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My Uncle and Me


I would like to thank Mollie & Bill for sparking this memory of forty years ago. It is a true story and written as best as I remember it, and occurred between my uncle and me. The reason this is not posted under the "Gay Category" is that I do not believe that 'gay' and 'bisexual' are synonymous. So if you, the reader, are offended by M/M sex then please stop here. For those of you that enjoy the story please feel free to email me and I will do my best to answer all.


I had just turned 18 and was still quite uninformed about sex. I grew up in a small town in western Pennsylvania and even though it was the mid sixties Woodstock and the 'free love' thing still hadn't happened. I was typical kid of my age in that I was always horny, and had learned to masturbate not long after I had hit puberty and began getting erections. I had been with a few girls and had played with their breasts and even lost my virginity, but I wasn't getting anything 'regular' and enjoyed the privacy of my bedroom and masturbating three or four times a night.

Back in 1967 I had a draft number of 004 and I "knew" it would be called. Since I wasn't college material earlier in the school year I had taken what they called an early enlistment in the Air Force, so following graduation when a slot came open I would go active. I had just turned eighteen and was waiting for the call from the recruiter to go into basic training. It was during that summer that my Uncle Russ invited me to go camping with him.

I was working and had taken Friday off arriving at his house about ten that morning and set about loading my things in the camper. His wife, Pauline, was going to come down Sunday afternoon and they were going to spend a few extra days after I left, so I would drive her car back after she arrived.

While Uncle Russ got setup I gathered up firewood and got a campfire going. We just sat around, had supper, a couple beers and just talked. Uncle Russ figured since I was old enough to fight for my country then I was old enough to have a couple beers. Legal age was 21, in Pennsylvania, and I thought this was pretty 'cool'. We talked about my going in and he reminisced about when he was in WWII, it was really a fun evening.

There were no electric hookups so he had three or four big old 12V car batteries he used for power. There was no radio reception but he had a stack of those old eight-track tapes (they were pre-cassette). The only ones he had were of the big band type like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller. I didn't really care for them but after all it was his camper, so I listened to it. Where we were camping was a secluded area in the woods and we were the only ones there so the music was loud enough so you could hear it outside the camper.

It was getting late and decided it was time to settle in for the night. It was only a little one bedroom camper but the couch dropped down into a bed, which was were I was going to sleep. He got me some sheets and a couple blankets and I made it up, he had gone into his bedroom and closed the little door that separated the bedroom from the rest of the camper. I changed into my pajamas and crawled in; it was a warm night so I only put the bottoms on. I laid there for a little bit and listened to him snore, and started thinking about girls.

I had broken up with my girlfriend of two years and although I had dated a couple others I hadn't been able to get in their panties. One thing to you have to remember is this was pre-Woodstock and before the free love movement started so getting laid wasn't a 'given'. So I spent a lot of my time jacking off and fantasizing.

At that age it didn't take much for me to get horny and my mind went to his daughter, my cousin, who was a year older than me. She was one of my favorite fantasies as we had grown up together and I had watched her get tits. I never saw them but in my mind I sure thought I knew what they looked like! I knew he was sleeping so I unbuttoned the fly of my pajamas and began playing with my growing cock.

I had pulled my knees up and was jerking my cock, playing with my balls and knew it wasn't going to be long before I would cum. I was lying with my head towards the bedroom door and was deep in my fantasy, being as quiet as I could. I thought I heard the door open but before I could stop Uncle Russ was standing behind me. I stopped what I was doing and tried to get my heart to stop pounding so loud! He came out and sat down in the chair across from me. The camper was so small that with the couch folded out when he sat down his knees were right up against it, so there wasn't much that separated us. I knew I had been caught and all the thoughts flashed through my mind...was he going to holler at me...make fun of me...or worst of all tell my mom and dad what he caught me doing! There was absolute dead silence re for what seemed like forever, but probably was only seconds. I didn't know what to do.

