tagSci-Fi & FantasyNarlissa and the Amulet Ch. 02

Narlissa and the Amulet Ch. 02


Narlissa Quickhands, half-elf and master thief, slipped through the near-empty tavern in the early morning. She was wearing her armour and the two daggers at her waist and she hoped that no one would spot her. She certainly looked shifty walking around like that.

Luckily, no one was up and she was able to make her way onto the street without anyone noticing her. Soon she was in the woods by the village, making her way to the mansion that the baron and his wife resided in.

The house came into view and she paused. It was still dark, early morning only just arriving as a blue band on the horizon. She glanced around, finding all the knots of guards that stood at the perimeter of the mansion. She knew where they would be.

Narlissa had been watching the house for days to work out where the guards stood and when they moved. She had found the perfect place to sneak in and the perfect time to do so.

Moving stealthily forwards, she positioned herself at the edge of the mansion's grounds. She waited. Soon enough a group of guards approached and Narlissa shrank back into the undergrowth so that they would not see her. They didn't, and the moment they were out of sight she darted forwards into the shadows of the mansion.

Reaching out, she placed a hand on the cold stone wall, quickly finding footholds and climbing the almost-flat surface. It was her elven nature that made her such an able climber, but it helped her in her job tremendously. A balcony stood at the top and she jumped deftly onto it, careful not to make a sound. The room was black beyond it.

Quietly she opened the door, pleased it did not creak (though she was expert enough that doors rarely creaked when she opened them) and slipped in. The sounds of deep breathing could be heard and Narlissa knew that whoever was in the room was fast asleep. She tiptoed through to the far side, her elven eyes allowing her to see almost perfectly in the dark, and moved silently into the corridor.

Down that she crept, knowing roughly where the baroness would keep her treasures. They always kept them in the same place, these rich types. She came to a large door and found it locked, but after a few moments had picked it open. She stepped inside.

A large wooden dresser stood on the far wall and she hurried forwards. Tugging open one drawer as quickly as she could whilst still staying silent, she found nothing. She opened the others until at last a grin spread across her face.

The golden amulet lay in a bed of silks. She reached out, picking it up and feeling its weight. It was real gold. Clutching it tightly in her right hand she slid the drawers shut again and left the room.

Narlissa retraced her steps, her heart thumping. She had the amulet - now she only needed to get out. She darted down the corridor, coming again to the room which she had first entered, and she opened the door to creep inside.

The morning light was slightly stronger now and she moved hurriedly towards the balcony window, eager to escape the mansion with her prize.

Then cold fear washed over her.

The sounds of breathing were not there anymore.

She spun, to see a figure shut the door to the room and click the lock. Hurriedly moving to the balcony window, she attempted to pull it open, but found that locked too. She was trapped.

A flame flickered into life in the figure's hands and it reached over to light a lamp. Whilst Narlissa could see very well in the dark, the figure could not. She blinked as the room was bathed in light, then shrank backwards slightly.

The figure was a young man, likely in his mid-twenties. Brown hair was messy on his head - even if he had not just woken up, Narlissa did not think it would have been neat. He wore only a pair of loose cloth pants and despite her immediate predicament Narlissa could not help but notice his firm chest and the generous muscles of his strong arms.

"You are trapped, thief," he said quietly. She closed her eyes, waiting for him to call the guards. Narlissa hated fighting - the daggers at her waist were predominantly for show. She did not look forward to getting out of this situation.

But he did not call the guards, and she opened one eye to look back at him. He was smirking at her.


"I see you have taken mother's amulet," he sighed, leaving the key in the lock. He returned to sit on his bed. Narlissa eyed the key.

"You can make a move for the key if you wish, thief, but I will call the guards the moment you do. Even if you get out of this room, you will not get out of the grounds."

Narlissa knew that he was right, so she stood still. After a moment, she spoke. "What do you want with me?"

"I'm not sure," the man said quietly. "Mother will be angry all day if she finds that amulet gone, at least until father buys her another. Self-preservation should therefore see me take that item off you."

Narlissa gulped, clenching her fists. She was prepared for a fistfight even if she didn't look forward to it.

"But..." the man said, looking up with a grin.

Narlissa's eyes opened in surprise. "But?"

"But I think it might be more fun to let it go missing," he said with a low chuckle. "This place has been awfully boring of late."

Narlissa eyed him. He really did seem to be serious. This must be the baroness's son, so she guessed from his language anyway, and he was giving her a free pass to steal the amulet.

"So, you will not call the guards?"

He lounged back then. "That depends. I have not decided yet. Tell me, thief, what is your name?"

"Narlissa," she said back, knowing a lie would damn her more if she did get caught. If she didn't, well there was nothing much he could do with her name anyway.

"Narlissa..." He rolled the name around his mouth a moment. "As I thought, an elvish name."

"It is indeed. My mother was an elf."

The man smiled. "Then your father was a lucky man. And since I know your name, I suppose I should offer mine. I am Duncyn, heir to this house and fortune."

He actually sounded bored as he delivered the last line. Narlissa could not possibly understand why anyone who was in line to inherit so much money and power would be bored.

She waited a moment more as silence passed between them. Trapped as she was, she could not help but let her eyes wander over Duncyn's body. He was well-built, although not particularly broad, but definite muscle rippled on his body. Where Thom the night before had possessed a farmer's stocky frame, Duncyn's figure spoke of the litheness of a swordsman.

And it spoke right to her pussy, inside which it felt like a fire had been lit. This was new, too. It had been like this ever since she had been with Sir Jeffrey. She had always been sex-obsessed but now she often found herself craving cock so badly that she could think of nothing else.

