tagBDSMNancy Remembers Ch. 02

Nancy Remembers Ch. 02


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Nancy puttered around the house all night until it was bedtime. She had cooked supper but now couldn't remember what she had cooked. Her son had gone to bed hours ago and her boyfriend had gone to bed just a short time ago asking her if she was going to bed soon. She didn't even remember what she had told him. All she could think about was that unopened email from her mentor, she didn't know what he meant by that subject "you are summoned."

Finally she struggled upstairs after turning out the lights downstairs. Walking into their bedroom she saw the computer first thing, then her boyfriend sleeping soundly. Quietly she disrobed and put on her pajamas and was headed to bed when the thought struck her. In the nearly two years since she had met her boyfriend they had gone from being frisky together, to a little kinky (he had spanked her a little, tried bondage and even a little anal), to the humdrum life again (here she was wearing pajamas, not a sheer teddy with no panties). Would her mentor have let her slip into this humdrum lifestyle?

Almost climbing into bed she stopped short, turned and headed to the computer. Bringing up the email screen she looked again, the same unopened email was there as it had been for the last couple of days. She reached for the mouse and moved the pointer to the email from him, ready to click and open it she hesitated. Taking her hand off the mouse she tried to think, should I open it, ignore it? The thought never crossed her mind to delete but she wondered why she couldn't do that. Her thoughts went back again to that wondrous day when he taught her cocksucking and how to serve a man.

She had hoped when she let her boyfriend move in he would be that kind of man - one that made her a sex slave - and while they often had good sex and she could drive him wild with her blowjobs she was in no way the sex slave she fantasized being. Her life with him had started out interesting, she loved to suck his cock, the anal sex had not been what she expected and that soon phased out, at first he would tease her with a spanking every now and again but even that had faded to almost a thing of the past. Her sex life had become less passionate, bordering on boring; how else could she explain the fact that she put pajamas on before going to bed. A long nightgown would have been more interesting, even a knee length nightgown might have signaled a little more wild and wicked sex life, but no it had evolved to pajamas.

She just imagined her mystery man was calling her for some more passionate training, perhaps he was finally interested in making her his permanent sex slave. She could feel the crotch of her pajamas begin to moisten; this was scaring her. She had a nice life with her boyfriend but could it be better with her mystery man and could she do that to her boyfriend, just say it was too dull and she wanted something more. She wrestled with these thoughts for a long time with no real answer forthcoming.

She felt a twinge from her clit and realized her pajamas had ridden up into her crotch, she was showing a camel toe. What amazed her was the fact that the crotch of her pajamas was now showing a wet spot from her love juices; she hadn't gotten this moist in almost a year now. Her hand went back to the mouse and she clicked on the email, it opened and before she could read it she thought "oh my gawd" what have I done. Her thought train was that she had a good life, a pretty good lover and a fine son, what is she doing reading this email.

Her eyes were drawn to the screen; it was a rather lengthy email. "You are Summoned" started the email, the same as the subject line. "Since you opened this email you have probably figured out that your boyfriend is a so-so lover but you really desire something else." How could he know that she wondered but quickly remembered he was the mystery man and could know what she was thinking before she said anything; he had proven that on several occasions. She had to admit he was right about this again. She wondered why she always thought there should be more - something approaching her fantasy.

"Don't bother to ask yourself why the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, you know it is," continued the email. "I know you are now fighting in your mind over staying with what you have or trying something better. Don't fight it, you know it will be better," she stopped reading at this point and just thought. How can I know for sure it is going to be better, how does he know?

The letter goes on and in detail he points out that he knows she tried anal, which turned out to be an almost complete flop. He said that her experiences with spanking were ok but nothing really passionate. He reminded her that she had no trouble climaxing while she sucked his cock; she remembered that quite well. He also reminded her that she had come out of her shell and learned to use gutter language with him and she had liked it. He observed that she probably hadn't said more than two or three naughty words in the bedroom since she and her boyfriend got together; how does he know all this she said to herself, because it certainly was true. After all this soaked into her mind and she realized it was all too true she turned back to the email.

"Since you have gotten this far you have recognized that there can be more. If you want more of those big O's, want to release the true sex slave within you and want to fully experience more of your fantasies then you must do this," he continued. She was spell bound and had to know more. She read a little more. "Yes, you must stop wearing a bra, you are only a B cup so you really don't need one, you will wear something like silk blouses so people will know when your nipples are hard but not otherwise, you will stop wearing panties and you will slowly start wearing skirts shorter and shorter."

She was shocked at what he was proposing, how could she go to work without a bra, it got cold in her office and everyone would see she had erect nipple most of the time. As far as the not wearing panties, she had enjoyed the times when he made her go without them and even the few times she had been rushed getting ready in the mornings and she forgot them. But the bra, well the only time in her life she had gone without a bra was the day he instructed her to meet him at the motel without wearing panties and bra. No, she thought, she just couldn't stop wearing a bra. She began to read the email again.

