tagBDSMMystery Master Ch. 02

Mystery Master Ch. 02


Master had told me to be at his place in 15 minutes. He knew I already knew his address so he hung up. This gave me absolutely no extra time to get to his house so I walked out the door that moment.

I pulled up to his walk and shut off my motor. I could have left but I know myself too well to think I would not regret this. After knocking on the door once, Master opened it and let me in without a word.

I stood in his entryway waiting for his command but felt his hand against my back pushing me toward the stairs.

“Give me your keys,” he demanded.

I fumbled for the keys and handed them to him. This wasn’t unexpected but I did have a hidden car key behind the rear tire for emergencies.

My instincts were telling me to leave but I let my desires lead the way.

Once we arrived in the basement he pulled my coat off.

“Unbutton your shirt, please.”

I was halfway finished when his hands reached from behind me and unfastened my belt and trousers.

“Hurry up, slave. Hurry up!”

My slacks fell away and it occurred to me I still wore Kelly’s panties.

I was finishing up when he produced a set of handcuffs.

“Give me your wrists. I have a whole lot of catching up to do in terms of your penance. You’ve been rude to your master and you’ve lied. Now I’m going to teach you a hard lesson.”

I was getting scared by this point. I began to plead.

“Sir, I didn’t know. I was scared. Please have mercy on me. I’ll just go and you’ll never see me again,” I said as the cuffs were in place.

Master didn’t acknowledge a word as I felt the ankle cuffs bound my feet.

“Why the fuck are you here?” said Master as he stood up.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Tell me now!” he barked.

“Really, I just don’t know.

“You know I have something to give you,” he replied.

I stood silent.

“You know I’ll put you in your rightful place,” he said.

“But…” I tried to explain.

“But you know your reasoning wont wash with me. It will only get you into hot water so you’ve come here to submit completely.”

“I’m not so sure about…”

“Shut up, you pathetic boy!” he interrupted. “It’s obvious you only learn lessons when they are beaten into you! I’m through with words.”

Before I could say another word, Master had already walloped the back of my legs with a baton. I fell forward as he continued beating my buttocks. I was laying flat on the floor with my arms under me as he continued to tenderize my muscles with his bat.

With his foot he rolled me over on my back and gave me a couple blows to my legs. Not only was the ache excruciating but seeing myself bound with ankle and wrist cuffs in women’s panties was extremely humiliating.

Master set the baton aside and reached down to pull me up by my wrists. I tried to scramble to my feet but my muscles were cramped making it difficult to remain upright.

Master fastened my wrists to a tether from the ceiling.

“Where’s Kelly?” I asked.

“I put her away,” said Master as he removed his latex pants.


“Don’t worry. She’s in this very room.”

I looked around and located a crate no larger than a suitcase in the corner.

“That’s right,” said Master. “I hope you’re not claustrophobic.”

Master walked around in front of me with scissors and a set of shears. He was now naked except for a black latex jock strap.

“Time for a haircut,” he said as he grabbed a tuft of my hair.

After a dozen or more tufts were removed he clicked the shears on and proceeded to shave my entire scalp. He rubbed the stubble and lined the trimmers against my forehead.

“WAIT! Please spare my eyebrows. I can’t be seen like this,” I pleaded.

“You wont,” said Master. “You’re not going anywhere.”

I couldn’t believe his words as the shears removed my eyebrows.

“But Kelly gets to go home…”

“SHUT UP!” barked Master as he forced a large rubber ball into my mouth.

“You just don’t get it, slave!”

He pulled a strap around the back of my neck and fastened it before pulling a very tight rubber hood over my head.

“You’re my bitch now,” he said as he walked away.

I could see out of two small holes and breathe through my nostrils. The hood covered all but my mouth and made hearing difficult.

I could see Master opening the crate and helping a similarly bound Kelly from her confines. It was amazing she even fit inside the crate in the first place.

“Sit down here,” he said to her.

Kelly was in a wooden chair facing me as Master released my ankle cuffs.

“This slave has something of yours,” he said to Kelly.

Master slowly reached up and pulled the panties down my legs. He brought them over to Kelly and slipped them over her feet and all the way up her legs.

“Carl? She said.

“UhHmphh!” I replied

“Get up, bitch,” he ordered Kelly.

He pulled the panties up tight and held her wrists up to another tether. Soon we were both bound to the ceiling and waiting for the next move. Kelly looked very sexy trussed up but I just felt silly. Master pulled a removable patch of rubber from her hood revealing a surprised look in her eyes. She began laughing at our bizarre predicament but shrieked as a small whip crossed her shoulder blades.

“Stop laughing, you whore!”

I had a raging hard on by this time and was feeling a bit more comfortable considering my position.

Master wound up and struck the front of her panties. She hardly gasped.

