My Virgin Sister


"Well, I don't know yet. I don't know what you guys have been doing. And maybe Tony wasn't all that frustrated when he went home last night. But from what you're telling me, you think he's dumping you to get laid and I think I can help you with that, if you want him back." As I say this, I have my right arm around her shoulder and I'm rubbing her back. My left hand is stroking her hair.

"I do want him back. I just don't know what to do." Her right hand is running up and down my bare side and my cock is stirring again.

"Why don't you just tell me about last night? How far did you go and what did you do? Then we can see if I have any ideas for you, okay?"

"Okay, I guess that makes sense." She snuggles in closer to me and continues to run her hand up and down my back and my side.

"Well, you know I told Mom I was going to the library with Sophie? Well, I did go there, but Tony met us and he and I went around the side of the library and sat in his car. It's dark there and we knew no one would bother us. We started kissing and rubbing against each other and generally steaming up the windows. Tony was rubbing my crotch on the outside of my shorts and I was kissing him really hard with my tongue. After a while Tony moved his hand up under my shirt and was rubbing my tits through my bra. The last few times we went out, I let him play with my tits, so I wasn't surprised when a few minutes later he unhooked my bra and pushed it up out of the way. He usually plays with my tits and my nipples, and then starts to move his hand down into my pants. That's when I normally stop him. But this time, he kept playing with my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples until I was so turned on I could feel myself getting really wet. This is the first time he's pinched my nipples like that and he just kept on playing with my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples for a long time. It felt really good."

"I was so hot that I didn't notice he'd unsnapped my shorts, until he slid his hand down inside my panties. It happened so fast and I was so wet that in one, quick motion his hand was inside my panties and his finger had slipped inside me. I was surprised by how good it felt, and I was so turned on, that I just kept kissing him. He had unbuttoned his shirt and he stopped playing with my tits to pull me against him. I could feel my hard nipples rubbing against his chest as he moved his finger in and out of me. God, Jack I have never felt anything like that. I was pushing my tongue in his mouth as far as I could and bouncing up and down like crazy on his finger while my nipples kept rubbing against his chest."

As you can imagine, her story has really turned me on. I'm hiding a raging hard-on and I notice Lisa's nipples have gotten hard inside her swimsuit, and are now pushing against my chest. I can feel her breathing heavier and she keeps moving her leg up and down, rubbing her thighs together. It seems she's gotten herself pretty worked up, too.

"It was like I was totally out of control," she continues, "until he stopped kissing me and whispered in my ear that he really loved me and wanted me so bad.

'Lisa. I really need you, right now. Let's do it tonight.' He breathed in my ear.

I was panting, but I told him no. 'Don't do this, Tony.' I said. 'You know how I feel about it.'

'Oh, come on Lisa, it'll feel a lot better than my finger and you know you really want to.'

And of course, he was right, I really wanted him to fuck me. And you know what's funny? If he had just kept going and had done it, I probably wouldn't have stopped him. I was that hot for him. But somehow talking about it brought me back to my senses. I stopped bouncing up and down on his finger. Instead I pushed myself down as hard as I could and squeezed my legs together, keeping his finger inside me the whole time we were talking. Anyway, we sort of argued about it and he finally gave in.

'Fine, I understand. It's okay. I'm sorry I pushed you, Lisa' He pulled his finger out of me and I felt so empty. We straightened up our clothes and I went back in the library to find Sophie. Then today, he calls with this we're too young bullshit. So what do you think, Jack? Can you help me?"

A plan was starting to formulate in my mind as she was telling me about her and Tony. Or maybe it was just a fantasy instead of a plan, but I was ready to start moving toward it, cautiously.

"Shit, Lisa!" I answer, nearly out of breath. "No doubt that Tony had to jack himself off when he got home. Hell, I got turned on just listening to you talk about it. And I can definitely see why you think Tony will be looking for the easiest girl in school to take out real soon. But it doesn't have to be that way. You didn't mention whether you had been touching or rubbing Tony at all. Were you?"

"You mean rubbing his dick? No, I've never touched him because I thought that would really make me a prick tease." She sounds kind of sheepish talking into my neck. I'm still stroking her hair.

"Well, guys aren't always sure what a girl will do and I'm not really sure my idea will work, if you're afraid to touch him." Part one of my plan/fantasy depends on her answer.

