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My Wife's Friends


My wife and I both have always liked running around naked. We've been to quite a few nude beaches, and we're often naked at home, sleeping naked and not getting dressed in the morning until we have to go out or someone comes over.

I have definite exhibitionist tendencies which has caused me a bit of frustration, since until recently I just haven't been able to satisfy this urge enough. One of my fondest memories was figure modeling in college, which I didn't get to do as frequently as I would have liked. I would certainly have been willing to show my body to the ladies for free, but then I even got paid. Got a lot of dates, too.

The college girls sure did like looking at me, although most women will admit this only reluctantly. I know that I'm still attractive in my mid-30's, as I've kept it shape and often catch girls in the gym checking me out.

About a year ago I got a chance. I was in the shower cleaning up after some intense yard work. Unknown to me, my wife's very best friend Norene had dropped by unexpectedly and being in the shower I didn't hear anything.

I also like Norene very much and consider her my friend, too, so I've always tried to ignore how goddamn attractive she is , and to try not to flirt with her or imagine sex with her.

When I walked into the living room buck naked (thinking maybe to get my wife interested in an afternoon roll in the hay) Norene was there alone, my wife having gone to the garage to get some art equipment which Norene had come to borrow.

I apologized and turned to leave and Norene says, "Stay right here. Let me at least get a look." So I obliged, and I was standing there naked talking to Norene when my wife got back. She was really cool about it, laughing and asking what happened Norene just told her I'd blundered in, and she'd asked me to stay. My wife not only accepted this, but said she was glad to have a chance to show off her guy. I went off and got us all some beers, and we all talked about Norene's art project for maybe an hour. I was totally enjoying myself but trying to suppress any visual excitement, not wanting to give either Norene or my wife the wrong idea. My loving wife made that impossible. As we all stood for Norene's departure, my wife put her hand on my bare ass and ran a finger lightly up my ass crack which brought my big guy to life, then she ran her finger along him commenting on his quick response. This and Norene's unabashed interest in my erection did the rest of the job. She even commented on my size. I'll have to say that showing off my erection was enjoyable, but at the same time embarrassing.

A few days later on a Saturday afternoon Norene was coming over for lunch, and my wife said it would be nice if I was naked, so I was at the door naked to greet her when she arrived. I did most of the cooking and serving, so I was running around naked in front of them for maybe an hour and a half. They both made it clear that they'd like for this to be a permanent arrangement if it was OK with me. Norene also said that she'd like to do some nude drawings of me.

The next weekend when Norene came for the drawings I again met her naked at the door, not knowing that she would have an attractive 20-ish young lady in tow – her "intern." The two of them put me through three poses, the first just standing straight, but then it got more revealing -on my back with my knees apart and my feet on the floor then on all fours with my knees separated and facing away from them. Both of these poses of course had my balls hanging down right in front of our guests. Afterwards they stayed for drinks and we talked. The intern girl tried her best to pretend I wasn't there, but I still liked to think she liked what she saw. (God I was excited! My wife got laid immediately after they left, certainly realizing that I couldn't help but fantasize about that young thing the whole time.)

During the week Norene dropped by early one morning and found me naked at the house alone, my wife already having left. She had another woman in tow about our age who she had wanted to introduce to my wife, but I offered them coffee, and they stayed for awhile, not only looking me over but also commenting on my body.

This went on for months, as I was introduced naked to more and more of my wife's friends and their friends on at least a weekly basis. It came to be natural, but still very enjoyable and sexually exciting. My wife claimed, rightfully, that she was getting a lot more sex than before.

Just a few days ago this all took a new twist. In addition to my wife there were four other women who came over for dinner and to watch a video which one of them had produced. As was becoming routine, I was naked the entire time, and as usual I enjoyed it immensely – waltzing around taking care of guests and showing off my naked body. I still tried to keep my erections to a minimum, although I had learned that sometimes it was just going to happen. While it was certainly enjoyable to feel more exposed, it was also a little embarrassing for them to see that I was not in control.

During the video two of the ladies arranged for me to sit between them, one of them my age, one a bit younger, and both quite attractive to me. We were in a so-called "love seat" designed for two, sitting very close watching the video, which was mildly erotic, especially at the end. Not only did the last few minutes of the video turn me on, but one of my companions picked that moment to put her hand on my thigh. When the lights went back on, they all saw that I had a raging hard-on, and my hand had gravitated to my happy, suffering member, something which I had managed to avoid until then. My wife said, " it's OK, sweetheart, do what comes naturally." And I did. As self-conscious as I was, I just had to get off. I knew I'd been building up to this for a year. This was a dream come true, and I was determined to make the most of it.

I stretched out on the seat and gave myself a few good strokes. Each of my seat companions touched my member just briefly before backing off. I stood, and the ladies took turns running a finger lightly along the sensitive underside of my erection. After a few rounds of this, my wife gave me a couple of determined strokes before leaving me standing alone in the middle of the room with the stiffest, largest, and most demanding erection I had ever had in my life. I began doing what needed to be done, as the ladies all watched carefully, some standing, other seated on the floor in my line of fire looking up. I kept telling myself to slow and enjoy this, and I think I did pretty well considering that my dick was being very demanding. As I felt the climax and the first few drops of cum, I slowed down to savor it and looked around at the ladies' faces before giving in to the explosion of a lifetime. My wife had gotten a towel, although I hadn't noticed at the time, and it caught most of my spunk.

Afterwards a couple of the ladies helped clean my dick off, and their overly enthusiastic ministrations made me realize that I was still very excited and given a few minutes could perhaps do it again. About a half hour later to my own disbelief I was ready again, but this time with help. My wife began and had me well on my way before inviting the others to take turns helping. Norene and one other abstained, but I had plenty of assistance and finally came hard in the capable hands of the lady who had helped start this with her hand on my thigh. There was cum all over her hand and some on her dress, amazing production for a second time around.

Unfortunately, this probably won't happen again, but I hope I can continue at least getting naked in front of my wife's friends.

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Quite a different turn, but I almost think I would try this myself!

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