tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Introduction To CFNM Ch. 05

My Introduction To CFNM Ch. 05


Authors Notes: I know I said chapter 4 would be the last chapter in this story, but, I've received a ton of emails asking me to write more. There will be one more chapter after this one -- to close out this story for good. So here it is -- the beginning of the end. I know it's horribly long, please forgive me for that, but there was a lot to tell before the big ending comes. Also, I owe a debt of gratitude to a special someone that was my inspiration for this story. Words can not express my feelings, adoration and heartfelt thanks.


Over the next nine months, Sharron and I explored the boundaries of our friendship and our new Clothed Female -- Nude Male relationship together. Honestly, I have to say it was nothing short of incredible and breathtaking. Sharron was a perfect and considerate host during my naked visits to her condo - she went to great lengths to make me feel at home - and each time, I enjoyed it more and more.

I ended up spending one CFNM weekend a month with Sharron. Each weekend, we would start out the same way; she would meet me at the door, let me in and then let me give her a nice long hug. I would gently pull her into me, anticipating the feel of her breasts against my chest as we hugged. She would allow me to hold her for as long as I wanted, taking in the fragrance of her hair or her perfume as we hugged. My hands would travel across her back, always hoping to discover that she wasn't wearing a bra, but I was never that lucky. Sometimes, I would maneuver my hands to her side and try to inch them under her arms to sneak a feel of the sides of her breasts. She would usually allow my hands to get close enough to barely brush her boobs before she pulled away and smiled knowingly at me.

Then, she would walk directly to her couch, make herself comfortable and have me stand in front of her. There, neither of us said a word as I proceeded to strip naked while she watched. Most times, I would have an erection before I had my shirt off, but if I wasn't hard by the time I was naked, she took great joy in taking my softness in her hands and massaging me until I was hard as stone. I just loved watching the expression on her face as she transformed my penis into a pulsating, throbbing erection - she seemed to enjoy doing it as much I enjoyed her doing it.

When I was naked and hard, she would carefully fold my clothes, hand them to me, and ask me to put my clothes 'away'. Then, as was our custom, I would walk to the wooden chest she bought just for this purpose, open the top and place my clothes inside. Each week, I ceremoniously locked the chest with the open padlock she hung from the latch, effectively putting my nakedness at her mercy until she unlocked the padlock before I went home at the end of the weekend. We both knew the padlock wasn't really necessary, but, it was a symbolic act on my part to tell her I was ready and willing to be her naked man - at her beck and call -- to do what ever she wanted for the whole weekend.

Once my clothes were locked away, she would sometimes have me stand in front of her and turn around. Reaching around my body, she would grasp my cock in her hands and press her chest against my back while she stroked me. Ever so lightly, she rubbed her breasts against me from side to side while she moved her hands up and down my cock and I would melt into the feeling -- closing my eyes and swooning at her closeness. In my mind, I always begged that she wouldn't stop, but she got so good at sensing my arousal, she would stop and let go of my penis when she knew I was approaching orgasm. Sharron knew just the right thing to say, or do, to bring me to the edge of an explosion and then she would stop. She became a master at making my nakedness feel so normal and good to me, telling me how much she liked my cock and how beautiful it was. Every CFNM weekend was a boost to my ego and I never once regretted my decision to completely bare myself to her.

At the end of the very first weekend, we decided the time had gone too quickly. So after that, I began to arrive at her condo on Friday evening and left to go home either late Sunday night, or early Monday morning. The rules were few and simple: I was to remain naked at all times unless she requested I wear something. In that event, she would go to the wooden chest and retrieve what she wanted me to wear, or she would simply hand me something and tell me to put it on. By my second visit, she'd purchased a few embarrassing things she wanted me to wear for her, including a collection of men's thongs, mesh t-shirts and some amazing silk briefs with a sleeve hanging out the front to hold my cock. Oh, man, when I wore those briefs for her, my cock would stick out lewdly making me feel more on display than when I was naked. Jokingly, she named them my "Elephant Undies" because my silk-wrapped erection would stick out in front of me when I wore them.

