tagMatureMy Daughter's Fiance

My Daughter's Fiance


My oldest daughter who's twenty-one moved back into my home temporarily six months ago. During this time she started dating a guy who's now nineteen and going to college. He lives on campus all week but is close enough to spend the weekends here with her. Since she is sharing a bedroom with her toddler sister I don't allow her boyfriend to sleep upstairs with her, not that I'm worried about them having sex because my daughter wants to wait until she's married, but because I don't want them bothering her sister while she's sleeping. During the warmer weather I insisted he sleep on our front porch on one of the two benches out there since I didn't trust him to stay downstairs. My daughter slept out there with him most of the time. Now that the weather is colder and I've gotten to know him better, plus the fact they recently became engaged, I started letting him sleep in the livingroom. I've gotten comfortable enough with him to joke around with him, sometimes the teasing turns sexual, but always with a limit. I just make sure that he never knows if I might be serious or not, Just to keep him guessing.

I deliver a daily newspaper and get up at four in the morning to get them done on time. With turning on the light and the noise of getting the papers ready, I don't understand how he can get any quality sleep. Some mornings my papers are dropped off late and I'm stuck sitting down there waiting for them. It's a bit uncomfortable sitting there with her fiance sleeping on the chair.

At the moment I'm in my late forties and I don't have a steady man in my life and the feeling of loneliness hits me quite often. Sex is only occasionally and not with anyone more than once. Recently I noticed during the time I'm sitting, waiting for my papers, I glance at my daughter's fiance and fantasize about being with him. The fantasies really get to me sometimes. I know I wouldn't do anything in real life with him, at least I didn't think I would.

This morning I awoke from a very sensual dream and was extremely horny. I got stuck waiting for my papers and to pass the time I reran the dream over in my head. My daughter's fiance was sound asleep as I got my papers ready to deliver. I couldn't help glancing at him occasionally wondering how good he would be in bed. After I left I tried to clear that thought out of my mind as I did the papers. It didn't work.

When I got home, after putting the paper supplies away, I went to go back upstairs to bed. I glanced over at my daughter's fiance and the temptation started getting to me. I walked over to the chair he was sleeping in. He was in a regular sitting position and I stood in front of him. I tried to tell myself this was wrong and I should just go to bed, but I couldn't get myself to move away, my hormones on overdrive.

I opened my jeans and started fingering myself. When I was wet enough I opened his pants very carefully as not to wake him yet. I pushed my jeans down to my ankles and pulled my shirt up. I slowly removed his cock from his pants and took it in my mouth. I sucked on him till he was hard as a rock. At this time he woke up, so I placed my one finger in front of my lips to indicate that he should be quiet. I straddled his lap and kissed him full on the lips as deeply as I could, thrusting my tongue deep into his mouth. I didn't want to give him a chance to push me away.

As I kissed him, our tongues dancing together, I ran my one hand down his chest to his throbbing cock and grabbed the base of it. I rubbed it against my slit and placed it between my very wet pussy lips. I lowered myself onto him and started grinding away. I pulled his face to my tits so he could suck them. He looked at me first, wondering if he should let this continue, then took one of my nipples into his mouth. He sucked them hungrily as moans and grunts escaped our lips. Losing control, I rode him fast and hard until we both exploded with intense orgasms. I collapsed against him, our sweaty bodies heaving as we try to regain normal breathing.

I remained sitting on him with him inside me, feeling his hot juices run out of me and puddling between us. I leaned down and kissed him one last time, smiled, and got up. I pulled down my shirt and closed my pants. I gave him some Kleenex to clean himself with, then I told him, "I'm ready, willing and able anytime you want sex, just let me know." I turned and went up to bed. As I laid there, I thought about what had just happened. I knew this was going to make things awkward between us, but now he knew that if he needed the relief my daughter wasn't giving him, he could turn to me.

I will make sure it never happens again once I become his mother-in-law, but until then, I'm going to enjoy having a boy toy.

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