tagIncest/TabooMy Son Joe The Dynamo

My Son Joe The Dynamo


My son Joe came to live with me last June. He had just graduated high-school when his father Frank died suddenly in a truck accident. Frank was my boyfriend in high school. I got pregnant and had Joe when I turned eighteen. At the time I was going to give him up for adoption. Frank and I did not plan on getting married and I wasn't raising a kid on my own. I was still a kid myself! At the last minute, Frank decided he would raise Joe and that's what he did. Frank moved to Georgia when Joe was two and I stayed in Cleveland, so I didn't see much of Joe in his childhood. I sent him gifts on his birthday and at Christmas and he came to stay with me a few times, but we never had a close mother-son relationship.

When his dad died, Joe called me. I couldn't make it to the funeral, but I sent him the money for a plane ticket. I was living in a two bedroom rented apartment. Not exactly a palace, but there was a room for Joe. I had been living alone for so long that at first I kept forgetting someone else was there. The Friday after Joe moved in, I brought a guy home. We were a little tipsy and we started making out on the sofa. One thing led to another and we were on the rug doing it doggy style when Joe came out of his bedroom. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. Before I could say anything, he disappeared back into his room.

There was nothing I could do, so we finished off and I got rid of the guy. I went in my room and put on a night-dress and a robe. Then I stood outside Joe's door, trying to think of something to say. I could hear noises inside, and I was wondering what he was doing. Then I recognized the sound: squeaking bedsprings. Joe was jerking off! The last thing I wanted to do was walk in on him. One embarrassing moment was enough for that night.

I lay in bed, still hearing noises from his room through the thin apartment wall as I drifted off to sleep. An hour later I woke up with a pain in my bladder. I had to pee really bad from all the Coors Light. I went to the bathroom and then came back to bed. I was just getting comfy when I heard noises from Joe's room again. I kept very still and listened in case it was something else, but sure enough, his bed was still creaking. I knew 18 year old males were super-horny and could keep going for hours, but I couldn't help smiling. Was it what he had seen that was turning him on or was he just a horny teenage boy?

Next day was Saturday and the sun was out, so after I made breakfast, I suggested we go tan by the pool. Joe was all for it, so I packed a cooler with cokes, chips and sandwiches. I decided not to mention the night before. There was nothing I could say without embarrassing us both.

By the pool, there were a few toddlers and young single mothers. The women were checking out Joe in his baggy shorts and his lean, muscular chest and probably thinking I liked them young. I decided to give them something to think about. I leaned down and whispered in Joe's ear.

"Can you rub oil on my shoulders Joe? It's hard for me to make sure they're covered. I don't want to get burned."

"Yes ma'am" he said and grabbed the oil. Joe had learned those sweet Southern manners and I loved the way he called me ma'am. He was a young gentleman.

He stood behind me and I slid my bikini straps down so he could get cover my shoulders. One of the single moms glanced over and I could see jealousy in her eyes. Poor girl was probably wishing she had a man to rub oil on her body.

Joe took his time. He had a good view down my bikini top and I wondered if he was enjoying it. When I slid the straps off, the cups dropped down a little, revealing the tan lines on my breasts. Joe kept sliding his oily fingers down my chest. His hands were moving steadily closer to the tops of my breasts. I looked up at his face and smiled.

"That's good honey, you've got me all covered now thanks."

Joe looked disappointed, but he tore himself away and sat down again beside me. From behind my sunglasses I checked out his shorts. I thought I could see a bulge, but the shorts were too baggy to be sure. Then Joe stood up.

"I think I left my sunglasses in the apartment," he said, "I'm going to go find them. This glare is killing my eyes."

"Ok hon," I said, "here's the keys, hurry back."

I glanced over at the young moms. They were busy with their toddlers and not paying attention to Joe and me. As Joe walked away I could see he was moving a little awkwardly. I lay back in the uncomfortable pool chair and wondered if Joe was going to do something else besides look for sunglasses. Was he that easily turned on?

I waited for about five minutes and then my curiosity got the better of me. Leaving our cooler, I grabbed my flip flops and speed-walked to our apartment. I climbed the stairs and quietly turned the handle. Joe had left the front door open, as I had hoped. I tiptoed into the kitchen, but he was not there. I stood dead still listening. Then I heard muffled groans from his bedroom.

