tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMy Trish Stratus Locker Room Fantasy

My Trish Stratus Locker Room Fantasy


Finally I had been waiting more than 6 months for the WWE to come back to my hometown Dallas Texas and next Monday I had tickets for a live show of Monday night Raw. Now if I was honest the real reason for me going wasn't for the intense wrestling action or for a chance to boo WWE champ John Cena I was going to see the divas. Yes I'm a T and A wrestling fan but shit like that didn't bug me I just loved jerking off to the divas and the Raw I had tickets for there was a diva match signed. It would be the woman's champ Trish Stratus vs her long time rival Lita with the belt on the line. I couldn't wait to see Trish Stratus live as I'd jerked for her for a year; I just loved everything about her, those eyes which hint of pure sluttyness, her perfect blowjob lips, her massive breasts which are barely held in my her tiny tops, her ass that always looked hott in those tight spandex pants. In my mind she was the perfect diva to jerk over and I would see her live I just had no idea how much of her I would see.

Monday arrived quickly and I had just got in from work, my taxi would arrive in another half hour just enough time to get changed. I strip off and climb into the shower and as the water hits me my mind wanders as I think what it would be like to fuck Trish Stratus. My hands all over her tits squeezing licking sucking watching Trish giggle as her nipples harden then my hands would grab hold of her big ass, spanking her making her ass jiggle even bending her over a table and fucking that hott ass, watching my balls bounce off her ass. The ultimate for me thought would be Trish getting down on her knees staring up at me with those slutty eyes as she jerks my hard cock then putting it in her mouth and sucking me off. I open my eyes to find I've cummed in my shower and as I watch my seamen slide down the plughole I decide that somehow someway I have to get backstage and find Trish.

My taxi arrives and takes me to the arena my ticket is a good one 4th row camera side close to the steel steps the wrestles use to get into the ring. Heat [the show WWE tape before Raw] passes quickly and Lillan Garcia [ring announcer] tells us to get ready for Raw. Trish's match to my surprise is on first so I don't have to wait long to see my jerking goddess who looks stunning in a tight low cut black top and red spandex pants. My digital camera snaps about a dozen shots of Trish walking to the ring and I get a great shot of her bending under the middle rope to get in the ring. Her opponent Lita is next out but my eyes and camera are all for Trish the match starts but my mind is far away from the action. Trish just stood there in the center of the ring dressed only in a lacey red bra and thong combo after losing the bra and panties match however instead of being upset Trish is smiling walking around the ring showing off her assets. In the center of the ring Trish stops and hooks her thumb into her bra strap slowly pulling it down the entire arena is silent as she pulls the other strap down. Trish's hands reach around her back to unclip her bra then holding the bra to her chest she looks up at the crowd as if to ask them what to do next.

The entire arena screams their lungs out so Trish lets her bra drop to the floor letting her big boobs drop out. Her nipples harden the second the cold arena air hits them as her tits just seam to hang there totally void of gravity while all around the arena fans take pics of Trish Stratus's massive tits. Trish's thumbs now hook the waistband of her thong panties and the arena goes mental as they watch wrestling's hottest diva pull her panties down in the center of the ring. Throwing her thong to the crowd Trish walks around the ring letting everyone get a good look of her naked body. Everyone's however are drawn to Trish's completely bald pussy gleaming slightly as some pre cum runs down her thighs however Trish has a great idea and climbs onto the middle rope and leans over giving fans in front of her a awesome view of her cleavage squashed together and fans behind her get a breathtaking view of her bent over ass even seeing a slight hint of pussy. Trish does this for all 4 sides of the ring then climbs out of the ring as she walks to the ramp she spot's me sitting in the forth row so she climbs the barrier and walks towards me. I'm lost for words as the smoking hott blonde stands bare ass naked in front of me then she reaches a hand out and grabs the zip to my jeans yanking it down. My hard cock falls out of my boxers and stands there erect in front of Trish Stratus who holds onto my shoulders and slowly lowers herself onto my cock this is going to be mind-blowing.

