tagBDSMMy Intro To CBT Ch. 02

My Intro To CBT Ch. 02


Mistress Jeanette and myself played for several years, moving into ever more intense situations which also included more slaves, but it was the first time when Mistress Jeanette introduced me to her good friend Mistress Alicia that I thought of myself as lucky...

This feeling of being lucky lasted only until both A and J were taking turns at tormenting me in a way I'd not experienced before. They seemed to get more vicious when around each other. Later on Jeanette would lend me out to Alicia when she would have no need for me for a weekend, and under those circumstances I would discover how thorough Alicia was at dishing out pain. But put them together and it was just so much more intense.

So here I am, out on the town with Mistress Jeanette and she introduces me to her friend Alicia. The way J was standing I was shielded from public view, and whilst that should have been a clue, I was still surprised that Alicias' hand went past my offered hand and grabbed my crotch instead. Taking a firm hold of my nuts, giving them a ruthless squeeze and then rocking her hand up and down, she just grinned at me. "Mmmmmm, these nuts are gonna be sore later slaveboy," she growled at me. Next she let go, and with her knee groined me hard and fast. Jeanette was next, bringing her knee into my groin even harder. Within thirty seconds of meeting Alicia I had sore nuts, but that was nothing....

We went to an adult movie theatre, the ladies taking a seat either side of me and had my pants open in no time. They had done this before no doubt, for each of them took one ball and with the tips of their fingers yanked to the side began rolling it around, thus almost tenderising the ball. Picture an hour and a half of having your nuts groped, squeezed, pinched and squashed...oh boy, I was having trouble walking upright!

We began our walk to Jeanette's place, thru a small park with a playground. Stopping at the swings, Jeanette got me on a swing and while she pushed me from behind, Alicia took up position at the front. The second swing forward and Alicia just punched me straight in the nuts, one of my balls retreating into my pelvic cavity and then popping back out...the agony! I couldn't hold on and fell off the swing, now placing me in an even more vulnerable position as Alicia kicked me in the side, rolling me onto my back and then stomping me in the crotch with the tip of her high heeled boots. My moaning got rather loud and she stopped, flipped up her skirt and showed me her dripping wet cunt. "If you want to fuck this pussy, you'll have to take more pain than that you weak little slut", she growled as she squatted over my face to give me a good sniff of her juicy pussy.

I made the mistake of extending my tongue and giving her a lick, she didn't immediately punish me for this, instead letting me lick her to orgasm and then sliding down onto my thighs. Jeanette simply sat on my face now, her knickers soaked as well, but when Alicia began slapping me in the crotch again I understood why Jeanette sat on my face. I stopped counting after a dozen slaps, for I was having trouble breathing at the same time.

Jeanette hopped off my face, my nuts now tender and glowing red, or that's how they felt anyway. Alicia was just laughing out loud at my groaning and whincing. She walked a few paces to a park bench, bent over and flipped her skirt onto her pert little arse and said: "If you can get your cock in here in ten seconds...you can fuck me for as long as you like later..."

Time stood still as I got up and while looking at her juicy cleft and spread thighs, my only focus on Alicias' wet hole and my cock entering it...I forgot completely about Jeanette. I had my jeans unzipped and my rigid cock almost at Alicias' cunt when Jeanette came up behind me and kicked my nuts from behind, now with a ferocity I'd not experienced from her before. As I dropped to my knees, Alicia laughed so nastily as she turned...her pert rear and juicy cunt now hidden behind her short skirt and Jeanette growling at me. "How dare you even think about fucking Alicia without asking Me first", Jeanette said menacingly. She walked to my front and then kicked me in the groin so hard I just fell over backwards and rolled into the foetal position, the intensity of the pain now beyond anything I'd experienced for some time.

"Get up and walk slut!" Jeanette ordered, and thus we walked the remaining few hundred metres to her house, me out front and walking with such tenderness I was having trouble walking straight.

Once at the house I was soon stripped and shackled to the cross in Jeanettes' playroom. The smell of perfume permeated the air, and the scent was different to either Alicias' or Jeanettes' and I was wondering what was up...when the blindfold they'd put on me was removed I was faced with another four women. All four women I'd gone out with recently, prior to meeting Jeanette, but admittedly I was seeing three of these four at the same time...not that I had always been upfront about that.

"So ladies, we're gathered here today to humble this horny slut in my preferred manner," Jeanette calmly stated, as she horsewhipped my balls with one sharp motion. The stinging pain in my already tender nuts made me whince and brought a smile to the faces of the women.

"Who wants to have a go first?" Jeanette asked as Mel readily stepped forward. Jeanette passed over the horsecrop and without any delay Mel just brought the crop up from below and on my sack five times in close succession, making me groan loudly.

