My Little Cheerleader


"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Just reacquainting myself," I said. I was somewhat difficult to control.

I knew she was feeling the same way. She was commenting on how weird she felt now with clothes on. Her cheeks mottled as she stood near me and looked back into my eyes, biting her lower lip. I could still smell her puss, her wetness beneath her skirt.

I laughed.

"I feel more naked NOW!" she said, fluttering her eyes before me as she stood now in her little outfit.

I laughed. She knew.

She leaned against me, more tightly when I held her for the practice kicks. Protected now by clothes she was grinding her ass against my cock, which was still hard standing stiff along the line of her ass, as she kicked. She was also reacquainting herself with me I thought.

She glanced back at me, acknowledging my cock pressing into her growling, "Well that hasn't changed." And she gave me a bump back arching her back and sliding along my whole length, sending shivers down my legs.

I wrapped my hands around her waist and slid my hand beneath the hem of her skirt, beneath the 'shorts' and rested my hand right over the course fine hairs of her puss as she kicked her little heart out - as she ground her ass onto my cock. As we writhed against one another, I pressing my hand into her mons.

"Mmmmmm." Cheek to cheek.

No wonder Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden.

"Whew," she was winded, she was on fire. She was dancing so well and so electric. Her sexual energy was pushed into a routine and outfit now that contained her naked form. What had been innocence and nakedness was now clothed, had become wanton, worldly.

And when the session was over she walked up to me and leaned in and kissed me on the mouth, catching me in a total surprise.

It was a liquid fire, soft, utterly relaxed kiss. There was no tension anywhere in her body. I could see her clitoris harden as she kissed me in my minds eye. It was no more than a five second kiss. But five seconds! Think about it: one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand, five one-thousand. Time stopped, it was a kiss that ended with her lips tugging at my lower lip, and as she pulled away - eyes sparkling into mine - my lip was held there between hers in a moment that was probably eternity.

"Thanks. For everything."


The next day she practiced with clothes on again. It was much like the day before, we were so close, so in tune, her moves so dazzling. Her confidence soared. She was happy, I was happy.

She leaned in at the end to kiss me once more, soft like last time - and a little something more at the end. Her mouth opening, she let me in.

I had never 'touched' her, my little girl, she let me in. I felt her mouth parting and I remained still not moving, but yielding, felt her tongue touch mine - tentative, slow. This dance that we had been practicing.

I met her touch, pressed myself into her. She let me in. I felt her teeth close around my lower lip, felt her chewing on my lip as I hugged her closer to myself, turned my head and pressed our mouths together. We stood with the music playing in an embrace that did not match at all the tempo of the music. But then when has sexual pleasure ever matched the tempo of the world around us?

She released me. I did not kiss her for one moment more than she. It was her kiss. It was not my kiss. I continue to tell myself that to this day.

Her smile was languid. Her voice relaxed and low. "Wow," was all she said. I held my arms around her waist and our hips were pressed together, my hard cock rising up along her abdomen. We both looked down. The tip of my cock inside my pants was touching her belly button. We said nothing, we looked into one another's eyes.


The day had arrived. The first competition.

My mind was swimming with thoughts. Some rational grounded in the pride a father feels when his little girl does well. Some not so rational: the butterfly's in my stomach, the trembling, the numbness in my hands, which I knew was from lust, nothing more. I had a tremble that I could not contain. I could still taste her.

As I was moving about my room, the intercom called out to me.


"Yes Hon."

"Could you come here a minute."

"Uh," I looked around for my pants, "Sure hon." I pulled on some sweats and a T shirt, and padded down the hall. Probably needs some encouragement I thought.

I rapped at her door, and pushed it open stepped into her room.

"It's your big day!"

She was sitting on the bed with her white robe wrapped around herself. Her face was done up in makeup, something I seldom saw. And it was for stage so it was quite heavy. She looked like a little china doll, her lips the reddest I had ever seen.

Her voice quivered. "I need some help." There was a click in her throat, her mouth was dry.

"What is it?"

She rose from the bed and padded over to her desk and held a small bottle out to me, set it in my hand.