We agreed that I wouldn't try to hide myself in any way, either soft, hard, front or back, which also meant I had to resign myself to constantly be on display to her. Along with that, she could touch me anywhere, at any time and without asking. Sharron realized pretty quickly that she needed to have tissues handy at all times since her touching almost always produced a few drops of precum at the tip of my member. I laughed at the way she would cradle my hardness in one hand as she wiped the tip of my penis with the tissue.

There were restrictions for me, however, in that I could only touch my genitals if she was watching. She was understanding and gracious about letting me masturbate, though, especially during those times when I would get constant erections throughout the day or night. Many times, she would offer to finish me off by hand and a few times she actually took me in her mouth and let me cum down her throat.

And, Sharron would tease me incessantly. Some of it was blatant and obvious, and some of it was subtle. Sometimes she would wear a certain perfume she knew would make my cock as hard as steel. Sometimes she would dress in demure ways but wear her hair in a way I told her looked sexy, and sometimes she would wear just a t-shirt and her panties. Sometimes she was lady-like and modest, and sometimes it was evident she was intentionally trying to dress seductively. But, I was never chastised for looking at her. I think she was excited to see the way she affected me. But, a lot changed after one of our long talks one Friday night -- perhaps I said too much because she learned many things about me she didn't know before.

Let me explain. You see, typically Friday nights were relaxing evenings for us. We would usually watch a movie or just sit and talk on her couch while we shared a bottle of wine. More often than not, her hand would eventually find its way into my lap and she would casually fondle my cock or my balls, or I might masturbate myself lazily while we talked and she watched. It was during one of those Friday nights that Sharron decided she wanted to play a game.

"Let's each write down twenty questions to ask each other," Sharron explained, "then I'll pick a number and you can ask me the question that goes with that number." She went on to tell me we would take turns picking a number and answering a question. We had to answer the question fully and truthfully - asking a few questions now and saving the rest for another time.

Soon, we both had written down our questions and she volunteered to pick a number and answer a question first. "Okay," I said, "pick a number."

"Thirteen!" She exclaimed. "That's my lucky number. Ask away."

I looked down my page and read to myself the question I wrote for number thirteen. After reading it, I grimaced and looked up at her. "You sure?" I asked. "That one is kind of a personal question." I warned.

"I don't care." She replied. "Wait 'till you hear some of mine!" She said, giggling.

"Well, okay, if you insist," I began, "but, remember you have to answer fully and truthfully."

"I will," she answered, "read me the question."

I took a deep breath and asked "Do you ever think about having sex with me?"

She let go of my cock and pulled her hand into her own lap and stared at me. I knew I had caught her off guard and immediately wished I would have switched the questions and asked something else, but, after a second she said "Can I get a clarification?"

I told her she could and then she asked "Do you mean just having sex -- as in just 'fucking', or do you mean 'making love'?"

"Both." I answered.

"Alright," she said, "honestly, the answer to both is 'Yes'". She went on to explain that the idea of making love with me left her with too much fear that she would fall in love with me, and she knew that would most certainly end up going bad and then we wouldn't be friends any more. "On the other hand," she added, "I totally love that beautiful cock of yours. I can't even begin to tell you how much it turns me on to see it and touch it. And if I thought we could have sex without YOU falling in love with me again, I would be constantly having sex with you. But to answer your question..... yes, after that one time we did it, I would love to fuck you again..... I've thought about it a lot. More than a lot, actually."

I started to ask her to explain that last statement, but she stopped me saying I could only ask one question at a time, and it was now my turn to pick a number and answer one of her questions. Well, fair is fair I guess. "Alright," I replied, "give me number five."

Now, I figured she had some personal questions on her list, and I knew I was eventually going to have to answer one, but I didn't think she was going to clobber me with a huge personal question right off the bat. I couldn't have been more wrong.

"You told me once that you think about me when you masturbate," she began, half giggling, "I want you to tell me exactly what you think about."

