tagNonHumanNicoletta Ch. 06

Nicoletta Ch. 06


"I am sorry, forgive me ... Alessandro."

I woke to find the note and a rose resting on Alessandro's pillow. For the first time since arriving in Italy I slept deeper than I could remember ever sleeping even in my own bed. I had not heard or even felt him get up. And for all the ill will I harbored for him, I could not suppress an overwhelming sense of loss in his absence. I looked at the note again as I tested my still sore bottom against the bed, I prayed he had not left me bruised.

"What a mess I'm in ..." I whispered to myself as I brought the rose to my nose. A shiver thrilled up my spine as memories of the night before flooded my mind. The raw passion in his eyes had frightened me while at the same time it lent me a sense of power. I contemplated how sexy I felt knowing that when it came to me, Alessandro had no control; that he just had to take me. Under his gaze, in his arms, I am not simply a sister, a wife, or a friend; I am a woman, feral and phenomenal. But still, I wondered how long it would all last, and what he would do with me once boredom set in.

"Buongiorno Nicolette ..." Donata's voice floated through the bed's draperies to sail into my ears like the song of heaven's wind chimes. Alessandro's sister was an angel. Her preternatural beauty stunned my senses, and her lovely voice threatened to bring me to tears. However, despite the innocence she exuded, I knew she was just like them, a vampire, and she could not be trusted. Feeling like I had made myself clear the previous night, that I did not wish to be 'friends' with her, I sat stark still in silence praying she would take the hint and go away.

"Alessandro had to go out this morning, I came to keep you company." She said pushing the voile aside as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I don't need any company thanks." My voice shook as I grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around myself. I started to get out of bed when she took hold of my wrist.

"Please Nicolette, give me a chance."

"Have you ever noticed how grabby your family is Donata?" I bit out as I glared at her hand.

"I-I'm sorry, I just, Nicolette, I am as lonely as you must be here, can't we just talk?"

"You are lonely in your own house? That makes no sense, this is your family." My curiosity got the best of me as I questioned her. It seemed my inquiry hit a nerve. As she fidgeted with her robe her tension grew instantly as I waited for her to explain herself. The sun spilled over her fair skin and bounced off of her golden mane so much I thought looking at her just right, one might need sunglasses to look at her for extended periods of time.

"I refuse to marry, to mate, and in so doing, I refuse to grow our line. There are not very many of us left Nicolette." She whispered shaking her head as her sparkling dark eyes found mine.


"Yes, vampires, we are a dying race. And because I refuse to aid the cause, I am for all intensive purposes shunned."

"But you're here. I mean ..."

"Why don't they get rid of me? We are not barbarians Nicolette. This is my home, and like it or not we are family, they would never, do that." She chuckled as she ran a nervous hand through her hair.

"But this house is as much my prison as it is yours." The venom in Donata's voice seemed to mirror what I felt about being there. I was beginning to see her in a new light, perhaps we could be acquaintances at least.

"You can't leave?"

"No ... I can go anywhere I like within the confines of this compound, but I am not allowed beyond the front gates."

"Why not?"

"Because I fell in love ..." She whispered as her gaze seemed to go out beyond the balcony.

"But that's good right? You can marry ..."

"Carlo is not compatible Nicolette, our children would be human, his genes are all wrong. My parents and my brothers have forbidden me to see him. But I would not cooperate, so I am not allowed to leave at all."

"Is that why I am here?" I asked on baited breath. Her onyx eyes found mine again, and as she offered me a reserved smile and shallow shrug I knew without her answer that one reason I was there is that I was to mate with Alessandro.

"Are you telling me I was brought here to be bred? What am I then, a cow! This is insanity! I have got to get out of here! I won't do this! How do you know my genes are even compatible? I mean I could be another Carlo!" I yelled.

"We know Nicolette. Alessandro's voice cut through the thick tension in the room. "Sister, don't you think it fair that I should be the one to explain things to my wife?" he said standing by the door of the room waiting for Donata to leave.

"She is not your wife yet, Brother." Donata said with defiance as she made to embrace me. When I flinched she grabbed me, and as she did I felt her press a ball of tissues into my hand. Tucked in its core were several solid pieces of something.

"For after ..." She whispered ever quietly into my ear. She kissed me on each cheek and as she pulled away from me she offered a small wink and her dangerous smile.

"We shall speak again soon?" She asked. Bewildered, I nodded my head.

"Good!" Her attitude perked up as soon as Alessandro made his presence known. I figured she would rather her family think she is happy. It was safer for her and for Carlo.

