tagLoving WivesMy Wife Takes a Pimp Ch. 02

My Wife Takes a Pimp Ch. 02


This is a prequel to the story where my wife gets a pimp. It documents the fantasy play that my wife and I engaged in as she moved closer and closer to her ultimate fantasy of being a street whore.

I was sitting in my car watching my wife walk down the street swaying her ass from side to side. She was wearing a pair of ripped jeans shorts that were two sizes too small for her and a pair of six inch red hooker heels. Her shirt was a sheer red tub top in which her 36 C breasts could be seen swaying side to side. Her ass cheeks hung out of the shorts.

This was our game. Shortly after we were married my wife had confided in me that she loved being a slut and had a fantasy of being a common whore. Although she was 40 and a newly minted vice president at the largest corporation in our town, she was wildly turned on by the prospect of being a street whore. Michelle was 5 foot 7 with shoulder length blond hair. Her large breasts were complimented by her long legs and a sweet round ass that had just the right amount of jiggle in it that made men go crazy when she wore tight short skirts or tight pants.

A few weeks after she told me about her fantasy I had ordered a set of slutty whore clothes from an on line retailer. When the box arrived and she opened it she promptly put on her whore clothes and we had great sex. Later that night she told me that the wanted to wear them in public. A few days later we picked an industrial area in the next town over and rented a motel room. Michele put on her clothes and I went out first in our car with a video camera and stationed myself down the block. I took several minutes of film as she sashayed up and down the street waving at cars and trucks that honked at her.

A few minutes later a car stopped and Michele walked over to the passenger's side. She leaned in with her ass in her tight jeans shorts sticking out. I couldn't make out exactly what was going on by several minutes later I saw her stand up and her tube top was down and her tits were hanging out. She waved at the car as it drove away and trotted over to my car as she pulled up her tube top.

"Honey, that was a group of college boys and look!" My wife held up a twenty dollar bill.

"They paid me to let them play with my tits. My first money as a whore." My wife was beaming. "Now take me back to the motel and fuck me because I am so damn horny."

We went back to the motel and during sex my wife was telling me that the boys in the car were making fun of her and telling her that she was too old to be a whore and then one of them said he always wanted to fuck a milf and he gave her his number. The one in the passenger seat who had been playing with her tits and who gave her the money had taken a sharpie marker and written "slut" on her left tit. My wife said it turned her on to be marked and written on by a college age boy half her age. I could tell she was thinking about calling the guy who had given her his number. While we had always fantasized about her having sex with other men, we had kept our fantasies to her dressing slutty and going out to bars and flirting with other men. On several occasions she had made out with men she had picked up- usually while slow dancing while I watched from the bar. On one occasion I sat in my car and watched as she made out with a young man she picked up at a dance club. When she left his car and he drove away she told me that she had jerked him off while he was kissing her and playing with her tits. But now it seemed we were headed to a different and much darker place.

During the next week my wife was insatiable in bed, and all of her fantasies revolved around her going back to the motel and calling the guy from the car and having him pay to fuck her. Just calling my wife a whore during sex caused her to go crazy with lust.

On Thursday my wife greeted me when I came home from work in a new whore outfit. It was a sheer white mini skirt, with five inch black leather heels that had straps that wound up her calf and a tight black tank top that came down to just above her belly button. When she walked her large breasts swayed side to side because her skirt was so tight and her heels were so high that she had to walk in a manner that accentuated her ass and her tits. Her hair had been pulled back into a short pony tail and she had bright red lipstick on.

"You like" she said as she turned around. "This is for us this weekend."

"Are we going back to the motel? I asked, already knowing the answer.

My wife giggled "yup, and I already have some customers lined up."

The next day I picked my wife up from work. She had packed a bag with her street walker clothes and I had put it in my car. She got into the car breathless- "I have been wet all day thinking of this."

"Listen" I said. "How far are you going to take this?"

"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to just pick up guys and fuck them? How about getting into a stranger's car. There's a lot of danger here."

"I know" she sighed. "I need to find a pimp."

"Are you crazy?" I shouted.