Looking back, I realize now that she listened to my answer very closely and used every bit of it against me during our subsequent CFNM weekends. Well, maybe not 'against me' per say, but when I answered her question, she learned what it was that turned me on and she exploited that information to the hilt. She didn't miss any details, either - it's like she committed what I said to memory and then found ways to put it all into action in the way she teased and excited me when I was over there.

I have to admit that telling her what I thought about when I jacked-off could have been a disastrous experience. But, it wasn't. Quite the contrary, in fact. I told her all of the seriously wicked and kinky things that went through my head when I thought about her as I stroked my cock - and she didn't act shocked or surprised at all. She mostly sat there and listened to me, taking it all in. And once I got over my initial hesitation, I couldn't stop myself. I actually enjoyed telling her everything and I felt very secure in the knowledge she wasn't going to hold any of it against me. And yes, I told her absolutely everything -- and in explicit detail, too.

It was incredibly exciting to sit naked next to her and describe in detail how I dreamed about her hanging her breasts over my face so I could suckle them while I beat my meat. I told her I dreamed about her sitting on my face and wiggling her little pussy down on my mouth. She didn't flinch when I told her I fantasized about having her in a doggie position on her bed while I licked and sucked her from behind for hours on end. When I emphasized the fact that I wanted to lick and suck her 'everywhere', her eyebrows perked up and she smiled, but she didn't show any shock.

The only real reactions I got was when I told her I visualized her laying naked on her bed with her knees pulled way up and her fingers playing with her pussy while I watched. She laughed at me when I told her that, saying, "Don't hold your breath on that one." But when I told her I'd contemplated how much fun it would be to shave her pussy bald, she giggled and warned me that she might shave me 'down there'!

So, as I sat there, I literally confessed all my carnal desires to her while my cock strained, dripped and throbbed during the whole conversation. Little did I know that Sharron would use all the information I was telling her each week to keep me titillated, excited, aroused and erect.

But, our game of Twenty Questions worked both ways, too. I learned that she had a deep interest and fascination with my cock. Not only because it was bigger than others she'd seen and held, but because she could see it and feel it without any strings attached. I also learned that she was self-conscious about her body. She couldn't, and wouldn't admit she was cute, or sexy. She felt her boobs weren't pretty and she thought her butt wasn't perfect. I tried in vain to tell her she was stone-cold-beautiful, but, there was no convincing her. For nine out of ten men, she was a wet dream come true -- a walking fantasy -- a truly pretty and sexy woman.

Through the game, we embarrassingly learned that both of us had some degree of bi-curiosity. We also learned that we shared a fascination about being tied up and giving or receiving a spanking. We both admitted an interest and fear of anal play. I got her to tell me her favorite sexual activity and I told her mine. We both liked the idea of experimenting with two sex partners at once, but neither of us had ever done it. All in all, we shared our sexual thoughts, desires and fantasies with each other, content to know our secrets were safe with the other. Short of the one time where we actually had sex with each other, it was the hottest two hours we ever shared together.

On Saturdays, Sharron would always plan a weekend project for us to do together. More often than not, it was cleaning her condo. We would go from room to room where we dusted, cleaned and vacuumed. One time, we painted her bedroom and another time we wallpapered her hallway. While we worked on those projects, we listed to music CDs or talked about stuff that was going on in our lives. But throughout the day, she always took frequent liberties to feel me up or stroke me. Many times, she was content to sit and watch me work naked. We had long, deep conversations about the most nebulous topics one can imagine interspersed with an occasional hand job from her, or me outright masturbating myself in front of her.

I was never allowed to touch her unless she asked me to, and that didn't happen for a long, long time. Actually, it wasn't until the Saturday evening of my fifth CFNM weekend. Sharron told me she wanted to take a shower so she could wash her hair. Before I could catch myself, I asked her if I could wash it for her.

She chuckled. "Yeah, right," she said, "you just want to see me naked."

"No, my dear," I corrected her, "I was only trying to pamper you a little. You could relax and I'll take care of everything. I'll wash your hair, massage your scalp and put conditioner in. I promise I won't touch you anywhere you don't want me to touch; you have my word on that. And besides, by now don't you think I've earned the privilege of seeing you naked?"

