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My Hotwife & Her Boyfriend


My wife, has a boyfriend -- or maybe just a boytoy -- which is actually more to my liking. I arranged it, and that's proven complicated at times. He's been mostly pretty cool, but sometimes she thinks he doesn't pay enough attention to her. Not that I ever really wanted her to have a huge emotional attachment to another man, but the sex is exceptional, and it works for me. Women, I suppose, maybe most women, need that emotional component. Sometimes - most of the time -- it's been a threesome situation -- but sometimes it's just her with him, and afterwards with me. I have to admit that I love the way she feels, all sexed up, super-slippery. OK, I love the way her sex tastes before, just afterwards -hot, musky, the way it makes me feel when she has me push my face into her, and then when she gets a bit dominant about it, telling me to lick it up -- every drop. She's done that for years even before he came into the picture -- with me, with my cum -- and it did seem to make her orgasm even harder and more regularly. When she does it after she's been with him it is wildly erotic.

My wife is five-foot, eight, 34 double-D tits, with the most luscious nipples that show through her clothes even sometimes when she's wearing a bra. And her alluring hips are accentuated by her thin waist, a perfect "10," ala Bo Derrick, her gay friend at work once told her. And we've been having fun for the past few years, decorating those charms with some nipple-rings (that she's since ditched, but that's another story), and both a vertical bar clit-piercing and another ring that passes behind, trapping her big clit between it and the bar when she has sex. She says that's the most... sexually helpful thing she's done, because it enhances her orgasms that have always been very... well, climactic, to begin with. She shaves herself totally smooth -- as am I, because we've found that works perfectly together.

She's watching TV right now as I write this, but it seems she's also been texting -- sexting -- her boyfriend, because she handed me her phone as she walked by and told me to read the nasty notes they've been exchanging -- including one of a picture of his cock. There was a text from her where she wrote how she wanted her tongue on it -- and she told him in at least three different ways that she wants his cum. She is such a tease sometimes, and she knows she has total control of me that way. That's why she had me read their exchange.

The first time when Steve and she got together was a little over three years ago. I'd been telling her hot it would be to watch her, share her, even just thinking about her being with another man. Of course, first she was incredulous -- then pissed even. She thought that meant that I didn't really love her. Not true. I have a motorcycle that I love to ride, and every once in awhile one of my friends asks to ride it, so, if they're qualified, I let them, and it genuinely gives me pleasure to see how they love to ride it too. That doesn't mean I'm giving it to them, or going to let them think they can steal it, and they certainly better not wreck it up, but, they're my friends, and I enjoy their enjoyment of it. Not that she's a motorcycle, but she is one very hot ride. Maybe I'll post this on Literotica and you men that feel the same way would email and tell her how many of us there are.

So after awhile I she seemed to accept my fetish, and even started to tease me back, saying thing like how she does, after all, "love cock"... sometimes she'll admit to wanting more than one. Maybe that was just another tease. Well, it turned me on just to hear her admit it. Why wouldn't she? She has fun with mine.

So I got to thinking how this might be made to actually happen, and I looked around on the Internet, found, and screened someone as best as I could. Got him to send me a picture, just so I'd know. Yes, I'd posted pictures of her online before (and she knew about them -- no face in the pictures, but hot ones of her), so I let him see. In fact, I posted some video, and she knew about that, too. Later, she asked me remove what I posted, and I did... too late. If you were to search for "hotwife Lorena Junes" there are tens of thousands of sites where she turns up. I guess lots of guys found her hot, and they copied them everywhere.

One day we were having sex, and she was playing her little tease me about the other guy thing, and she could tell how hard that makes my cock. So I broke the news to her -- I found someone who's cool, good-looking, relatively hung, and wants to meet her.

She didn't believe me until I dialed the number he'd given me, and he answered, which she could kinda hear,. I started to hand her the phone. She hung it up. She was, again, angry, but not too much, but also intrigued. She asked me more questions about him. I told her what I knew... maybe I showed her a picture, but I don't remember. I explained it wasn't like he knew where we lived (yet) -- and he didn't -- and that we could have a little fun, even if it was just on the phone -- after all, he now had my number since I'd just phoned him.