"I'm not afraid to touch him!" she retorts emphatically. "I just said I've never done it. I thought it would be teasing too much. Anyway what's your idea?" I was hoping she would say that, but I'm still not sure if I can pull this off. I choose my next words very carefully.

"Lisa, let's look at your situation. First, there are quite a few girls at school, sluts as you call them, who will let guys like Tony go all the way. Second, guys like Tony have sexual needs and will do pretty much anything to get those needs satisfied. Although, I really think Tony would rather satisfy his needs with you. Third, you want Tony back but you're not ready to take that big step. I think I have an answer for both of you, but I'm not sure you're ready for it."

"What? What's your idea, Jack? I'll decide whether I'm ready or not." She pulls her head back so she can look at me and I have a clear view of her left breast down her swimsuit top. Her nipple is very hard and I again have to force myself to look in her eyes.

"Lisa, what is the one thing that guys want more than anything else?"

"To get laid," she answers quickly, still staring at me.

"Nope. Of course, all guys want to get laid, but what they want more than anything else is a great blowjob. A great blowjob is every guy's fantasy. Trust me." I keep looking right in her eyes, sort of questioningly, to see if she's getting my drift. She looks at me for a while, and then I see her thinking about it. She lays her head back down on my shoulder and doesn't say anything.

"Think about it, Lisa. You don't have to give up your virginity and Tony doesn't have to go home and get himself off. Or worse, get it somewhere else. All you have to do to get him back is give him the blowjob of his life."

She speaks into my neck and I can barely hear her, but her words are music to my ears. "I don't know how," she mumbles. "I've never even touched him. How would I know how to give a blowjob and how could I be sure it's good enough to make him forget about Barbara, the slut?"

"You could learn." I decide to offer her a bunch of unlikely choices to make her think of the best way to learn. "You could, um, watch porn videos with blowjobs in them, although they're pretty fake. You could go out with other guys and practice until you're ready for Tony. Of course, getting a reputation as a blowjob queen is probably worse than being a slut. Well, I don't know, but a lot of girls do it, how hard can it be?" Here is where my fantasy will become reality or remain a fantasy. I just hold her tight and wait.

"Jack?" she speaks quietly into my neck.

"Yeah?" I'm trying to remain calm, but I have a feeling that my fantasy is just a breath away from coming true.

"I could practice on you," she suggests.

Yes! Now to put up a little resistance so she really has to beg me.

"What!" I yell, trying to sound shocked. "Lisa, we're brother and sister. We can't do that." I sound pretty sincere, too.

"Come on, Jack. You said you wanted to help me and I can't just start with Tony. What if I gag the first time or don't do it right? This was your idea and how else am I going to learn? Please."

Well, what can I do? My hot, sexy, twin sister wants to practice blowjobs on me. My cock is so hard by this point that I can barely hide it.

"Okay, but just until you get it perfected, because I still think it's weird."

"Thank you! I love you Jack!" She throws her arms around me and presses her firm tits against my chest, while kissing my cheek. Then, she sits up quickly, smiling at me. "When can we start?"

I watch her tits bounce inside her swimsuit, as she sits up.

"First, let's talk about exactly what we're going to do," I answer. "If you want real practice, we need to make it like I'm Tony. We'll have to kiss and feel each other up. I mean, you can't just call up Tony and invite him over for a blowjob; you'll have to get him worked up like before. You also have to be able to maintain your limits like before, too. So you need to practice getting as worked up as you were when you said you would have let Tony fuck you. Even after a blowjob, he may still want to fuck you. You have to be able to resist, even when you are really hot for it. Are you alright with all of this?"

As I talk, she just keeps looking at me and smiling. I can't tell what she's thinking but as soon as I stop talking she hugs me again.

"You really are a special brother. I never would have thought of all that. And yes, I'm all right with it and I think it's a great plan. Now, when can we start?"

"Well, Mom won't be home for awhile. We could start now unless you still wanted to go for that swim." I can't believe what's happening. I'm actually going to get to touch her tits, her pussy and her luscious little ass, that I've been jacking off to for the last two months. But that isn't all; my sister is going to be practicing blowjobs on me! Fuck! My fantasy is coming true.

"Jack, we can swim anytime, and besides, didn't I hear you say that you got turned on listening to my story?" Lisa is looking at the front of my swimsuit and smiling as she says this.