"Oh fuck, FUCK!" Joe moaned. I froze. Joe had gone from zero to orgasm in three minutes flat! I figured he would soon be exiting his bedroom and I was about to slip back out the front door, when I heard a familiar sound. Joe was going for round two! I tiptoed up to his door and saw it was slightly ajar.

I wanted to take a look, so I pressed my back against the wall and edged along silently, until I could see in without being seen. Joe was lying on his back on the bed, with his shorts around his knees. A pile of tissues lay on the floor. As I watched, he speeded up the action and pretty soon he was groaning loudly. Big gobs of cum squirted on his tan chest. He came so hard that some shot past his face and hit the navy pillow case. Joe grabbed a handful of tissues and wiped himself, but his cock showed no sign of wilting.

I could see better now that his hands were off it. It was big and stiff as a poker. Just what a girl wants, I thought, smiling to myself. Joe finished cleaning himself, but instead of getting up, he began jerking off again. I can't deny that I was getting a little turned on. If looking down my bikini had done this to him, I couldn't help wondering what effect I could have if I took off my bikini and opened his door.

For a moment I was tempted. Who would know? Here we were, just the two of us, all alone in my little apartment. I was thirty six. He was eighteen. But sanity returned and I got a grip. As I slipped out the front door, I heard Joe's moans of satisfaction.

I sat by the pool until he returned, without his sunglasses.

"I couldn't find them," he said when I gave him a questioning look.

"You must have looked really hard," I smiled, "You've been gone quite a while."

"Yes ma'am," Joe shrugged and flushed a little, "I looked everywhere. I must have lost them."

That night we grilled burgers and dogs on the balcony. We had both got some sun and we were relaxed after swimming in the pool. Being half-naked in the sun and the water always makes me horny. I kept eyeing Joe's nicely muscled arms and the way he filled out his white tee shirt. I had changed into a short, cotton sun dress and I wasn't wearing a bra. My nipples were poking through the thin material and as I bent over to adjust the ankle straps on my sandals, I gave Joe a flash of cleavage.

The last twenty four hours had made me aware of Joe's sexual needs. Frank had never married and I knew Joe wasn't accustomed to being around women. Maybe just my female presence was turning him on. It didn't matter that I was his mother. He had never really known me in that way. He might know in his head that I was his mom, but to his young horny body I was just an attractive female that was close up and personal with him in our little apartment.

The fact that we were mother and son created a natural closeness, but we were also strangers in many ways. That combination was causing some sexual tension. Joe had masturbated five or six times in the last twenty four hours. I was pretty sure that seeing me having sex and then seeing and touching me in a bikini had excited him so much that he had to jerk off.

I could understand Joe's feelings, he was a horny teenager and he couldn't help his urges. But I was finding that being able to excite him like this was a big aphrodisiac for me. I couldn't help being aware of my body and its effect on Joe. His attention was flattering and I kept feeling tempted to tease him. Thoughts kept popping into my head, like how he'd react if he walked in on me nude or saw me taking a shower. I slept in the nude, with no sheets in the summer. What if he sneaked in my room at night?

I'm no Megan Fox, but at thirty six I like to think I'm still fairly attractive. I had one child, but in my teens, so my body is tight. I have no stretch marks, good boobs with nice big nipples, shapely legs and a cute ass, or so my boyfriends tell me. A lot of teenage boys check me out at the pool and I know some young guys think women my age are hot. Apparently Joe felt that way. The other thing was the size of the apartment. It was a small space and we couldn't help being kind of on top of each other. The more I felt his eyes on me, the hornier I got.

That night we decided to watch a movie. I tried to get into it, but it was a spy story and with Joe taking regular trips to the kitchen and the bathroom so he could look down my dress, I found it hard to focus on the movie. We had the AC high and soon I was getting goose bumps and feeling chilly. I went in my room to get a blanket and decided to change for bed. I put on a night dress and a pair of panties. I mostly have lingerie that guys have given me, so I tried to find something that wasn't too revealing. The one I chose covered me but it was a little see through. I checked myself in the mirror to see if it was too much. It was pretty sheer, but what the heck. I'd keep the blanket wrapped around me.

Joe looked up when I entered the room. I had the blanket over me, but he kept staring.

"I just put on my night things Joe," I said, "I'm tired from the sun and I can't follow this movie. You finish it. I'm going to lie on the couch and fall asleep."

