tagLoving WivesMy Shy Wife & the Rugby Team Ch. 01

My Shy Wife & the Rugby Team Ch. 01


I live in a small country town where everyone knows each other. We do things differently to some people & have some weird traditions. I recently started playing for the local rugby team & one of these strange customs is if a player scores a try on his debut, his wife or girlfriend has to make the four most senior players come. This may seem bizarre to outsiders but it's always been done so no one thinks differently of it. There isn't anything sexual to it. I've even seen one of the wives doing it before. The four players stood in a line & the wife went down it, quickly wanking them off. They came in about thirty seconds onto the floor & that's it. They all just have a laugh about it plus it's an incentive for players to stay at the club.

I'm newly married to Joanna, but have been with her for five years now. She's curvy with gorgeous 34D breasts & a completely hairless pussy. She's quiet & rarely wears revealing clothing as she's shy about her body. It was actually her who encouraged me to play for the team as she was fed up with me not having a hobby. So after training with them a few times I was selected & came on as a substitute against a second rate team. We were already well ahead but I was still proud to be playing, especially with Joanna watching from the sidelines. With only a few minutes left, I was clean through & sprinted clear of the defence to score a try. I was so happy, celebrating along with the other players. Then one of them mentioned that Joanna will have to come out & celebrate with us tonight, with a strange smile across his face. Then it hit me, that sweet girl stood at the side of the pitch would now have to masturbate four large men in front of many more! I thought that at least they wouldn't see any of her body & put it to the back of my mind for now. We all showered with the four senior players joking about my wife already, teasing about how they couldn't wait to see her tiny hands sliding up & down their big dicks. Afterwards, we all went straight to the pub, where I quietly mentioned to my wife what she'd have to do later. She already knew about the tradition & just smiled back just saying she didn't mind, which surprised me. She looked excited, just about being the center of attention, I guess.

The guys bought me & Joanna drinks all night, saying that it was just because I did so well on my debut. We did several shots of Tequila & Zambuca & were soon very drunk. By midnight everyone else was hammered too & we were going back to one of the lad's houses for the after party. I knew what was coming but now I was drunk I wasn't so bothered, it would be over in a few minutes, I thought.

There were about fifteen of us with only a couple of other girlfriends left. We all walked to a large house & congregated in the living room, with the captain organising the entertainment, calling the four players to the middle of the room. Then he asked for the sexy Joanna who drunkenly stumbled forward, with everyone now whooping & whistling, anticipating what was coming.

Joanna did actually look stunning. The day was warm & she was dressed in a light summer dress which made her cleavage look awesome. It was halter neck & tied just behind her head. Underneath she was wearing a strapless white bra & matching lacy thong.

The guys lined up & first up was Brian, as everyone else watched. He was 38 & now quite chubby with a big beer-gut. I'm sure he only stayed on the team for this perk! Jo kneeled in front of him as he took out his flaccid cock. I had a horrible feeling in my stomach as my wife put her delicate hands onto Brian's short, fat penis. She started wanking him fast but he was obviously quite drunk & struggled to get it up. After about a minute & not even properly hard, he started coming onto the floor. Jo just drunkenly giggled & moved onto the next person. Next up was Keith who was already half erect when he released his dick from his jeans. Keith was aged early thirties but just as fat yet his cock was slightly bigger but looked large in my wife's small, feminine hands. She kept swapping hands, looking as if she was tiring already. Keith held back for a good five minutes obviously thinking of other things to keep this moment going for longer. He put his hands on Jo's shoulder. When she didn't react, he slowly slid it down & onto her chest. Then, above her dress, he cupped her large breast in his hand, squeezing lightly. She just kept tugging away so Keith put his hand back onto her shoulder, this time he had slipped it under her dress. It was obvious what he was about to do but I left it down to Jo to stop. His chubby hand again went down her chest, this time on her skin. You could see his hand under the dress working into her bra. I could easily make out his hand pulling her nipple which made him ejaculate almost straight away, over the wooden floor.

As Keith pulled his hand out of her dress, he left her breast out of her bra cup & her nipple was very erect & crudely pressing into the thin fabric of her dress. What's worse is that you could make out her dark areola through the light material too.

Jo didn't re-arrange herself, obviously loving the attention of the cheering players, who I was stood in the middle of.