So she let me phone him back, and she actually talked to him, laughing nervously, saying she couldn't believe her crazy husband was doing this and trying to get her to do more. Steve said, well, he'd seen the pictures I'd posted, and thought she was way hot -- so why shouldn't I want to show her off? How could she not be flattered? So we took a couple of more sexy pictures and sent those to him. Then, I think he wanted to make sure it was really her he was seeing, so he called and asked her if she'd put something on for her, and she asked, "What would you like to see me in?"

He said, "A man's dress shirt." That has it's own kind of sexiness in a way, so she went to my closet and got this shirt of mine. We took some more hot pictures, with maybe one or two button fastened, and sometimes one of her wonderful breasts exposed -- 'cause I've told her that there's actually something actually about just one hanging out -- kind of like a deliberate wardrobe failure.

My cell phone rang immediately, and he was enthusiastic in his praise for her sexiness, and why shouldn't he be? She looked totally amazing.

More talk, and then the next step: we invited him over. She was so very nervous -- maybe just only slightly more than me, so I poured her a big glass of wine, and she took a bath, shaved herself all over, and was spending an awful lot of time in the bathroom doing her makeup. I could hear the clatter of all her things in the drawer as she dolled herself up. He showed up while she was still in there.

Now, I'd never actually met Steve until that moment, so of course we sized each other up, and I invited him in. We stood in the kitchen, drinking some wine, when she walked in with this sly, sexy grin on her face... that seductive walk she has.

Wow! She was wearing that shirt -- the pink men's dress shirt - and a pair of my boxers to complete the theme -- with silver heels.

Steve and I probably stammered some stupid compliments, I can't quite remember.

After some nervous small talk, we retired upstairs to our "outdoor room" where a fire was going in the Franklin Stove, and we have couches and surround sound. We live in Southern California, so even though it can be cool in November, at least it's not that cold. She sat with me on the couch, and Steve sat on another on the other side of the fire. More small talk. Then we talked about those pictures we'd taken and sent to him. She was blushing, but very turned on, she had to have been or she'd have never let me unbutton one of the few buttons that held that shirt together. Finally I was touching her, and eased one of those glorious globes out into the open. It got very quiet, but we kept up an attempt to talk, but now it was mostly about her, and her captivating beauty.

After awhile, she and I were kissing, and he was watching, then I was slipping my hand into my boxers -- the ones she had on, remember? Nervously, Steve asked if he could sit alongside her, and we both said yes. And could he touch? Yes. So then his hands were also on my wife's tits... and it seemed to happen faster than I could imagine -- probably because we were all three so turned-on... Her shorts were off, and I was on my knees, between her legs, nursing that silky pussy, that was sooo slippery with her incredible juice. His cock was out, and I looked up from that intoxicating pussy to watch as her hand was on him, then her mouth... Finally, I couldn't believe I actually heard my hot, sexy wife say, "Fuck me." And then it happened, she slid around toward him, and he pushed that big cock into my wife's perfect pussy, and she was moaning at the sensation of another man entering her for the first time in over thirty years.

Frankly, it didn't take that long, it was such a turn-on with so many hours of build-up... He told her he was going to unload, and she pleaded for him to give it to her. She hadn't cum -- that was for me to make her do later, after he'd gone. But he was vocal as he throbbed into her, and she held his ass, pulling him against her, using her own throbbing sex to milk, as she likes to insist, "every drop."

It was a bit of a blur after that -- he's never been much of a second-time guy. But we said our goodbyes, they kissed, and we walked him down and saw him out.

Then... then it was my turn. I led her to bed, both of us in a daze from what had transpired. I was so hard, throbbing, almost ready to cum immediately myself. As I slid into her, I could feel it ooze around my cock and make her thighs incredibly slippery, but to keep from spoiling the moment, I pulled our, slid down and licked her leaking cunt while I had my hands on her tits. Then she was moving against my face, and my mouth was locked on her sexy, just-fucked pussy, pumping her with my tongue, licking her slippery clit until she came for me in huge, gasping waves. It didn't take long for me to work my way back up and kiss her, letting her taste how kinky-hot that was to do for her, almost immediately pulsing inside her, adding my own cum to her creamy love. We kissed, still in a daze, and we fell asleep, my still-throbbing cock against her ass, my hand reaching around to cup her tit.