"Okay," I say. "We'll start with the basics. You need to get used to seeing and touching a cock and being really turned on, so I think we both need to be completely naked. Tony has already been feeling your tits and pussy, letting him see them is not a great leap, but it will be a huge turn on for him. You also need to practice keeping your limits when you are completely naked. Okay?"

I know that sounds like bullshit, but my sister immediately begins removing her swimsuit top. It takes everything I have to keep from grabbing her tits. Then she leans back and lifts her ass off the bed so she can slide her swimsuit bottom off her long tan legs. Through the window her tan lines were not as obvious, but seeing her naked right there next to me on the bed, I can see exactly where her swimsuit has been. The contrast between her tan legs and stomach and her milky white ass and tits is so hot; my cock gets even harder.

"Hey, what about you, tent boy?" my sister asks, looking at the tent my cock is making in my swimsuit. "Aren't you going to take your swimsuit off?"

"Maybe you should do it," I say. "After all, Tony will likely be dressed and you'll be the one exposing his cock. Why don't you try it?" I lie back on the bed and motion for her to take off my swimsuit. Kneeling between my legs, she grabs the waistband of my swimsuit and begins pulling it down.

I'm staring at her tits, hanging there over my legs, with her hard nipples jutting out from her sexy cones. She pulls the elastic up and over my hard cock and it springs out, pointing directly toward the ceiling. She stops pulling and just looks at my cock.

"It's big, isn't it?" she says softly.

I'm about 8 inches long when I'm hard. It doesn't compare to many of the porn stars I've seen, but past girlfriends have always complimented the size and shape.

"You can touch it, it's okay," I say instead of answering her question.

She pulls my swimsuit off the rest of the way and then leans up, tentatively putting her hand around my cock. Now, I'm really in heaven! My beautiful, naked sister is kneeling between my legs, holding my cock in her hand. All I have to do is give her instructions and she'll do whatever I ask. I really want her to just wrap her mouth around it and suck me off but I decide to take it slowly, letting her get used to it.

"Just play with it," I instruct her. "Explore it and see how it reacts when you touch it. Don't be afraid; you need to learn this, Lisa."

"I'm not afraid!" she argues, as she leans her face closer and begins stroking my cock up and down. As she moves her hand up my cock, it twitches and she jumps.

"It likes you," I say, smiling at her. "That's what I mean by exploring. Stroking it like that felt good, that's why it moved. Keep doing that and use your other hand to touch my balls." She keeps stroking my cock up and down with her right hand and moves her left hand under my balls.

"Just cup them lightly, then drag your fingernails across them." I lay my head back on her bed, as she strokes my cock and caresses my balls. "God, Lisa, that feels really good." I watch her face and she seems as mesmerized by my cock as I have been of her pussy.

"If you keep doing that, I'm going to cum," I tell her. "It feels great, but we're not here to learn hand jobs. Keep stroking it like that and playing with my balls, but lean down and start licking the sides like an ice cream cone."

"Like this?" she asks as she begins licking the head of my cock." Just as I'm going to tell her she's doing great, I realize I'm going to cum.

"Lisa, quick! Wrap your lips around the head of my cock." I'm lifting my butt off the bed and pushing my cock up into her mouth, as I say this. "I'm going to cum and you need to catch it in your mouth and swallow it. Hurry!" She wraps her lips around my cock and I instantly begin spewing cum into her mouth. Her eyes get real big, as she looks at me with a questioning look on her face.

"Swallow it!" I yell. "Go on and swallow, but keep your lips around my cock, there's more." And there is, it's been building up since I watched her changing into her swimsuit. She starts swallowing, almost gags, but then keeps sucking on the head of my cock until I'm drained. I lie back on the bed as Lisa's licking the last bits of cum off my cock and from around her lips.

"It tastes funny," she says, smiling. "But I kind of liked getting you off like that. Wow, you were really moving in and out of my mouth when you came. Did I do okay?"

"God, Lisa, you did great," I say, and then realize that I want these lessons to go on for a while, "for your first time, I mean." I look at the clock and see that Mom will be home in about half an hour.

"Look at the time. We'd better stop for today." I'm looking at my beautiful, naked sister, who is still on her knees between my legs, and another thought occurs to me. "How do you feel, Sis? Did sucking my cock make your pussy wet?" I'm starring at her blonde pubic patch, as I ask her this.