"Why don't they just force you the way they are forcing me?" I called after her glaring at Alessandro. Donata stopped in her tracks, but did not turn to face me.

"They are trying to ..." The pain in her voice was almost tangible.

"Good-bye Donata ..." Alessandro seethed ushering his sister out of the room.

Before Alessandro could come closer to me I was out of bed and headed for the restroom.

"Nicolette, we need to talk about this ..." He called after me. When I did not answer, he stalked to the restroom too. He made it to the door before I could and blocked my path. In his eyes was an apology, but I did not want to hear it.

"I have to pee Alessandro ..." I breathed glaring at him. Reluctantly he moved aside.

"Things are not as cut and dry as Donata makes them sound Nicolette." He called through the door way.

"Oh no how are things then Alessandro? I am just dying to know if I should change my name to Bessie!" I screamed as I sat on the toilet. I really did not have to go that bad, but it was the only way I would get a little privacy so that I could see what Donata had slipped me.

"Don't be ridiculous Nicolette! You were not brought here just to mate. I love you! I want to make a life and a family with you!" I did not answer him as I was too wrapped up in the stash Donata gave me. In the confines of the tissues lay four white pills.

"For after ..." Her voice resonated in my head as I thought about what the pills could be. I did not have to think about it long as on the inside tissue she left me a message.

"Swallow one now ... you should be protected from pregnancy. Take one every morning after. I will bring you more later ... Donata"

"The woman is a Godsend! I whispered to myself. I popped one of the pills into my mouth and forced it down dry. The rest I wrapped back up and tucked behind the toilet making a plan to move them to a safer place later.

"What are you doing in there Nicolette?" Alessandro's voice startled me. Without answering, I flushed the toilet and rushed out of the restroom. As I tried to push past him he grabbed my shoulders turning me to face him.

"Did you hear what I said Nicolette?"

"What is it Alessandro? What the hell do you want from me?" I was beyond exhausted with him.

"I love you Nicolette ..."

"As evidenced by my sore ass, I'm so sure ..."

"I apologize for that Nicolette; I don't know what came over me. I was just so angry."

"I don't want to be here Alessandro. But as long as I am, I need some space to breath, I need some freedom!" I plead. He stood looking at me for a while, and then looked out towards the ocean. His struggle was evident, but I knew I had a chance the longer he considered my request.

"I cannot trust you Nicolette. How do I know you will behave yourself?"

"You have my word ..."

"Alright, like Donata, you may have your run of the house and grounds. You cannot pass the front gates. If you do, without my permission, you will find yourself confined to this room again, indefinitely."

"Fair enough ..." I said sticking out my hand so that we could shake on it.

"Oh no you don't ..." he said pulling me into his arms and forcing his lips to mine. For a second, my head swam and my knees went weak as he kissed me. But as we stood there I regained strength enough to push away from him.

"I am not going to marry you Alessandro, and I most certainly am not going to mate with you." I said carefully shaking my head. I thought I would send him into another rage, but he simply leaned against the sink crossing his arms over his chest.

"How do you know you are not already pregnant Nicolette?"

"I know ..." I said praying that I wasn't.

"If you are?"

"I'm not!" I spat.

"Ok Nicolette, look, at this point, it would be in your best interest to stop fighting me. You-have-no-choice in the matter, you are my mate, soon, you will officially be my wife, and soon after that you will bear my children, that's the short sweet version of our situation Amore." He said shrugging. As he finished speaking my anger threatened to force me to keel over, but he was right. There was no escape, not right then. Thinking about it, Donata bought me some time, and time was just what I needed in order to formulate a solid plan.

"What do you mean Donata bought you some time?" he asked.

"Christ! Stay out of my head Alessandro! Why is it, you catch some things, and not others anyways?"

"Sometimes you block me ... how did she buy you time?"

"Well you are not very good at seeing my thoughts are you? I was not thinking she bought me time ... I was thinking she brought me solace, in this place, I have someone I can talk to who understands ..."

"Right, well, I am glad you found a friend, but you can confide in me too you know." He said. I knew he did not buy what I was selling; I only hoped Donata would not pay the price for my mistake. In the mean time, I would have to really work on blocking him from my thoughts better.

"You block me when you are upset Nicolette. When you are calm, and even as optimistic as you are now, I can easily access your thoughts, I think later on tonight, my sister and I shall have a little chat." He said stepping closer to me. He reached out and removed the sheet I had covering myself, I did not flinch to stop him, though, I did back away from him.

"She hasn't done anything ..." I whispered taking a few more steps back as he stepped forward.