Next up was Shaun, who was younger & more muscular than the other two. He was good looking too & Joanna was eager to see his cock as she undid his trousers. She pulled them down & pulled his cock out of his pants straight away. After a few minutes & hand swapping, she was saying that her wrists were aching & she couldn't carry on. The crowded room went crazy, all jokingly booing loudly. Then the captain said she'd have to use her mouth. She looked at me to see what to do. I just shrugged as she just stared at this cock, inches away from her face.

She slowly opened her mouth & started sucking this cock. The crowd cheered, not believing what they were seeing.

I have taught her how to suck a penis, like in porn films & this is exactly how it looked as she cupped his balls with one hand, using the other to slowly wank him. Shaun was enjoying this, with a big smile across his face. He started holding the back of her head but then started fiddling with something. He had managed to undo the tie on her dress & held both ends up to the spectators as if some sort of trophy. Jo just kept slurping away, trying to make him come as quickly as she could.

Shaun then let the ties fall down, gravity doing the rest as her dress fell to her waist, treating the room to a view of her exposed left nipple. I couldn't believe it, but I couldn't believe more how Jo just ignored it. Shaun held the back of my wife's head again as his face started contorting, obvious he was about to come due to the sight of my wife's uncovered breast. In this position, Joanna couldn't get his cock out of her mouth quick enough & the first spray went straight in, with the rest going on her neck & shoulder.

Jo jumped up as the sperm was dripping down her body. She shouted her dress would be ruined as she quickly pulled it down her legs. All the guys loved it, half speechless, the other half even louder. My mouth was open. I didn't know what to do as I stared at my wife stood in just her lacy thong & bra in a room full of people. Her left breast was completely hanging out of her cup as she bent over to pull her dress off her heels. The thong was see-through & you could make out her pussy lips & the fact she was bald. She then turned around, bending over to put her dress on the floor. She was so drunk that she was oblivious to the fact that she was displaying her round ass to the room. Even worse, her thong was so narrow that you could see her pink arsehole either side of the string as her cheeks parted.

There was one more to go I just told myself, & they've only really seen her tits. You could see that Jo was horny & almost enjoying herself as she squatted next to Tom, a confident six-foot four guy with tight abs who Jo had been flirting with all day.

His cock was already erect & was by far the biggest out of the other men. Joanna immediately started sucking & wanking away & what made it worse is that she was looking directly into Tom's eyes. He crudely played with her exposed tit by pulling her nipple & slapping it roughly until her pale skin turned pink. He was just laughing away as if it was a joke to treat the girl I loved like a slut.

Jo seemed to love her exhibitionism too & was rubbing her inner thigh which Tom noticed. He knew exactly what he was doing as he grabbed my wife's arm & guided it to her crotch. Joanna was on sexual autopilot now & started rubbing her pussy through her underwear, as if it was just the two of them in the room.

Then to my absolute surprise & obviously frustrated at the fabric, she pulled her panties to one side, displaying her bald pussy to the whole room. She was now rubbing her clitoris frantically, every now & then dipping her fingers into her snatch. Her lips hung open as she was still in her squatted position, legs spread wide open, sucking away.

Jo looked not far off coming herself as her fingers were glistening with her own juices.

Tom beat her to it though& pulled out of her mouth, aiming his dick at her cleavage. His spunk sprayed her face & tits & some in her hair, waking her from her trance.

The room didn't know what to do as Jo stood up, not bothering to cover herself. With come dripping down Jo's body, the captain shouted for someone to grab a towel from the kitchen. Someone retrieved one but didn't pass it forward, meaning Jo had to go to him, who was surrounded by a good crowd of horny men. As she budged past the men, she shrieked & quickly took the towel, jumping back suggesting people were grabbing her basically naked body. She then proceeded to wipe her wet vagina first, giving everyone a last show. Then she eventually returned her thong to the center of her crotch then wiped her breasts & face before putting on her dress again.

There was an awkward silence where things had gotten further than intended so I said we'd be leaving now before she was gangbanged by the whole room. A few murmured bye as we left, spoiling their party I'm sure.

We didn't really talk on the way back but once we were home she pounced on me, sucking my dick the same way she had the others tonight. I didn't last long though, surprisingly turned on by the night's events.

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