Finally he started talking and telling me that what I was doing was normal for a boy, and that he didn't mean to startle me or scare me. I just lay there quietly and listened not saying anything. He went on and explained that all boys did it and he even still did it from time to time. At that time he was probably in his mid-forties, and even though I knew that my dad did it, in my state of mind and having gotten 'caught' jacking off, my brain wasn't working. He sat and talked about girls and how he would think about them and asked me if that was what I did too. I think I just nodded my head, or I might have answered him, I can't remember.

But I do remember I couldn't believe it when he told me how Aunt Pauline, his wife, liked to watch him play with himself. This floored me! My Aunt was a pretty lady and I really liked her, but never in my dreams or fantasies had I ever thought of her in a sexual way. Now here Uncle Russ was telling me that a woman liked to see a guy play with himself! My cock that had gone soft was getting hard again, both from what he was saying and the picture in my mind of her sitting and watching him. He went on about how he did it and what she would do and I just listened and my cock throbbed.

I was startled when his hand went under the covers and touched my cock. He didn't pull his hand away when I jumped and asked if it was ok that he did that. I could only nod that it was ok as he started stroking me, what he was doing felt good and I just laid there not moving. Neither one of us said anything for quite a while, then he reached over and pulled the covers off me.

I don't know what made me do it but I reached down, unbuttoned them and as I lifted my hips he helped me pull them off. He said something about not meaning to interrupt me and he would quit if I wanted, it felt good and I didn't want him to stop and just shook my head no. He kept stroking, trying to pull the foreskin over the head and said something about it pulling back and exposing the head. I told him that all the farther I could get it back was just past so the tip was exposed. He said something about never seeing anything like that before.

It wasn't until a few years later, while I was in the Air Force, that I got circumcised. I don't know if having it done allowed my cock to get bigger, but I have always thought it did. I had measured myself growing up and from the base (near the pubic bone) to the tip I was close to seven and a half inches, but the circumference was just a little over four inches, then after getting 'cut' it grew to more than six and half inches around and more than eight inches when fully erect. Then again it may have just been part of maturing and it would have been that size whether I was circumcised or not.

He played with my cock, sometimes he'd jack it then other times just run his fingers over it or play with my balls. All the time he'd ask me different questions like how long I had been jacking off; if I had ever been with a girl; if I had 'played doctor' with any of my friends; and how many times I could cum. I told him that I had been jacking off from when I was about eleven or twelve and when I was about thirteen the girl that lived next door would get some of her father's condoms and I had fucked her a number of times, until they had moved away.

During all this time he had really started jacking me until my hips would lift up as I felt myself getting ready cum, then he would slow down and run his fingers over the shaft and play with my balls. By doing this all I could think about was release and his teasing kept me at the 'edge'. I just wanted to cum! But he kept asking questions or repeating his questions and I kept answering hoping he would let me cum! I would glance at him from time to time and he was always staring at his fist on my cock and I would go back to watching his hand play with me. Then he asked me how many times I jacked off at night, I told him usually twice but sometimes three or four times. He asked if I was ready and through clenched teeth I told him "YES!"

Sticky stuff had been leaking out of my cock, which I later learned was precum, and my prick and his fist were really coated. In the quiet of the camper the squishy sound seemed really loud and he quickened the pace of jacking me. I squeezed my eyes shut and my hips bounced on the couch as I erupted. The only sounds were my groaning and his hand stroking me. Always before when I jacked off I had caught it in the handkerchief, this was the first time that I had just let it go and I remember feeling it landing all over me. It was all over my chest, belly and thighs and as he milked it I could feel it run down his hand and on my balls. I just kept my eyes closed enjoying the feeling, trying to catch my breath and comprehend what had just happened.

He said something about getting us a towel to clean up and I just nodded my head. I heard the water running and from the sound he was washing his hands, and cleaning himself up (he told me later that my cum had landed all over him too). I finally opened my eyes and looked down towards my cock, taking it in my fingers I couldn't believe what had just happened. Sure when I was younger a buddy and I had done the usual "exploring" and there had been a couple times with my dad (those stories will stay in my memories as Literotica could never post them). But what had just happened was something like I had never experienced before.