"This lotion - the coach wants us girls to apply this head to toe. It has gold specks in it, makes us shine she said. Could you help me . . ." I looked up at her.

She was pouting.

I backed up with the small bottle in my hand and set on the bed. She opened her robe, let it drop silent to the floor. "I need you to put it on." I could feel her breath on my cheek.

I nodded, as she stood before me completely naked.

And this morning as I lay my hands upon her she felt naked. I thought this would be easier somehow. But the surprise, I went instantly hard again. She was looking down at me, smiling, and then she turned around.

"Do my back first. Rub my back."

I squeezed the lotion in my hand, it swirled into my palm looking like sparkling liquid gold.

"Amazing stuff." I said.

"Hmmm, hmmm." She sat down on the bed beside me.

I ran my hand across her shoulders and in small circles, rubbing it in. I could see the speckles of gold light up in flecks across her skin. It looked utterly fantastic. I caressed the lotion over her shoulders, and sliding my hand down the small of her back. When I began to clasp my fingers around to her sides, she held her arms out. I wrapped my hands around each of her arms swirling and sliding the lotion on her body, repeatedly turning to the bed to squirt the cream into my hands and then turning back to her holding her arms out and her hair pulled over her shoulders.

She stood with legs apart as I applied the lotion lower. Down, down further, my cock standing straight up. My cock hurt from the strain of being hard, of being rubbed and tugged from my repeated masturbation. I was hard, so hard again.

I let my hands wander lower, the small of her back and then to her ass. It felt so good. I sat down behind her and began to work the lotion over her ass, soft and round, yielding. I could feel her pressing into my hand as it stroked across her, tipping her ass toward me. I had never simply slid my hand over ass like this.

She was holding her legs apart, and I could see the swell of her pussy, the cleft of her cunt rising into the line of her ass. The smell of her puss rising around us. She stood like this, within her silent room, I could hear her breathing.

"I'm excited," she whispered.

"I'm excited for you."

It was all we said, as my hand drifted over her ass, my fingers wrapped around to her sides, and pressed into the line of her ass. She was letting me stroke her, standing naked before me, and I felt a certain license. I was invited. I let my fingers press deep into the crack of her ass, ran my fingers down, pressing lower and lower until I felt the opening of her ass. That little pucker, and stroked over the top.

All I heard was that light little growl, and she did not move at all, just letting her head drop lower. Her hips were lightly undulating. I kept going, letting my hand reach between her legs tracing a line to her vagina, and pressing my fingers into the folds of her. Just a touch, just to feel the soft hairs. She opened her legs further and arched her ass toward me, tipping her puss into my hand and I felt her warm wet slit open around my fingers and touching at just the opening of her, I pulled her pussy open. I could see her vagina, white and pink, open to me. My cock lept at the touch and she pressed lightly around my finger twisting her ass on my hand.

She looked back at me and I stopped myself, willed myself on, turning back to the bottle.

"Sorry about that," I croaked.

"It's alright. Mmmmm. It's . . ." was all she managed. "Keep going."

I continued, wrapping my hands around her thighs, freshly filled with the cream liquid and pressed up between her legs first one and then the other. The top of my hands pressed between her legs and I felt the heat of her, it was steam, moisture, cum running along the inside of her thighs. She was on fire. I slid my hands lower working each leg down to her feet, her toes. I touched each one of her toes adoringly, lovingly. Bending at the waist, I could feel my cock pressing up through the top of my sweats.

I whispered to her, "Now the front."

She turned around, eyes closed and shook her mane of black hair onto her back.

I started at her neck.

"Do my face too dad."

Her eyes were closed and I gently applied the lotion to her forehead, her cheeks and chin around her mouth. She kissed my finger.

"Careful of my eyes."

I was reaching up and stroking her neck, her shoulders, and lower to her breasts. Her breasts I had fondled before, but not like this. From the front I rubbed the lotion around the sides, on top, over her nipples, I felt them tighten to my touch. Squeezing her breasts in my open hands, pressing them upward in my hands, her breathing was ragged. Her cheeks glowed red, I watched her lick her lips.

She opened her eyes lightly and looking down at me, smiled.