"GET YOUR TITS OUT TRISH." Some fat guy shouts out from behind me as I snap out of my day dream to see Trish is on the outside of the ring taking a beating. Lita then pulls Trish up by her hair and rolls her back into the ring when I see sneaking out of Trish's pants her black thong quickly I take a few pics then sit back to watch the match. 5 minutes later Trish hits the Chick Kick and gets the one two three to retain the title she celebrates in the ring for a bit allowing me to get some great pics of her all sweating with her chest heaving up and down finally she goes to the back leaving be out there with an aching hard on. Half an hour past when on the big screen backstage interviewer Maria appeared and started to talk to Lita and I got excited talking to Lita means Trish might appear. I was right a minute into the segment the woman's champ appears in a change of ring clothes she was now dressed in street clothes with her belt hung over her shoulder. Her top was black not low cut but tight fitting showing the outline of her massive tits also with a pair of dark blue jeans. I hoped she would turn around so we could see her tight ass but sadly she just trash talked Lita and walked off still I was happy at seeing Trish live as well as seeing her big tits on the big screen I had a lot of jack off pics I could cream for the next few weeks

Now all I could do was sit back and enjoy the rest of Raw as Mr Mc Mahon the chairmen of WWE walked out to a load chorus of boos I decided to go grab a beer and a hot dog. As I walked to the stairs leading to the food stands I saw two drunk guys arguing with security I stood and watched when suddenly one of the guys threw a punch at the guards he missed but that pissed off the guards so they grabbed the two piss heads and pushed them away. As they forcefully lead them away I spotted that they had left the backstage door unguarded and before I could think of anything my legs quickly ran to the door. I was in backstage of a WWE show now what as I had run in before I could think of what to do and my first thought was I'll get thrown out if I'm found better go back when one idea popped into my head TRISH. First job was to find the divas locker room and with any look Trish might be there what I would do once there was anyone's guess but for the moment I would just be happy to find the room. After 15 minutes of walking round in circles I decided that this was stupid they didn't tell you where the divas locker room was to stop pervs [like me] from standing outside now I guessed it was time to find a way out without security catching me however as I turned round a door opened and Triple H 11 time heavy weight champion and a key figure in running the WWE [he married a Mc Mahon] came out if he saw me I was fucked he would tell I'm not an employee thinking quickly I shot off down a corridor.

I stopped running when I was sure that no one would see me and when I looked up at the door in front of me and to my delight it was the divas locker room. Right now I was here now what to be honest what the hell was I going to do walk in tell Trish I was her biggest fan and she would strip off and fuck the hell out of me. Maybe in a cheap ass porno but in real life I would be arrested and given a restraining order before you could shout fuck me. I decided just to knock on the door and ask for an autograph and see where the penny would land however just as I reached out to knock on the door I heard two voice walking down the corridor I had a little look round. Shit two WWE referee's my entire plan was fucked only one thing to do now hide so I shot around some cases left next to the diva's dressing room and ducked down behind them praying to god that they wouldn't find me. As I heard the voices go down the hall I leant back against the case and breathed out a sigh of relief now to get the fuck out of here as I got up from my crouching position I heard a voice go "hi mom."

I spin round in shock but no one is there the noise is coming from this rather large air vent. The vent isn't screwed down so I lift it away to reveal a small clean metal air vent. I hear the voice again and decide to have a look inside so I drop to by stomach and slide in the vent. I'm instantly surprised at how well I can fit in this vent most vents are tiny this one was almost built to fit a person in which is rare. I can hear the voice a lot louder now and it is coming from this hole of light a few yards away so I slowly crawl towards it. When I look thought the grating I get the shock of my life this is the divas locker room everything now made sense someone had built this so people could spy on the divas cool then I hear the girl on the phone talking. If a massive Porky's hole to the divas locker room hadn't shocked me this did it was Trish my jerking girl Trish Stratus there a few feet in front of me on the phone to her mom. Before my brain can lock down on all this new info Trish kicks off her boots while looking at herself in the mirror and I recognize the outfit it was the one she was wearing a few minutes ago when trash talking Lita. My arms work fast and pull my camera out of my pocket I push the lenses though the mesh and start snapping off pics.

"No mom everything's fine really only a sore shoulder ok see you on Saturday bye mom." Trish puts her phone down and starts to undo her jean button once that is undone she slides the denim down her shapely legs. I nearly drop my camera at the sight of her tiny black thong barely covering her pussy lips then she bent over slightly to pick something up and I see her ass both cheeks golden brown tan. My camera nearly breaks the number of times I press the click button but this view of Trish in her thong is amazing and it gets better as Trish grabs the bottom of her shirt lifting it over her head. My cock throbs painfully at seeing Trish in her black bra it fits Trish well it pushes her tits up and out and the cleavage it makes is well incredible as I take as many pics as I can of Trish in her bra and panties. Trish picks up a towel and walks off to what I guess is the showers giving me a breather as this voyager look at Trish has just turned my cock as hard as I could handle. Now allowed thinking time I think it would probably be for the best if I didn't see her naked I mean she would lose all her cockteasing talent if I saw hang on what the fuck did I just say sorry all the blood in my brain must be in my cock why did I even think that. As I look for another vent to the showers I hear a "OH FUCK" from the showers quickly I reposition myself camera in hand as Trish walks back into my view towel wrapped around her frame two black objects in her hand. I nearly scream out Trish is naked under that towel she is holding her underwear in her hand fuck yes need some pics of that and as if my day couldn't get any better the divas locker room door open.

