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My Mouth's Pleasure


Giving head, eating dick, sucking cock....Whatever the term may be, I enjoy doing it! I very much enjoy having a penis in my mouth! I love the stiff, smooth, silky feel of the shaft sliding along my tongue, the swollen cock tip touching the back of my throat....I love to feel my jaw stretch and my lips tighten around a hard dick. I absolutely love giving blowjobs! I love giving blowjobs because I love making a man cum. The sight of cum, the feel of it in my mouth and on my skin, the taste of it against my tongue, makes my pussy drip!

I had a friend--I will call him Jugo--who was tutoring me in Spanish. He invited me to his house for a study session after work one night. I needed to study, but I knew that we were not going to study. When we got to his house, Jugo tried to be a decent host by offering me a bottle of juice or water, food, small talk. He even opened his book to the chapter we were supposed to study, but when I walked to the table with my book, Jugo grabbed me around the waist and kissed me. He was an excellent kisser, and he kissed my pussy just as perfectly as he kissed my mouth (but I will save that story for later)!

As Jugo kissed me, he pulled me against his body and started grinding his crotch against mine, slowly, gently. He stopped for just a moment, and I could feel his dick get hard as it pressed against my clit. I pulled my shirt over my head and unfastened my bra. Jugo stroked his cock through his pants--he enjoyed watching me undress. His dick was a long, hard bulge in the front of his pants, and it jumped occasionally as he moved his hand over it. I stepped out of my skirt and Jugo asked me to keep my thong on (which was pointless to me because it was soaking wet, but I kept it on because he asked me to).

We left the kitchen and went into Jugo's bedroom. He sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt in front of him. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I did not touch it except to remove it from his pants. I simply knelt and admired it--the ever-so-slightly curved length that naturally leaned slightly to the right....the glossy, taut skin that tightened with each throb....the swollen, pulsating tip and the moist slit! I leaned close and inhaled the musky clean scent, and then I swiped my tongue over the slit and the tip of his cock a few times. Jugo inhaled and moaned--I LOVE that sound!

While the tip of his cock was still wet with my spit, I blew across the top. I will never forget the way he whispered "Oh shit!" as he grabbed to stroke his shaft. I grabbed his hand, though, because I did not want him to ruin the sensation with a stroke--I knew it would be much more enjoyable for Jugo if I sucked him off. He told me that his ex-girlfriend had given him several blowjobs, but she never sucked him long enough to make him cum (he always had to jerk himself off).

Jugo thought I was joking when I told him I wanted to make him cum with my mouth. I told him to enjoy himself, and then I licked around the tip of his cock. He gently kneaded my tits and tweaked my nipples with his fingers. When I sucked his cock into my mouth and slid softly down his shaft, his hands tightened on my tits. The only word he said was "Fuck!" I sucked his cock for a while. I loved to feel his dick sliding in and out of my mouth, slick with my spit. I could taste his precum, too.

Jugo would move his hips forward occasionally when I would suck his dick into my mouth, but I did most of the work (which is alright with me). I never touched his dick with my hands, only my mouth. I sucked his cock in and out, in and out, in and out. When I went down on him and stopped so I could deep throat his cock, Jugo let go of my tits, stood up off of the bed, and pushed my head further onto his dick. All I heard in ragged breaths was "Fuck! Fuck!", and occasionally "Keep sucking!" I pulled back to catch my breath and then Jugo started fucking my mouth, still holding my head. He was gentle, never ramming his cock into my mouth, but he was not shy about fucking my mouth, either. He looked down at me and I looked up at him to watch his expression. He would occasionally grab my tits, but he held my head steady most of the time.

He was thrusting into my mouth, brushing his cock along my tongue, pulling it through my lips. Push in along my tongue....pull out through my lips....in....out. I was loving the sensation! I spread my pussy lips and played with my clit with one hand, and I used the middle finger of the other hand to push into my pussy (which was literally raining juice!). Jugo asked me if he could put his cock in my pussy, if he could fuck me. He told me, "I want to put my cum inside you." I pushed my mouth onto his cock and stopped so I could feel the tip just lowering into my throat, and I felt his dick jump in my mouth.

Jugo slid his dick out of my mouth so he could fuck me, but it started pulsing harder. He kept saying "Fuck! Not yet!" but I knew what was going to happen and I was glad to watch. A cock does not jump that strongly and then NOT cum. I was not disappointed! Jugo grabbed his cock with one hand, my tit with the other, and then he stroked himself hard. The first stroke got an "Oh shit!", the second stroke was "Fuck me!", and the glorious third stroke was "I'm fucking cumming!" His cock THROBBED and he shot hot cum on my chest and tits. He shot a decent load with every stroke, and I watched every spurt of white! I loved it!

Jugo finally stopped cumming, and then he finally stopped stroking, but his cock still throbbed. He sat on the bed again and laid back, and I sucked his dick until it stopped pulsing and got softer. I started getting dressed and Jugo asked me if he could keep my thong--I wish I had not given it to him because it was my favorite one (black lace, wide string that lifted my ass nicely) but he took it to Puerto Rico with him when he went home to visit his parents. I never saw it again. Before I left that night, Jugo did help me with some verb conjugations. And one other thing....But, like I said, that story is for later....

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by Anonymous08/18/17

Teach me

I can learn a lot from you. I have only been sucking dick for less than a year. I love having a woman show me the most effective way to get a man to come in my mouth.

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