"Yeah, it was a real turn on. More than I thought it would be. I didn't want to stop and I'm still pretty hot and wet down there."

"Let me see." I slide down and put my hand between her legs. She moves her knees apart to allow my hand to touch her pussy lips. They are soaking wet and when I run my thumb up and down her slit, she moans, putting her left hand down on the bed to steady herself. She's steamy hot and we only have a few minutes.

"I'm going to help you feel better, Sis," I tell her as I push my middle finger up inside her slippery, wet pussy. I start rubbing circles on her clit with my thumb, which is still wet from her juices.

"Oh god! What are you doing, Jack? That feels incredible."

"This is nothing compared to what we'll do when we have more time. Tony isn't the only one who shouldn't have to jack himself off. You deserve your sexual release as well." I'm not sure she's hearing me because she's moaning so loudly and moving up and down on my hand.

I watch her tits bouncing and remember what she had said about how she liked Tony pinching her nipples. I reach up with my other hand and begin massaging her right tit. Pinching her nipple between my thumb and index finger, I squeeze a little. She starts bouncing faster on my finger and I'm having trouble keeping my thumb on her clit. I push my thumb a little harder against her clit and just move it back and forth really fast, while she rides my finger. I pull on her nipple, pinching it and stretching it out as far as it will go. I can tell she's getting close. I switch to her left tit and do the same thing. I manage to push a second finger up inside her pussy, while she keeps bouncing up and down as hard as she can.

Suddenly, she stops moving and I feel her pussy clamp around my fingers, pulsing in and out. It's like I can feel her heartbeat through her pussy walls. She grabs my hand and holds my thumb still, while she pushes down hard on my soaking wet fingers. I let go of her tit and reach my hand around her back, pulling her down on me. She collapses on my chest with her head on my shoulder and my fingers still in her sopping, wet pussy.

She just lies there, catching her breath. With her naked body stretched across me, I move my hand down to her ass and gave it a gentle squeeze. All my fantasies are coming true. I've played with her tits, finger fucked her pussy and even shot my cum in her mouth. What an afternoon, and I have Tony to thank for it. But I think he'll be the one thanking me before this is over. I look at the clock again and begin pulling my fingers out of her pussy.

"Not yet, Jack. Please leave it there for a little longer," she pleads, squeezing her legs together to trap my fingers. "That was amazing, I didn't know anything could feel like that. You are the best brother ever!" She lifts her head and starts kissing me. It isn't a sisterly kiss, either. She's pushing her tongue in my mouth and rocking her body slightly up and down so that her nipples are lightly scraping across my chest and my fingers are sliding in and out of her slippery, wet pussy.

"Lisa, we really don't have time. I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. You don't want Mom finding us like this, do you?" I take my fingers out of her pussy and kiss her hard. Then, I push her back and slide off her bed.

"Let's put our swimsuits on and get in the pool before Mom comes home." I figure the pool will help us cool off and get rid of the smell of sex.

Later that night before we go to bed I go into Lisa's room and hand her a piece of paper. "Some homework for you on that project we're working on," I say, smiling at her. She takes the paper and reads the title "Mind-blowing Blowjob Techniques" it says in bold letters across the top of the page.

"Where did you get this?" she asks, laughing.

"I downloaded it with my file sharing software. I just searched oral sex technique .doc and there it was. Study it and be ready after school tomorrow for an "oral" exam," I tease as I go back to my room. I have my own homework to do. When I was searching for blowjob techniques, I also discovered sensual oral techniques for eating pussy. I figure if I'm going to take this to the next level with Lisa, I had better have great technique, too.

After school the next day, Lisa and I walk home together.

"I can't wait until we get home!" Lisa says, hardly able to control herself. "I'm really looking forward to our practice, today."

"So am I, but I have an idea," I explain to her as we walk. "When we get home, let's pretend that I'm Tony and you've invited him over after school. Tell him you've been thinking about what you guys were talking about the other night. Then, when you get in the house, take him into your bedroom and tell him you're sorry that you haven't thought about his needs and you want to make it up to him. What do you think?" I have another reason why I want her to start thinking about her and Tony in her bedroom. When it happens, I want to watch through the window.

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