"Nice work Mel, but why were you so gentle on him?" Jeanette asked. Sarah stepped forward and took the crop from Jeanette, then moved forward and took hold of my nuts with the proven thumb and forefinger encircling the base of the sack, then squeezing tight. "Mmmmm, I always wondered if I'd get the chance to exact some revenge for your actions," Sarah grinned as she squeezed my nuts tighter and tighter. "Oooohh, does that hurt little boy, shall I release my grip some?" Sarah smiled. Next she brought the crop to bear on my tightly held nuts, and once Sarah had delivered five blows she just let go of my nuts and passed the crop back to Jeanette.

"Who is next then?" Jeanette proffered, but neither Barbara or Cheryl were keen to take part yet.

The punishment Jeanette dished out to me over the next half hour, while Alicia, Mel, Sarah, Barb and Cheryl watched was something to remember. Her ruthless method of delivering maximum pain with little effort was also a tremendous turn-on for me, and I couldn't help but throb wildly for the most part. Not even a brutal caning of my cock that left bruises for weeks could make me go soft, the excitement mixed with fear in this situation was just too much for me.

By the time Jeanette had finished her demonstration my balls just felt the size of grapefruit, with numbness setting in. She had taken me to the point of crying, then just carried on, ignoring all my pleas for her to stop...and why should she, for I had not used my safeword yet. Jeanette whispered in my ear that she loved me taking all this pain for her, and it would all be worth my while at some point....

The next position I found myself in was shackled over the table, once more spread wide and vulnerable and while I was worried about more pain in the balls, not a single kick or grope was dished out for the duration of my restraint in this position. Once I was securely in position I felt my bumhole being lubed up roughly, a gloved finger being shoved into me to make sure I was well lubed inside and next I felt a hard dildo being slowly forced into me. "Just relax slut," I heard Alicia say as she slowly worked all six inches of strap-on into my tight sphincter. At times I couldn't help but tense up, but Alicia just countered that by ramming the whole length into me. Next I felt her withdraw and another dildo, slightly thicker was in its place. I didn't know yet who was driving this one, but when I heard Barbara asking me whether I liked a nice fat one in my arse...and now knowing what it felt like for her to be taken like that by me...that I got worried. I'd fucked Barbara in the arse rather harshly, and as much as she eventually enjoyed it, she was now exacting her revenge for me doing so against her will. Oh well, I kinda enjoy fucking a woman's arsehole, so here was my punishment I suppose?

"Oh yeah, I love this big dildo going into you", Barbara howled as she would almost completely withdraw and then slam me with it, forcing me open again and again. Barbara actually came from fucking me like this, and then she withdrew.

"My turn, my turn," I heard Mel cry out excitedly. No sooner had I heard her, I felt another dildo, this one both thicker and longer than the last one, slowly it crept into me. Mel was being careful to start with, but once she got the feel for it, she too was brutal and fucked me hard. "Oooohh yeah, I like this!!" she yelled as she rammed me full force, my balls swinging each time Mel hit bottom. The pain in my nuts was now superceded by the burning in my arse, the repeated reaming making my arse now soooo sore.

"C'mon Mel, it's time to get serious with this two-timing bumfucker," Cheryl said. Mel withdraws and I feel the gloved hand putting more lube inside me, and spreading lube around the cheeks as well. Oh shit, I thought. And oh shit was right, for once I felt the girth of the two and a half inch diameter, ten inch long prong being slowly fed into my arse...the pain in my nuts meant nothing, for now my arsehole was stretched as wide as ever and not only that, once the whole length was inside me it just felt like I was going to shit myself.

"That hurts doesn't it?" Cheryl asks in a cool voice. The pace she is setting is slow, but she is using full depth strokes. More lube is added and soon the pace is getting faster, now about two seconds per return stroke. I feel water being splashed into the crack of my cheeks, now making the lube react and as the edge is taken off the burning sensation I hear Jeanette tell Cheryl to ream me properly. I hear the ladies cheer Cheryl on and she is now doing about three strokes every two seconds and getting faster. "Oh fuck this is hard work," Cheryl groans as she keeps increasing the pace. Before long Cheryl cums violently, even though her moans are lost in my groans of pain.

A cool splash of water is dribbled into my arse and the gloved finger probes with a soothing motion to spread a different lube into my abused arsehole. It was when I was shown the dildo Cheryl fucked me with that I am just lost for words and utter: "Why?"

"Simple slut, you now know not to mess around with any more women than I give you permission to," Jeanette said matter-of-factly.

The four guests left and I was now allowed to eat pussy, both Jeanette and Alicia being more than just wet from the evenings' events. "Mmmmm, this is one horny painslut you've found here Jeanette," Alicia commented between orgasms induced by my tongue. It was later on, as the sun was coming up after a brief snooze, that I found myself being both fucked and face ridden by the two women, balls and arse extremely sore, that I felt soooo lucky. OK, I had endured both physical and mental torment but the reward of seeing and feeling my two lovers now so turned on and giving that made it all worthwhile....

My nuts ached for almost a week, and my arsehole took even longer to feel normal again after being invaded for so long by that huge dildo. It did teach me to obey a dominant woman though, for never again did I two-time a domme again after that.

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lucki balls to receive such pleasure, made me as hard as I get these days

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