The next day... The next day she was kind of pissed that I'd done what I'd done to arrange that -- even though it let her experience such a sexual high. Frankly, it went against her conservative upbringing, and she didn't like it that I'd had her do such a thing. But I was almost continually erect all day, thinking how hot it had been, replaying it in my mind, wanting it again. It was the most erotic thing I'd ever experienced, my wife of so many years letting go like that, playing that sexy role, enjoying it all afternoon long when we'd been exchanging those photos, her obvious anticipation when she'd spent so long doing her make-up to perfection, and then coming out wearing the very shirt that she'd worn to entice him in the first place... that grin on her face when she came out and said hello, knowing what I wanted, what he was there for, and what, so obviously, she wanted too -- despite her misgivings.

The day after that? She was still semi-angry, but only because she admitted that she wanted him again. And so... and so, when he phoned the next day, we took some more sexy pictures to send -- right there on that same couch where he'd fucked her, posing in her most sexy fashion...

I think it was that night that he came back over, only this time, we took her out for drinks and some appetizers at the Acapulco Cantina. Funny, but I felt a bit like... like a "Dad" taking his daughter out on a date, because they sat together in the back seat as I drove, and I kept one eye on the road, and one eye on them in my strategically adjusted rear-view mirror. They didn't do much, just touched each other and sometimes kissed. I can remember she wore this leather bustier that pumped up her already big tits to the point they overflowed. I can remember, because later I took some videos of the remainder of the night.

But it was at the Cantina, the bar, that things got hot. We walked together from the car -- the three of us -- with my sexy wife in between, her feeling so obviously turned-on to have the attention and affection of two men. We sat at a table because the booths were all full, drinking margaritas, and it was actually quite a spectacle, because there were so many there who noticed and who couldn't stop slyly watching us. More proof that a whole lot of people seem to find this scenario quite erotic. I mean, it wasn't dirty looks we were getting - just some people who knew or guessed what was going on -- and what was likely to go on later. They couldn't take their eyes off us as she sat at a table near the middle of the bar, her legs sometimes up on my lap, leaning back on him... alternately holding him, kissing him, and then sometimes me. The single guys at the bar all probably later went home to jack off to threesome porn, the women to fantasize about how they'd wished their men would be so accommodating. Maybe we started some conversations between the couples that were there, and the men finally owned up to the fact that such a thing would be hot.

The drive home was a repeat of the drive there, at least from what I could see in the darkened car from furtive glances on them in the back seat. Maybe more happened, she never said, and I never asked.

We've three been out together sometimes again, different places, and, while it's always exciting, that first time was the ultimate.

When we got to our house, they sat on the couch, I got out my camera, videoing their interaction. They didn't seem to mind terribly, and she even played to the camera sometimes, talking to me as I filmed their sexy interplay. She told me she couldn't believe I was enjoying this, but I almost couldn't contain myself at how hot it was. He had his arm around her, petting her naked shoulder while her chest kind of heaved with heavy anticipation. Finally, it got more involved, her hands in his lap, feeling his obviously bulging cock through his jeans, and then she was letting him feel her breasts again, and they were kissing. Then she was on her knees with his cock in her mouth, and the look in her eyes told me she was totally enthralled by the whole experience, sucking cock while her husband recorded the event.

This time, we retired to our bed, and shared her between us. Sometimes she'd be on her knees, leaning forward with his cock in her pretty mouth while I pumped her from behind, trying not to cum too soon because I was so excited. Sometimes it was me leaning back, watching as she held up her pussy, his hands on her hips, plunging into her from behind, making her make noises around my cock that proved how much she enjoyed this. She said at various times how much she "loved cock," that she loved two cocks, that she wanted to be pumped full, stuffed full, and on and on for a lot longer this time.