I lay down and arranged the blanket.

"If you want to get comfortable you're welcome to lie beside me Joe," I said, "There's plenty of room."

Joe thought about it for a minute and then he said, "Ok, I think I will get comfortable."

"Snuggle in behind me," I said. "I'll keep my head down so you can see."

Joe climbed on the sofa and got behind me. I was wrapped in the blanket with my head on a cushion and my eyes closed. He snuggled closer. I shivered and spoke in a sleepy voice.

"If you get cold you're welcome to share my blanket."

I lay there, feeling Joe's warm body against me and letting him hear my steady breathing. After a while, he slid his hand under the blanket. He touched my arm and then his fingers explored my night dress. I figured he was trying to see what I was wearing and how it would feel under the blanket with me. After a few more touches, he pulled the blanket out from under me and burrowed in behind me.

Almost immediately, I felt his hard on press against me. I couldn't help myself. I was instantly excited. I love getting a guy really hard, and even though he was my son, Joe was a hot guy. I felt like a teenage girl waiting for her new boy friend to make his first move. Joe put his arm around me gently and I acted like I was asleep. The suspense was killing me.

I heard a zipper being undone. Joe slid his shorts down and then I felt something sticky. His naked cock was touching my thigh. I had butterflies in my stomach and my panties were damp. All of a sudden, Joe pumped cum all over the backs of my legs. He kept very quiet and I lay still, like I was fast asleep. Joe pulled off his tee shirt and wiped my legs.

After a few minutes, his hands began to wander again. This time he touched my breasts through the sheer nylon. My nipples stiffened at his touch and I couldn't help wishing he would suck them. He pushed his hard cock between my damp thighs and dry humped me. Then he moaned and squirted on my legs again. I lay still as he mopped up his juice with the damp tee shirt.

By this time, my clit was standing out and my panties were soaking. I couldn't help it. I was dying to be fucked. I smelled my scent mixed with the smell of Joe's cum. I would have let him fuck me if he had tried at that moment, but before I did anything, Joe's hands began exploring me again. This time he slid his hands under my night dress. I remembered how hot it was the first time a boy unfastened my bra and touched my bare breasts. Joe touched my nipples and squeezed my breasts. Then he worked my thin panties down until my ass was exposed. I wondered if he would finger me from behind. I wanted it so bad that I turned a little in my "sleep" and opened my thighs for him, but he just stroked my cheeks gently. Then he soaked my bare ass, sliding his cock between my cheeks as he came. My heart was pounding, but I kept pretending to be asleep.

Joe wiped up his sticky jizz. Then he got up off the sofa and turned off the TV. He knelt beside me and kissed my cheek.

When I was sure he was in bed, I went to my room. I took off my night dress and my panties. They were all sticky with Joe's residue. I lay on the bed, breathing his scent on my panties and touching my swollen clit. I couldn't help imagining my son doing all kinds of things to me and I came so hard that I had to bite my hand to stop from crying out. Then I fell into a deep sleep.

As Joe settled in, we got into a routine. I could not resist teasing him. In the cramped kitchen as we stood together preparing meals, I would let my breasts brush his arm or press against his ass as I squeezed past him. I lay awake in bed at night, listening to him beating off and imagining his reaction if I walked into his room in a sheer negligee. I touched my nipples while I listened to him, thinking of his hands on my breasts on the sofa and getting hotter and hotter as my mind ran wild.

I touched myself and fantasized about dozens of hot scenes: stripping while he watched me through the window, sliding between his sheets all hot and naked and awakening him. I imagined myself acting out that scene in Taboo when Kay Parker comes in her son's room and finds him laying asleep on the bed with a big hard on. She sucks him off while he sleeps and then he wakes up and they fuck. I pictured Joe coming in my room at night for something and finding me asleep, naked on the bed. I tried to stop myself from fantasizing about intercourse with Joe. I just wanted to give him something to jerk off to, or that's what I told myself.

After a week, I couldn't take it any more. I had to get relief or I knew I would seduce Joe that night. On Friday after work I gave him the keys of my car and money for a movie. Then I called Jim, an old boyfriend who I still saw every once in a while.

"Can you come by tonight?" I said, making it obvious what I wanted, "I'd like to see you."