"You will not wear a bra, is that abundantly clear?" he emphasized. How could he know what I was thinking she thought, then she realize he knew her better than she knew herself. The email continued "by next Friday your skirt length will be more than half way up your thigh, you will be moist all day so I want you to visit the ladies room once every two hours and masturbate yourself to the point of orgasm but stop short and return to work. You will do this all day until quitting time and when you get in your car to leave you will pull your skirt up to your waist before sitting down. I want your fingers playing with your clit as you leave the parking lot, be sure to stop at the guard station to wave good night to them. Then you are to drive to the same motel we met at last time, do not arrive any later than 4:45 or you will be punished before you are allowed to enjoy anything." The end .. of the email. She read in amazement. She pondered what he said; she couldn't believe it.

Her mystery man wanted her to do all that? Well except for pulling her skirt to the waist before leaving and stopping at the guard shack on the way out she had done it for him before so maybe it wasn't such a big deal. He knew she was anything but an exhibitionist so how could he expect her to stop at the guard shack to say goodnight with her shaved pussy exposed and her finger on her clit. She just knew she couldn't do that, she just knew. Then she realized that tomorrow was Thursday and she was meeting him on Friday, that wasn't enough time for her to prepare. How could he tell her what to do on such short notice but after a little thought the facts became clear. She had received the email last Friday and had procrastinated on opening it until now. She went back and re-reads the email again, then again and each time she read it she got more aroused. She looked down at her pajama crotch; it was so wet it almost looked like she had peed. She closed the email and just sat there thinking.

She finally arrived at a solution, it should have been clear from the time she finished the first reading of the email, she just had to reply that she needed more time. She brought up a compose email to send him, she sat and thought what she should say. She finally decided the truth was best so she composed and email explanation saying that she had been so shocked to receive email from him she had simply not opened it for days while deciding to read it or not. She said she knew he would understand that she had fought with this urge and now time was so short she couldn't do what he asked but if he would wait until a week from Friday she would meet him at the appointed time. She was almost done with the email when the alarm went off - she had spent all night at the computer. Shocked and panicking she deleted her reply email and shut down the computer before her boyfriend awoke. Fortunately the alarm was on her side of the bed since he didn't need to get up as early as her. She ran to the nightstand to shut off the alarm and again realized how wet her pajama pants were so she dashed off to the bathroom before he noticed her problem.

While in the shower she began to think of what he had said. As her hand brushed across her nipple it came to life and she could feel the tingling run down her body directly to her pussy. She was horny in her morning shower. When was the last time that had occurred she thought but couldn't remember? With the bar of soap in her hand it seemed to wander to her pussy and she felt this need to be filled. She moved the soap into her crotch, spread her labia and used a little more pressure than normal to clean her genital area, "cunt lips" as he called them. She became more aroused as she lingered in the shower. Her mind still troubled over his demand that she stop wearing a bra and wear silk blouses that would reveal her nipples every time they got hard; she still found this troubling but could she do it was the question.

Still aroused she managed to convince herself that she had to get out of the shower so she could get to work on time. Walking naked into her closet she looked through her blouses, the silk ones only though, finding a sleeveless red one that she hadn't worn in quite a while. She buttoned the blouse and found it a little tighter than she normally wore; had she gained some weight. The blouse buttoned she came out of the close to inspect it in the full length mirror and saw it really flowed with her body but wasn't too revealing of her tiny breasts, so yes she could wear this to work even without a bra. She went back to her closet and found a black skirt that went well with the blouse, she stepped into the skirt and tucked her blouse into it as she fastened the skirt at the waist; then she zipped up the skirt as a final touch to her outfit. The skirt came almost to her knees so she knew it was outside of the scope of what he told her to wear.

Wondering why she always seemed to follow his directions even when he would never know if she did it or not she walked back into her closet looking for a different skirt. She found one but it was very short, much shorter than she wore to work. Changing skirts she walked back for one last look in the mirror. Her gaze was returned with the look of a woman in a nice red, sleeveless blouse, with a complementing black skirt that went well up her thighs; the skirt was short, very short but she looked very sexy in the mirror. Finishing her make-up and doing her hair she was ready for work. Her mind brought her back to reality and told her she could not bend over in this skirt so she better remember to bend at the knees and squat any time she had to lower her body for something.

Her son was ready as she exited the bedroom, closing the door after her. They headed to the car, her son remarking how nice she looked in her outfit. She dropped him off at school and sped off to work. About half way there she remembered that this morning, as the alarm went off, she had deleted the email she had been making in response to her mystery man. Now she began to panic, how was she going to let him know she couldn't meet him tomorrow. She knew very well that the rules at work were no personal email and no visiting inappropriate web sites but she justified to herself that just this once it would be ok to send a personal email.