"Calm down. I think if I approached the right guy and told him I was just doing this for fun he would he watch out for me, I think it would work. Plus I could make him some good money shaking this ass."

"What about this weekend?" I didn't even begin to know what to think about the pimp.

"Gerry. That's the kid who is in college who was in the car the other day, will be driving by at 7:30. He's bringing some friends with him and it's going to be a party. But he wants to pick me up walking down the street. So we're going to go to the motel and get the room and then at about 7:20 you will stay in the room and I will go for a stroll. For this weekend we can tell the guys that you work for my pimp. Just stay in the corner, get the money and look tough."

Before I could say anything my wife pulled out a large box of condoms. "And everybody has to wear one of these so we stay safe." My wife smiled and leaned over and kissed me while I drove. She took her hand and squeezed my crotch. "And when the boys are done fucking your whore, you'll get a turn, ok?"

I nodded my head. I was turned on, but this was going way too fast for me.

We got to the motel and unloaded our luggage and my wife dressed in her whore outfit. The white skirt was way to small and she really had to struggle to close it. The white fabric clung to her ass and her ass checks were visible through the material. From the front I could see the outlines of her dark triangle.

She was walking around in her high heels that had straps going up mid calf and her skirt but with no shirt and I was turned on. My wife came over to me and grabbed my cock.

"Oh my. I see someone is excited." Her sheer red lipstick glistened right next to my mouth. She leaned over and whispered in my ear: "Do you like your whore wife?"

I nodded. My mouth was dry. She ran her tongue into my ear. "Your whore wife is about to go out on the street and shake her ass and tits for everyone to see. Do you want to stop me?"

I was silent and she squeezed my cock harder.

"No" I croaked.

"Your slut wife is bringing some college boys back her to fuck her. Is that what you want?"


"Say it."

"I want to watch my slut wife fuck a bunch of college boys."

My wife ran a long red nail down the front of my cock through my jeans. I was rock hard.

I went to cup one of her tits but she grabbed my hand. "No way. Those are for the customers." My wife wiggled away and put on her shirt. Her nipple were rock hard and were visible through the sheer material of the shirt.

"If you're good I'll jerk you off later."

My wife wiggled out the door and started walking down the street.

She had a small red silver purse on a strap. There was a big black guy standing on the street corner. She walked over to him. I could see him eyeing her tits. She said something and they laughed and she reached into the purse and pulled out a cigarette.

"When did she start smoking" I thought to myself. She stood up on her tip toes because he had to be at least 6'5. The guy lit her cigarette and she smiled and blew smoke at him and stumbled a bit. He put large hand around her waist to steady her and I could see him slide it down to her ass once she didn't fall. He gave her ass a quick squeeze and she started to walk away, her ass swaying from side to side. She looked over her shoulder to give the guy a smile as she walked away on her high heels.

A few cars beeped as they went by and one stopped and she walked up and put her head and chest in the window. They spoke for a few minutes and I guessed she was letting the driver play with her tits for 20 bucks. A car pulled up behind the one she was at and beeped and Michelle stood up and looked and then smiled and waved. Sure enough one of her tits had been pulled out of the side of her tank top. She put her tit back in her shirt and walked over to the car. Her college boy customers were here for their whore.

My wife went over to the car and got in. Already she was breaking one of the rules we had agreed upon- no getting into cars.

About twenty minutes later the car pulled into the lot. My wife came into our room with her customers.

There were three guys: Gerry- the guy who picked her up last time, Tad, and a very tall guy who she said was J. All of them smelled of marijuana and my wife's eyes were glazed. She introduced me and said I was there to make sure she was ok.

Gerry grabbed her and pulled her into his arms: "So he's your pimp?"

My wife laughed. "No way. He works for my pimp. If there's any problems he calls him. Ignore him. As long as you play nice he won't get in the way. Give him the money." Gerry walked over and handed me three hundred dollar bills.

Michelle walked over and grabbed Gerry right in front of me. I saw her putting her hand into Gerry's shorts. She was playing with his cock while he kissed her. His hand went up to her shirt and with one tug he pulled her tube top down and grabbed one of her tits. He rolled a nipple between two fingers and I heard my wife moan as I saw her sucking on his tongue. She loved having her nipples pulled.