He continued aiming for her nipples and then turned to me. He reached and grabbed my erect shaft and pulled me towards him. He thrashed my legs up and down twenty or more times. I thought it would sting more but my luck changed for the worse when he selected a longer, corded whip. We each were given the lash for more than twenty minutes before I passed out. I was revived by the sound of Kelly’s sustained shrieks. Master had focused the remaining lashes on her pussy after pulling her panties down. She was bawling as the crisp sound of the whip’s contact filled the room.

In a surprising move Master had knelt down and buried his face between her thighs. She was clearly in ecstasy as she raised one knee up to grant him better access.

“OH!” she bellowed.

I knew she had an orgasm as she collapsed. The rope from the ceiling went taut as it held her weight.

“Okay, enough niceties!” said Master as he turned my direction.

With the baton in his hand once again, he struck me in the abdomen nearly knocking the wind out of me.

“That was for hanging up on me.”

Master began to ruthlessly beat my thighs and butt before working his way behind me and letting my calves have it.

I could no longer hold myself up and the weight on my wrists was unbearable. Once again, I lost consciousness.

Master had lowered me and refastened the cuffs so that my arms were bound behind me but still attached to the ceiling. With a forceful tug I was back on my knees but barely.

He delicately lifted the lower part of my hood to remove my gag which dropped to the floor with a thud.

Master pulled his rubber pouch to the side and introduced me to his erect cock. I looked away but with two hands on his baton, he forced my chin up.

I saw the tip of his cock advance and I closed my eyes.

The cock pressed against my lips and the moment to submit was there.

My lips parted as the intruder slid past my teeth, tongue and to my tonsils. My gag reflex was nonexistent as the cadence of his cock fell into my rhythm.

Between rational thoughts of my situation and fantasy, I anticipated the finale which didn’t come a minute too late.

My breathing became short as my nostrils labored for air.

For the first time I could see Kelly watching my ordeal. She had an unusual look on her face and was grinding her legs together. When it occurred to me she was pleasuring herself at my expense, Master grabbed the back of my head with both hands and thrust his shaft down my throat.

He came with a vengeance that didn’t afford me the opportunity to gag. His entire load was down my throat in an awful emasculating gesture. I stared at the ground as fluids dripped from my nose and lips.

Master stepped away while tucking his member back into his pouch. I could see Kelly with her panties still around her cuffed ankles and I did not see the harm in asking when it was my turn.

“Slaves rarely orgasm,” said Master. “They must be in a high state of arousal and servitude at all times. That means keeping those nuts full.”

I stared at my erection in dismay.

“But tonight I’m feeling benevolent,” he said.

I looked to see him release Kelly and lead her toward the padded table. Her feet moved in quick, tiny steps with the black panties dragging behind.

“On your face, slut.”

Kelly laid across the table and waited as Master unfastened my handcuffs. My legs still ached as he pushed me in Kelly’s direction. Then he stopped me and said, “This, too, will cost you.”

I approached Kelly’s upturned buttocks and placed both hands on her hips. It didn’t seem to matter who was doing the fucking as her fingers were already strumming her clitoris. I lined my cock and began to slide it between her pussy lips. The up and down motion usually worked but at the moment of entry she clenched and told me to stop.

I remained in place before noticing her ass gently rocking against my tip.

Master approached us with a squeeze bottle and gave Kelly’s entire ass end a steady stream of oil. Her bottom glistened in a sheen of viscous liquid that seemed to beg for penetration.

I lined my cock with her anus and slowly began to descend inside. My cock was in a death grip and I knew I should begin pumping fast or I would come prematurely.

My body made contact with her sizable rear end and I knew I was not long for that evening. I started slam fucking Kelly and could barely keep hold of her slippery hips. Once again she bellowed her trademark “OH!” and I knew I could take her.

I was pounding too fast and pulled out by accident. When I drove back in I slipped inside her pussy and lost my load there.

I came to a breathless stop and wanted to lay and hug her but was pulled to my feet by Master. He quickly cuffed my wrists and set me down in a chair.

A patch of rubber was replaced on my hood which immediately blocked out my vision. I could hear the sound of Kelly’s release and footsteps ascending the stairs. She was gone.

I sat in the chair for at least an hour wondering what had happened to Master. When he finally did return, I was ordered to my feet.

“What’s happening?” I asked. When can I go?”

“When I decide,” he said. “And that’s not any time soon.”

I felt him coax me to the padded table and I knew he was serious.

“Lay down!”

I bent over and could feel the slippery surface where Kelly had been. The time had come for complete submission as Master prepped my backside for the ultimate punishment. I could feel the oil pour around my testicles and down my legs. The next ten minutes were agony as he pounded my ass hole with reckless abandon. Descriptive words escape me as my ordeal seemed to last forever. This punishment happened repeatedly throughout the night and into the next day. I was deprived of sight and the convenience of a wristwatch but I sensed it was morning by the time I was released and stuffed into a crate similar to Kelly’s. My muscles were deprived of the freedom of movement and cramped as they tried to repair from the earlier blows. I was hurting.


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