Night Dream


I'm sleeping on my stomach. A cool breeze blows through the open window, making it a perfect night to be tucked in safe in bed. In dreams I'm floating in a sunlit cove. Floating in the sunlight and cool water. A creak and a rustle. Cool air hits my legs because my night shirt is up at my waist. A heavy weight presses me deeply into the mattress. I'm pinned in place. My heart trips wildly in my throat. I can't breathe to scream. A hand covers my mouth. I can't move.

A hot rough voice whispers darkly in my ear, "Be quiet. Don't fight me, and I won't hurt you. Fight me and I will. I'm going to fuck you, slut. Nod to show me you understand. Do you understand, slut?"

And he pulls my hair hard. I nod and whisper, "I understand."

"Are you going to do as your told?" I hesitate and his grip in my scalp tightens painfully.

"Yes," I whisper, anxiety spiking through my system, and something darker, making my body hyper sensitive everywhere his naked body presses into mine from above.

"Yes, what?"

I think a moment, and hesitantly reply, "Yes, sir?"

I receive the press of teeth by my ear, and a, "Good girl."

My body starts to shake and tremble. Sweat coats my skin. I can feel him bracing his arms around me as he shifts his weight and thrusts with his pelvis. His erection feels hard and hot against me as he rubs against my ass, getting closer and closer to my entrance. "Don't, please don't do this." I start to fight, I can't help it. I have to get his body off of me.

Smack! A stinging blow lands on my cheek. "You want rough, baby? You want to fight me? Go ahead, fight me." Another slap stings my cheek. Rough hands squeeze my breasts painfully and he laughs low in his throat.

I try to evade. I try to scratch. I try to bite and get out from under him. He's stronger and twists my arms painfully behind my back and up. That hurts too much. I freeze. Then he ties my wrists together, it must be his belt. I wiggle my hands, but it's tight, and that's when he thrusts into my core.

"Mmmm. Very nice. Whose the little slut? You're pussy's all wet. You're excited. You want my cock and I'm going to give it to you, every inch. I'm going to fuck you til you scream."

He begins to thrust his cock in and out, his breathing isn't even loud. Mine is coming out in ragged, gasping breathes. He hitches my hips up, ass in the air and the thrusts grow harder and rougher. I can't move, can barely breathe, with my face pressed into the mattress, and my body is a traitor. It's growing wetter, more liquid, yielding. I can feel each thrust of his cock, and the friction turns from pain to pleasure. I'm helpless and the edge of fear only makes the excitement keener as his body slaps against mine. Harder, and faster, the pace increases and he tells me what a good whore I am. I can feel my body coiling tighter and tighter, out of control, taken over by this stranger. His chest presses against my back and he bites my neck, and tells me to climax, and I do. My pussy convulses and clenches. I can't help it. I push into him and ride the wave.

His breathing is getting louder now, and still he keeps hammering into my helpless body again and again. I can't take more, but he keeps going. The spiral starts coiling again tighter and tighter. With a moan, he pulls out of my body and flips me over, pushing his cock into my mouth, with the warning, "No teeth."

There I am sucking the cock of my rapist like it's the best kind of treat; I have no shame, only wanting more. He gives it to me, fucking my mouth more and more deeply. I gag a little, but he keeps going, and I love it. Then with a shout, he pulls out of my mouth and I feel the hot, wet spurt of his cum on my face splashing. With a kiss on my neck and a hoarsely whispered, "good slut," in my ear, I feel my wrists released. His cum drips from my face, wetting the mattress. I lie there, limp, and used, and replete. In moments he's gone.

I never see his face.

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