"Alright slut." I couldn't believe it Trish's opponent Lita walking in and Trish's face breaks into a smile.

"Alright loser." Trish replies making Lita grin and I start to think maybe they'll take a shower together. I know that the two hott girls take shower together is really 1970's thinking but today has just been really weird as I watch Trish fix her hair in the mirror and Lita picks up Trish's panties.

" Nice panties Trish bet they got so wet in the ring when I was kicking your ass." Lita flirty tone is turning me on so much and as Trish turns round to lita I start feeling my cock begging to be touched. Trish walks up to Lita grabs both of her shoulders then whispers something into her ear.

"You know it babe," Trish whispers then kissing Lita's lips softly. How I don't drop my camera as Lita kisses Trish back I'm not sure I do know that I keep taking pics off this hott lesbian scene. Lita who has a sexy smirk on her face then pushes Trish backwards onto a bench breaking the kiss. Trish stares at Lita for a moment then starts to untie her towel from around her chest and once it is undone Trish rips it off her body exposing her nakedness to me and Lita. A naked Trish is just as awesome as you think her massive breasts don't sag or fall they just hold themselves up. Once Trish spreads her legs I see her pussy with just a shaved landing strip of blonde hair already getting quite moist.

"Yeah" Lita moans while taking her shirt off "that's a good little slut open your legs for Lita." Trish giggles and as she watches Lita undress Trish moves a hand down to her cunt rubbing her pussy lips letting out low groans. Once Lita has stripped herself down to her bra and panties she gets down on her knees and crawls towards Trish while I take so many pics of the two smoking hott divas I'll probably fill up my camera's memory stick. However my biggest problem is that I can't reach my dick as I am lying on my stomach with my arms at my side and there isn't enough room for me to put my hand down my pants. Lita puts her hands on Trish's knees reaches up and delivers a soft kiss to Trish's right nipple. After doing the same to her left nipple Lita then slides her tongue down Trish's abs licking round her six-pack. Trish's moans become louder and louder as Lita's tongue goes further and further down her body and once it gets past her belly button I hear a sharp intake of breath from Trish. I watch in awe as Lita puts her head down into Trish's snatch then slowly gives Trish's wet pussy a long lick, which sends shivers down Trish's spine.

Trish starts to massage her tits while Lita's expert tongue licks her pussy and the pictures I am now taking are unbelievable. 2 WWE divas having lesbian sex in their locker room is my biggest sexual fantasy and now I'm lying in an air vent watching my dream diva Trish get her cunt licked by her on screen rival Lita. Trish squeezes her nipples hard as Lita eats her out making her blonde rival moan louder and louder as her orgasm builds up in side. Lita's hands move around to Trish's ass cupping her two cheeks holding her steady as her tongue softly flicks Trish's clit. Trish's hands run though her hair as she feels Lita stroke her tongue over every sensitive area off her pussy and with her eyes closed Trish knows that she can't hold out for long. Feeling Trish nearly on the brink Lita goes all out and pushes her tongue as far up Trish's cunt as it can go and once the very tip of her tongue taps her G-spot Trish lets out a massive cry of " OH GOD AMY YES YES OHHHHHHHH."

I must admit hearing Trish scream out in pleasure then watch her cover Lita's face with cum brings me to my own orgasm without even touching my dick cum sprays inside my boxers and I lay there panting. I lift my head up to see Lita stand up and lick some of the cum off her lips then reach back to unclip her bra. As soon as I see Lita's big fake tits I feel two hands grab onto my ankles and I fell myself being pulled out of the air vent. I crash onto the floor and look up to see two security guards standing over me they don't ask any questions they just pull me up by my jacket and escort me out of the arena. They push me out of the door telling me I'm lucky not to be banned from the building I thank them and set off to my car you probably think I'm upset kicking out of the arena but I'm not as one Trish Straus is my jerking idol and we all know you don't meet [or in my case] sleep with your idol as you will only get disappointed. However the main reason I'm happy is the guards forgot to take my camera so I had pics of a naked Trish Stratus cumming all over the face of Lita I'm about to become an internet legend.

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