Gerry took Michelle over to the bed and bent her over the bed. She turned around and dropped to her knees and began to suck on his cock. Then she put a condom on him and stood up. He spun her around and pushed her face first on on to the bed. Her ass was sticking in the air. He lifted up the back of her skirt and positioned himself behind her. She must have been very wet because he slipped right in. I saw his hand reach around and cup her tit, and for the first time in our marriage my wife was fucking another guy.

"She's good guys. Great tits." His rhythm was quick and he finished with a few hard jerks.

Tad walked over and gave Gerry a high five. My wife was laying where Gerry had left her with her skirt pulled up over her ass. Tad put on a condom and took over right where Gerry had left off. Tad's cock was a bit bigger than Gerry's and I heard my wife moan.

"She's some good piece of ass" Tad said to J who was waiting his turn.

"yeah" My wife moaned. "I'm some good piece of ass."

Tad slapped my wife on the ass. "Shut up whore and fuck. I'll tell you when to talk."

My wife moaned and Tad pulled her hair and her head arched back as he continued to pound her from behind.

"You're just a whore and do what I tell you to. OK?" Tad slapped her ass again and she moaned. Tad pulled her hair again and roughly thrust his cock in her a few times. "I said OK whore." With that he reached around and pinched her nipple.

"Ohhhhhhh....." My wife moaned. I could tell she was close to cumming. Tad slapped her ass again.

My wife reacted: "Ok. Ok. Just fuck your whore. Oohhhhhh just fuck this piece of ass."

Tad quickened his stroke and my wife had an orgasm. She began to jerk and buck and Tad laughed as he used both hands to grab her tits. "Whoa this little philly has some life in her." He quickened his stroke again and pinched her nipples and she let out a low scream and I new she was having a second orgasm. "I'm cumming don't...uhghh....stop....ugh...keep....fucking ....me...."

Tad was having a good time and despite my wife's orgasms he was not close to cumming. He kept pumping her from behind and slowly my wife began to wilt under his assault. She had been on her hands and knees but now she slumped down with her head and chest on the bed. Her ass was sticking up in the air and Tad kept a steady pumping rhythm.

My wife was moaning and I could see sweat beading up on her back and rolling off to the side.

Tad kept his rhythm up for another few minutes and then he came. He slumped off to the side and the two of them lay there for a few minutes catching their breath. Tad got up and got a beer from the refrigerator in the room and J, who must have been 6'5 walked over and sat down on the bed.

My wife sat up and reached for a cigarette but J pulled out one and said "Here, try this."

Gerry walked by and whispered to me "That's some good shit laced with X. We gave her some in the car. It drives her wild. When i was fucking her I could feel her pussy throbbing."

My wife took a few puffs and then J told her to go to the bathroom and wash up and brush her teeth. As she walked away J stood up and got undressed. As I mentioned he was tall, and dark skinned, probably one of his parents was black. "I'm gonna pound that ho like she never been fucked before."

J took off his pants and it looked like his cock was half way down his leg. I had never seen one that big before. Gerry had sat down beside me and took out a video camera.

"She has no idea what she's in for. He's not gonna hurt her. He's just gonna fuck her till she's crazy. I sell these videos on campus. Make a few grand each."

My wife came back and sat down on the bed beside J. She saw his flaccid cock which was still twice the size of mine and he wasn't even hard. "Oh my, this is a treat."

J took a hit off of his joint and then kissed my wife. I could see their tongues intertwine and he passed the smoke into her mouth. They did this back and forth a few times . My wife's hand had gone down to J's cock and she was running one long red nail up and down it's length while J has one of her tits in his hand and he was gently massaging it. He squeezed her nipple and my wife moaned.

They kissed again as Gerry was filming the whole scene.

My wife broke the kiss as J's cock began to harden. "Wow. This is getting big." She had a smile on her face. J leaned over and began to bite her ear and neck and I heard him say "Once you've had me, no other man will ever satisfy you again."