I rubbed her tummy, the sides of her rib cage, her abdomen and around the sides, along the line of her hip. I wanted this to last an eternity. I could not believe this was happening. My eyes were watering, I was almost crying from sheer pleasure. I wanted to lean forward and just to kiss her there, to kiss her on the navel, to taste her.

My hands trembling rubbed over the hairs of her puss, she opened her legs and let me slide my fingers on either side of her cunny lips. I applied the lotion liberally there. Never mind the gold dust would be invisible there. She was sliding herself against my hand and I again pressed my finger between her legs, into the folds of her flesh.

She leaned forward, setting her hand on my shoulder, and then she was reaching lower. I felt her lay her hand on the top of my cock and press there. It was tenting straight up. I let out such a moan, to be pressed there! To fill the tip of my cock pressed.

Her inner lips were swollen and hanging from her cunny, they were wet and pink. Soft and I could turn them in my fingers. She was rubbing against me harder and I drew a line from her vagina to her clitoris and as I touched her there, it was so hard, her knees buckled a little and she bit her lips, she stood closer.

As I stroked her I could feel the top of my sweats being pulled, watching her hand reach inside, she wrapped her hands around my cock and pulled it out, pushing my sweats open.

"I think I should get to see you, don't you think." Her low growl. She slid the wetness dripping from the tip of my cock over its head with her thumb, staring intently at my cock and balls.

I slid my hand over her puss so softly, exploring, opening pressing into her, silent in the low morning light as she slid her hand along the length of my cock, and digging her fingers into my shoulder.

"I like this too." She whispered.

My hand was soaked with her, the smell of pussy filled the room, mixed with this gold cream that smelled like something sweet, gardenia, something like that. Her legs were spread over my knees, her hair hanging down around my head. My cock being fondled and tugged between my legs.

"Mmmmm. OK Dad." And she took her hand away. "We have to keep going. I'll have to get ready."

And I took some more cream. She was arching her puss away from me, stepping back again. I looked at her naked form, glowing gold. All that was left was the front of her legs, and I dutifully applied the cream there, she was smiling shining in gold. Her dark hair had sparkles as well, her make up perfect. She was ready today.

"You look like a Goddess."

She stepped away from me, looking at me as my cock was still pointing straight up. She went to sit at her desk, a small mirror there.

I could see her breasts in the mirror as she began to brush her hair.

She didn't look at me.

I ached. I was in agony. Desire and pleasure, is receiving something you should not have. Pain is when things go back to normal. And I was now walking out the door, back into the hallway.


She was ready. I was ready. Her cheerleader outfit was perfect with the glow of her skin. The sparkles with the maroon and gold looked amazing. The coach was right. The shine of her skin, sparkling in the light looked like some kind of strange trick. She looked like an apparition.

"I'm so excited. I can't believe we're doing this."

I said, "It's you who is doing this. I am a bystander."

She leaned in and kissed me. I let it linger.

"Daddy. I have one more move that I need just a little help with, it should take no time at all."

We had about two hours yet and I thought, sure. That would be fine.

"Which is it, the backward arch?"

"Yeah that whole routine. I just need a spotter. One last time."

When we went into the gym, I watched her lock the door.

The music began and she went right into the step routine, throwing her hands back, jumps forward, jumps back and falling to the floor in a sort of push up. Some parts required coordination and contact with the others and we just skipped those.

She stepped up, smiling, looking directly at me, she high kicked. And I caught a quick flash of her pantiless puss. She was smiling again, another kick and I saw her bare pussy again, her pink swollen lips. Oh my God! I was mesmerized.

She paused and I sheepishly mentioned that she did not have her entire costume on.

She was such wicked little girl, "Yeah, well, I'm still too wet . . . down there. Nothing you haven't seen though. Right??"

She was so wicked, this wicked grin.

She began another routine, not practicing what she had mentioned, and it involved that turn and bend. The skirt rode up again and I could see her perfect ass, her pussy pouting down between her legs, her pink line.

I walked over to her and stood behind her. "You got that one wrong again."

I slapped her right on her bare ass, "Not so fast, it makes - your dress ride up." Playful. The surprise in her eyes at my swat was met with a small smile and fluttering eyes - of submission.