"We'll see ..." He said closing the gap between us. I had not realized I had backed out onto the balcony. I looked over the edge as I tried to cover myself with my arms. Thankfully the beach was empty of beach combers and sunbathers, but not for long. I tried to side step Alessandro so that I could get back inside, but he would not allow me to escape him. He began to unbutton his shirt as he looked at me with hunger.

"People are going to see us ..." I whispered.

"And? I say let them watch, you will learn not to run from me Nicolette." A mischievous smile played on his lips as he stripped his pants off. His olive skin seemed to glisten in the sunlight as his penis throbbed against his well toned stomach. And as his messy sable hair fell into his eyes I found myself once again needing to reach out to stroke it behind his ears, and this time, I did. My hand trembled as it stroked his satin hair. He leaned into my touch as his eyes fluttered shut. His breathing came slow and even, it was almost as if my touch put him in some sort of trance.

"Can we please go inside?" I asked stroking his hair with both hands now. He took my hands down, and kissed my palms.

"No, we cannot ..." he said picking me up. He wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed my hips into the cold stone balcony railing. Before I could protest further his cock penetrated me deliciously slow. I whimpered as he pushed deeper and deeper, and when I felt the head pressed firmly up against my cervix I looked up at him. His normally amber eyes were now a smoldering rusty hazel. The black flecks in his irises seemed to swirl. It had been easy for me to think him just a man, but now joined with him in front of god and the world, I knew the vampire, and I wanted him. I reached back to hold the balcony railing, once I got a good grip, I was able to reciprocate his strokes. For the first time, I gave in to him, and he reveled in my submission.

"Oh god Nicolette ... y-yesss! I have been waiting for this!" He breathed as we coupled on the balcony. It did not take long for me to reach my first climax. I could not hold back, and I could no longer hold myself on the railing. I threw my arms around Alessandro's neck as my pussy clamped down on him with the first wave of my orgasm.

"A-A-Lessandro!" I cried out digging my nails into his back so deep I drew blood. He held me tight as I came, and when I began to calm down he walked us over to the outdoor recliner. As he laid me down my eyes fluttered open as I came back to myself.

"P-please don't stop Alessandro ..." I begged.

"Never Tesora mio..." he breathed pushing himself deep inside me again. Over and over again each stroke seemed to reach my very soul as we made love. I felt his penis seem to swell a bit more inside of me after a while and when it did he drove into me and held himself stark still as he peered into my eyes. He was lost in a certain rapture that made him even more beautiful, but I became frightened when he grimaced and his teeth came into view. Something was unusual this time, making love this time meant something very different for us than it had in the past week. His lips found the crook in my neck, and as he licked and sucked the space right at my jugular instinctively I began to fight.

"A-Alessandro, don't please ..." I begged as I pushed against his shoulders. Without a word he simply took my hands in his and pinned me to the chair as he picked up the pace and fervor of his strokes, and with each new stroke he seemed bigger and harder than when we had first begun, and as he kissed and sucked my neck I heard him in my head.

"Do not fear me Nicolette, let this happen ..." with that his teeth broke through the skin on my neck and as they did, his cock exploded deep inside filling me with everything he had. The keen pain from his bite slowly melted into something akin to pleasure as Alessandro fed on me. In that moment I felt him wade deeper and deeper into each beat of my heart. My blood seemed to need to enter him and as it did I felt a lone tear fall for the person I knew I would never be again. As his climax began to wane, my body protested clamping down on his in a final orgasm milking him of still more of his seed. I had to have all of him.

Finally it was finished. Alessandro lay on top of me, still and softening inside of me as I felt his teeth pull from my skin. He lapped at the wounds he had made, but he made no move to close them. His mark would remain visible to all who would challenge his claim. Exhausted, I looked up at him begging with my eyes that he carry me to the bath. He smiled down at me; the only trace of my blood that could be seen was a crimson sheen on his lips.

"Give the pills back to Donata and I will not say a word to her or anyone else about them Nicolette." He whispered right before planting a tender kiss on my forehead.

"I-I don't know what you are talking about ..."

"You cannot hide this from me Nicolette, I saw them. I saw her sneak them to you, and I saw you hide them behind the toilet after you swallowed one."

"When you bit me ..."

"Give them back Nicolette ..." he said fondling a piece of my hair.

"Alright, but please don't say anything, she was only trying to help."

"We do not need that sort of help Nicolette."

That was all he said on the matter. There was no punishment, no yelling, no pain. He pulled his now semi-soft penis from me, lifted me from the chair, and took me to the bath where he pampered me for two hours. I don't know how I made it back to bed, but I woke wrapped in his arms at dusk, and oddly enough, for right then at least, I was right where I wanted to be.

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