I laid there playing with myself and didn't think there was anything wrong with what had just happened. It sure was different, that was for sure, but the thought never entered my mind that I was gay or anything like that. I just knew that it had felt good and I had enjoyed it and wondered what was going to happen next. Uncle Russ came out of the bathroom about that time and handed me a washcloth, which I used to clean myself up. I was still quite soft as I worked the washcloth over it. He stepped outside and opened the ice cooler bringing back in a couple beers. It was as he stepped back inside that I saw his cock, he was wearing boxers and it was sticking straight out the front of the fly opening.

From what I could tell it was as long as mine but it was a hell of a lot thicker! Uncle Russ wasn't what I would call fat but heavy set with big shoulders and chest. Dark black hair covered his chest and belly, the only hair I had was around my cock and balls and maybe a couple dozen on my chest. I was six foot tall by this time and he was maybe three or four inches shorter than me. He noticed me looking and setting his beer down asked if I minded if he took his bottoms off. I just shook my head and watched as he stepped out of them and sat back down in the chair across from me. I had never seen a cock so big and I couldn't take my eyes off it. As he took a swallow of beer he slowly played with it and squeezed a big drop of precum out of the tip.

All kinds of things were flashing through my mind! I wondered if he was going to let me watch him jack off...did he want me to touch it...had Joy, his daughter ever seen it...didn't it hurt Aunt Pauline when he put it in her (that question came from the fact that my aunt was a very slim lady and couldn't have weighed more than a hundred pounds, fully dressed, and soaking wet). I don't know what made me do it, but the last two thoughts came out of my mouth before I realized what I was saying. My eyes must have looked like a couple saucers when it hit me what I asked because he kind of chuckled at me. I breathed a sigh of relief because at least he wasn't mad but was smiling!

He sat for a few seconds and then told me that Aunt Pauline did find it uncomfortable unless he used some lubrication but since they both enjoyed masturbating that it worked out very nicely. I must have had a perplexed look on my face because he asked if I knew that women could masturbate, and cum, just like a guy could. I shook my head no, not only had I just learned (I didn't know how) that a woman could jack off, but I learned a new word... "cum" (I had always called it jizz).

He went on and explained to me that by rubbing a woman's clit (another new word) or the woman rubbing it she could cum. They didn't normally shoot cum like we did, but they would feel good inside like we did and their pussy's (another new word) would get real wet. By now my cock was getting hard again and I listened intently and drank my beer as he spoke, while we both played with ourselves. He went on to explain how he really enjoyed going down between her legs and lick her clit until she came. Again I must have had a dumb look on my face, because he went on and explained in quite graphic detail how it was done. He got up to get a couple more beers and as he did I asked if a girls cum tasted like ours? He laughed again as he sat down and handed me my beer and shook his head.

He said it wasn't salty like ours but much sweeter tasting and more clear and sticky, something like our precum (another new word). With that he took his finger and taking some of his juice licked it off his finger, I followed suit and did the same thing. He reaffirmed it wasn't 'exactly' like that but said it would give me an idea of what to expect when I did it to a girl. I couldn't believe the education I was getting AND how horny it was making me!! He paused for a minute then asked if mom or dad hadn't ever had 'a talk' with me? I just shook my head no and told him most everything I had learned was from my buddies and all that he had just told me.

I should give a little background here. When I was about twelve or thirteen the only thing my mother had said to me concerning girls was that I was to respect them and to keep my hands to myself. Dad had never really said anything concerning girls, but had done a few other things. My sexual awakening I learned mostly on my own, and from a nursing book that my best buddy had gotten off his mom's bookshelf (she was a RN). That had provided an education, even if it was all very clinical.

He went on to explain that Aunt Pauline had sat down with Joy and had had a long talk with her. Being curious I asked him how they had done it, he made me promise not to say a word to anyone about what he was going to tell me, which I did, then told me the whole story. By the time he was done telling me my cock was rock hard again and I was playing with it. What kept going through my young mind wasn't what her mom had talked about, but what Aunt Pauline had taught her! What an erotic story that was, but sadly will never be told.

