard so quickly. She cleared her throat and wished it hadn't suddenly gone dry. "Umm..."

Matt chuckled and tossed the towel at Staci to get her attention. Apparently his dick had put her in some sort of trance, the way she had been staring at it. Staci laughed as she pulled the towel from her face. 'What an asshole,' she thought. Matt joined her in the bed and turned off the bedside light. Staci dropped the towel to the floor and cuddled up to Matt. With a soft sigh of content, she closed her eyes. She was right. It had turned out to be a fantastic day. She could hardly wait until the next one, when Matt would take her out on the town. She felt Matt's soft kiss on her forehead as she drifted off to sleep.

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