tagNovels and NovellasNew Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 03

New Beginning for Old Friends Ch. 03


I held you tightly, not wanting to let go. Though I had been thoroughly spent after our tumultuous meeting, the feel of your body against mine, the wisp of your warm breath on my neck, the realization that your pleasure had matched my own, was rapidly causing a tingle of excitement, anticipation and arousal deep inside me. There was no thought of why or how or if, only tremendous need for more.

Slowly I stroked your skin, unsure whether you were awake or asleep. Your immediate "MMMMmmmm" in response left no doubt. My lips moved slowly along your neck, softly kissing, then nipping. I smiled at your contented murmur as my arms tightened around you.

]"You feel sooo good in my hands," I breathed into your ear, as I sucked in your earlobe.

"Oh God lover! Your touch is driving me crazy, inside and out. And I love feeling you inside!" As you spoke, your body arched and stretched with growing passion.

Our bodies slowly moved against one another. As our lips locked together my hand captured your breast, my fingertips lightly holding your already erect nipple. Slowly pulling, rubbing and twisting, I teased you as my tongue played with yours.

Your hand found my waiting cock and rhythmically squeezed and pulled. It was my turn to shudder. "Oh damn, baby, that's good!"

Our murmurs turned to moans as the passion rapidly built between us. Suddenly you turned aggressor as you put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me down on my back. You crawled on top, lying pressed against me, your already wet pussy pressing down, moving on my now rigid cock. Our lips joined. You rolled your hips, grinding against me, and soon my shaft was coated with your slippery wet juices.

Abruptly you pushed yourself up and raised your hips, grasping my cock in your hand and squeezing hard. You stared at me with a big grin. "This one's on me," you said softly.

Raising my head, I watched as you rubbed your wet lips back and forth over my throbbing tip. Slowly you lowered yourself onto me until I could feel you grasping my cock head with your burning cunt. A mischevious smile lit your face as you whispered, "Ready?" and without waiting for an answer, rammed yourself down on me.

"I'm ready - to give you the fucking of your life!" I gasped back.

We groaned together with my shaft buried in your unbelievably tight pussy. If it bothered you to be stretched open so quickly, you didn't show it. I knew that was what you wanted. You pressed down on me, rolling your hips and grinding against me. I could feel you squeezing me as you moved, making every inch tingle with pleasure. I arched my back and raised my hips so you could take me even deeper. You leaned forward and raised your hips so that you held only my head between your lips. Again I gasped at the shock as you rammed yourself back down on me.

I loved watching my cock slip between your lips as you fucked me with hard strokes, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Your juices were running down my shaft as you brought us both closer and closer, incredible sensation pushing me to the verge.

Your little grunts with each stroke told me you were nearing your own point of no return. All at once you stopped, pushing down on me and slowly rolling your hips. That left both of us gasping and moaning. As I regained control I realized this was much too good to end so soon. I reached for your arms and pulled you down against my chest, ramming my tongue into your mouth as our lips met. Breaking our kiss, I ran my tongue up your jaw line and whispered into your ear, "Get on your knees, my turn to ride!"

A big smile lit your face as you lifted yourself off of me and knelt on the bed. I moved behind you and ran my hands over your body, your smooth ass, your back moist with sweat. Finally, I reached for your breasts as I leaned over you. Your nipples got harder and harder as again, I pulled and twisted and pinched. I kissed my way down your back and over your sweet ass, my tongue and teeth teasing you, followed by my hands. Reaching between your legs I stroked your sopping pussy, letting my fingers slide over your swollen clit and then slip inside you. Your whimpering in response was music to my ears.

Moving my body against your sweet ass I held my cock in one hand and slowly ran it over your wet lips. Sliding it back, I let the tip slip into you and held it motionless. Grasping your hips I leaned forward and whispered "Ready?" I paused just a moment, then rammed it in to the hilt in one hard stroke. You groaned in surprise as I impaled you on my stiff cock, just as you had done earlier. Only now your hungry pussy was wide open, hot, wet and waiting. I ground my body against your smooth ass, feeling you contract on my shaft as it moved inside you.

You looked back with a smile on your face, and said, "I'm waiting for that fucking, lover."

Digging my fingers into your hips, I started to ram in to you hard, fast and rough, making loud slapping sounds as my body pounded against your wet ass again and again. You were bouncing with each stroke and the bed was rocking as I fucked you harder and harder. I could feel you ramming yourself back on me, meeting every thrust. This time there would be no stopping. I forced myself to hold on until at last you screamed in your release. Then I rammed my throbbing cock home one last time, and with a snarl, exploded inside of you. I pumped white hot cum into you to add to the stream of juices flowing from your shuddering pussy.

As our bodies ground together I leaned forward and bit down hard on your shoulder, not quite breaking the skin but leaving red welts as a sign of my passion. You collapsed face down and I fell on top of you. As I struggled to catch my breath I listened to your ragged gasping, sounding almost like sobs. We had used each other's bodies and sated ourselves, but already I knew we were far from done.

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