There was complete silence in the camper as he finished, I now realize that it was sexual tension. It was then that he reached over and took my cock in his hand again and asked if I was ready to get off again. I could only nod my head 'yes' and stared down at his fist moving up and down my shaft. From the corner of my eye I could see his other hand moving and glanced over and saw him stroking his own cock. The thought flashed through my mind that he had to be as turned on as I was from what he had told me.

Without even thinking I reached over and touched him. His hand fell away and for the first time I held his thick cock in my hand. I could barely get my fingers around it, but he was so excited that I could feel his heart pounding against the palm of my hard, and he groaned slightly as I squeezed it. As I began stroking it he moved forward in the chair until his balls hung off the edge of the seat. His fist was pumping faster and I knew I was close to cumming again but I wanted to see his cock shoot its load, so I pumped my fist faster.

The thought never crossed my mind that there was anything wrong with what we were doing, or that he or I were gay (of course at that time I didn't know there was such a thing as bi-sexual). All I knew was that what we were doing felt good, and that it felt really naughty. Besides the mental pictures kept going though my mind of my aunt, naked, and doing what I was doing to him, all the time putting myself in his place next to her.

Suddenly he stopped jacking my cock and squeezed it tight, he arched his back pushing his cock towards me and started cumming! He just kept saying "Oh damn!" over and over as I pumped, jizz landed on the floor and then ran down over my hand. His load didn't shoot out and go all over like mine always did, but there was definitely plenty of it! As he went limp I held it in my hand and watched the last of his load drip from the tip. I held the soft shaft in my fist and felt the cum ooze through my fingers as I slowly jerked it. Russ released his grip and again began stroking my now throbbing cock and telling me to "go ahead". It didn't take but a few rapid pumps and not even trying to hold it back I just let it go.

I still remember the exquisite feeling as I came. As the first load erupted he pulled down tight on the skin of the shaft and momentarily held me tightly at the base. In that few moments one or two more loads shot up into the air, then he started jacking the full length of my shaft, with his fist moving up completely over the head. I had his cock in one hand and a death grip on the blankets with my other hand, as I stared down between my legs. By coming up over the tip his fist was now completely covered with my juice, and he just kept pumping and pumping until there was nothing left in my balls. After what seemed like forever my erection began to subside and he then used just a couple fingers and his thumb to milk the last of my load.

Slowly, and almost reluctantly I thought, he let go of my cock. He smiled at me and said he hoped I liked that because it was how my aunt always liked to do it and make sure he was empty. I nodded and said that it had really felt good, but then couldn't believe what happened next! He started licking my cum off his fingers and said she loved the taste. In my mind I could see her doing it and wishing it was me! He took my hand off his cock and moved it towards my face and asked if I wanted to try it. I had tasted my own cum a lot of times, but was somewhat hesitant at tasting his cum, but then licked a little of it off my finger. It didn't taste all that different than mine and we watched each other clean our fingers.

He picked up the washcloth and cleaned the cum off my chest and belly then himself and the floor. By now it was after two in the morning and he suggested that we get some sleep. He asked if I was ok with all that had happened because he hadn't really planned any of it, but when he had walked out and saw what I was doing he had found it erotic. I laughed, a little nervously, but told him I was alright and I had certainly learned some new words and new things. He chuckled and then headed back towards his bedroom.

I laid there for the longest time thinking of all that had just happened and wondered if all that he had told me was true. I finally determined that there wasn't any reason it shouldn't be and felt my cock beginning to get hard again. My thoughts kept going back to my aunt, and what he had told me about my cousin. All those thoughts and fantasies kept flashing through my mind. I fell off to sleep and awoke to sunshine flowing through the windows of the camper. My fist still held my cock, which wasn't just hard because I was horny but I had to piss like a racehorse! I fumbled around and found my bottoms and pulled them on along with my shoes and went outside to relieve myself.

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