Jim was knocking at my door an hour later. I wore black lingerie under a tight dress. I felt like a bitch in heat. I wanted Jim to be as excited as Joe when he fucked me. He had me on the bed in a few minutes and as soon as he entered me I came.

"Do it nice and rough," I said, "I want it that way tonight."

Jim rammed it in me so hard it hurt. I bit his chest until he held me down and fucked me like a madman. I came again and again, cursing and talking dirty. While he was fucking me I told him he could have brought along his buddies and I would have done them too.

This was a fantasy that Jim and I talked about. Jim had three room mates who thought I was hot and when we did it he kept whispering about how he wanted to watch them with me. Then he'd have me for himself when they were done.

"You know your fantasy Jim?" I whispered, "I'm so horny these days that I might go through with it."

"Wow!" Jim said. "Are you serious? Wait. What was that?"

There was a noise in the kitchen and then a door slammed.

"Oh shit," I said, "It's my son. He must have gotten home early. Sorry, but you better get going."

"That's ok," Jim said, "I have to get back anyway."

He dressed quickly and kissed me. "Let me know about what we talked about, ok?" he said.

"Ok," I said, "We'll see. But for now just be quiet when you leave."

When Jim was gone I put a robe on over the lingerie and went in the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I thought Joe must have gone to bed, but suddenly he was behind me. I turned and his face was red, like he had been crying.

"Hey," I said, "How was the movie?"

"It sucked," he said, "I left early and then I find you with some guy. Who the hell was that anyway?"

"He's a friend," I said.

"Oh yeah?" Joe said sarcastically, "but not the same friend you had over last Friday, right?"

"Listen Joe," I said, "I don't appreciate your tone. Who are you to judge me? What I do, and who I do it with is my business, ok?"

Joe grabbed me by my shoulders and pushed me across the room. He pinned me against the wall and held me there. He was panting and flushed. Then he pulled open my robe. There was a hickey on my neck and I was wearing a bra that pushed my tits up and out, thigh highs and sheer panties.

"Look at you," Joe growled, "You dressed like a slut for that guy. I heard you tonight! And Friday you were doing it with someone else. What is your problem?"

Instead of answering him, I reached out and stroked his bulging crotch. He had a raging hard on.

"What about this Joe?" I said, "Isn't this the real problem?"

I squeezed him gently and he relaxed his grip. He was panting with excitement and suddenly all his anger disappeared.

"That's better Joe," I said. "Now, let me help you with this."

I unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down over his hips. Then I eased down his boxers and pulled out his erect cock. Joe groaned and pressed himself against the wall as my fingers caressed him. A big drop of pre-cum ran down my fingers.

"You have a lot of pent up frustration Joe," I said, "That's natural in a guy of your age. Being around a woman makes it worse, I think. That's why you're so mad, isn't it, baby."

"Yes ma'am," he moaned.

I knelt on the floor in front of him and stuck my tits out. I was wearing a bra, and I almost took it off, but I controlled myself. My nipples were all puffy and hard, and most of my breasts were showing. To tell the truth, I was as excited as Joe. He looked down at me, his eyes all over my tits and thighs.

"I know you need relief Joe. Let it all out for me."

I jerked him off gently and he closed his eyes and began to groan.

"I heard you Momma, I heard you!"

"That's ok baby," I said. "I like sex too."

I let go his cock and let it stand there throbbing for a moment.

"Don't you like me to touch you?"

He opened his eyes and looked at me pleadingly.

"Yes ma'am!" he groaned.

I gripped his cock again and he groaned as I pumped it.

"I'm going to squirt momma!"

"Good," I said soothingly, "Let it all go son."

I caught most of it in my hand, but a few drops splashed my face and my hair.

"Mmm," I said, "That feels better doesn't it?"

"Yes Ma'am," he said, "but can you do it again? I need it more than once to get relief."

Joe's cock was still standing up totally stiff and dripping. I rubbed the cum in my cupped hand all over his head and smeared it down his shaft. Then I squeezed and pumped his sticky cock until he stood on his toes and the veins bulged on his forehead.

"Oh Momma" he groaned, "I'm coming again!"

He squirted another big load and I caught most of it in my cupped hand again, though some spilled on my breasts and thighs. He never lost his erection and I could tell he still wanted more. I understood. For me, the first orgasm is like a teaser. I have to come three or four times before I get satisfied. Like mother like son I guess.

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