Finally, I just watched, and she spread her legs for this man who impaled her on that big dick and fucked my wife until he again flooded her with his hot love... a lot of it I know, because after I again sucked her for awhile, I could still feel how slick she was as I slowly fucked her, laying kind of along side of her,. He knelt alongside her head, with me watching as she lay back and nursed his cock covered with their juices. He said nasty things to her that were so hot. He said maybe next time he was going to shoot all over her face, neck, and tits, then take her out somewhere "wearing his cum." She laughed a naughty, throaty laugh. At that moment, she would have let him.

Again, after he'd left, it was me that finally made her cum, loudly, my mouth against her twice-creamed pussy. For a lot of times after that, she never came with him -- until after about a year - but always only with me afterwards. That has changed, and actually I don't mind, it's exciting to watch and listen to them as they get each other off. Sometimes she's so naughty, telling him to "give it all" to her, "every drop" and the like. I love my naughty wife -- she's such an absolute turn-on.

Not that I have always been there when they've been together. There have been times when I've been at work, and she's told me she is having a visitor. So I have to finish my work, and I'll come home, sometimes to find her between his legs, sprawled across the ottoman, sucking his cock as he sits naked on our big love-seat. Then I'll join in, taking her from behind, and again, we'll trade off places. Mostly he cums in her sexy pussy, but it's also been exciting to watch him shoot across her lips and waiting tongue, kiss her and share it with her, or see him pump a big load up across her throbbing, gaping pussy lips.

Other days, I've come home to see her with a sexy grin on her face, and I suspect, what's been going on, and then, after kissing her, I know for sure, tasting sex all over her and the faint smell of his cologne. The best part is taking my naughty wife to bed afterward, talking to her about what she's done, sucking her and making love to her after she's already had hot sex for a few hours in the afternoon.

Once I even let her go to his house for the evening all by herself. I waited in absolute anguish and ecstasy -- a total sexual high -- for her return, just imagining what she was doing. When she got home that time, she admitted that for the first time he'd made her cum just before pumping her full. She would have stayed, but, well, she sometimes calls him her "cum and go guy" - only this time it was her that had to go. She wasn't pleased -- I said he's abrupt sometimes. I know that disappoints her, but, frankly, that's best for me. As I said, he can enjoy, but isn't allowed to ride off with my hot ride. I've even told him as much, and, because he thinks, since I'm crazy enough to let him fuck my wife, that he probably shouldn't cross that line. Works for me. I think it works for her -- because while she sometimes says she'd even like to have two husbands, I don't for a minute believe that they'd be as close as she and I are. No way. I've been with her since I was 21 and she was, frankly, jail-belt. We've been together through thick and thin and a lot of things, but she's my hot, hot, hotwife, and I love her so much -- in so many ways not just connected to sex.

So I think I'd actually let her go back over there by herself if they wanted that. I might even let them go somewhere out of town for a day or so -- she did once or twice run that suggestion by me. I don't feel threatened, just enthralled, just under her spell. She's that sexy. She also is the mother of our children, and a beautiful person.

So sometimes she feels guilty about the whole thing -- blocks his number and tells me that she broke up with her boyfriend (again). And then she goes back. Maybe she's just finally coming around to the idea that, no matter what he thinks, he's just a very realistic dildo that I let her use sometimes. And I've always enjoyed watching her with toys.

So, what other erotic things we've done? Things that stick in my mind are like the time I lay on my back, and she lay back on me, my cock buried in her ass, feeling her being fucked by him, filled by him, knowing I'd get to, as she has so often liked to tell me, have me "clean her messy, just-fucked cunt." An unimaginably hot sight and sensation is for me to suck her clit and lick her oh-so-smooth cunt as she is being fucked... from above, as she 69s with me, or as she's laid on her side with him pumping into her from behind, four hands on her tits and ass. We even have stuffed her smooth pussy full of two cocks. I almost couldn't keep from coming that time -- and asked her later if she'd have liked to feel both of use explode into her at the same time. She admitted she'd have loved that. And I'd be there for her -- her "pussy slave" I sometimes tell her. The word other people might use, of course, one I never knew before I started reading, wondering if I'm totally unique, is cuckold. So be it. But I'm more than that' I'm her husband, and yes, her pussy-slave too.

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