"Sorry," and I stepped up close behind her and let my hand ride up under her skirt as she waited for the cue to start. I grazed the line of her ass. She was concentrating, ignoring me with my hand under her skirt. Or . . . letting me. This was interesting. My mind was becoming muddled. Tangled.

She needed the spotter for the back arch and I stood ready. She did it perfectly but in mock spotting support I brought my hands under her, stroking, cupping her bare ass. Now up, and around, She lifted her leg, her skirt falling down around her waist and over, naked entirely and she spun around into a split and the skirt falling around her legs once again. She brought her one leg over and lay back on the floor. The end of that routine.

Just as she ended I knelt down and set beside her, "Perfect" I said as I traced a line up under her skirt with my fingers, began brushing her pussy.

She lay with eyes closed, saying "Hmmm, pretty good," with her arms extended, opening her legs slightly, not moving as I stroked her down there.

I took the hem of her skirt and threw it up onto her tummy, exposing her cunt. She began to rise, but I said, "Stay there."

I stared openly at her. She lay there a glazed look on her face, fluttering her eyes at me, and pressing her fingers into the back of my hand as I worked my fingers between her legs. The music playing in the background.

"Mmmmm, Dad you have to stop." I took my hand away and she sat up. Just the two of us sitting on the wooden floor. She was just staring at me, we said nothing.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. "I shouldn't . . ."

"Don't." She touched her finger to her lips, and then began to rise. "I, I don't know what I was thinking," and she flashed her skirt up so I could get a flash of her puss yet again. My cock ached. I was still sitting on the floor.

"I'm going to go lay down just a little while. Sort of calm down."


She padded off as I watched her, still seated on the floor.


I was pacing now, waiting. My heart pounding in my ears. I would just peak in on her. I needed to wake her up. We needed to go.

I opened her door softly, no movement. The lights were out. I could see her outline laying on the bed, her eyes closed. I closed the door behind me and stood watching her. Laying carefully at the center of the bed, her shoes were still on.

I silently stepped up beside her, she did not move at all. "Sara." I waited. "Sara." I set by the bed and lay my hand on her tummy.

The warmth of her body met my hands and I began to draw small circles there, sitting in her little room of white furniture, clothes laying everywhere. The smell of powder and perfume. The place we had sat, just hours before. She letting me rub and touch her body. I let my hand drift lower, lower . . . Reaching under her skirt. Watching her face as I did. Her breathing steady and calm. MY fingers pressed beneath her skirt, drawing a line there and then palm flat further further, the soft hairs of her puss tippling my fingers, she still had put on nothing beneath her skirt, splaying up into my open palm, as I traced the V between her legs.

She began to tip her hips, pressing her puss into my fingers which were curling between her legs. She still made no movement, her breathing quickening a little, but her eyes still closed. I tipped my middle finger down, wiggling it and opening, pressing into her there. I felt her lightly open her legs.

She was biting her lower lip as she whispered, "Daddy?" grasping my big hand which lay beneath her skirt. She lightly open her eyes, smiling "Daddy," as I lifted myself and lay over her, touching her nose with mine, and began to kiss her. Her warmth pressed down into the bed as I kissed her, and she met me with open mouth. We lay silently in her dark little room tonguing, rolling into one another, she holding her arms above her head, open, yielding to me.

I wrapped my hand behind her waist, held her by the small of her back and pulled her to me, as we lay there leaning toward one another on her bed.

As we kissed she was reaching down and pulling my sweats open again, reaching inside tugging at the elastic of my underwear, tugging at my cock. And she was pulling them lower and off, I let them slide down, lifting myself and helping her.

I whispered, "What are you doing?"

She just smiled and said, "You know."

She had her hand around my cock as I began to kiss down her front, softly nibbling around the top of her puss, licking her, wetting her soft short hairs until they were pasted to her skin as she continued to hold and stroke my cock in her hand. I glanced up at her shining face, just the lightest faintest smile as she lay watching my cock, licking her lips.

I began to suck on her,lower down, licking a line between her pussy and thighs and then up through her center from her ass to her clit, feeling her suck in air breathing deep and arching her back, setting a hand on my head, as my stiff tongue opened her center.

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