Sharron crooked her head and gave me a slight smile. "You know," she replied, "you're right. You've been such a good boy, Brad, and I know I can trust you. So, yeah..... this might even be fun. I could do with a little pampering tonight."

I think she knew how much this gesture meant to me, because she took me by the hand and led me to her hall closet where she asked me to get three clean towels down. As I reached up to the shelf to grab them, her hand found its way to my erection and she pumped me for a few seconds until I had the towels pulled down and cradled against my chest. Then, closing the closet door, she held onto my cock and pulled me along beside her as we made our way into her hall bathroom.

"You know," she said, "I was going to shave my legs tonight. If you really want to pamper me, maybe I should let you do that, too. What do you think, Brad? Do you want the job of being my personal bath assistant?"

"Holy Fuck!" I thought. My brain exploded with a million visions of bathing her and I felt another hundred pounds of pressure build up inside my throbbing penis. Never in a thousand years did I expect her to ask me that question. I didn't even expect her to let me wash her hair - and now here she was asking if I would be her bath assistant. Perhaps my good conduct in the proceeding months was about to pay off big time!

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"Of course." She answered. "I think as part of your CFNM duties, you should be required to perform any personal service I might want. Just remember to keep yourself in line and don't do anything to make me regret letting you do this. Okay?"

"No problem." I replied.

So, I spent the next hour and a half in the bathroom with her - living the most incredible experience one can imagine. First, Sharron let me undress her. My hands were actually shaking as I removed each piece of clothing from her angelic body. When I removed her bra and her bare boobs were right in front of me, I reached down and subconsciously started to stroke myself. She halted me immediately by reaching out and stopping my hand, telling me I shouldn't touch myself when I was bathing her. As I took my hand off my pole, Sharron giggled and whispered "Of course, that doesn't mean I can't touch it." She gave me a few strokes and then told me to get on with it.

And get on with it I did! I kneeled down in front of her to pull her shorts down and she stepped out of them. As she stood there in her panties, I put my hands on her hips and leaned forward to plant light kisses her all around her belly button. She was fine with that, but when my kisses started going lower and reached the top of her panties, she put her hands on my head and stopped me.

"Hold on there, tiger." She warned. "You're supposed to be getting me undressed for a bath and pampering me, remember?"

I looked up at her -- and in my sweetest voice begged, "Please, Sharron. Just for a minute? You know damn well what this is doing to me. Please?"

"Okay, Brad," she answered, "no tugging on Mr. Winkie, though. I was thinking I might want to take a ride on him tonight, and if I do, I want him exploding inside of me, not inside of your hand!"

With that, Sharron spread her legs and allowed me to press my face into her panty encased pussy. At first, I nuzzled my nose between her legs and took in her scent. She was obviously excited, and as my tongue began to run up and down the silky material covering her vagina, I moved my hands behind her, clutched the cheeks of her bottom and pulled myself into her as deeply as she would allow.

She let me kiss, lick and sniff her on the outside of her panties for a minute and then said, "I think that's about enough, Brad." But, just as she said it, my tongue found her clit through her panties and I sucked on it. Then, instead of making me stop, she surprisingly pulled my head tighter into her crotch. Seeing an opportunity take this further, I slipped one of my hands between her legs, moved the crotch of her panties aside and then immediately slipped my tongue between her pussy lips. "Oh," she moaned, "that feels really good."

My hands went to her hips and I pulled her panties all the way down to give me more room to lick her. Stepping out of her panties, she reached down to her pussy and held her lips apart to give my tongue better access to the treasure between her legs.

"Now, I'm really going to pamper you." I said looking up at her. "I've dreamed about licking your pussy and making you cum. Just relax and let me pleasure you."

I began to make long, slow strokes with my tongue up and down her girl spot as she held it open for me. Her clit was poking out of its hood as she stretched her lips apart, so when I licked up to the top of her slit, I sucked Sharron's clit into my mouth and diddled it with my tongue. After another minute, I moved one of my hands between her legs again and slipped one finger slowly up into her pussy and wiggled it around.

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