At work she immediately noticed all the men stared at her as she walked by. Making a mental note to herself that the approval of her attire in the mirror, while totally aroused, seemed to lead to very sexy, bordering on inappropriate, attire for work. Well that was the least of her worries right now, she had to send out that email to him or she would end up having to meet him tomorrow. She brought up her email web site and reread the commanding email he sent. Then she began to compose a reply but as luck would have it she only got a few sentences into the reply when she was interrupted with work that she needed to attend to. Minimizing the email she went off to take care of her work matters, coming back to the email again and again but each time she added a few words another interruption would drag her away from it. So it went all day long until it was about 4pm. Work had calmed down enough that she knew she could take the few remaining minutes to finish the email and send it off to him. She knew her mystery man would understand her predicament well enough to postpone their meeting until the following Friday. She was finishing the last sentence of the reply when the power in the building went off bringing the emergency lighting on. Her face became full of panic as she realized that all she had written was gone and she couldn't send her reply.

Her boss came by to tell everyone in the office that the power would be out for several hours and they should go home for the night. She slowly walked out of the building, being careful to watch in the dim emergency lighting. Perhaps she walked slowly so she could think about how she was going to get her reply to him in time to postpone things.

The ride home didn't fare any better than the rest of her day, first there was a wreck on the road so she had to wait for the police to clear things so traffic could move, then as she turned into the only road into her subdivision there was a couple of utility trucks blocking the road as they finished their repairs and were getting ready to depart for the day. When that cleared she was able to continue on and finally pulled into her driveway 15 minutes later than normal.

As she got out of the car she glanced down to notice her short skirt and how much it revealed as she got out of the car. Shocked to see, her naked pussy could be seen from her perspective so she realized that nothing was left unseen to anyone who might be looking at her exit the car. As she entered the house she could feel how moist her pussy was and begin to realize how aroused she had been all day trying to get her email out to the mystery man. For the first time she could feel the cool air of the air conditioning on her groin, the product of not wearing any panties, but it felt good as she focused on getting to her computer to email him.

She went upstairs to email him but found her son engrossed in his homework on the computer, she got a sudden feeling in her stomach that today the world was conspiring against her to prevent her from answering that email. The sense of urgency began to make her panic. Not saying anything she went to the foot of her bed and began to change clothes so she could make supper for them. She got the buttons undone on her blouse before she realized she was totally naked under her blouse and skirt. Her son had seen her bounce around in the bra and panties plenty of times but other than the other night when she screamed in orgasm he had never seen her naked. Still facing the bed, away from her son's view, she buttoned up her blouse and turned to go make supper.

Still aroused but facing the chore of making supper she took every opportunity to press her pelvic area into things to keep that feeling going. She even took a moment while fixing supper, a momentary slack in the schedule, to go to the bathroom and sit so she could stroke her clit. The feeling, the need to have an orgasm came over her as she rubbed so desperately on her clit. She was gasping, almost ready to climax, in fact she was moaning kind of loudly when she heard her son asking her a question as he stood outside the bathroom door. Totally frustrated she stopped, washed her hands and answered her son's trivial question. Almost shaking from being stopped so close to an orgasm she went back to fixing supper as her boyfriend entered the house. He approached her from behind, wrapped his arms around her and ground his hard cock into her butt as he kissed her neck and said hello.

Oh great, she thought. Now he wants me to take time out of my busy schedule to handle him tonight. She felt totally frustrated and began to doubt that she would ever be able to get time to answer the email - that would mean she would have to meet him tomorrow without getting prepared.

Supper finished, she and her boyfriend cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes. Chores finished she was ready to go upstairs to the computer while her boyfriend settled in to watch the news. He walked into the den as she started to walk by to go to the computer. As she came by he grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the couch with a kiss that normally would have her panting with passion. She ended up sitting on his lap as they kissed, his tongue searching for hers but all she could think of was her short skirt and no panties. She couldn't explain that to him, so after their tongues met and exchanged saliva she broke it off and got off his lap making sure not to disclose her pantiless situation. He wondered why she broke off so quickly but was satisfied with her explanation that she had a hard day at work and everything had gone wrong that could go wrong.

She went up to the computer but found her son still on it. She decided to go take a shower so she walked into the bathroom door and closed it tightly behind her. She stripped, getting ready for her shower and as she dropped the skirt and unbuttoned the blouse she realized how naked she had been all day with only these two garments on. She stepped into the shower and turned on the water, picked up the bar of soap and began to caress her body. She felt frustrated in every way, she was sexually frustrated from being so aroused trying to finish her email reply, frustrated that after a week or more of not touching her he came home tonight and wanted to make out and frustrated because she couldn't reply to the email yet. As the water flowed over her nipples bringing them to attention she took the small bath brush (actually a long handled nail brush) and began to rub the handle against her pussy lips trying to arouse her clit. A little rubbing and she felt the need to insert the handle into her tight pussy. It felt good but as she felt the emotion building and the need to cry out as she neared orgasm she realized her son was on the computer just outside the bathroom door. Totally frustrated she pulled the brush out and placed it on the shower rack, shutting off the water.

She stepped out of the shower, toweled herself dry and put on her short bathrobe. She looked for night clothes in the bathroom, no pajamas or negligee; so naked except for the robe she opened the bathroom door. She bent to pick up her clothes off the floor and felt the cold air rush against her bare pussy; she let out a quiet gasp and left the bathroom. She was thankful that when she bent to pick up her clothes her butt was facing away from her son's view.

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