This was one of those situations and despite the heavy amulet that hung in her grasp Narlissa could only stare at her captor growing more and more hungry for him. He seemed to read her expression and raised an eyebrow.

"A familiar look, but not one I expected," he said as a grin grew on his face. He sat more upright. "Do you know how I detected you, Narlissa?"

She shook her head. She had wondered that - the house seemed to have no charms of detection when she had scouted it. There was nothing that suggested someone would be alerted to her presence.

He raised his middle finger, his palm outstretched towards Narlissa. A golden ring sparkled at its base. "I had this ring enchanted a few months back. When I am in the proximity of a beautiful woman it alerts me to her presence. A silly trinket, perhaps, but one that has served me very well indeed."

"It alerts you?" Narlissa was intrigued.

"Indeed. It tells me she is there. I find it very useful in crowded places, or when passing a house I cannot see inside. It has led to many encounters since I got it."

Narlissa detected Duncyn's undercurrent, and her cunt throbbed with anticipation. She was already so wet and her lust was beginning to build quickly. Even if she escaped this room, she knew she would be forced to quickly find someone in the inn whose cock she could eagerly slide inside her.

But why wait until she got to the inn? There was a man right in front of her. A gorgeous man. The amulet could wait - the satisfying sensation of a hard cock inside her could not.

"Does that mean you find me beautiful, Duncyn?" she said, licking her lips. She could not believe this.

He smiled. "I do indeed, Narlissa. What are you thinking? Are you perhaps considering some way I can be appeased? Some small thing that might see you go free?"

"Oh, I'm sure it's a very big thing..." she said, dropping the amulet and moving towards him. Duncyn's lips parted in anticipation and she noticed the tent in his pants growing larger.

She kissed him then, immediately peeling off her leather gloves behind his back. His fingers found her armour and quickly undid the knots, pulling it loose. She should have been concerned about being left so vulnerable but she did not think that Duncyn would take advantage now. He seemed to be as eager for this as she did.

He groaned as the chestpiece was pulled from her head, her large breasts spilling free. Instantly his hands were on the globes and he squeezed them as he frantically kissed her nipples. Narlissa moaned back and tugged down her pants.

When they had dropped to the ground Duncyn quickly stood. Narlissa's breath caught as he threw down his own pants. His cock was wonderful, so proud and strong and she desperately needed it inside her. He wrapped his arms round her back to kiss her and she responded. She sprang up onto him, wrapping her legs around his back. He moved to hold her then spun around, dropping her on the her back at the edge of the bed.

"Fuck me Duncyn, please," she pleaded, overwhelmed with desire.

He grinned and grabbed his cock then moved forwards until the head of it rested against her pussy. He pushed inwards. Narlissa felt her eyes flutter as Duncyn's length stretched her cunt and stuffed her full. She moaned, probably louder than she should have done in such a quiet house but she did not care.

Duncyn stared at her for a moment without moving. It was as if he was drinking in just how beautiful she was. Narlissa did not mind as she spent those few seconds doing exactly the same. Duncyn was truly gorgeous.

"Oh fuck your pussy feels so good..." he groaned, squeezing his eyes shut.

He then started to move his hips and soon he was pumping rapidly into Narlissa's eager pussy. His hard cock felt so good as it filled her up. She could feel every inch of him moving inside her and her cunt narrowed on his length as she knew she was close.

Duncyn too was not far away and his body seemed to quiver as he hammered his cock into her pussy. Each thrust was joined by a grunt of pure pleasure from the noble and Narlissa could tell he was seconds away. So was she and she moaned out her encouragement. She wanted to come and she wanted to feel him come.

"Oh... fuck!" he shouted as he came moments later. His eyes were opened wide and unfocused and his cock pulsed inside her pussy.

Narlissa followed him into bliss, pleasure exploding inside of her as Duncyn's seed sprayed into her. A massive orgasm ripped through her and she shrieked out its strength as she spasmed. Every contraction of her cunt around his cock felt amazing.

At last the climax faded and she buzzed with sated afterglow of her release. Duncyn too pulled out with wide eyes, overwhelmed by the strength of the pleasure he had just received and half-staggered backwards.

He grinned at Narlissa. "That was quite amazing, beautiful thief."

Narlissa smiled back, but her heart skipped a beat as he picked up the amulet from the floor. Then he held it out to her.

"I think you dropped something," he winked.

She stepped forwards and he placed it round her neck. Then she dressed quickly, enjoying Duncyn's approving stare. Soon she was stood at the balcony door. She turned back to him.

"So I can truly leave?" she asked.

He nodded. "You will not be the first young woman the guards have seen leaving my room in the early morning. They will leave you alone."

"And what about you, Duncyn?"

"Oh, I will pretend I was asleep and did not see you. And the house will be in turmoil for many days. It will be good fun."

"Thank you, Duncyn," she smiled, turning the key and hearing the lock unclick.

"No, Narlissa. Thank you. And before you leave, I should probably tell you that the amulet is enchanted."

Her eyes opened wide. "How?"

"Nothing to worry about," he laughed. "It will start to glow as soon as it leaves the proximity of the grounds and isn't in mother's possession. It is supposed to alert guards that it is stolen. An easy enough cantrip for any mage to dispel, you will find."

Narlissa nodded to the beautiful man. He grinned back.

"Farewell, Duncyn."

"Farewell, beautiful thief Narlissa. It is not every morning a half-elf sneaks into my room and takes my cock inside her."

Narlissa grinned as she slipped onto the balcony. A few minutes later she was back at the inn, her prize in her grasp. It was definitely glowing.

"There's work to do yet," she muttered.

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