My wife had a smirk on her face. J at up and they were staring into each others eye. J continued to massage her tit and my wife continued to rub his cock which was now hard and was at least 12 inches long and very thick.

They kissed lightly a few times and my wife murmured "You gonna fuck this whore good?"

"Oh yeah baby. You have no idea." J pushed my wife down and got on top of her in the missionary position. Michelle moaned as J's cock passed the entrance to her pussy.

She thrust her hips up forward to get more and J backed out.

"No no sweetie. You need to beg."

My wife moaned. "Oh please....give me more....I need your cock."

J pushed back and about half of him was inside her.

Michelle arched her back and dug her nails into J's back.

"I'm cumming.!!!! She bucked her hips wildly but J stayed in control and only kept half his cock in her.

J pushed her back down and pulled both her hands over her head. He slowly lowered himself into her and I walked to the side with Gerry who was filming all of it. I could see my wife's face. She was in total lust. J lowered his face down to hers.

"I haven't even begun to fuck you bitch." He flicked out his tongue and my wife greedily sucked it into her mouth. She wrapped her legs around his ass and began to beg "fuck me....fuck this ho. Fuck me hard."

J began a rhythm and my wife began to squirm. She couldn't move much because she was pinned under J's weight and he was still holding both her hands down and flicking his tongue in and out of her mouth as his cock went in and out of her cunt.

I could tell my wife was having her third or fourth orgasm. It seemed like she couldn't stop. "That's the X taking control" said Gerry.

About five minutes of this and J stopped and pulled out. My wife laid there in a daze not moving.

J reached down and grabbed her hair. "OK bitch on your knees."

My wife rolled over to present her ass to J but he slapped her ass. "I said on your knees bitch. On the floor."

My wife went on to the floor and was between J's legs. She reached for his cock. J grabbed her hair again and pulled her back. "You want to suck my cock ho, you gotta beg. Start at my feet."

My wife slumped to the floor. I had never seen her so submissive. She began to kiss the feet of this guy who was half her age who had been fucking her like she had never been fucked before.

"Oh please. Please. Please let me suck that beautiful cock. My wife kissed both of his feet. And then moved up to his ankles, and then his thighs. She was giving small kisses and begging "I really want to suck your cock. Please."

She reached for his cock put J held her back. "You my ho?


"You belong to me now."

"Yes. I'm yours."

"You have a husband bitch?"


"But who's your man."

"Oh...you are. Please let me suck your cock."

"look at me with your whore eyes while you suck."

I had never seen this look before on my wife. She looked slutty. Submissive. As she put his cock in her mouth her eyes locked into his. She wrapped her lips around the head of his cock and began to suck. J pulled out his cock.

"Talk to that cock. Tell it how much you love it."

My wife began to give it small kisses. "I love you. I love this cock so much."

She ran her tongue up and down the length of the cock. Then, while on her knees and holding her head down submissively she raised her eyes to meet J's: "Please let me be your whore. Please let me suck your cock."

J nodded and my wife took his cock in her mouth and slowly sucked it. After several minutes J moaned and he came in Michelle's mouth. She swallowed every bit of it while remaining on her knees submissively.

Gerry turned off the camera. "That was amazing. The best ever."

J reached out and touched Michelle's head- "Go clean up and then come back here to me."

J looked at me. "Go call your man and tell her she's got a new man."

I didn't know what to do. Michelle came back from the bathroom.

"J wants me to leave and tell your pimp you belong to him now."

I looked at her with questioning eyes but she didn't see it. She only saw J.

She walked right past me and cuddled up next to J. J reached around and cupped one of her tits and began to flick her nipple. I heard my wife sigh contentedly.

"All right you guys. Shows over. The ho belongs to me. Git out."

I looked back at Michelle because I thought it had gone far enough.

She nodded at me. "Go." Her eyes were glazed over from the sex and the drugs. I wasn't sure what to do. She laid her head on J's chest and took her manicured nails and ran them over his chest.

"I'm fine here with my man. Go." She reached up and pulled his head to her and they kissed. J continued to massage her tit.

Gerry and Tad and I walked out the door, The two guys got into their car and I got into mine and drove home without my wife.

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